Letter(s) from Marina to Joakim (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello, hello, hello!
Hello, Jocke!

I hope that you will answer me after reading my letter,I have a big hope that you will do it. Why? Why do I think that you will be interested in me and you will answer? You could answer this question yourself, to decide why you will want to communicate with me seeing in me the qualities which you like. I start writing you about myself now and it's simple on the one hand. It's simple because I know that I'm a good and kind person as the people around me characterize me. But on the other hand it's very difficult for me to write about myself because I don't know what will be interesting for you. I see some things in me and don't see the others but I know exactly one thing. I am ready to love and I'm looking for love for all my life. Is it possible? I know, yes!! Do you agree with me? I am sure, yes! Why do I think so? Because you are on the dating site and you are looking for your partner, for your half, for the part of your heart with whom you want to be and to share the happiness and the sorrow. So belief in love is one of my qualities. Hm... again I don't know what to write you about myself. May be you will help me? Write a letter to the e-mail address which I gave you in the beginning of my letter and tell me everything what is interesting for you and very important to know. Don't be shy to ask me the questions!! Asking them I will know what you want to know about me. Ok? I wait for your soonest reply! Write me to the e-mail address: delightfulgift@inbox.ru !!!!!


P.S. Oh.... I know, I know that you will be very happy to receive my photo and I'm sending it for you with this letter. I wait for your photos too and the more photos you send me the more happy you will make me!