Scam letter(s) from Veronica Travnikova to Richard (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello. I don't know your name. Because I only have your email.Very nice to meet you. I am very glad that we can speak to eachother by emails) Yes, My name is Veronika.
I got your address at dating agency. I try to meet an intelligent anddecent and nice man. Want to say that age difference don't scare me.
In the begining I want to know you better, and then make a choice.
hope we could know each other better.
I am 28 years old. I hope I'll see your answer.
Have a nice day.
Letter 2
Hi dear Richard! Home to my heart man! I am upset today (((I do not know how to start writing to you. I know that we understand each other. I hope now you will understand everything. Because there is news of which I hasten to tell you!! I had a terrible night! We went to the cottage to the parents of Alex! I told you this yesterday. I do not like to go there (((. But my father insisted that I attended there! And this time turned out to trip me terrible (((!!! And imagine my father even had done nothing, and only defended by Alex! ! When we were at their house! parents have seriously talked about the timing of engagement to Alex! They have discussed where and how it will happen! You can imagine how I felt myself there! I went to get some air, so as not to listen to this nonsense! ! alex went with me out! He was already pretty *****, Alex began to pester! He imagined that I already his wife! I pushed him away and said that I would never be his wife! Even if I will have to die! ! I could not stand his bullying, and said that I love another! Then he flew into a rage! blushed, his eyes blood! It turned into a real animal! He has hit me in the face! I fell on the stairs outside the house and rolled over several times!In this noise, ran out parents! When they asked what happen! Alex told them everything! Then everything calmed down and my father told me that I myself was to blame! Can you imagine! My father did not protect me (((((((((!!!He decided to sell me as a toy, how useless thing ((((((!!! I'll never forgive him!
But today when I tried to get money from my bank account! That I was able to save! I was told that my account will be frozen (((.Father froze my account! My plastic card has been issued in the name of my father. And I do not think that he can freeze it.It means. They are afraid! They fear that I'll run away! I think right my darling? ! It shows their weakness! Well, I did not say that I was going to fly to thee to a man whom I love! I love great and sincere love! Today, I announce that soon will be ready all the necessary documents in order so that I could easily fly to you! I learned the approximate cost of the flight! And that's enough for me dear! And the money that remains with me in my purse is not enough to pay for it ((((((. I want to ask you, tell me can you help me with leaving the country? I can count on you? Do not leave me at this moment, when I badly needed that you gave me your support. I do not feel well, I think that our dreams and desires are buried together in the necessity of these **** money: (. It seems that money have our feelings . After all, what we feel is the stronger. Then how do we cope with this need to find the money? I am asking myself, she understand that I am a fool, I did not have to say now that I have a loved one. But I do not could survive such humiliation! Do you understand me?? If I can not find the money to pay for everything. This would mean that I stay in Russia. And after 20 days will be announced my engagement to Alexsei ((((. What I really do not want to. I want to be with you. Only with you, I see my happiness. I know you feel me, and I feel you in every written you a letter. So I'm not very comfortable to ask you to help. I'll take all that as you find the extra money. But I doubt that someone can help me. My best friend has a debt to the bank, which it something like a work pays, she always sought help from me. Now she tells me, that does not even know how it will be hard, if I go away and leave her, she will be hard and lonely without me. I understand that.
I could hardly hold back my tears today! sad and painful to the soul! I want to cry and cry !((((((. But the love in my heart to give me strength not to lose my faith and hope in our happiness! I do not who to call. I have no one else. Perhaps I finish today, please read letters that I can get from you the answer clear. Because I understand it is important to you. I kiss you, your girl, your Veronika!!!!
Letter 3
Hello my love, my dear Richard! I am glad to see your letter. Dear I read it and all understand. I very happy that I meet you. Every day I think of it.
I pray God for it. You are my future husband, whom I will love all my life. I need only you in my life. I know that we will together a happy life.
I love you and you love me. I understand you and you understand me. Ohh, dear, soon we will be together. And I can kiss you and hug you my love.
Dear today I take the money you sent to me.It is ok. But today the agency work only for 15.00. So I did not have time to go there. i go there on monday. And then send you all information.
I miss you here. Want to be with you now. Love you with all my heart. Soon our life is change to the best way, because we will be together.
Kiss you lips. your future wife Veronika!
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