Scam letter(s) from Alena Sokolova to Scott (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Scott! Thank you for your message. I think, first of all you would like to know more about me.. I am a teacher of dancing. Unfortunately, teachers are very ill paid in our country. I have to work very hard in order to be able to pay for my living. But I am an optimist and I hope for a better lot for me.
As for my traits of character, I am a very calm, kind and trustworthy person, rather charming, quick-witted, sweet-natured and sensitive. I like pats, especially cats and dogs. I have a big grey cat, he is so cute. I am fond of hiking, long walks in the woods, weekends out of the town.
I like spring, first tender green leaves, blossoms of fruit trees, wonderful warm evenings and birds singing at night. I need a caring, understanding man, who will hold me in his strong arms and defend me from the cruelty of this world. I just want to have a loving devoted man by my side, a small cozy house and not to worry about the future. I am looking for a man who will hold my hand on the rainy days as well as the sunny days and a man who will wipe away the tears from my eyes on the bad days and laugh with me on the good days.
I believe if two persons like each other and they are sincere and honest together and their intentions are serious then there can be born something beautiful..I'm never so hasty with this kind of things and it needs time, how long we'll see, if we match together , not only at the out side, but inner too then the rest will come of it self...I believe in the deep meanings of relationship i think that the parts have to be good friends first then to be lovers. they have to be thoughtful, sincere, attentive, generous and most important honest to each other... I will do everything to have my dreams come true and maybe my dreams will be yours too. I admit that we will have much difficulties in the beginning due to the distance and, but if we really want it, we'll win. I like to discover you, your inner world, if you let me in and if you are interesting in mine, I will let you in "heartily welcome" ! I hope, you don't mind me asking you several questions? I believe, this is the only way we can get to know each other better:
1. Your likes/dislikes?
2. Your good/bad features?
3. What do you appreciate in a woman most of all?
4. What does ideal relationship mean for you? Hope to hear from you soon!
Best wishes ,Oksana.
Letter 2

Dear Scott! Thank you for your letter and the beautiful rose you send to me. I'm flattered. Now I can see that we have so much in common, it's great. I want to tell you some words about my family.I live by my own in my apartment have one sister who lives with my parents in another city not far from Dnipropetrovsk. I studied in Dnipropetrovsk and I decided to stay here after my study. I visit my family very often on weekends. I have good relationship with my sister ,who has a son. Unfortunately, her marriage was unsuccessful and she broke off with her husband. He was a professional football player,but he started to take drugs and it was the reason of their break off.
I have grand parents also,who I visit from time to time. I think a relationship should have three things: 1) trust, respect, honesty, and understanding for the other person 2) physical attraction between the two people 3) common interests and goals in children, travel, sports, etc. To me, if a relationship has these three things, then it would be ideal. Also, in the ideal relationship, each person should be a better person than if they were alone but before that we should build a good foundation based on friendship, trust and mutual respect. You are lucky to possess such a beautiful place you described to me. It's wonderful! You want to talk to me on the telephone. I'd love it too. Unfortunately, I haven't one at home, but I'm going to ask my friend to allow me to use her phone. In my next letter I'll tell you her phone number and the time we are to talk.
I must go now, but I'll be waiting for your reply. I'm sending you my picture. Best wishes, Oksana.
Letter 3

Dear Scott! I'm very that we have so much in common and that we are expecting the same things from each other. I'm looking for the serious relationship too. I've been really biding my time with the search of my soul mate because I only want to commit and love one man. I do believe we all have our soul mate out there and it is a big world. I want my love to be forever and fight hard to keep that love. I guess in many ways I am old fashioned but I want that day to be married for fifty years and look back on the lives we had together with smile knowing my husband and I did it. I will cherish each day waking up beside him knowing that he is there. You've really taken a part of my heart and I feel that I am close to finding him, so I thank you for that. I do value your friendship and look forward to every e-mail and knowing you better as it will be a step further in knowing where our destinies is. I do have a positive feeling and have to tell you my heart is racing and I feel good as I type this! Does your family know that you look for soul mate from other country?, what do they think about it? Truly yours Oksana P.S. Send me some picture of yours.
Letter 4

Dear Scott It is nice to hear from you again. Thank you for your nice pictures! I am so happy to hear that you had me on your mind. You may phone me 38-056-798-25-58 on Tuesday at 2 p.m Ukrainian time if you can Sincerely yours oksana P.s I'm sending you photos as you asked. On one of them I'm with my father
Letter 5

Dear Scott Thank you for your nice pictures! I am so happy to hear that you had me on your mind. You told so many beautiful words in my address, thank you for this . You are right in your description of my photos except smallest details. As for the ring I'm wearing it's my grandmother's. I'm a dance teacher, I teach ballet. Girls from 5 to 15 are my students. As for my mother she is a primary school teacher but she is retired now. My nephew's name is Sasha, he is 7. The worlds found inside of us are very much alike. For now I can picture a trickling stream running in the mountains on a warm spring day. The birds are singing, the sweet fragrance of a field of flowers nearby crosses our paths. You and I are laying embraced on a blanket staring into each other's eyes. We are the two most happy people in the world knowing that we were lucky enough to meet our true one love and only and took the steps necessary to live our lives together. Please tell me if a story like this one is something you feel could be a day in our future lives. I believe that I have found the only man who could ever make such a perfect world for me. On our first trip together I would like to see your country at first, then may be go to France, Germany and other European countries. I have never been abroad. As for our telephone talk I'm afraid a little, because to write letters is much easier than talking a foreign language, and I have no language practice. A tender kiss for you Oksana P.S. I'm 10 in the picture
Letter 6

Dear Scott, It is always nice and pleasant to receive your warm letters. I wait for them impatiently. You make my days by thinking and caring about me. You make me feel so wanted and happy. Thank you my Angel. Tell me something. If you could change the colour of the sky over your head what colour would you choose and why? There are two colours of the sky I would like over my head. In the day I would like a beautiful ocean blue sky with a smiley sun beating down. That would show my outward thoughts. In the evening I would like a stunning burnt orange as the suns goes down. That would show my inner deep thoughts. Both of these skies have a feeling of warmth and protection to them. That warmth and protection I would wrap around my one true love, to be there when times are hard and to share in the good times as well. I believe that you and your soul mate's spirit are split in two at birth and when joined together again both your lives become complete. Relationships are about energy and the energy that flows between those two special people is magical. Others can sense when two people are as one and it is such a shame when others do not achieve this feeling. I am looking for a partner, my soul mate, who will love me as much as I will love him, someone who I can trust and grow old with and someone who will laugh with me all the rest of our lives. Have a beautiful day & keep smiling! Oksana
Letter 7

Dear Scott, OK, we will meet in Ukraine and I introduce you to my parents. But now I'm going to spend some time in Pavlograd, as my mother has fallen ill. I'm so upset now that I can't think of anything else. I'll write you more next time. Love you, Oksana.
Letter 8

Dear Scott, Sorry for keeping silence for several days, but you didn't write me either. I told you in my previous letter that my mother is ill and I'll be in Pavlograd for several days. There are many things I would like to do with you. Walking hand in hand along the sea shore on a beautiful summers evening, going on holiday together, cuddling on the sofa in front of a lovely fire, drinking a nice glass of wine, with a romantic movie on the tv or listening to a good cd. We should grow together. Once the initial attraction wears off then you need to really work to keep the love alive and fresh. If two people are giving to each other then the flame will always burn strong and bright and no-one and nothing will be able to extinguish that flame. There are many distractions in this world but as long as you follow one true path you will not follow another trail. When this happens you both become one, totally immersed in one other. You begin to feel what your partner is feeling. I would love to have this feeling. I have waited because I have not yet found it in others. I will close for now always know I am here for you. Keep me warm in your heart and in your soul. If you dream of me let it be a dream of great passion, romance, sensuality and love so that when you awaken it will be my name on your lips. I miss you and wait anxiously for your next letter send me photos they are my sweet memories of you. Oksana
Letter 9

Dear Scott Tell me the day you will be able to come and how long you are planning to stay here. Kiev will be the best variant, but we have to wait for several days till my mother is better. Yours Oksana.
Letter 10

Dear Scott, Don't be angry with me . You know my situation perfectly well and you don't want to understand me. My mother is at the first place. I can't go to the Internet club every day, I just have no time for that. Besides Internet service is very bad there and sometimes I get letters with delay. I have noticed a change in the tone of your recent letters too. It upsets me very much. I'm not meeting and chatting with other men. As for my mother the doctors suspect that she is having a brain cancer. They are doing different tests now to be sure. If that is true, she will need an operation. Now I worry very much about her and can't think of anything else. We do not have the money for such operation. Can you help us? Oksana
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