Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Domrachiwa to Jeremy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Jeremy!
How are you? How are you? I hope all is well. I want to explain to you why I previously could not find a man for marriage. The main reason for this is a job that takes a long time. I had a meeting with the men, but it was not serious. These men are afraid of serious relationships. They are lazy and abuse alcohol. Long-term relationship with this man will never be good can not. You drink alcohol Jeremy? Just tell the truth. I hope you do not abuse it?? I do not drink or smoke. Only in the festival, I allow myself to drink a glass of good red wine. I do not mind if a man drinks alcohol. But it must be small and very rarely, because I do not want to quarrel because of alcohol. I want my man is always happy. And I'll try to do everything for it. I am ready to kiss and hug him all the time. I want to enjoy every day we love, passion and tenderness to each other. That is happiness!!
Please tell me you love watching movies Jeremy? What genre? Do you like going to the theater? I like romantic comedies. By the way, today on my work has come my friend Natalya. We are friends with her since childhood. This is my very best friend. I told her about our acquaintance. I think you do not mind? She was very happy for me. Because she was already married and already has a young son. We agreed to go to the movies this weekend. But now I have a lot of work and we did not get to go to the movies. Last week we went to Natalya comedy film - "Trees 2." I do not know if you heard about this film or not. Because it is a Russian film. But I can tell you that this is an interesting and hilarious movie. And if you love romantic movies, then you will like this movie.
By the way, today I wanted to give you my phone number. Thus, we could call and write sms to each other. But I have the cheapest link in our city. I can receive calls only from people of my city. Unfortunately, I can not make calls to other regions of Russia or abroad. Also, I can not receive calls from other countries.
Now I want to tell you until the next letter. I want you to think about what I say and write your opinion. You're important to me Jeremy! And I want you to understand this. I'll be very happy to wait for your letter.
Your sincere Ekaterina!
Letter 2
Why do not you answer my letters Jeremy ? Did you get my last letter? I'm not like me? Please write me. What did you do during the weekend? I went for a walk in the woods with my mom and my grandmother. We gathered berries. Do you like walking in the forest? I really like walking in nature. I'm what you have weather like? Today we have nearly 30 degrees Celsius. I'll wait for your letter.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jeremy!
I'm happy because I want to have with you serious relations. And I hope that you too want it. Our correspondence will help us get closer, and it will be good. I had only friends and no relations. I am a serious girl and just want a serious relationship, so I found a man so far. Our acquaintance with you a pleasure for me. I am pleased to Jeremy, that our correspondence continued, and our friendship with you becomes stronger. For me, it is important that everything we write to each other, was sincere and interesting.
Today at work was not easy. In my class there is a boy Kostya. He has now scored more than anyone else in the class, he rubbed my chair with glue. I sat on this chair. Colleagues laughed at me. From the outside it looks funny. But I'm not funny. I swore very much! But I understand children. After all, for them it's all just a joke. It's all the same kids. We too were once like that.
By the way, my mom knows about our correspondence and friendship. I told my parents that I correspond with you via the internet. At first they were a little surprised at how I met you, because on TV showed a program in which Russian girls took them abroad, and forced them into prostitution there. Forgive me for that bad word Jeremy. But I said that you did not kind of person. My mom wants me to be happy, she wants me only good.
By the way, how do you feel about the end of the world on December 21 in 2012? Now the whole world is talking about it. Scientists say that it will be a crucial period for the planet Earth, then there will be major natural disasters around the world. Although it is currently shown on TV continuously different floods, earthquakes. But if there is such a terrible tragedy, I want to stay close to her man in this difficult time. Although many people say that just advertising. Does anyone on this make money? How can I make money on other people's misfortunes Jeremy?
My dear, today I decided to give you my number. This is 89327652349. I know Jeremy, that you can trust. After all, you for me became a close friend. But you still can not call me because my number is not available. You know what I mean Jeremy?
I'll be very happy to wait for your letter.
With best wishes your Ekaterina!
Letter 4

So once again I, your restless Ekaterina.
How do you Jeremy? How are you up? What are you doing today? I hope all you fine. My friends and parents say that I very much has changed in recent years. All of them are surprised I am lucky.
Yesterday I was lying, and have long thought. I also thought about you. I still do not believe that I met a man from another country. I've been in many Russian cities. But I've never been abroad. You love to travel Jeremy? You've been in other countries? Last summer while on vacation with my colleagues, we were at sea in the city of Sochi. In 2014, the city held the Winter Olympic Games. Then I first saw the sea. It was an unforgettable experience for me. It just does not explain in words. Many teachers are sent on a business trip to the Olympic construction projects in Sochi. In Sochi, we both worked and rested counselors. But now I have a lot of work. So I do not know when I send in my trip. Now I'm trying to work more. If now I'll work more, soon can I get a vacation. I hope that very soon I can get a vacation.
I want to see you in reality Jeremy. But I think it is too early to plan our meeting. Maybe in the future it will be important. I feel like with each letter you become closer for me. You see, we have become much closer. I think of you Jeremy. I think that you are honest with me. I love to read a letter from you. I do not want you to be put forward with my feelings. Excuse me if I am too expressive. Perhaps you did not expect this from me? But something has changed the way my life recently, and I believe it is - you Jeremy. I think of you every hour and every minute. I am sorry that we are not friends for a long time. Maybe, I - hopeless romantic, but I believe that our meeting over the Internet - the best thing that could happen to us.
I'll wait with impatience your letter and your photos.
Your Ekaterina
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jeremy.
How is your day? What are you doing? When you woke up? I would give much for it to wake up today in your arms. I want to look into your eyes. I want to wake up from your kiss. What will be our first kiss Jeremy? What do you think? I think it would be very sweet and passionate kiss. I really want to try this kiss right now. I'm sure it will be unforgettable. I do not know why, but after meeting with you I feel good. I have a lot of effort. Constant desire to do something. I'm just happy ... My treasure, I want you to come to Russia. When you arrive in Russia? I want to see you in my city. Do you understand me, my dear Jeremy?
I want you to know Jeremy, I am not looking for a rich man, as do many women now! I'm not interested in wealth and luxury gifts. The most important thing for me to get my man could provide all the necessary family! And the rest, I think a woman should do. A woman should be able to feed the family, clean clothes, clean house. But many women do not want to do it. They prefer to have a maid. But how to prepare food for the family, is that bad? Would do the cleaning in the house, it's bad Jeremy? In the morning to accompany her husband to work with a delicious breakfast and evening to meet with a delicious dinner! That's a real family happiness! And I want it! Of course, I realize that our relationship is only virtual. But I think we're getting close to a real serious relationship. This is just the next stage of our relationship. The distance between us is not a hindrance.
In one of my letter I wrote to you about Pelmeni. I still want to talk about Russian food. I hope someday you try Pelmeni. I guess you already knew that my main kitchen - Russian. In addition there are many Pelmeni delicious and memorable meals. In Russian cuisine is a wonderful soup "Borssh" and "Schi". Also, Russian cuisine is famous for its pancakes. In our country there are many fine salads. I watch her figure and try to keep my body is normal. I try not to use a variety of diets that do not get ***. It is much easier and more enjoyable to get rid of excess weight with the help of sports. My diet is pretty simple. In the morning I have little time and so I managed a quick snack and a cup of coffee. For lunch I usually eat a salad and some soup. Most of all I like salad "Olivie". I eat lunch at work. After work I come home and make dinner. I can cook many different dishes. The main thing to have only a little imagination.
I'll always be happy to receive your letters! And until your letters, I'll miss you! I'm so lonely without you Jeremy!
Your romantic Ekaterina PS: Do not forget to look at my pictures.
Letter 6
How are you, my Jeremy? You think about me?
Every day I am more and more I think about you Jeremy. You're a good person. In you I see a serious person. With every minute I have for you all the more affection and trust. Maybe I still do not understand a lot in life. But you came into my life and I really like you! I love you! I hope that you will not laugh at me. I wrote to you always with sincerity and frankness. My feelings for you are strong and I want you to know about them.
My prince, I shall be very glad if you arrive in Russia. Are you ready to come to Russia? I hope you're doing everything you need to travel to Russia as soon as possible. My dear Jeremy, if you really want to come to Russia, first you have to come to Moscow. Then you'll have to make to come to my city. I wrote to you that the distance from the city of Moscow to the city Adaevo about 1700 km. Unfortunately, I can not meet you in Moscow, because it is very far away. I hope that you will not be difficult to come to my city.
As you already know, I live with my parents in a modest two-bedroom apartment. And to live at home until the indecent, because we are still not familiar with. But I can find myself an apartment for us at the time of your stay in Russia. It will cost much cheaper than staying at the hotel. Also, I can find a car with a driver in my town, because taxi drivers are taking a lot of money, especially with foreigners. I understand that Russia - not the most popular and comfortable place for tourism. You've got to be some problems. My love Jeremy, first of all, this is a problem of not knowing the Russian language. It's all told in Russian, and you simply will not understand. I'm a little worried. I hope that you will not get lost in my great country. I'll wait for you with impatience. It is a pity that I can not see your house and watch your country.
I love you! But I am afraid that you would not understand my feelings. I'll wait for your answer! Now you are very important for me and my heart is open for you and your love!
Gentle hugs and sweet kisses!
Your lonely and suffering Ekaterina!
Letter 7
Hi, my prince Jeremy.
How are you today? My dear, I'm happy to receive your letter. To me you are the most expensive and most beautiful in this world. I would even say that you're meaning to my life. At least, I can not imagine a future without you Jeremy! I will pray to God that we have all been excellent.
I have long thought. I was thinking about you and me. I thought about our meeting. Where is going to be our first meeting? My dear, about three months ago, an active young teachers in our region offered a certificate for a trip to another country. This certificate pays for our state. Besides, I'm still in the fund to support orphans. I've already written about it, remember? My Prince Jeremy, at work today, I spoke with my director on this certificate. I learned if I can go to another country on this certificate. I told him that in the near future I would like to have a vacation. He allowed me to take a vacation. My director told me that the state pays for my ticket. But all the documents I need to arrange through a travel agency.
What do you think about my visit to your country? I would be pleased and happy. I think for me it would be easier and more convenient to come to you. Also, for I will not have communication problems in your country. Of course, I will still make many errors. But can you teach me how to express better. My love Jeremy, I've never been in other countries, and I'll be happy for the first time to go abroad. I'll be happy to visit your beautiful country. I can personally tell all that keeps my heart. I can finally hug you and kiss! How did it perfectly! I love you! You want me to I came to you? My Prince, I think we're two adults and can make this decision, which will be beneficial for both of us! My love, I once again want to say I love you!
Today I have a very good mood. My love I hope that my letter will bring you to the same emotions. I love you Jeremy! I want to be with you! I hope that over time our meeting will become a reality! In the meantime, we can write to each other, these sweet messages! Write to me and do not forget about me! You are my only and dearest person in the world!
Gently hug and kiss!
Your love Ekaterina
Letter 8
Hello my love Jeremy!!!
How's your day? YOU think of me? I always think of you! I really want to meet you and talk to you in real life. Now, I present our meeting at the airport. I am a little scared, because I've never been in another country. But I hope that you will meet me. And when I see you at the airport, I go crazy with happiness and joy. My Prince Jeremy, I was finally able to hug! My love, if you want, I'll even kiss you or give you kisses the sea!
You know, I have a tight business plan. Destiny gives us this chance, so we used this chance. My love, tonight I could not sleep. I kept thinking of you Jeremy, about our meeting. Suddenly I remembered the accident case that occurred to me exactly 10 years ago. 10 years ago, I was a student. Once on the street I was approached by a gypsy! I did not want to talk to her. After all, gypsy cheat and ask for money. But the gypsy did not ask me. She began to speak. Gypsy said I was lonely and that I will not have a man for 10 years. At this point I was scared. Then she said that after 10 years I have been acquainted with a man. But our acquaintance will not be normal. We introduce ourselves as not all men and women. I do not understand what she was saying. Gypsy also said that this man will be my only man all my life. If I lose this man, I'll be forever alone. She said that we will have some difficulties, but we must overcome. Gypsy on to say that I have to be persistent and try your luck. My dear, I have not thought of this story for 10 years. Oh, my love, did this man do you Jeremy? I can not believe it. How is this gypsy could predict it to me? How could she know it? Tell me please, my dear Jeremy.
Now, I often think of you Jeremy. Sometimes I can not even concentrate at work. I'm starting to work, but in my head come more and more new ideas. After a few moments I was drowning in my dreams. It may take a long time. I represent the beautiful scenery, and we walk there with you. If you were there, it would be so pleasant and unforgettable! I am happy that you came into my life Jeremy!
I'm really looking forward to your reply! I hope to reciprocate my offer! I can not anymore. I want to feel you, touch you. For me it is a terrible torture to know that you are with me. But at the same time far away from me. I want you to be well thought of that ...
I love you! I send you the sea's most sweet and tender kisses! I want to be with you!
With love for ever yours Ekaterina
Letter 9
Hi Jeremy
I have received very unpleasant letter from you and is very confused! I understand your fears, I heard that, there are such people who deceive foreigners. Such people strongly stir to normal acquaintances and a meeting to enamoured people on the communication Internet. Now you do not trust me! And I do not know as to make so that you did not doubt my feelings to you! I do not accuse you and all I understand. But I on the present love you, my favourite!
I have placed for a long time the photos on the Internet to page where there is a competition on the best photo. I think, that someone uses my photos For a deceit of people. When I have started to participate in this competition, I did not think at all, that my photos I can steal.
I am disturbed by one more question: I heard that some girls leave to the beloved abroad, and then remain there without money for returning home. Also have been compelled to earn money ***** work and even to trade in a body. So I very much am afraid to enter into other country without guarantees. Mum very much is afraid of me to let out on a trip. I hope you, you understand my fears, and you forgive on me mistrust. I would like to remain with you in your country to love you, to have from you children to Carry out with you, all lives which love have a rest. Would like it to me there came parents, and we together celebrated many holidays. I am afraid to lose you.
Letter 10
You're not serious. I have already written to you my phone number and my address.
Letter 11
The call to another country is expensive. I do not have money to call you.
Letter 12
Tell me honestly. You read my letters? Why do not you answer my questions? I want you to answer my letter. Really I should not spend my time every day to ensure that you write a normal letter? Look, I want to communicate with a serious man. I beg you, please, answer my questions. And write a normal letter. Write to me how your day went. What have you got new? Understand, I want to talk to a real person. I want us to have a dialogue. Do you understand me? What do you think about my visit to your country? Why have you not written anything about my trip to you? Do you want to see me in reality? YES or NO?? Just answer me honestly.
Letter 13
Hello my love Jeremy. How are you?
I hope all is well with you. I'm very excited for you. I promised you that I will come, and that all our dreams will come true. YES, I want to be with you, and I want to make all our dreams into reality. But how to do it now ... Sorry, I do not know ... My dear Jeremy, today I was in travel agency. I knew everything about my possible trip to you, and what documents do I need. My darling, on the one hand I am very happy that all was not as difficult as I expected ... On the other hand I am very upset ...
My love Jeremy, my other expenses, except for tickets (a passport, visa, and some help), I need 493 euro(665$US). I saw this on the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia and translated into euro. Because I think it will be convenient to you to understand me. The only good news is that ticket prices paid by my job. Otherwise, my trip would have cost even more. Of course, I assumed that the execution of all documents will be expensive. But when I found out how much expensive! I was also shocked. My Prince, I understand that it is very difficult for both of us, but we must not stop on the way of our happiness. Do you agree with me, my love Jeremy? Perhaps now you understand that it is simply impossible for me to pay for the registration of my documents on their own.
If my expenses for you and will be expensive, I understand without a doubt. Because sometimes you have to deny themselves in many ways. In any case, we will be good friends. I do not want, and I am ashamed to ask for help from you. But in this situation myself really powerless. I understand that it is a shame for me. I do not want to lose a chance for our meeting. But to do anything for our meeting, I can not now. Remember, the gipsy warned me that we will have some difficulty? I think we must now overcome all difficulties. Do you agree with me, my love?
My dear, I do not know who to ask me more ... My Prince, I am ashamed and uncomfortable in front of you. But I ask you this question Jeremy. Can you help me with this sum? My love, I know it's wrong. But I hope you can understand me. My prince, in the future I'll try to give you back all your money. My treasure Jeremy, but I beg you not to think that I'm interested in your money. No! You - the meaning of my life, and at this moment, first of all I want to meet you. I want to be next to me was a loved one, for which I'll be ready for everything, and for which I do not care about. I am ashamed and I feel a huge inconvenience to you Jeremy. I'm sorry if I offended you, or bring the pain. But I do not have bad intentions. I just want to meet you!
My love, I am a huge disappointment and the pain I am writing you this letter. I am ashamed, and so disagreeable to you. Forgive me, please ... I hope you can understand me ... Now I'm going home. And do not even know what I am now more desirable. To-morrow will come soon. Or vice versa, so that did not occur. Waiting for your answer, my love Jeremy. Goodbye. Hope to see you soon.
Your sad Ekaterina!
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