Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanova to James (USA)

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Letter 1

James I open the mail and I receive your letter. I'am sooo happy. For me this new feeling. I never thought, that so I shall communicate with someone. I have come right after works, and I hoped, that you will write to me. I would like to tell more about myself.My name is Anna.I from city Orlov. This small city in the Kirov area. I have left school, then medical college and now I nurse in the city. We in city have not enough men and I have not found that with whom would like to be. James. But recently at us have opened the Internet of cafe and I have learned that so it is possible will get acquainted. And I have decided to try. James I ask you, that you to correct me, if I what to speak incorrectly. Because I study English at school and in college.
But speak that at me badly with spelling. But to speak I it is better.
I shall tell more about myself. To me of 28 years and I live with my mum. The father now lives in other city and with other woman, and I never saw him. He has thrown us when I was very little. Only on old photos. I Think it interesting to you, why I have decided to communicate with you? I like you, and I do not know how precisely to tell. I have seen you and I have decided to learn more about you. Your profile differs from others, therefore I have decided to write to you.
Tell to me, what you search in women? How she should look? What to be able to do? How you represent your life together? I shall wait for your sincere answer tomorrow. James, I send you a photos, I hope that you like my pictures! Already I miss and I hope, that you will answer me at once as will receive the letter.

Letter 2

James I am glad to receive your letter. I very much waited for your letter. I now know, how I can surprise you. I thought of that much what and how to make. And I think, that we enough good know about each other and already necessary for us will meet. Do you agree with me?
James I shall go tomorrow and learn when I can arrive to you. I think, that already tomorrow I can inform you date when I can arrive to you.
I thought in the evening much and I cannot live what any more not feel your kisses, your embraces, the most gentle and sweet in this world. I wish to feel you, I wish to enjoy our passion, I wish to wake up in your embraces, I want, that our happiness was with us for ever. I love you James!!!!!!!!!!! I wish to be with you!!!!!!!!!! I want, that all our dreams would become a reality for ever. I want, that we with you would be happy. And it becomes a reality. We shall be the happiest together. I search for you all life and tomorrow I can tell to you when we shall meet. I am assured, what it is good news for you, isn't it? James you will meet me? I know that yes. I do not know when, but I shall learn how all to make and when I can be with you, and already tomorrow, represent, tomorrow we shall know what and how to do. I do not know how to describe that I feel now. I am happy!!!!!!!!!!! I shall be with you James!!!!!!!!!! And not describe words ours with you of feeling. I give you the heart, and I know, that with you my heart will be good. Remember I spoke you that we float to each other. And here already soon we will meet. And then for us will begin the new and fine life. Do you agree with me James????
Yours and only your loving and gentle Anna

Letter 3

I HAVE MADE IT!!!!!!!!
James I have made it, I have paid it that sum which I to have and they have told, that with documents which I have brought it's OK. Also have told, that at me to have all chances to receive this visa. I was happy. But it will be necessary to wait about 14 days, how there will be an interview in Embassy in Moscow. And I can be with you. I am madly glad, that I shall be with you. And how you James? What at you was interesting? The grandmother has come back and has told, that that woman can help, she has told, that now cannot, but in couple of days will help to pay the remained sum. I so am glad, that I shall be with you. I do not know how to describe it. I do not know, how I shall express you the happiness that with you with you. I am madly happy, I very much wanted it and I hope, that you too not against and that will be fast our happiness in ours with you hands. And then we shall be the happiest the man and the woman in this world. Thanks that has informed the name of the airport. I tomorrow go in agency and inform them, I think, that soon I shall with you, the more days passes the more I am assured of it. I feel, that we with you love helps us. I love you James, and all of us we shall overcome and we shall be together and anybody and never will separate us. I yours for ever, only your and nobody's another.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Anna

Letter 4

Hello My Lovely James, I to feel the most bad girl in this world. At me, the truth, is not present words. Any. Absolutely. I do not know what to tell. I to not dare to ask any more from you a pardon that I can not arrive. But I the truth cannot make it. Mum the girlfriend cannot help us.
James I to collect all the things, which cost, what or money. I to carry them in a pawnshop. But there have told, what is it cost about 100 dollars.
James I the truth has made all that could. I to go to agency and to ask them to prolong the contract or to give me time for payment. They speak, that I can give some days. But all available. And according to the contract I should to pay this money. But I the truth do not represent as to make it.
I do not know what to tell. I understand, that each word of this letter is sick to you because I cannot be with you. Because again promised and could not make anything. But I to believe, believe in that that we can be together. But nothing turns out.
James I now sit in the Internet of cafe and I think why we cannot be together. Already so has much made. But I can not be with you. Almost all has overcome, but I can not find 633 dollars.
I do not know what to do. But I shall not lower a hand. I shall search for all opportunities, that we could be together.
James I shall learn, that else it is possible to make.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Anna

Letter 5

Hello my darling James!!! How you today??? How your affairs???
The darling I communicated to my uncle. I asked from him the help. I would ask from him money for this purpose what to arrive to you. I have explained to mine the uncle that I very much like the person with which I has got acquainted in internet and that I wish to go to him.
He to me has told that I should be cautious with you. As in internet it is a lot of swindlers. And it is a lot of people which deceive. He to me has told to be cautious with you. I have told to my uncle that I trust you and that you the good person. I have told to him that you probably my future husband. I have explained all to him. My uncle has told that will help me to arrive to you.
He has told that he would will give money for this purpose that I could arrive to you. He has told to me that for this purpose it would be necessary what to transfer money. He also has informed me, that he now on business trip, in Italy, and this business trip will be approximately about one year! He cannot move to USA still approximately about one year! But he has told that can transfer money from the account to other account! He now cannot send to other country, but my uncle can send money to other US bank!
The darling I can trust you??? My uncle many times has asked me for trust.
The darling I think that you can be trusted.
Lovely my uncle has told that he will transfer you money. And then you will transfer me money.
The darling for this purpose that would wash the uncle has transferred you money to me it is necessary to know your bank account and your address.
The darling is available for you the bank account???
If you have a bank account, I need to know him. The darling write me your full name, account name , account number, your routing number and the bank name and bank address.
The darling you will help me???
The darling I hope you all have correctly understood also all will correctly make.
The darling I very strongly hope for you!!! The darling I trust you!!!!!
The darling please do not deceive me!!!!
The darling write me all that that I asked from you.
The darling than more likely you will make it that more likely I will arrive to you.
My uncle has told that the sum he to me will tell then when will transfer you money.
The darling I trust you.
The darling here still that.
And my mum knows, my mum knows that probably soon I will arrive to you. It is very glad for us and for our relations. My mum sent you regards!!!!
The darling answer me more likely!!! I will wait your letter!!!
Write to me!!!!
With love yours and only yours Anna!!!!!



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