Scam Letter(s) from Alena Sokolova to Steen (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend!
My name is Tanya.
I looked yours profile on a site of acquaintances Absolute Agency, you have liked me, in you there is that that especial that is not present in other men, I have decided to write to you for the serious attitudes and if our attitudes will be love I would like to arrive in Denmark for meeting with you and further in to go in a marriage.
I was born in Russia, in 1974 , in the city Cheboksary on February 10, and at present I live in the native city.
My age is 30 years. My growth of 169 centimeters, my weight of 59 kgs. The marital status -is a single. On a mark of the zodiac Aquarius. My hair has chestnut colour, my natural colour-darkly fair-haired..... My eyes of grey-light-blue colour.......
Behind the husband was not, I have no children, but very much I want to have two children, boy and girl.
My friend, is possible when or you were married, but at present search for the woman for the serious attitudes. If you have children from a marriage, I think that I shall love to care of them as about native children. To me would like, that in our attitudes there was no deceit. We should be honour the friend before the friend, it is possible you already write to other women, but I at once want to tell you, you the unique man, to which I have decided to write the letter to you, because on my sight you the man, which I search. I want that in our attitudes there were sincere feelings.
At heart I impressionable, sensitive, sympathizing, with sense of humour and vigorous girl.
I have no harmful habits, I do not drink and I do not smoke, I do not accept drugs. But I shall not be against if you smoke or drink, on holidays slightly.
I have decided to continue the life with the foreigner, because the majority of the Russian men concern very bad to the wives, they only drink alcoholic drinks, look the TV set, do not work and at all do not appreciate female beauty, are not close also very rough in the attitudes, I would not like to have such husband.
To me would like, that we have learned each other better in our letters and I hope certainly hope when be on our speed meeting.
I shall send you the photo in the following letter, also send to me the photo, if that is possible some photos. I shall try to answer all your questions, that interests you. I speak on slightly english, also I use the program of the interpreter, I think it will help to write the letters to you.
With impatience I shall wait from you of the answer.
Write the letters on my personal e-mail:
p.s : i will think of you

Letter 2

Hello my new friend Steen!
I am glad, that you have answered my letter to you. It is very pleasant to me to receive from you news. I for the first time in the life of a beginning to write to whom that of the letter.
Steen the large thank for your detailed letter on English and Russian, if you can that please continue to write in the same style.
I see that you very much like of children, it is pleasant to me (thank for your photos, I think that look young.
I understand you that you can not have children, I want to inform you also that I is not capable to have children, but very much would like it, the doctors have found out that I am fruitless. You the driver of the locomotive, it is interesting, likely it is very difficult to operate such large machine, thus you bear responsibility for the passengers. Whether were available in your work what be extreme situations?
I am glad that you love football and play also, I love to observe this game.. Please be not surprised that I continue to write to you, I am really interested in you, at us is present general interests.. Steen please understand me, for me there is no meaning age, I on the contrary think that the men in such age are more serious in the intentions You certainly ask me,why I have decided to correspond with the man from other state? I the very sociable man, I have no a plenty of the friends, I would like to find the friend and even more from other state, and me would very much like to support the our friendly attitudes. You likely with me will be agree. I do not hope on our what that the serious attitudes, but I think, that the time will show. In the first letter to you to me would like to tell to you about my life. As I already wrote to you to me 30 years. At present I work as the tutor in children's establishment. I bring up children in the age of from 3 till 7 years. I prepare children to school, and to their further future life. You, certainly will have set of questions in relation to my work, but me would like to tell to you about all more in detail in following my letters. My formation maximum. I have finished Cheboksarsky pedagogical institute. I think. That I have a good trade. More in detail I shall tell about the work in the following letters. I think, that certainly at you the plenty of questions will appear concerning me, but I shall ask you, that you were patient, in the our attitudes. I as hope, that we with you necessarily shall find general language, because I very much would like it. I shall try to tell to you in the letters about everything, that you would like to hear from me, but also me would like to learn about you maximal. Please, write in the letters on all. For me it is very surprising to support connection with the man from other state. In the letters I to you shall try to answer all your questions. To me would like you to ask in the our attitudes, what they would not be, about trust and understanding. I assure you in that. That I with you I shall be honour, and me would like you to ask, that you never deceived me. If to you will hardly you to me can tell about all your problems, which disturb you. At present to me much would be to you to be told, I promise you, that I shall write to you necessarily about the city, about the trade, and friends, family, and much other about what you would want to know about me. I hope. That it will be pleasant to you to receive from me the letters. I very much would like, that you wrote to me as it is possible frequently. In this letter I shall send you necessarily photo, I think, that it is pleasant to you. Please if you can, on the answer to my letter send to me the photo. At present I have no a plenty of photos, but I am necessary on I try to make a plenty of photos. Excuse, please, me for my English language, I know it not so well. But not looking on it I can talk in English, and write to you the letters. I when wrote to you this letter I did not use the interpreter, but for me there is a plenty of which words I understand, and I on the computer have interpreter, and I hope, that you will not be against I shall use sometimes interpreter, when I shall write to you the letters. As I shall study in the English language, when I shall read your letters. I shall finish the letter to you, In this letter I send you the photo. I hope to receive from you news again. I shall wait from you of the speed letter. Your Russian friend Tanya.

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Steen!
I want to thank you for the letter,
it was very interesting to me to read the letter and to learn about your life.
Steen my complete name: Tatiana, I am named by the friends and close people Tanya (in abbreviated form).
In the letter I want to tell to you about myself more in detail. As I already also wrote to you I was not behind the husband and I have no children. So has developed, that I have not met that worthy man, who would be with me a line. Certainly I had dialogue with the different men, but in anybody from them I was not sure, you probably are surprised, you see to me 30 years and I could not find to myself the good husband, but it is valid so. In the life had only once serious attitudes with the man, we should get married, but at the latest moment he has thrown me, then to me there were 26 years, now I know, that our attitudes after behind courage could not proceed long. I have become isolated in myself and some time practically did not communicate with the men, it was terrible to me to begin what or the attitudes with another by the man many wanted to meet me, but I any more did not trust whom, I think you understand me, it was very difficult. I do not pity about anything! At present I search for first and last love.
About my character: At heart optimist, quiet, sociable, kind, tender. In general my character I think soft.I appreciate in the man kindness, aspiration and honesty. I love classical music,, theatre, cinema, sports, flowers (tulips), ice-cream. Also very much, very much I love to prepare!
Favourite season - spring . You like this season? Favourite colour - red.
Enthusiasmes reading of the books, navigation, I collect ancient coins, also in free time I love to knit.
Unfortunately never was abroad and would not see the sea to me very much it would be desirable further to live in other country with a warm climate. It is my dream from childhood At me many friends and familiar, I have the best girlfriend, her call Nastya, we are familiar with her from school. Unfortunately I have no a house of the own computer, I write you from the girlfriend Nastya, also I shall write to you in free time at work. As I also wrote to you already I work in children's establishment as the tutor, there there is a computer, the computer permit to use to the workers for the personal purposes, but my colleagues on work practically do not use the computer, because are not able to use. My girlfriend works the programmer in computer firm, it and has trained me to use it. In the first time I at all did not understand for what computer in general is intended, I thought that on the computer it is possible only to play in games, and now I understand that the computer is a necessary thing for the modern man. I the christian also believe in the god, and you trust in the god? You go in church? At you other religion, but god one on all people, I am right? Each church holiday I go in church to be asked, in my room on a wall there is an icon of the Sacred god of the mother. Now very bad standard of living, is especial in the poor countries, in that and number and at us in Russia from behind it the criminality and very terribly grows to live here, do not know that can take place with you and it is necessary only to hope on the sirs of the god.Please tell about the life more more. On it I shall finish the letter. I shall wait from you of the letter, your girlfriend Tanya.

Letter 4

Steen! Even you have an opportunity to send funds that I could issue the visa and foreign passport?
The air tickets can be bought in June. I wait for the answer, Tanya

Letter 5

Dear Steen I have found out that founds it is possible to send through western union on my complete name: Tanya Volzhanina,
Western Union to the address:
Cheboksary Branch
428003, Cheboksary, prospect Lenina, 6à
phone: 7 (835-2) 66-21-90

Letter 6

Hello my liked man, my uniqu and beloved man Steen.
Large to you thanks for your remarkable letter.
I do not understand Steen what you still want to know? Inform me..
You at all do not represent, as I am happy, yes I am happy even so in dialogue with you. Each your letter I read with pleasure and I shall learn about you ever more. In each your word, in each line your perfect image, which always with me, in my heart opens. I very much miss and constantly I think of you and with each day I am even more often seted by a question, really so it happens to find the love, sense in life, so through the Internet. On the first sight it is strange and ridiculously. . Also it is one of few examples, it you and I, only you and I and no anybody in this mad world more. For us there is only this small world, world of love and fidelity. But he is very fragile and is unstable. We know a little about each other. Only our meeting and some time together can up to the end understand to us, that we are very necessary to each other I dream of our meeting, as we shall undertake hands, we shall see in to each other in eyes and we shall kiss each other. With you I would feel protected and really only with you I shall be happy. I ask you, make a first step.
Can you yet are sure in the feelings to me. Please do not doubt of me.
I am honour before you and everything, that I have I all give to you.
Sometimes words have no meaning, but not in this case.
I simply like you and I want to be with you, and all!
With impatience I shall wait from you of the speed letter, yours is strong whole, for ever Tanya!

Letter 7

Hello my beloved prince, my long-awaited love Steen.
Steen there is no I do not know that in your country there was a royal wedding, but I very much would like to look at this wonderful holiday! It is not very a pity that we could observe it togethe In one of the last letters I wrote to you, that I to you knitted a sweater. I would like you to please, today at night I have finished to you to knit a sweater. I have enclosed in him all love and heat of the heart. My care to you is stored in each loop. I think, that the sweater, which I to you have connected, will be a perfect gift for you, I am necessary for you it ïîäàðþ at our meeting, but if the our meeting is not held, I to you shall send it by mail. I very much like you, and I want to be only with you, and I shall apply all efforts, for our happiness. You are very dear to me, know, I did not like anybody never so, as I like you! I very wait for our meeting. I shall wait from you of a fast reply. Strong whole, for ever yours Tanya.

Letter 8

Hello my lovely Steen!
How your mood today?
Steen it is very pleasant to me to hear your reflections about our meeting, yes it would be very romantic to go together on the automobile and to admire beauty of the Danish nature e.t.c, I wait with impatience of this moment....
Yes mine lovely I promise to speak only truth, I think what love you and I do not hide the feelings, I do not want to doubt of you Steen, during our dialogue through correspondence, I have grown fond of you, you are very dear to me Steen, understand, I am sure we shall stay by the friends, if who be from us is mistaken in the feelings, ok? Steen to send through western union on my complete name: Tanya Volzhanina, it is the most convenient variant, because I have no the account in bank.
Western Union to the address:
Cheboksary Branch
428003, Cheboksary, prospect Lenina, 6à
phone: 7 (835-2) 66-21-90
For registration of the foreign passport it is required from 7 -12 days, for the visa about 2-3 weeks, I think that our meeting can be planned for middle of June, probably earlier, certainly I promise that I shall make all from me dependent for the prompt meeting. Steen I already wrote what unfortunately I have no telephone number, but I can itself call, I know you are impatient to hear my vote? I yours also! Yes I have your telephone number, how I understand it mobile? I can find you at any time, today in evening, I hope to speak with you.
I would like to learn your ideas concerning my life in your country. Likely it will be very difficult at first, nevertheless you will help me to find good job. I understand what is it will be a bit later and I should pass through various formalities with the documents, medical inspections e.t.c.
Whether I do not know you want, that I searched for job, inform me. I know that of the women in your country money, rather than feelings in the attitudes with the man interests in the greater degree. They want to be independent and try with what or image to find best and highly paid job, and the cosiness in the house many does not interest.
Russian woman prepares breakfast, dinner and supper, cleans in the house, wash utensils, erases e.t.c It besides job, it by way of things... Probably you think, that I shall become same as the Denmark(belgium) woman, certainly no, all will be in the mutual consent, we shall decide all our family questions and problems together and we will have very amicable and happy family, our children will be studies at good school, I shall apply all efforts in education and training of our children.
I believe in our general happiness, please do not doubt concerning me, all that I write to you, it is the true truth, in any case we should be together differently my life will lose sense....
I will wait from you letter, I embrace, whole, yours Tanya.

Letter 9

Steen please do not doubt of my words, I am really sure in that that I want, I read much about Denmark, saw many photos, even yesterday has found in hire a movie about this country, which looked at Nastya at home, it is similar to fantastic cities, as described in the stories Guns Christian Andersen! Especially to me like as your roads by a cobble-stone are laid out! I would be happy even one day to lead(carry out) near to you in this beautiful place. Steen yes by it 2 banks, which work here in cheboksary on Saturday, so I can receive funds tomorrow.
Yes 650 $ it is enough to make all for my arrival to you, please do not worry, I can find some money now if the additional sum is required.
Unfortunately now I can not write much, because I am in Internet - cafe, now midday and my break comes to an end so I should return to work.
I wait for your answer, whole and I embrace, yours Tanya.
p.s Your intimate ideas raise me, you really want that I to fly without underwear and anybody it will not notice? Probably I could not put on, for example when we shall go on walk in deserted places, ok?

Letter 10

Steen yes I understand that you could not send the finance, anything terrible. I also am sorry for a delay, I have taken additional work at school, I see off psychological lessons - lecture with the schoolboys, also some conversations on protection of ability to live in a vacation during one summer.
Yes Steen I understand that you visit Christiania each Saturday in Copenhagen, I would be glad to visit her with you, I not confused with that that your former wife is there, it not a problem. We could together play with her, go for a walk on park near to a reservoir or still that or.. Mine lovely if to you like to speak my complete name as Tatiana certainly I not against, still my name tenderly sounds as "Tanusha" and "Tanechka".
Of I dream to visit this romantic place Tivoli and to go with you beside Steen, to embrace, to hold your hands, to look at a beautiful nature, light-blue sky and sun! If I correctly understand you Ninna it is the grandmother Christina?
Steen I would like to ask you some immodest questions, whether really in Denmark of the girl love to make blow job? I heard what in your country it by way of things, whether so it? Understand me correctly, it is simply interesting to me to know it. You want that I made to you it? There is no I not against oral sex, simply I should know that it is pleasant to you...
I do not know even as it to myself to present, you see at me never was of intimate affinity before with the man. Whether licked at you what be the girl yours penis? You want to lick mine clitor?
I want a friend for life, a man /a friend, a partner, an equal, a soulmate. I believe I have someone just like that, perfect in every way -- YOU Steen .....
Sex is not a dirty thing. It is the most fun any person can have without laughing. LOL Ha-Ha. (:>) I believe it should be fun and enjoyable for both man and woman, but just because you are married, you should not continuously romance each other, this keeps the fun and excitement in the marriage. This is very important for long term success. . What I want is for us to have as much romance and love in our marriage on the last day as there was on the very first, if not more. You are very dear to my heart. Even though our hands have never touched, our minds have. Your mind and heart is more beautiful than anyone I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. Our life together is not going to be just two people getting married and living happily ever after, it is going to be a great adventure.
Today all banks already are closed, well, tomorrow if you will have time(be in time) to send funds I go in branch of western union.
Whole, I embrace, your girl Tatiana



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