Letter(s) from Natalia Mayorova to Lance (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Lance!!! I am very glad see your letter my love!!! I so would like your love and tenderness, your high temperature and tenderness. Sometimes I so would like that you have entered, have sat down me, Has softly captured me for a neck strong hands, I have captured you and have kissed you directly on a mouth so softly, hotly and violently. I would finish you in gentle, female embraces and I will tell to you about it, As I am strong you, I love and that to ANY, NEVER you I will give, as you only mine.
My love I have gone to travel agency. I have left agency a bit discouraged. Now I will write to you more and more in detail about it. In travel agency to me have informed it for a trip in It will be necessary for me to make for you following documents:
1) I should make the passport for, go abroad, what expenses of 5 700 roubles and will be let out within the limits of 3-5 days.
2) Also it will be necessary to let out for me a tourist visa and medical inspection. Cost of the tourist unitary visa during the period of 90 days does 2 700 roubles, and medical inspection of 4 000 roubles. This visa gives to me, is correct at residing at you within 3 months from the moment of stay to you. There are visas to longer term, but they are more expensive. The visa will be ready within the limits of 4-6 days.
3) As, it is necessary to take out an insurance policy for me. It is necessary if for me there will be an accident, Or I will be sick in territory of other state. The insurance company will pay all medical services and all other charges in a failure case. This insurance policy costs 7 200 roubles.
It is necessary for me 660 USD. My dear it much more the big money for me. I do not know where to find such sum. I did not know that documents stand so expensively. I thought that I can pay it. What to me to make??? On my eyes of tear. I very much want to see you! To me it is very bad without you!!! I dream, To be with you! My small salary, will allow me to live only month. I have asked mum, but them also not in a condition to help me with it. I very much would like our meeting, In me of tear because I LOVE YOU, and it tells my heart which loves and waits for our meeting! What do you think in this case? Whether you can help me this money? Favourite this money it is necessary for my arrival in you.

I very much hope that in all of us it will be fast well also we, we will be together! On it I finish the letter, and with huge impatience I look forward to hearing from you. With love Natalya.