Scam letter(s) from Julia Mashtaler to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend Michael! It is nice to get your letter as this is a chance to me to know you better. It was wonderful to get your pictures as they were very nice and of course I will be glad to get even more. And now I will tell you also a bit about me. My name name is Olga or you can call me Olya. I was born on 12 of April 1983 in the east part of Ukraine in a small village not far from Lugansk with the name Petrovka. I am sure that you have never heard about it) But it is very nice. I work in Lugansk which is not very far from my village as my village is very small and it is almost not possible to find the work there. Unfortunately it is not comfortable for me to reach my work but I don't have another choice. I work in the kindergarten. I liked my work a lot as i like kids. In my group the age of kids are from 5 till 6 years old. I will try to send to you the pictures of my group. I have a picture from the celebration of New year. And today i have attached some pictures with my mother, me from the University when I had state examination and some pictures of me.
Hope that you will like all. I have told you a little about me and if your are interested I will be glad to tell you even more. I am waiting for your answer. your new friend Olya.
Letter 2
Hello dear, Michael! It is nice again to get your letter. I was waiting for your answer and I have noticed that i really worried a lot weather you reply to me or not as for me your reply means you became interested in me a bit more.
It was really wonderful that you have told me so much about you and of course it was great that you have sent to me your pictures as it was fantastic to watch them! You are very interesting man and i will be glad if you can send to me even more. And of course i know about the city where you live and I will be glad to visit it one day! First I want to let you know that I write this letters by myself and when I have decided that i want to find a man from abroad I have spent all the money that I had for rainy days for the English classes as they are very expensive but i am happy that now there were no language barriers between us and I believe that is very important. I have attached some pictures of me to this letter and also one picture with my granny. Hope that you will like all of them. I am ready to share more with you and of course I will be waiting for your answer impatiently. your new friend Olya.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Michael! How are you? How was your day? Mine was wonderful and i really thought a lot about you. I am very happy that I have you now in my life. Are you happy? It was really wonderful that you have told me much more and that you have sent to me such wonderful pictures as I liked them a lot. Of course I understand that it was hard for you to answer me immediately and you don't have to worry about that! As I have promised to you earlier, this letter I have sent to you some pictures from my work. You know that I work as a teacher in the kindergarten and I have sent to you one picture from New Year and also from usual day and also a picture of me) Hope that you will like everything. I like my work a lot as I can communicate with lots of kids and they are telling to me that i am like second mother for them.
I am very happy to hear that) By the way do you like kids? As for my work i teach them how to read, how to write, how to count. Sometimes we play different games. also we can draw! I try to make their days interesting. That is all for today I think but of course as usual I will be waiting for your answer as it became a very important part of my day and without your letters it is hard to imagine my day. Hope that you think the same way as me) kisses and hugs, Olga.
Letter 4

Hello sweetheart Michael! Glad to see you letter again. Today my colleagues asked me why I am so happy and of course I have told them about us! It was wonderful and they were so much interested in that and told me that I am happy person! By the way my mother and granny also think that I am lucky)
They are very happy I have found you) Unfortunately i am not able to see the attached files and i think it was some mistake and hope that you will try to send them again! I am sure that this relations will lead to something wonderful and I will be glad to meet with you in the nearest future. Do you want me to come to you? I have told you a little about my family but as you can see I have never told you about my father. That is because the story of my father is a real tragedy. Everything was OK. he was always very happy and active person but one day my mother and he got in a car accident. He was driving and he did everything he could to save my mother. And he really did. He saved my mother but my father died immediately as he took the ****** on himself. It was hard times for me and my mother. My mother was sure it was her fault and I think it is me who helped her to overcome that tragedy as i was little and I took all her attention.
That was my sad story.... I will end for now and of course i will be waiting for your answer.
yours, Olga.
Letter 5
hello honey, Michael! After some letters we have written to each other i really feel that we are closer. I am thinking about you all the time and i have noticed that I have a smile on my face all the time and some people look strange at me) But I ma happy. Thanks for your wonderful pictures as they were really very nice and you are very handsome man and I really hope that you will send to me even more and of course In was happy you have told me so much about you! And you know in a month i will have holidays and I will be glad to come to you as my friends can help me with all the documents and i need just to make International passport and unfortunately I am not able to do that by myself as it is rather expensive for me. What do you think about that? I am sure that in you country we will have much more what to do and i can stay with you!
What do you think about that? But of course if you want to come to me and then to go to Paris together it will be also wonderful but I need to be ready with my passport so we can go and hope that we will be able to decide this problem! What do you think? As for my coming in a month i will have my holiday and it will be for a month so for how long I can stay with you? And of course I want to stay with you and not in a hotel! Is that OK? And as for the cost of the trip I don't know but my friend can help me to do some documents for free and for my passport i need 150$! Is it Ok for you? can you help me with that? My mother and granny also noticed that I am very happy and that i am smiling all the time. They even told me that if I can make you so happy over the distance it is hard for them even to imagine what will be when we are together) And I also think so! Today I have sent to you some pictures of me and also a picture with my friends) Yesterday i was watching very romantic film and of course I imagined us)What films do you like to watch? I have noticed that I like more not new films. I think that old comedies are better! I also like historical films. That is all for today but of course I will be waiting for your answer.
Hope to get your answer as soon as possible. with love, Olga.
Letter 6
Hi my sweet man Michael, How was your day? How was your work? As for me all is Ok! I am in a wonderful mood as i know there is a man who loves me a lot) And who I love very much and i will do everything for you to be the happiest! Do you want to try? And of course I really want to come to you and I will be glad if you can help me with the passport! I really wish to come to you as I have never been abroad but of course it you want you can come to me but still I think it is better to start with the passport now so may be you come to me and we can travel together somewhere or may be I will come to you but still I hope that you will like my idea to come to you! So what do you think about that? And I really wish to spend Christmas with you there as I can imagine how wonderful it is and to tell you the truth truth I like to watch films about Christmas as of course it is not the same like in my country! So I will be happy to hear you answer and of course if you agree with me we need to start as soon as possible so i can come to you! What do you think? Yesterday I wen to the shop with my colleague as she wanted to buy a dress as she will have a birthday soon and i was really shocked of prices! They are so high!!!! I can't imagine how it is possible to buy something!!! I have not been to the shops for a very long time. And I was a bit envy to my colleague as it was her boyfriends who helped her to buy that wonderful dress. I am very sad as i liked one dress very much but unfortunately i won't be able to buy it.... It is too expensive for me.... I have attached some picture for you! One of them is from our winter vocation with the kids from my group. It was wonderful time. I wish you will have the chance to go to some holidays with me) To tell you the truth I don't have the chance to go very often but I will be glad to go somewhere abroad as I have never been there. I will end for now but I will be waiting for your answer as I love you very much. with love, yours Olga.
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