Romance scam letter(s) from Lubov to John (USA)
Letter 1
Oh, I am so glad that you wrote to me John. And I can communicate with you. You know now I the lonely woman and except my friends and the relatives native I with anybody don't communicate. Girlfriends and native name me simply Lubasha. You can call me exactly so. I want to tell to you that I not so well write in English. I very much am afraid that you insufficiently well understand that I write. But I try. And I hope that you manage to understand me better.
1. I look for the sincere and true man. I am not excited by your past, whether I am excited you are ready sincerely with me to communicate?
Whether you are ready to surprise me, whether you are ready to cheer me up the letters?
2. If you sex interests only, we don't approach each other.
I sent the photos in the letter, I hope you will estimate me and I hope I to you it will be pleasant. Since you very much interested me and I would like to recognize you closer. I am 27 years old. I like to live, but without the man my life seems boring. Because of it I decided to write to you. If I am interesting to you, write to me. I hope for your sincere answer.
Letter 2
Hi John,
It is so glad that you answered and it lets to me know that I to you am not indifferent.
For me it is very pleasant, as I as wanted to continue our acquaintance. I admit to you honest, but I already had attempts acquaintances on the Internet, but it turned out nothing, as sexually anxious people or deceivers, which met only asked from me naked photos. Therefore now I with the person care I treat acquaintances on the Internet. But I don't lose belief and hope that once I will really meet the person, to which I can present the love and the heart. But this person should be worthy it. Therefore I will trust and hope for that, that you the serious person who has only serious intentions. And if you don't answer this letter, I will start to think that your intentions not so serious and consequently you didn't answer me.
Probably, it it seems a little not the polite statement, but I should resort to such measures to secure the future... Because I was already tired to trust people, and then to be to be upset their lie and deception. Games and deception aren't necessary to me. I want only the serious relations. And I want that in these relations there was only an honesty and justice and so that the trust was created. Because I consider that the real and strong relations can be constructed only on trust and devotion. I hope you the decent person? you will never deceive me and will tell me only the truth?
At once I want to tell to you that on a site I specified the incorrect address of the residence. I don't live where you think. I live in Karino settlement. John, Forgive, but I couldn't make registration to the address. Therefore I had to specify other location. I hope it won't be a problem for our communication? Considering that fact that I admitted at once to you in it. Now I have no secrets from you. and I can promise to you that I will never do secrets more. You heard about the such?
I don't know now, whether you wanted closer to recognize me? I am pleasant to you? I very much worry communicating with you since I want to you it will be pleasant. I want, that we understood each other. I want to construct the happy future. The unique dream in my life is to find the love, the soulmate. I think to each person on a planet difficult it to make, after all there is a lot of people, and that who is necessary and intended to you by destiny ONE. I am right?
I won't speak to you about the sizes of the figure, after all you and so you see how I look. You accept my figure? My breast? Answer me these questions. As I already spoke to you, I very much want to you it will be pleasant.
John, you ask me some questions. Allow to answer me some higher questions.
1) you gave me the email.
2) you made it on a site meetic
3) is located in Karino settlement, but about it I wrote to you above.
4) John, I look for the American man because couldn't find to itself the man from the country.
5) the distance isn't a problem. if we want to be together, I can arrive to you. or you can come to me.
6) I do not understand a question of that how you mentioned my life.
7) it is not necessary for me from you any money. I look for only the serious relations.
John, I work hairdressers in a beauty salon. I work in different changes and in different days. On by me in salon two more hairdressers work, with them we are replaced and with them the schedule of our work is broken. I studied at university on economics department, as a profession the accountant. But I couldn't find work on the specialty.
Therefore the hairdresser made additional education on a profession.
But I don't despond, since my work isn't so difficult and I well consult with it. I like to do beauty. Besides I can now and is independent change the hairdresses depending on mood. :) It is rather convenient for me. It would be desirable to learn as and about your work in more detail. tell me about it please in the following letter.
As I send for you some photos that you could see better me. And as I send you a photo with the familiar girl of Nastya who works together with me. I hope so to see your photo tomorrow. Well?
I will wait for your answer...
Your friend of Lubasha!
Letter 3
Hello my fine John,
I am very glad to see your letter! It is so pleasant to me that you permanently write to me … And every day you grant me pleasure and feeling of that I not one in this world! You one rescue me from loneliness … I am very grateful to you for it! You are my finest person! Last night I walked in park for walk. I walked with the girlfriend. We like to take a walk simply sometimes on fresh air and to eat ice-cream.:) I would like that once we as could walk. That you were soiled frozen, and I then kissed you on this place very much and very with pleasure.:) What do you think? Would like as it?
John, I is glad to that you my grandmother interests. She feels very well. And it is happy to that I have acquaintance to you. John, you have many ideas for free time. I consider that that you love sports is very remarkable. After all you mean watch the body and therefore always try to look at height. I consider it good as quality of character when the person watches itself and behind a condition of the health. John, I love children. And certainly I would like to have a family. The age for a family has no value. The main thing that spouses loved each other. and then they will have a long and happy matrimony.
Understand my thought?
My darling John, I am overflowed simply by feelings when I write you, I at all don't want to leave from the Internet of cafe and I want to remain simply here to live and directly to respond to each your letter! But unfortunately I can't! I know you absolutely not for long!
But I already feel that you are so close to me, as anybody another! I can't describe my feelings! It is very difficult for me! You grant me pleasure and happiness! You are the person who supports me in this gray world! You grant me the care. I don't know how to betray all this … But you are that person with whom I would like to be together.
I am grateful to you for it... You do for me by many letters... Today it was rather cold, and I froze a little, while went to the cafe Internet … But your letters warm me! You are the finest person in this world.
And I am glad that you are at me... I send for you some photo from yesterday's walk. I will wait for your response and I will write to you tomorrow!
Yours and only your Lubasha!
Letter 4

Hi my dear and very favourite John!!!!!
I was very glad that I can read your letter which you to me have written today. I am very glad that you write to me, and don't forget about me. I am very happy to know that my darling so wants to learn much about me, and to know all my feelings to it. I am very glad that your letters come to me, and bear many pleasure, happiness, and it is a lot of love to me. I don't know as though I lived, if you didn't write to me. I am very glad, what my favourite John? When doesn't forget me. I very much suffered, if you John, have forgotten about me. I very much am afraid to lose you, and I very much would like to be with you. You, John, washing the most favourite and unique person with whom I feel very protected, and me that it is not terrible. You my finest all over the world.
John, thank you for your reflection of your fine thoughts. I really liked to read it. You describe all this very beautifully and gently.
These are really remarkable thoughts. Thank you for that you told me about them. John if I didn't find you... I don't know that that we with me was... But I know only that that you are very necessary to me.
I am very glad that we have got acquainted with you, and is very happy that we have very strongly fallen in love with each other. I very often remember that moment when we with you have started to correspond. I was very glad that you have written to me, You John, don't represent as I were happy when I have received your letter. I very much wanted to tell much to you. But I work, and I didn't have a lot of time what to write to you every minute, and more and more to learn about each other. I was very happy when you have written me one more letter, then still. And so proceeded very long. We with you gradually understood each other, and told much that with us was several weeks ago. I am very happy that our dialogue has outgrown in the real love. I love you my dear John!!! I am very happy, what exactly you have helped me to realize that such love. And I will value our love for the rest of the natural. My dear, we with you together that it would will be not necessary to us. You agree with me???
I thought that I when I can not understand feeling of love. I when there was no loved one as you John, have such inclination, and understanding to each other. Becomes as that not on yourself when you do not receive the letter, and very much you worry for it. When all thoughts are filled only with one person. When that it would not be desirable, it would would be desirable to speak just with favourite, and to communicate with it very long time. For me any person in this life isn't important and any dream can't be compared to that what to be with you. The most important thing, what that person to whom at you very big feelings, also you love it very much. I to think of ours with you to a meeting much. I think as it will pass, and as will pass our first kiss. I think that this moment will be the most remembered. We with you, John, won't forget it when. John, I very strongly hope that to our meeting remain very little. And we can meet you, and embrace each other. I am very happy that you so occupy a lot of place in my heart. In my heart there will be place on anybody no another.
But also it is not necessary to me whom another, I have you, and you have I. And this most important thing. I am very strongly happy, what exactly you John, and only you are in my heart. I very much hope that in your heart there are same feelings, as at me. I am happy that at us at both hearts are filled with the big heat which inflates a heavy fire in heart. I am very happy, what exactly you are at me. I dreamed of such person as you John, all my life. I very much wanted that would wash darling so loved me much, and did everything that we would be happy together. I am very glad that I have found you.
My dear John, I love you much and I very much would like to be with you and only with you, John! You John, that person with which to me are very good, and with you I very much would like to be always. I am very happy to you John!!!!!!!! And to be proud of you...
Unique heart which belongs to you, it at me!
Yours Lubasha!
Letter 5
Hi my one and only love John!!!
Fine John, I am very grateful to you for letter your gentle and full of love. I very much miss you, and I am glad to receive your letter.
My dear I would like to tell to you that, all in life have two strips, black and white, the period when at the person that it is impossible is a black strip, and white it always - happiness and love. After I met you John, in my life there was only a white strip. I feel perfectly because I feel your love. I want to be with you, I want to kiss you and to embrace. I want to look you in the face and to tell that I love you my dear man John!!!
I forever yours and only yours John!! You for me the loved one. I think that the distance for us won't be a barrier and we will overcome it and soon and we will meet you. You that person who presented me the finest feeling - love, I adore you for it. And I would like that we always were together, we will be always full passions and every minute our kisses would warm us. I am happy, because it I have you, you are expensive to me, I feel that we are created one for another and the destiny prepared us for this dough as distance, but I hope that we will overcome it. All in this world have a happiness. The main thing to find it. I consider that I found happiness and love. IT YOU John!!!!!!!
I am glad that you are at me. You the unique sense in my life. Every day my love to you, became more and more strong and more insistent.
When I think of you at me, always good mood. You always should know and remember it that I will always love you, you my one and only man John!
I think, much, and I dream of our future. I can't wait that day when we can meet with each other. I can't wait day when we can make the first conversation, our first embraces, and our first kiss together.
This fine day we should remember everything in life. Darling John, isn't enough today work therefore I plan to move to the grandmother to the village. And to do there a shish kebab. You know what is it? It when meat we fry on heat from a fire, but doesn't place meat in fire. Probably that that on type of your barbecue. I hope in the future I can as to show you this dish. And I am sure that it will be it is pleasant to you... I know.
I want to tell to you John that I never felt a lot of love in my life. I know that I can trust you, respect you and that you Always will be with me. You the person whom God created for me. Darling I want to divide with you life.
My dear on it I will end the gentle letter written for you. Darling I will wait from you for your new gentle letter.
I love you my Prince John!!!
Your love forever Lubasha!
Letter 6
Hello, my angel John!!!
How are you dear?
I very strongly missed you and waited your new letter!
Yesterday I long couldn't fall asleep, because thought of you. I felt that you think of me and that your ideas found the answer in my heart.
I couldn't sleep, because thoughts on you heat up my body and I practically broke a bed because them it appeared much.:) I would like to jump out at night on a balcony, to breathe fresh air because my heart quickly fought. But, unfortunately I couldn't make it as on a balcony it was very cold. When I woke up in the morning all bedding was pillows are crumpled also, lay on a floor! I dreamed of you John, and we were very close!=) I woke up in excellent mood, and I would like to sing from happiness! When I took a bath, neighbors, possibly, could hear, as I give to drink. :))
I feel that I am the happiest woman!!!!!
My eyes again shone, cheeks again - burned, because you dreamed me!
You only mine! There is only you and I!!!!! It is valid happiness!!
This our happiness of my darling John!
Only you Reason of it my darling John! You woke in me this fire of love! I was never happy, as now because I love, and you love me! I am grateful to you for understanding, the help and support! You surprising person!
You the unique person who can understand me and gives to me strength that again believed in love! When I came to work, all said that in me something changed also I to fly as a butterfly! I am very happy and all affairs were solved without efforts. I managed to talk to my chief about my rest from work. To my astonishment, he told me that I can have a rest. He told that I very well worked the last months and surely should have a rest. Therefore I can already receive the holiday with 15-August. And it will be in the extent of 6 weeks. And I would like to ask you, whether to arrange you about that I arrived to you for this time? I already explained to you that my holiday is distributed in advance between all workers. And consequently I can't cancel it or transfer for other date. Therefore I hope that you arranges time of my holiday. Answer me please about it, after all it is very important After work we went with girlfriends to drink tea and there is a pie in cafe, and they were very glad to learn about our happiness. They transfer you the best regards and want, that we were happy together!
My darling, I very much want to be near you! Now this most important for me because I very much miss you, and I wish to reduce distance which divides us. I constantly think, day when we will meet. I represented this happy moment many times, and I can't wait, when it will be came. I see, how you to meet me at the airport near the bouquet of fine flowers, and I run to you, and I fell in your embraces. Then you to show me your house, both your friends and relatives everything hurry up to get acquainted with me.
They speak: "John, so beautiful Russian woman about whom you spoke much?"
And you answer them: "Yes! It is my Lubasha!" :)
At present we are in happy pairs!:)
I still lot of imagination. :) Certainly, now I don't know, how it occurs, but they will be sure that it is very interesting and amusing!
The most important for me that we will be together! Addition all rest only to our pleasure!
I think, actually there is a lot of travel, because it is my first trip abroad.
I could descend in travel agency to learn from them details of the travel to you. But I can learn it only if you really want our meeting and is ready to receive me for the period of my holiday.
My darling John as soon as I will receive this information, we can plan a trip. But whether arranges you dates of my travel to you??
Know that I love you my angel John!!
Tonight I will think of you again!!!!!!
My heart fights only for you!
I send you the most sweet kisses and gentle embraces!
Only your Lubasha.
Letter 7
I am again very happy to see your letter. Each your letter brings warmth and pleasure in my heart. I dream from this day, when it will be not the letter, and our long-awaited meeting.
Today - good weather on the street. In such perfect day it is better everything to be on the street and to leave on walk on fresh air. It is so pleasant. That's wonderful. I know, possibly, that I am too romantic, and I love character very much. My love, I is glad to that that suits you time of my holiday of August month. Wash holiday begins with 15-August and it will last throughout 6 weeks. My love John, I is glad to that you are really ready to to it.
Darling John, would like to explain once again to you that mine holiday in no way can't be cancelled or transferred. After all my holiday it was planned in advance and it was distributed between all workers, and therefore I in no way can't cancel it or transfer. you you understand me?
I can't live without you, without your words, without your embraces and kisses. I looked for you all I wash life.
You are possibly intended to me by destiny. I should connect life only with you my fine. I am happy that you are mine. I estimate it very much. Darling John, I could descend in travel company to learn all details and cost of my travel to to you. After all to me for certain will the visa, the international passport, and still are necessary documents. Therefore it is necessary to learn all cost of my travel to to you. But I don't know how many the trip will cost. And after all you know that I earn not so much. And as these expenses with repair of neighbors took away my savings... And consequently I am afraid of that I can't independently to pay the travel to you... and consequently I wanted to ask you the help on that case if at me there will be no money for a trip to you. Whether you will help me with payment darling John? Whether you will help me to arrive to you? Whether I can hope on your material support if I won't have enough money for my travel to you? My love John, I is very very strong I love you and you to me are very important. I don't want, to lose you never. You - my meaning of the life.
Without you I have no anything to live in this world. I always dreamed about such person as you! you such understanding and loving person.
The love at distance is a gift and punishment for many loving couples around the world. But I believe that together we can overcome everything barriers which were made for us by destiny and then we find happiness. We will be together and we will love each other.
When I think of you, my darling, I become so happy, and it is pleasant and joyful on heart. Darling John, very much would be desirable for me, that we with you already at last that met. I was already tired to wait and live far from you. I want to be near you and only with you.
Last night I long couldn't fall asleep... Also wrote the small poem.
Certainly I have no talent in it, but nevertheless I tried to express in these words the feelings to you. I hope at me it to receive and verses will be pleasant to you. You believe, I didn't forget you, and never I will forget,
You believe, you always are in my soul and heart,
You believe, thoughts on you live in my soul and I always remember you,
I love you more strongly than birds love the sky,
I love you more strongly than flowers love the sun,
I love you more strongly than stars love the moon,
I wait for you and I trust - we will be together soon,
I wait only for happiness from you.
I wait for our first sweet kiss …
I know, I will come and you will smile,
also you will tell that you found the happiness! I will repeat the words that I have no big talent. But these lines reflect my feelings to you. And my desire to be near you. I want it that we were with each other. On it I will finish the letter. I will wait your new letter soon and I ask to answer on all my questions. I hope to receive your answer and to be delighted to to your answer.
I love you my John!!!
I kiss you your unique Lubasha.
Letter 8
Hi my fine man and my love John!!!
Darling John, I am very glad that you didn't leave me today and wrote me the letter. I very much hoped to receive your letter today. I was afraid to open mail and not to see your letter. I am happy that you wrote to me. Your letters always give me a set of pleasant emotions in my life. To read your letter it is very attentive. Also I see that you at all didn't understand me. Understand darling, I never left borders of the country. Therefore I have no visa. I have no international passport. It is necessary to do all these documents for me again. You understand? Therefore your offer on tickets you can not work. You see? I found out that my travel to you will make 840 euro.
You understand? Therefore your help in the size of 840 euro is necessary for me. Darling John, I understand that it is very large sum. But I think that you can help me with it. Correctly? And then we can be together. Also we can carry out all your ideas. Your thought on doing travel on the yacht is really very good. But whether you are able to do management by it? Unless it isn't heavy? Whether there will be you as to train me to management darling John? =) I would like as to try it. Darling John, I never saw the seas and the ocean. Probably it is very beautiful. And I am glad to that I can see for the first time it together with you. Near mine loved by the man. I very much want that ours a meeting occurred to you as soon as possible. Because I love you and it want to appear in your embraces as soon as possible. My sweet John, whether tell me please in the following letter on that you know in which way you can help me? Or I should descend in bank and to learn from them about ways? I love you and I miss you. With impatience I expect your letter.
Your Lubasha!
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