Scam letter(s) from Melissa Quiazon to M. H. (USA)

Letter 1
How are you there? I hope everything is going well there with you and for your family. I just decided to email you in your personal email address for us to have a good and smooth communication.
OK let me tell you a little about myself, my full name is Melissa Quiazon my birthday is on March 15, 1983 I am 29 years old, single, never been married and no kids. I am decent a woman, always concern with other feelings, I am here looking for a serious relationship, I serious and focus in finding the right for me, though there is no Mr. Right I am just looking for a my partner in life that will love me unconditionally.
I am a Filipina but currently I am living and working in China as an English Teacher for 2years now, I love my job, I enjoy it, I believed that in everything we do we must have a passion on it. I am working in a training center, I teach only English.
My hobbies are cooking, swimming, and I like volleyball, I also like watching movies. I am a Roman Catholic I always go to Church every Sunday with my friends.
I am the only child, I only have my mother, my dad passed away long time ago. I have a good life in the Philippines, my mother did her best to raise me well, my mother is working in a real estate company in the Philippines, I just decided to work and stay here in China because I do believed that I can enhance more my knowledge and Ability here to teach, as they cannot speak well in English here.
OK that’ all for now, I attached some of my pictures I hope you will like them.
Take care and I will be waiting for your reply.
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