Scam letter(s) from Janet Mark to Raymond (UK)

Letter 1
Thanks very much for asking me this question my Dear....I will like to tell you the whole truth about me now...Well am not a scammer as you think Dear and is not you only have told me people have been using my pics to scammer and giving me bad names, My younger brother also met someone printing my pics on a printing shop here and he asked the person about the pics and the person couldn't gave him a reasonable answer so it turns to fight and even the police came into it, and he said he **** it from a site and i know that is true, Cos when my father died things were very hard for as, My mom became very ill, there was money to take her to hospital so i went to one my of friend in California to asked for help me she told me she don't have money to help me but she can help me get a work with will get money to help my mom and my family so i went and saw the Job she was talking about and it was a **** business, I went back home i didn't do it, When i went i saw my mom illness getting woes so i went back and did it, In few days time i got money to take care of her and i saw to it that i can't do that all the rest of my life so we moved to my father house here, But when i came here the manager of that company called me and i told him i can do it again so he should remove all my pics from his site and burn all the **** movies and he said i have to pay before he do that cos he paid me before i did it, But i didn't use my real name Mary to do it i used Megan QT that was my Nicky i was using when i was in Florida, But in Ghana here no one know me by that name, To prove you right you can check on my site and you can see to yourself...Now i have told you all my secret which any of my family members know cos you make me fall for you very easily which have not happen to me before....I do believe in God more and more so all mighty God knows about what am telling you now is a secret about myself and even my younger brother don't know about it and i don't wont him to know about it too cos he dose my my mom is going to hear about it and if she hear about it i think am going to lose her forever cos she is not in a good situation now..I have told you the truth and am free person to you now so all depends on you if you still like me as it was at first i will be happy, But if you don't i have now option...Hope to hear from you very soon.. Regards,
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