Scam letter(s) from Elena Overina to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello there,
Sorry for telling, but I have a strong wish to show you my interest.
I would like to drop you a word you could contact me back.
If you like me too, we could exchange some information about each other and photos.
How do you feel about that?
I am here and willing to give the warmth of my soul, my care and passion to an active, open and caring man, who looks me throuhg the Internet, who wants to find his beloved too.
Hope to hear you.
Letter 2
Hello, Frank,
Today is wonderful day here. I have your letter here, thank you.
Thank you also for all your photos! Well, my full name is Elena Overina. I was born on the 12.07.1982 in town Ochakov, Mikolaevsky region, Ukraine. And still live here.
Do you like your home-city?
My town is rather old, it takes it roots in 1492!
It is situated on the shore of a Black Sea. I think you've heard about it, have you? As for my family, well, I've been married for three years, but now I am divorced for a year ago. And I can tell you I am ready to start a new life with my man. That is why I am seriously here to find my beloved. By the way, do you want to have kids?
I adore kids and want to have them too, as I do not have yet. I work as cosmetologist in beauty-center "Apel'sin". I love my job, because I help women look more beautiful. And I love the results!
Do you like your occupation? I forgot to tell you about my metric, as you can see I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, my height is 170, and my weight is 56 kilos.
What about yours? You know,Frank, it seems to me, that we have a chance to be closer and to be really good friends and even more. Let us know each other better.
I hope we have a good chance.
I will be waiting for to hear from you again!
With respect from Elena.
Letter 3
Morning, Frank.
Hope your day starts with your favorite meal and my smile, high spirit and a good mood. Thank you for telling me more about you, your life and for your photos. I wanted to bring a little of me today for you.
Please, tell me, what do you like to do during your spare time?
After your long working day???
Do you like to meet with your friends?
As for me, sometimes of course we meet and have great time visiting cinema or just talking about everything and relaxing after intensive working week. You know, I adore cooking and I would love to meet my man after hard day with something tasty on our table! I love making such surprises.
Do you wish your woman to cook for you???
Well, I am also interested in reading of course. I can't see my life without music, good movie and chocolate. I am really sorry about your family situation. You must been feeling really lonely without close contact with them. You know,Frank, I am optimistic, caring and always try to listen to people, take into consideration their wishes.
I believe communication is very important, specially for two people who likes each other and start their friendship and close relations.
What do you think about it?
My number is +380666498435. Will be glad to hear you. Well, I want to wish you sunny day.
Take care.
Waiting for your news.
Letter 4

How are you today, dear Frank,
Thank you for the letter again. Each day it brings us closer and that's very significant for serious relations.
You know, while reading your letter I feel like participating in your life. I am really interested in you. Thank you for the photos!
Frank, you know, I wanted to share my thoughts with you about some very important issue - what a man I want to find here.
I do not want to find an ideal one, I am sure there are no ideal people, but just comprehension, devotion and willingness to talk about everything is very important in relations. I'd love to find that in mine.
I am ready to give my love, support, care, passion to him as well!!!
What do you think about it? I feel our conversation becomes more interesting and intimate.
That's nice, I really like you. I am not against of meeting with you.
What do you think about it?
I see you are going to visit Bulgaria and Rumania, you know, I've never been to any other country, but I am sure that traveling is wonderful and always interesting.
I'll be waiting for your call, I do want to hear your voice.
I just wanted to ask you, can you call me my morning time, somewhere from 8 AM my time till 1
PM my time. Is that possible for you???? I do hope to hear you soon.
Your Elena.
Kiss you.
Letter 5
My sweetheart,Frank...morning! make something extraordinary with me with your letters! Do you know that?!
You know, I've noticed that last days I close my eyes in the evening and I see you in my dreams! I open my eyes in the morning.....and I see you in front of me! I do feel you being in my life and would love to look into your eyes....any moment I wish.
I can only imagine what it would be like to be with you.
I do know how I picture it in my head!
You are so tender and touch me so tenderly....with your soft and strong hands. You are fondling my shoulder softly...I feel little trembling and my head goes little kiss my shoulder with your lips and at the same time touching kiss my into my lips and I can't stand any more...You look into my eyes and see everything is there-my wish to touch you tenderly with my hands...and my lips...
You take me into your arms and we go to our bedroom quickly and there get undressed and I start kissing you everywhere...tenderly...softly with my lips and ****** you with my hands...we do all that...and you come slowly into me and we both feel the pick of our feelings and emotions...we feel each other lips everywhere...hands and fingers everywhere...our love spreads all over the room and we are flooded with love and passion.
Oh, sorry, honey, sorry for telling you that fantasy of mine.
I just can't stop thinking of you now and of that.
We, too, have hot weather and its something awful. I do wait for your reply, my Dear man, Frank!
Kissing you tenderly into your lips.
Your Elena.
Letter 6
Dear Sir,
Welcome to our "Fast Word" Centre.
Your Lady Elena is our client.
We are the Centre of fast:
- literary translation,
- technical translation,
- classical translation,
- specialized translation,
- web-sites translation,
- business papers translation,
- e-mail and personal correspondence translation. Miss Elena has already paid for the first set of personal exchange of letters with you. The set is over now,but she is willing to continue relations with you.
If you want to continue correspondence with her too, we will provide you with necessary information. Best Wishes.
The manager of the "Fast Word" Centre.
You can contact us either through the e-mail and the e-mail of your Lady as well.
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