Letter(s) from Yana Polak to Monty (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi Monty,

I received your letter and thank you very much. I was afraid that you don't respond me anymore. I'm used to see here that men afraid a beautiful women. I like your attention. Thank you for short story about your life. I hope that you find a girl who will give you happiness. I am going tell you about my family more. My family is the only happiness in my life. I miss them. I have mother and young sister. As i wrote you i live and work in Vancouver. I am medical clinic nurse. I save money to buy apartment for my family. My mom and sister live in a rented apartment in Warsaw. I wish to find the right person in my life. I want to create a happy family because i think i am in the best age for this. I want to love! I live in Vancouver in the apartment of my best friend. She from Warsaw too. She lives here about 10 years and has Canadian citizenship. She was married 2 years but divorced six months ago. She have a son. We have known each other about 14 years. She helped me to come in Vancouver. She is my best friend! I am a romantic. I have a lot of fantasies about my future. My biggest fantasy is meeting my lover. The man who will be for me a pure heart and a great chivalrous generosity. The man who will love and respect me. I believe in sincere love. I want you to know all this because you are interested me. I feel that you are sincere and kind man. I want to get your letters. I am a single woman. I'm looking for my love. I chose this way to find my person through Internet because i am very busy at work. I don't have enough time on club restaurant and party. Now people live in Internet because we live in future. I wish to get from you warm letters. I have big interest. This type of communication will help us to know better each other before our meeting. I like to read romantic novels listening to classical music POP and Rock-n-Roll. I like to dance. I like to watch movies. My favorite movie Ghost. Patrick Swayze the main actor in this movie. Have you ever seen this movie? I would like to ask you. Why i interested you? What kind of woman are you looking for? Which quality she must to have? Please describe your woman? Could you tell me about your life more? I hope to get your photos in the next letter. Please do not forget to send me. I am waiting for your soon reply. Have a nice day.

Your friend Yana

Letter 2

Dear Monty,

Thank you for your wonderful letter and photos. I like it! Your attention for me like a gift. I thank you for this gift. I have interest in our relations. I enjoy our correspondence. I see in your letters that you are a smart man. Please write me often! I feel that we are the same people. I am confident that we can have an interesting conversation when we meet. What do you think Monty? I want to know you better. So i am going to continue our correspondence. Please do not stop and continue to write me! Fate has given us this chance. And we do not lose it? I will explain to you something right now. It will surprise you. But I did not have any kind of relationship with men about one year. I'm not looking for a man past year because I got a lot of frustration and resentment of the last males. And I was afraid to build a new relationship all this year. Love makes you feel the pain when the boyfriend (girlfriend) goes to another woman (man). Your girlfriend cheated you? Have you ever felt the pain? So I'm afraid to feel this pain again. I want to love the right man and the man to feel love for me! Please promise me something. You will not deceive me, if a serious relationship will be between us. Ok Monty? She found a job for me. Also she told me that men here very caring. That's why i arrived here. I worked for one week and realized that i don't have enough free time to find a man in reality. Svetlana registered me on dating site to find a good person. And we have result! It's our interesting communication today. Thank's her for this. I told you all this so that you start to understand me better and my fear of finding a man. The pain of the heart is very heavy pain! And I do not want this pain recurred in my life. Understand this please. Fear of finding the right man is the cause of finding the right men in the Internet. I think I can understand a man better than in the letters. We have no real communication. We are focused to understand each other better in our letters. And plan our a real meeting at the end. You think so? I think you understand me. Please tell me about your plans for the future in the next letter. What a perfect family for you? What is true love for you? Please answer these questions because answers to explain me about you more.

Your friend Yana

Letter 3

Dear Monty,

i thank you for your letter. Sorry for delay but i am really busy now. Monty you are a responsible man! That's great! My biggest dream to meet a man who is romantic and affectionate. Then I am sure that I can be a happy woman with such a man. The main thing for our relationship now communicate with each other more. And then we will understand later on that we need each other and have to meet in real life. I enjoy our correspondence because I feel and see in our letters that we have the same. I like your attention. I think we have the key to success for our correspondence. You told some of the secrets of your personal opinions and character. I appreciate it very much! I think sometimes the case. Such a romantic thoughts and words can belong only wounded soul who wishing a little happiness and love. I can tell you one thing. Blind women live around you because they do not see a good and honest man who can give them love and happiness. I'll try catch chance given to me by fate. I believe i will find a star of happiness in the sky soon. I really believe. Please do not lose your best qualities of character! Your romance and sincerity are very important for our relations. Don't waste it on empty women. Remember that Monty! I would like tell you about my day today. I woke up this morning and went to my work. It's was normal work day (cleaning drip injections, etc.). After work i went home through Strathcona park. I walked there and saw a couple kissing. They shined with happiness and pleasure. I thought about myself and i was sad. I promised myself that I'll be there with my man in this year! The man with whom we will visit this park and we will kiss, too, seeing no other people around us. I believe in a true relationship filled with love. So I like to dream a lot. I have many fantasies. And i would like describe you one of these fantasies now. Sea. Wild beach. A light breeze rustles my hair. The sun sets behind the horizon. We lie down (me and my boyfriend) on this beach. We drink red wine and look at this beautiful red sunset. We understand at this point that this is true happiness! And we fall asleep hugging each other. I want to tell you something else. I like active rest. I like visit forest camping fishing and enjoy nature. Do you like active rest? Do you like fishing or hunting? I finish letter for you. And remember that our communication is very important for us. I started forget about my loneliness. I love your wonderful letters. I have some questions. Do you like dreaming? Why are you looking for the girl in the Internet Monty? I am waiting for your soon reply. Have a nice day and take care!

Your friend Yana

Letter 4

Dear Monty,

I'm glad to see your new letters again. I was happy to get it. Your letters shows me that i can find my happiness. I thank you for this. I am interested to read your new messages are always about you and learn something new. Believe that you are interested in me too. And I like our communication in the letters. I believe that my loneliness will end soon if we keep our relationship in the right direction. My friend please answer the questions. You are lonely and want a girl to love you greatly and sincerely? Are you looking for a girl who will love you as a man (not the father, or friend), is not it? You had a situation and feel: you look in the eyes of his beloved, and you think at this moment only to those moments did not end, and never would these eyes your girl would look at you as earnestly and tenderly after ten twenty and fifty years of your life together with this girl? I think you will find my thoughts and answer these questions honestly for me. I thank you that you are giving hope and a chance to find my true love through your letters. And i promise you I'll catch this chance. I hope that you will not forget me. I am going to develop our relationship further. I realized during our communication that you are romantic person. I would like tell you what I feel and think about our relationship. Interest (a big spark for the fire) to each other should be in the beginning of the relationship came to love between two people. And I have a spark for you. I believe that this spark would ignite a fire for us once. I sent my first letter to you because my heart told me to make this a try. And now I realize that I'm concerned you seriously. I care about our relationship is now a lot because I believe in the best of our relations. And I hope that you believe in it too. Many men would like some kind of relationship with me. But I ended up communicating with these men now, because these men are looking for just sex and serious relations are not interesting for them. These men did not understand what I am looking for a man who will respect understand and love me. So woman who believes in the best for themselves. I am going to tell you about my day today. I want you to know about my daily life more. I worked a short time because my boss let me have a holiday today. He sees that I'm working and trying to get a lot of money. My boss is a very kind old man. I called my friend Svetlana after my work and offered to walk together. We met and visited theater and watched the movie "The Grey". This film tells of the struggle of man and the harsh nature. This movie we liked very much. We visited the cafe after the movie and drank one cup of coffee there. We sat and talked about men in the cafe. I told her about you and about our relationship. She was glad really. But she begged him not to hurry me to my choice of men. I have to get to know you better to understand you completely. So I think that she was right. We should have some time for our relationship so we can understand and know each other better. So I ask you not to hurry me to my decision ever. I'll make my decision at the right time when I will understand what I want to do it. Do you agree with me Monty? I think that you can understand me. We went home after the cafe and did a complete cleaning of the apartment. I live in her apartment if you remember. I want to ask you some questions. You feel alone often? Do you believe in love at first sight? You think of marriage in the future? Forgive me for such personal questions but I want to know this answers. Have a wonderful day dear Monty.

Your friend Yana

Letter 5

Dear Monty,

How are you? Thank you for your wonderful letter my dear Monty. I am happy your letters always. I thank you for joy because you gave me. Your letters are needed for me. I realized this in recent days. I know with confidence if I don't see your new letter. My day is boring and sad. It's true! Your letters are needed for me. Your letters like a balm for my soul and heart! Therefore you acknowledge that you are special to me. I hope that my affection for you will grow one day into something more. I'm sure we'll go forward in our relationship. We'll know each other better and see where our relationship will lead us. And maybe I'll be your woman once which you want to connect your life. And you will be the man for me, with whom I want to divide the family fortune. I thank you also, that you answered my questions. I understand your thought is good because I'm lonely. I do not have man in my life who'll tell me every morning... wake up my baby... I love you! When I think of my lonely life then begin to miss much and i want to cry from this lonely feeling. I can not understand why i can't find a good man. Why i meet men who think only about sex and wealth. Perhaps it is my destiny. I do not know. I am 31 and i don't have that unique and important to me now a man who will support and embrace me in a difficult moments. That's why i am happy your letters always. I hope that you will be person who will love and respect me forever. I wish Monty! I think that the fate of our lonely souls introduced specifically to help each other. I would like to ask you. What qualities of character like you in women? You can do something crazy for your sweetheart Monty? You commit such acts for your ex-lovers? And what were those actions? Tell me about your city culture and nature. You started to interest me more. Yes i want the same my dear Monty! We are perfect match. Have a wonderful day and take care! Thank you again for your wonderful letter.

Your friend Yana

Letter 6

Dear Monty
really i wish to find my true love. This is my target in life. Maybe with you Monty who knows. Time will show. I wish to find the person who will protect and support me in difficult situations always. Who will kiss and hug me every morning. Who will give me flowers. I started forget loneliness. I believe that you can be the man who will my true happiness because i found in your character the qualities that my beloved to have it. If I scared you my frank admission please forgive me for this. But I can not hide from you my sympathy especially since we promised to be honest with each other in our letters. So you know my dear friend Monty that my sympathies increases with each passing day. I hope that these will continue to increase sympathy and these feelings I can be called a love! I believe. I thought I had this (not yet knowing you) fall in love with a man through the virtual communication is impossible, but I realize now that those feelings might arise from me. Love is very powerful feeling which can be done. Therefore we must write to each other and develop our relationship now, because fate has given us a chance, and I think that we should not miss this chance. Monty i hope that i have not frightened off by my recognition of my sympathies to you. Understand me Monty i want to be honest with you. I think that we can`t build good relationships through virtual communication if we write lies in the letters to each other. I want to say also that I began to trust you in the last days of our correspondence. Now i am going to tell you my little secret. I want to be honest in a relationship completely with you. I think you'll appreciate this action. I wrote you that i don't have a relations about two years ago. I love only one man in my life. His name was Richard. He never deceived me. We loved each other and i thought we'll be together always. Richard came to me often. We wanted to get married (Svetlana introduced me Richard). This happened because she visited me once with her ex-husband. Richard was a friend of her ex-husband. They came together to see Warsaw. We saw each other and started friendship and know each other during their visit. We thought that our happiness will be eternal but the result was different. Richard died in a car accident. It was a big blow and a disaster for me. I have experienced this loss is difficult and couldn't search other men during the long six months. After i met a person (i tried to forget Richard) after these six months... my great sorrow. He talked a lot and often that he loves me. But he cheated me with other women. I decided then that I did not start the relationship with Polish man anymore after when i found out about his infidelities). They are deceived me and I don't want to feel the pain in my heart and my soul again. I don't have relations with men after break in one year until i met you. Svetlana called me one day and invited to build my life and find my happiness here. That's why i decided to come here after a conversation. Because i remember Richard who never deceived me. I think that many of men here are honest and affectionate as was Richard. I think you understand the main reason why i came here and why i sent you first letter to you. I hope you will appreciate my revelation and remember that i trust you. I hope that this recognition will help to develop our strong relationship and more better. I just told you about my past relations. Understand that this is a very personal thing and you can speak with only the closest people. Remember that you are very close to me.
Yours Yana

Letter 7

Dear Monty,

I am very pleased to receive your warm and tender letters always. I do not know how to thank you for your attention my dear. But your letters help me to feel my importance to you. You romantic person too so you are well able to appreciate the true feelings and serious relationship. I love the quality of your character. I'll be jealous of the woman whom you love, because you can make your lover happy. I'm sure. I dream of falling in love with the romantic man like you. The person who is ready to give herself completely love that will protect and nurture their love, which will breathe a sigh of one of his beloved. And I love what you see in the man of whom I have always dreamed of. Honestly i do not believe sometimes that you live in this world, but I get your new email again, and I understand that you live in this world and are interested in me. I am very attached to our correspondence, and I can not think of this, if I open my e-mail and will not see your message out there. I'm very accustomed to you so I'm afraid of losing you. Dear forgive me for such a request. But i need ask you because i want to continue to develop our relations. Monty promise me in your next letter that you never deceive me. That you will never disappear. You must tell me if something will not like you and me in my nature. And you will not be silent about it, trying not to offend me. Promise me Monty? Please understand me i am completely honest in our relationship. Built on trust in each other. I'm tired of false of men. And I do not want to lose you because my intuition and my heart tell me that I could fall in love with you. And build good relations with you. I am happy that this feeling is mutual.

I'll tell you right now about what i was really surprised this night in my dream. I had a dream where i saw you Monty. I'm going on a bus and I feel that the man standing behind and looking at me. Bus rides to the bus stop, and I hear a pleasant male voice from behind, who asks me. You will leave this bus stop? And I turn back and see you. Once i saw you in my dream Monty... I woke up immediately. I was very surprised by what i saw in a dream man for the first time who i never saw you in reality. Therefore you acknowledge that you have already occupy a place in my subconscious now, and it speaks volumes.

I finish my new email you and hope you will appreciate my honesty and understand me. I'm really waiting for your soon reply my dear Monty. You are special for me! Have a nice day and take care!

Yours Yana

PS: I want to talk on the phone with you... Please send me your phone number. Thank you

Letter 8

Dear Monty,

I decided to write you letter finally. I apologize for my silence during those days after our conversation. I could not write to you because i thought about ourselves and relationships. I thought about my feelings to you my dear Monty. I had to figure it out because our sympathy for each other grow with each day. Time has come! My silence was difficult for me. Because i wanted to write you a letter or call you on the phone again. I denied myself because I had to consider all without emotion. I hope you understand me. You will be able to understand the reasons my silence. When you'll read my letter till the end. I promise you if you can`t understand the reason now. I am glad that you responded to my questions. Because i asked very personal things that we can speak only male friends. You showed me the gesture again. I was very special for you. I like it. Also i want to say that cheating really very painful. Trust me i know that very well So i can`t forgive my lover after a betrayal me with another woman. It's very difficult. I am very glad that you understand me. We will not edit each other. We'll not suffer ever if we are together. We love each other because we know the pain of betrayal lover. Monty i am going to tell you something that deep in my heart and soul. Please understand me and read good my subsequent explanation. It's important my dear Monty... My feelings have changed during these days. I knew a lot about my feelings to you. I realized that I fall in love with you. You read my letter now and probably very surprised my recognition. This is not a dream, pinch yourself by the hand, and you can see that this is reality. :) I learned this by listening to my heart. For example, I can`t endure long without communicating with you. I'm starting to get bored and think that I might lose you. And my soul begins to ache at the thought (as if thousands of cats claws tear up my soul). You know the feeling? I love you, and many of your traits: Your kind and sensitive nature, your beautiful and courageous person, your sweet voice, and much more in you. I have not told you this before because i don't understand these feelings to the end and now I understand: I started to feel you. I started to love you. Maybe funny because i am speaking like teenage girl, who fell in love like first time! And something happened to me recently that made me better understand the feelings for you. Some event happened to me in my work when I worked four days ago. I worked in the morning. I had a lot of work in this day and was tired by the middle of my shift. I walked down the hall clinic. Two beautiful and successful woman I met in the lobby and asked to look personally for some elderly women in our clinic. I answered all questions and requests for these women, but they are interested in me and started asking me about my personal life, when he heard my accent. I told them that i from Poland, and also told a little about my country. But they asked me about my beloved after. I told them about you, my sweet. and our acquaintance through the Internet. I told them also that I have not seen you in reality have never, but I love this man. And they joked about me ill to hear my story about you. Monty please allow me not to talk to you about this joke, because I am ashamed to tell you this insulting joke. I could not continue my working day after the incident (I'm a very sentimental), so I went home after that and cried throughout the night. Later Svetlana came home and comforted me. I spoke with her. I told her about the cause of my tears. I told her that i feel love but I'm afraid to tell you about my feelings. Because i think that you will not believe this recognition, and i scare you and i can to lose you. But she said i should not be ashamed of my feelings because my feelings are sincere. She said me talk with you about my feelings that I do not regret in my life then, I felt in love with a decent man once, and I told this man about my feelings. She told me to refrain from communicating with you for a while too, so I can check my feelings and think about everything. And I did as she asked me to do, and I'm telling you now, my sweet i think about you all the time, i feel you ... I started love you! I hope you understand me because my heart says so. And i want you tell me about your feelings because this is very important and necessary. I opened my heart to you so you the next my beloved. I do not demand this recognition from you if you do not want to talk about it. But i ask to understand me and my feelings for you only, and be polite to my confession. I'll be glad to hear any of your answer. The main thing in your answer to this question is that this answer was sincere, because I'm tired of the lies. I understand that it sounds a bit unnatural and naive, because we have not seen each other in reality than ever. So I want to see you in a reality soon, so we can finally understand our feelings. I wish ask you... please let me know about possible day our meeting and write me about it in confirmation. Please think about it Monty! Understand me i have never thought that i could fall in love with a man in the Internet. But it happened so we need to understand the reality of our feelings for each other. I finish my letter on this my love. Please understand my feelings a lonely woman who found love and do not want to lose it. I'm sure I'm not mistaken in you. I have one question for you? Are your friends and family know about me and our relationship my love? I am waiting for your soon reply with impatience my dear Monty.

Yours Yana

Letter 9

My Dearest Monty,

I am so happy to got your wonderful letter. Thank you honey. First i will not let end our relationship at this stage of development. Because I feel great sympathy to you in my heart. So I think that we should meet in reality soon. We must to feel and understand our feelings for each other and the future development of our relations. Please remember always you are very special and very important for me. I dream every day that we met on the day when I can tell you during our first meeting.. Hello Monty! Finally we met each other and hug you. I know with confidence that this first meeting will be a great happiness for me, because I will meet with a man who was able to win my heart. I thank you that you have understood my feelings and accept my love. Understand that I am surprised that feelings to a man whom I had not seen in reality. I really could not believe it for a long time that I love you, but this feeling of living in my heart, really. And this feeling is genuine so we must think about our soon meeting. I think you'll agree me that love is the best feeling. Yes Monty? I see now that the Internet helped me to find happiness and my friend advice was correct. As i told you... I finished my search on dating and I'm not interested in other men anymore. I found what i looked a long time. I believe that my love is true and a bright future waiting us... I want to tell you about my friend's birthday yesterday. I celebrated the birthday of my new girlfriend Ann. We work together in the clinic) for the first time together with my colleagues at work. We celebrated her birthday in the hospital, the holiday was good. I gave Ann a beautiful underwear (she was glad to get it). We drank a little alcohol on a holiday (I drink alcohol rarely that's why i am drunk quickly lol. I remember that we have a lot of dancing and singing. I sang karaoke for the first time at this festival. I remember that I told my colleagues at work about you, and about our relationship, my beloved. They are happy for us and wish us only happiness. I showed your photo to my colleagues (I'm wearing your photos are always in my bag). They said you handsome. My colleagues asked to say you that you need to protect and defend me. I feel you'll do it. My love this birthday celebration was made just for women, so boys did not attend our celebration. I told you about this birthday that you understand how you are important me. I am not going to lose you. I am your woman! You're my man... you should know everything this. I finish my letter for my best man in this world. Do you think that we will be happy together? Which scenario our first meeting Monty? How you'll plan? I am waiting for your confirmation. Remember Monty... I think of you all the time. Have a nice day and take care. Kisses and hugs xxx.

Yours Yana

Letter 10

My Dear Monty,

Urgently i write you this letter. I am going let you know that i need to leave in Warsaw. The reason my departure it's my family. I hope you understand that we are both expected and planned our meeting, in reality, as a result of this now. Please understand me i fly in Warsaw immediately because my family got problem. It's very important. Please don't worry. I'll be back in 10 days. I bought a return ticket. I wish to meet with you soon because our relations very important and necessary. You're the king of my heart and I waiting for our meeting in real time. I need your understanding and your support now... Main thing that only i can to solve this problem. They could be evicted from the apartment soon and i am not going to let this happen. Mum called me now and i must help my family. That's why i bought air ticket and must leave immediately. I promise you when I will be there i let you know. I phone you or send you letter. I will explain you everything. I want that you knew everything about me and my family. Please do not worry about me and our relationship. I found you and i am not going to lose you. My family has a computer with Internet access in our apartment in Warsaw. We will be able talk and write each other. I'll buy a mobile phone so you can to call me and send me sms to me all the times. As i said i already bought a return ticket May,23. I'll be back in 10 days because my boss gave me short time. And I have one request for you. Please think of my coming to you. I mean in your city, because I'll have three days rest after my return. I am going to start work May,26. Perhaps we could be together just the two or three days. I can to change my direction return ticket in your city. Please think about it my dear Monty! I think that our feelings should be experienced in reality. It's very important for our future. I hope you completely understand me. I am confident that you will agree with me because we want this together. I think about you Monty! I finish my letter on this and remember always... i found what i looked for a long time. I will keep and hold my feelings to you. Please do not stop send me letters. Wait for my news in during 2 days.

Your Yana

Letter 11

My Dear Monty,

Finally i write you this letter as i promised you. Are you missed me my love? I'm at home in Warsaw. I'm happy now that my relatives are around me, but I miss you here and look forward our meeting soon. I hope indeed that you wait a little while before we met in reality and will not be interested in other women ... You promise me this my love Monty? I'm worried because of this very much ... I walked with my mom and my sister on the streets today and saw couples of people walking the streets. I miss you and i think about you all the time. My love Monty wait for me please. I will back at May,23 because i believe that we can be happy together. Can you meet me in Airport? I want to see you... I am sure you know the beautiful places in your city. I want to come and live with you two days. It will not embarrass you Monty? Please think about this. I am waiting for this meeting is my love. Please do not worry I love you Monty... because i love what you have inside .... the principles of your life and habits. I need you. I'll tell you about a meeting with my family. Our meeting was very warm and happy for all of us. They met me at the airport we were happy to see each other. We came home and sat about 3 hours and talked about everything. It's very nice to be with their families! I love my family and I am sure that you will love their. I told you about my family. My mom say to you Hello Monty. But the most memorable in this meeting with my family ... tears of joy is my mom. Tears of joy streamed down my mom's face when she saw me at the airport. I'm starting to realize in these moments of life as important to me is my family. I am sure that you understand me and my feelings. I finish letter my love. I waiting for your call (my number +420774331708) Remember my love always that one woman lives in this world, who think about you and waiting for meeting with you soon. I love you and look forward our meeting soon. Have a wonderful day and take care...

Yours Yana

Letter 12

Hi my love Monty,

Thank you for your letters. I thank you that you always remember me and send me your romantic messages. I thank you for your understanding. You gave me peace to my heart and soul of your promise.

Understand, my love that we are far apart now, and we can find relationships with other men or women who live in our cities now. And I understand it, so I ask you not to look for relationships with other women in your city, and I promise you (in turn) that I'm not going to look for relationships with other men. And I will not be interested in another man now, because you are the only man who interests me now that has gripped my heart. Therefore, always remember about this and about your promises to me. I feel good here but I miss you so much, all my thoughts about you and about time when we are together.

I look forward to May,23 KL(1362) Warsaw 06:05 a.m. May, 23... Amsterdam 08:10 a.m. / KL(0681) Amsterdam 01:00 p.m. May, 23... Vancouver 01:40 KL(9750) 05:15 p.m. and arrive Edmonton May,23 07:40 p.m. when i can tell you during our first meeting at the airport "Helllo my love Monty" and finally embrace you.

I'll tell you right now my problem, because of which I left to Poland. If you remember my love that the problem with the flat of my family was the main reason for my temporary return to Warsaw. My family (with me) have been living in this three-room apartment for 11 years (we rented the apartment after the divorce of my parents), and we were taking good care, doing repairs in the apartment, paid for the apartment for 11 years ever, we accustomed to this apartment and want to live here in the future. We made friends with the owner of the apartment (the owner of the apartment - an elderly man 67 years) for these 11 years. And the owner of the apartment suggested us to buy the apartment from him at a cheap price of 53,000 dollars (it's very cheap) two years ago in installments for 3 years, but this elderly man died two weeks ago, and this apartment is inherited by his daughter. And his daughter wanted to sell the flat quickly, knowing about our agreement with her dead father. She warned us that the balance of the price we must pay her for the next 2 weeks. If we do not pay it during those two weeks, she will sell this apartment to others for the real price. The money we have already paid to her father, she returns to us after the sale of this apartment. So I flew to Poland once, when i knew it all. You understand Monty? The problem now is this: we have to pay this woman to the end of next week's 11,500 dollars, and we have now only 5400 which i been saving several months so we have to find right now 6100 dollars, what I am doing now all my time here. So I'm worried about this now. I do not know now where I'll find the money, but I'll use all the options for this, and I'll find the money required. I dont want that you worry and i tell you as i promised to explain all the situation. I think of you always wait for your new letter and telephone conversation. Have a wonderful day and take care my love. Kisses and hugs xxx

Your beloved Yana

PS: My love Monty please forgive me for this talk about money, but I want you to know everything about me and my life, because i am your woman, so you need to know everything ...

Letter 13

Hello my sweet Monty,

I am writing you this letter now because i'm bored without you here in Poland and i look forward to our meeting in a few days. I'm sitting at the computer and i understand now, looking at your picture that you are the only man now, where i found those masculine qualities that i appreciate and love to see in a man. I'm going to bed every night and wake up with only one thought that my lover does not warm with me my bed ... :) You know that feeling of loneliness my love?

Time different is hard for me, you know that i am very busy from early morning and daytime seeking all the ways to find the last amount. All fine i believe and still have few days. I wanted ask you to do my one little whim. Monty you must promise me that you're going to organize a small picnic in a beautiful and quiet place or beach in those few days of our meeting (or even later when we meet next time), if the weather is good at this time. Please promise me that, because i really want this. This is my little female freak! :)

I want to tell you now my love, about my childhood. I would love that you see my city one day and i would love that we visit my family together one day in the future. I wish you to be near now I would show you much. My childhood was happy and fun, thanks to the love of my parents. I was very cheerful girl in childhood, so I loved to create small performances or competitions in our small apartment. My mom helped me in organizing these fun times. i went to school at the age of 7 years, where studied for 10 years. Many interesting things happened to me over the years: My first love happened to me in school, first kiss, i was the best student, i sang in the school choir, i was involved in a brawl with the boys at school, and much more.

My childhood was happy until the moment when the divorce happened between my parents at the age of 15 years (very severe nervous shock for the child). The reason for the divorce of my parents - a betrayal of my father (my father cheated my mother with another woman). My mother could not forgive my father and got divorced. My father works a bit far in hotel masseuse. We saw him once a year. Maybe I can introduce you with my father sometime in the future. My father is a kind and cheerful man, i have not seen him long but somewhere inside feels so miss him and strong man's hand...

I believe that this small story about my childhood was interesting for you my love Monty? I'll tell you more about my childhood, during our meeting, if you are interested in this. I want you to know everything about me, because you are very important to me! I think of you and wait for our meeting soon. I await your response to my letter Monty.

Your Yana

Letter 14

Good morning my love Monty,

I miss you so much and remember honey that i do everything possible to meet with you in few days. I thank you for your words, this is special to me always and you know that i understand you very good. When i hear you it bring warm to my heart and i dream that you say something nice and pleasure to my ear when we are together.

I have very short time before flight and have to hurry up because it is very important to me to be on time so I will see you soon what my most deep desire these days because my heart tell me this. But I Have to decide everything before my flight, i see my mom worry so much everyday and feel that would be broken if i leave without fix everything...

Today we had meeting with the flat owner and had a long conversation. At the meeting at the beginning my thoughts was like we are losing the chance because she was tuned strictly and told us that she have to sell the flat, she not care if we was not collect all the amount. She say can’t wait longer because as she say urgently need all amount to invest or something about it But because of my mom and her dad was in very good relationship so she gave us this time during my visit. She said if we won’t find the amount till I leave, she has a few customers who ready to pay today’s price which very high now. It took our attention that we may lose the apartment where we were living for 11 years and my mom can't do it because want to spend her rest of life here...

My mother and that old person was in very very good relationship and had verbal agreement, now i understand that it mistake but who not make mistakes in life, i can`t blame my mother now seeing her suffer every day. Only because of their friendship that lady gave us more time.

I had serious talk with my father and asked to help me and he say he has savings for life about 1500 euro which he will share to me. Please wish me luck Monty. Also i managed to find about 700 dollars more. So if all good i will still need to find around 3500 now. (The total amount is 6100 dollars) But I am still hoping and do all possible, meet and talk with people. But i can't lose my flight it is so important for me and my life and also because you are in my heart and i want to be with you more then anything now.

I try to say all how is in my life now, i hope that i will do something, not sure what else to say now... I hope you can understand me what mean this to my family, to any family. Please write soon my love Monty. I love you, remember this always....

Your Yana

Letter 15

Hi my ara baby Monty,

Ara is sugar baby. It's slang in our language. I tried to talk with you but you was offline and i went in bed. My love Monty i thinking about you and everyday i think about us more and more. I love you for that you don't forget me and trying to support me. I feel very sad and lonely without you, i did not do all on time so before too late i will take care of my ticket and will try to change it. I am so sad but i will try do all what possible to convince this lady to wait some more days. I just Hope with all my heart that you can care about me soon and i will be thankful to you my love Monty, and of course i will return you all, it is me my nature that i very thankful woman. I will write you more and also waiting to read your soon reply. Oh if you know how i wish be near you now.

I feel if i not able to do all on time i will have problems but i can't think only about myself, my mother cried today and i can't keep in me. Maybe it not best decision Monty but i will change my ticket before not too late. But my heart suffer because i want to see you sooner and want to be with you.

Please know that you are special to me Monty and you live in my heart all these days, i promise you that i love and care about you and it will be always, i just waiting for our meeting so much and you know it. It will be as soon my love Monty. I am so sad sad after all this because i miss you much and i want to be with you very much.., i am sending you my loving kisses and hugs Monty xxx

Your Yana

Letter 16

My darling love Monty,

I just back home. We had great time together with father on Crete. I so miss him because our family not together now.

My love Monty we met today with her again. She said we still must to pay her last amount. It's 3500 usd she said. She gave us time more till Wednesday. She said... i am understand your position but please understand mine. I spend time with you. I make business and i need money. I gave you apartment which cost more less because usual price this apartment cost about 85000 USD now. My love Monty please understand me we gave her 50000 usd. Only 3500 USD we need that full price were complete 53000 USD. She can to sell it for price about 85000 USD. My love Monty that's why i am stress! I am very nervous because death owner everything changed. If we will not find this amount she will back all money and sell apartment for price 85000 USD. I do not have another chance to find anymore. My father gave us what he could... I can't back in time because only me make with her this business. And only i will get all papers and documents on my hand that i am owner this apartment. Please understand that's apartment will be ours. And we could visit Warsaw and stay there in anytime. I can't lose it and i can't lose you also. I can't live without you now. Only we can decide this together. I need your energy and love. My love Monty also i tried to explain her that i can send money from Vancouver but she refused this. My love i very tired today because again got stress with her. I wish you to have wonderful day. I found what i looked for long time. I love you and you in my heart soul brain and mind. Please answer me soon. I send you my air kisses and hugs xxx I dream be together now... I will catch you in yahoo my ara baby xxx

kisses and hugs.

All my thoughts about you my sweetheart Monty xxx.

Your Yana

Letter 17

Hi my sweetheart ara baby,

I was happy listen your voice. I send you photos as i promised and i'll wait for yours my love Monty. Please do not forget to send me in your answer :*] I called owner apartment and she said that's great news. She said that tomorrow she will be very busy and gave me information her lawyer who will make all process about apartment. She said that you can make transfer Western Union my love. We will going to visit her lawyer tomorrow when she will get last amount 3500 usd my love. We will sign all papers on my ownership tomorrow. I think about this day because after we can finally to plan our meeting my love. I am very happy that you gave us chance. I found you my love in this big world and thank you a lot God and galaxy for this. Thanks stars which help us. My love i am sure in this world not happens matches. Everything already wrote... and we just got it. I am very happy today only you because you gave us chance to got this apartment which we dreamed a long time. This happened and tomorrow we will sign all papers and finally i will have papers on my hand. We waited for this a long time 11 years. I told you my ara baby xxx Again we thankful to you. My mum said that you are happy man because you met me and helped us in this world. I give you my love and all the time i will care about you. My love Monty i have a lot thoughts about our meeting in my head and we will discuss it when we will meet finally in this weekend. I wish you have a wonderful day and please remember all my thoughts about you forever. Please send me photos my love so much as i made for you. I miss you and i wait for our meeting with impatience. This info for you my love Western Union.

Last name: DYEYEV first name: VITALIY, Warszawa , Poland, Kolady street 4. Please send only in usd bacause she need American dollars for apartment.

All my thoughts about you my ara baby. I love you xxx Kisses and hugs xxx

Your love Yana

Letter 18

My love Monty, i do not know how start my story what's happened today. We were in the tax with lawyer and still owner apartment because we concluded contract on my ownership this apartment on papers. But i am shocked after how everything to happened further. They said that we must to pay 13% for this apartment to tax. We bought apartment 53000 usd and tax is 6980 dollars. Owner apartment started tell us that we bought for cheap price. But i am still not owner this apartment my love Monty. I understand now that i am stupid girl that do not know law. Why i chose nurse profession better if i was lawyer. Owner said we bought cheap apartment for cheap price and this apartment cost about 85000 dollars now. And this is true. She right my love. I can't imagine about this my love. They said that you can't get ownership on this apartment while you not pay this tax. I went in air company and refused ticket because i was in crazy situation. I was completely destroyed with mum. Lawyer said we will fix this problem. My love we went in bank and we tried to get loan but bank refused me because i was in Canada half of year and i do not have job in Poland. Bank refused me and i went in air company and refused my ticket because i do not know what to do now. My love i need your opinion what i must to do now. My woman imaginations not work now.... I am sorry for all this my ara baby Monty.


Letter 19

Dearest Monty,

I do not know how to start to tell you what's happened. My love Monty when i must to fly in Vancouver at Friday. Customs airport told me that i have debt in customs system. I do not understand what they talk about but they invited me in special room and explained me everything. They told me that i have debt on my full name. They can't let me to leave my country while i'll am not pay this debt. I was in big madness. I do not know what to do because i do not understand what's all this mean. They said you need to go in customs service and to know all about this. I lost ticket because time was short and i got big stress. I was completely under nervous. That's why i can't to call you baby and let you know. Father came in airport and took me because i do not had thoughts what to do further. Now i feel better myself and i writing you letter baby. I know that you will be in depression like me now but what i can to say you. We need talk baby in yahoo because i can explain you everything. Kisses and hugs. I think about you Monty.

Yours Yana

Letter 20

Hi my darling love Monty,

How are you baby? Now i have all info about this debt. When i bought this apartment and finally got my ownership on papers. Earlier had this problems the man who died. Debts that's mean gas electricity hot and cold water and cleaning trash and cleaning upstairs in building. All this was on dead man but now all this started is mine. I mean to be mine debt my love. Debt is 2300 dollars because when i have been in Vancouver my mum not paid some months and this service started more expensive and now i must to pay this debt. Sorry i am carefully learn all this and only now i can tell you my love. Please understand me that i am not buy apartment every year and i do not know nothing this. My love i am fin solution and decide all this now. When you will be online baby in yahoo? I miss you and i started to feel my self better. I got a lot stress because what's happened was horror in my life baby. We will be together soon. Father looking for money my love,

I think about you a lot? Why you are changed work my love? How is your mum? I miss you

Kisses and hugs xxx

Yours Yana

Letter 21

Hi my darling love Monty,

Thank you for your wonderful letter and imaginations. I love it my ara baby. I love your letters all the time my love. Of course i will make special pics for you. Baby I am sorry for my delay. I was stress and destroyed after all this my love Monty. We visited our relatives and tried to find money. But we back home and i found your confirmation my love. Thank you my sweetheart Monty. Thank you for everything. I started to feel myself better after your letters. Your made a lot for us and i have tears because without you we do not got apartment and lost it. Thanks stars and God that we found each other Monty. They found everything... i mean on customs policy in airport was saw in system. I saw it my love also because they show me too. Now i am really worry about this. I mean that apartment debt on my full name. My love this happened because i do not know about this and we do not know laws. My love we are thankful to you. I will return you all this when start work. Monty i miss you so much and waiting for our meeting soon. I tried to catch you online yesterday. No success my ara baby. I think about you everyday time and i have a lot imaginations which i will write you more. Take care my love and sweet kisses and hugs for my sweetheart Monty. Kisses and hugs xxx I love You my ara baby! Have a wonderful day and weekend baby xxx

God Bless Us!

Yours love Yana

Letter 22

Hi my love Monty,

I tried to caught you in yahoo messenger but you was off-line. I sending you my sweet pic as promised you. I love you baby. Have a wonderful day. I will send you information tomorrow my ara baby. I will write you more tomorrow.

Kisses and hugs xxx

God Bless Us!

Yours love Yana

Letter 23

Hi my darling love Monty,

I do not know why you do not got my messages baby :( I was with mum this morning in tax company and we have short time to pay as they said 2500 dollars baby. They said if you're not pay this debt 2500 dollars till Friday 3 p.m. then you'll get penalty about 900 usd more that' mean you must to pay 3400 in Monday. They also said please stop this debt today before Friday. My love i need your help very much. Father do not have nothing for us. I am in big stress situation baby. I tried to sell air ticket but in company tell me that can't return it only fly. Lawyer in business trip and can't help us. We deciding all this with mum. Baby please use information college lawyer. First name: Sandra Last name: Khadi, Warsaw, Poland. She will control process with debt in tax company because under lawyer everything will be safe baby.

I am sorry that i am asking you support us but we do not have another chance my love. Please sorry me again baby. I love you and only you can change this my love. I can fly in Vancouver in Monday. In air company told me there are free seats baby. Please let me know my ara baby..

God Bless Us.

Yours love Yana

Letter 24

love... here info baby

LO(0281) 07:50 a.m. July, 10 WARSAW - LONDON

AC(0899) 04:15 p.m EDMONTON

have a wonderful day. Baby i am dead;) i am going in bed and all my thoughts about you and our meeting my love xxx kisses and hugs xxx i love you

Letter 25

My Darling ara baby Monty,

Sorry for delay with answer. I was stay at father and you even made me to call baby. I am siting and writing you my letter when i trying to tell you about my sadness. I wish to start you baby that my work visa not valid more. I had flight to you but got shocking news when on customs said your visa not valid and you can't fly in Canada. Please contact Canada embassy. I was in critical situation because you waited for me and baby i am again stayed here. How i planed my trip to you how was made a lot of baby. And now again shit baby. I do not send you sms because i went in embassy immediately but not so easy to meet with consult there baby. First i must make phone call and after make order time. I contacted Boss and he said i stopped my agreement with you Yana. Sorry i am not your employer more and i am not going to pay your tax in Vancouver more. He said he waited for me long time and made it 3 weeks ago. Baby i was so mad but keep my words and said i understand and say bye baby. Monty i do not know what to do now baby. I do not have any imaginations how i can to fly there baby. But i read today only one way to come as tourist to you. Or you can to visit me baby. That's all what i can to writing you now. We need to talk in yahoo messenger and discuss it my ara baby. Have a wonderful day and take care my ara baby. Sorry for this tragedy my love. I think about you a lot. I love you Monty!!!!

God Bless Us baby!

Yours Yana

Letter 26

Hi my love,

I am sorry for silence. I am in hospital. I am hospital about 2 days. When you called me i was in sleep. My phone was turned off sound baby. I have problem with kidneys. This happened from last situation or maybe it's was long time and just stress made this. Baby one girl give me laptop to check mail and i can write you. Please sorry me for silence. It's was not my fault. Baby i do not know what to tell you but i think about better life only now. I have medical treatment everyday. If everything will be ok then i will be home at Tuesday how said doctor. I love you and send you my kisses and hugs baby xxx.

Yours Yana

Letter 27

Hi my love Monty, sorry for delay my love. Baby i had operation on weekend because was stones in my kidneys. I do not tell you till last moment. My love i must to pay for operation and hospital now. I will stay here maybe till Thursday because i am on control doctors. Baby i must to pay 3300 usd baby because they asked me insurance policy but i live and worked in Canada and i do not have it. Sandra Khadi will help me us baby money must be pay till tomorrow baby. I repair after operation but feel better. Parents in shocked as i am baby. Stress killed me. My love please send me sms i can't speak in hospital. I love you my ara baby. Your darling Yana

Letter 28

Hi my love, i just woke up and doctor said that today i will leave hospital at 3 p.m. Baby we must to finish this question. My love this is very important because they wait for my payment till this time. I wrote you about this yesterday baby. I see your situation and i do not know what to do because time short. I mean half day till payment. I promise you never talk about finance situation because now situation with health and you try to speak again about this? You said never talk about this again and make me in stress? I hope you understand me. Sandra wait for to help us my love because i can't leave hospital till this time. I love you. Your baby

Letter 29

Yana Polak, street Ludwika Hirszfelda # 1 Warszawa 01-001, home 10

Letter 30

Hi my darling love Monty,

Thank you for your letters my love. Sorry for delay because i am in hospital baby. My love i have great imaginations about our meeting my sweetheart Monty. We met each other in airport baby and later we went in center a night time in bar to enjoy our time together. We chit chat over drinks not making any direct comments about sex. We never touch each other Monty physically but our eyes have already undressed each other Monty. We continue talking and i don't even realize you have controlled our path to take us down a small dark deserted alley. You turn our conversation to wanting to see me and very happy we could met each other finally in this night baby. You place your hand on my arm and i stop and turn towards you to look at your face. You smile slyly and quickly reach out and seize me by the back of my head by winding your fingers into my hair. You tip my head back so i arch into you as you pull me closer against you. You tell me that i am your baby and should be fucked urgently and immediately. You push me up against the buildings wall that is closest to you face first and lean against me with your arm holding my hair. You unzip your pants and pull out you already hardening cock. As you lift my skirt you notice i am not wearing any panties baby Monty. "i knew you didn't even wear any panties on our meeting. As i fight against what i know will come next you spread my legs apart by sliding your feet on my instep pushing outwards. My face pressed against the wall in a dark alley skirt up around my waist legs spread wide you look at me with the tiny glow of the street light at the street showing you how wet i already am. You slide your cock into my dripping pussy and feel my muscles clench around your pulsing cock inside me. A low groan escapes your mouth and you press me harder into the wall. With your free hand you grab my hip so hard i know there will be marks on me in the morning. You start thrusting into my cunt feeling me squirm against you. Harder and harder faster and faster till you feel me gush around your cock that is thrust balls deep in me and feel my juice run down your legs to drip on the cold asphalt. You can feel your balls tingle and begin to tighten signaling your about to cum. You spin me around by my hair and force me to my knees shoving your dick into my mouth as far as you can making me gag on it. Just as i think i might die with your cock in my throat you release your load and make me take every last drop you can stroke out of it. You promptly stand me up by pulling me to my feet by my hair you release me and straighten my skirt and zip up you pants. You then make me continue the walk together baby. How is my imaginations baby? This made you cock hard Monty?

Baby i am so waiting for our meeting on this week and finally everything is done baby. I am so happy that now i can tell you how much we made together baby. I want to chat with you baby... because i miss you a lot. I am alone here:( With all my love to you my ara baby Monty xxx

Yours love Yana

Letter 31

Hi Monty, i want to start letter that i am thankful to you a lot for everything what you made for me and my family. Without you when could not bought apartment and also to got my ownership on this apartment. We are thankful to you very much... Now i want to start about our relations we had some problems with our understanding when you showed me how you can be explosive in hard times. Monty i am completely understand you. All this was about only money. Of course you wrote me it's not about money but you told and wrote in letters about money how much you spent on me. You also told me how much you can make in month so you spent one month your salary. It's only one month but stress was on half year to repair me and your nervous system. So all troubles and problems was only in money. All your explosive was from your side Monty. Sandra made for me a lot and even not take money from us. I said today also thankful her for this. When i was in hospital she tried to help me but you made what you must and i am not show angry to you. Because i am kind person and never try to make somebody pain. I do not like offend people. I was in hospital and had operation. When i spoke with you on phone after our talk my hands is sh?king. It's ok because i am had experience in our past phone calls. But i am not talked with you because mother said to me Yana please think twice my angel and make right conclusion. If your man showed you this quality and made you cry what could be in another situation later. I mean not when we will have our meeting and everything will be perfect. I mean more later when we create family and something happens wrong. I am made my choice but luck separated us. I mean visa was stopped employer. Really maybe this was luck. Maybe God gave me time time to think again about everything and make right conclusion. And i am writing now my letter to you which i must do that earlier. Now situation that you not supported me when i had operation and i must to pay this hospital. I was shocked after talk with you. I was in hospital and think tomorrow i must to pay where i could find this money. Ho i could make this. Father in debts and was away from me. Because his job destination in Germany. He was in business trip. Now he returned back and saw me and strong embrace me. After we spoke with mum and father about you. We sit together on table and spoke 2 hours. I explained them what you said today morning. I have money on card and not cash anymore. You had money and you could without stress made this. Just to know me and our relations to say yes baby. Money is nothing... I love you and you my princess. You wrote me i will treat you like princess forever. Also you had chance to find this money because if you care about me and understand which stress i am came through in hospital. Now everything is finished and i am at home with mum finally. I am not pay this debt today because relatives not got loan in bank. Now this debt in debt system so i can't go through customs when i will fly to Canada. So if you really want to meet with me think about it because i am going tomorrow to start process getting visa in Canada. This will take about 2 weeks and i must to have ticket in Canada because my ticket is lost last time. So i try to tell you what i had in my head and finishing on this talk anymore. So i am going to make everything with you or without you Monty. Because i am not going to stay here and my life in Canada where i was and made progress in my life. Have a nice day and take care. Thank you very much for money....


Letter 32

Hi my love Monty,

I tried to speak with you in yahoo. Again silence. I do not have credit on phone to send you message. Baby as i said tomorrow i am going in embassy to get visa in Canada. I am make everything for us my love. Baby i did what they said me. I mean consult. Baby if i will not get tomorrow visa because i am not make what they asked... i do not know what to think. This info my father (first name: iaroslav, last name: voronov, warszawa, poland). Father do not have any funds now. I am going in bed and pray the God to give me tomorrow visa and return in Canada together baby. I wish you have a wonderful day my love. Kisses and hugs xxx. I love you my ara baby Monty...

Your Yana

Letter 33

Hi Monty,

I was in embassy and Canadian consul refused me in visa. It's was last interview. I wrote you about it yesterday. Also i told you that i must to show my finance situation for Canadian visa. Consul said me so...

You're not performing our requirements. We gave you time that you can to prepare yourself on today concluding interview. First you lost work visa because you break the rules and agreement with your employer. Also today when we want give you tourist visa on 2 months. You not showed us our demand. Sorry but we must refuse you in visa. "i got refused in visa" I was in shocked. I told you yesterday that today concluding interview and i have all chance to get visa. But you all the time try to make how you wish and how you think better Monty. I was so close in my process. I made it because i told you baby i will be with you in 2 weeks. After my recreation in hospital. I started process without any delay. Now i got refused and all my efforts and attempts was lost! We had with you so much fights because you never listen me... You made all this only (i mean your support) after my tears and suffering. When i felt myself so hard in situation with apartment. Now process getting visa finished with defeat! I asked myself in looking the mirror. I need more all this? Not! It's was answer my soul. I want to stay here. I do not want think about this more. I want to live usual life now as normal people and i do not want to have more stress in my life. Our relations was so hard and i got from it so much stresses. You know it! Also you made flight without my thoughts when you know that i started process getting visa. Again you made how you want and how you decided without agreement. You made how you want and this better for you. My father and mother completely upset and told me not contacting you more. They do not want that i was in relations with man like you. So Monty please stop your flight and please stay there. It's my words to you. Father today contacted Austrian friend and he said they take me at work in Vienna. I am going to work there on next week. It's situation which not must be today.

Have a nice day and take care Monty.

P.S. Yes i forgot i have biometrics passport of course. You could Monty do not worry about this and talked with embassy 20 minutes... when you checking my information because i knew all this... because i made this process earlier... before i came in Canada. I am going on nature with family and relatives. i got refused in visa only from your decision and your smart brain Monty.