Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Leonteva to Andrew (England)
Letter 1
I am glad that we met and I want to know you. Maybe even spend time together? I hope that you want it too. And I hope you're waiting for you when I say. And as my photos? Like it? I hope I look good and you are really interested.
What is your name? How are your friends and family call you? and I have to call you?
What I am interested in your? Why did you choose me? I have many things to tell. But I do not know where to start. What do you want to know about me? Ask and I will answer your questions.
Answer. I'll wait for you answer.
Letter 2
Sorry, yesterday I wrote so little. Andrew I could not answer anymore.
Colleague came to me yesterday and said that at school fire alarm. I at once run in there. Andrew but all is well. It turns out it was just a failure in the fire system. It's just crazy. I am glad evreything has calmed down now, and I can safely write to you.
Andrew here are some new pictres for you. What do you think? You like it? These pictures are made at the school where I work. They made a month ago! I hope you like the way I look. It is important to me.
I'm glad you like my photos. Andrew thank you for your words and compliments. I am glad to read it.
I like the fact that you want to meet me. Andrew I am confidnt that someday we will be able to do so. And we'll have a lot of fun.
I understand that you seek a serious relationship. Andrew I find it too. And I hope that we will succeed, and that everyhing will be fine.
I like the fact that you were in Turkey. Andrew I hope you have a good rest and have a lot of fun. And I'll be glad if you could send me a picture that you do there. I am confident that I will like it.
I'm glad you tell me abot your work. I am interested to know that. I hope you are all well and that you will not have problems at work.
I told you I was a teacher? Andrew I have teach two classes from 9 to 11 years. I graduated from Teachers College. I received the diploma and the state to give room. I tought I will give a normal apartment.
Andrew but I live in a small village. And I have allocated only a room.
My village is in Nizhny Novgorod region, named Kadnitsy. In the central part of Russia. I am 28. I have no family. Not even brothers and sisters. I do not know them. Andrew but Ihave a friends and aunt.My aunt lives in Croatia now. She met a man on the Intrnet and moved to him. They married and happy. So I decided to try to get acquainted on the Internet.
I have not used the Internet before. Sometimes came in the Internet cafe to write my aunt. But, now I'll comehere every day, and wait for your letters. With English, I have no problems. And I think that with you I'll know it even better. Do you understand me well Andrew? And you tell me about you? Describe yourself. Tell us what you love and that love is not. What is importnt to you? Your dreams and plans?
Andrew I want to know you better. I'm glad that we meet. And I'm sure it's not by accident. Do you think so, too Andrew?
I have to go now. Now, go to bed early. Tomorrow back to work. And then I come, and will be waiting for your email. I hope you will answer.
I am waiting for your answer, and maybe pictures.
Letter 3
Usually after work I go home. Andrew but now I'm in the Internet cafe.
Because now I have you. I like this change. Andrew I have long wanted to change anyhting in my life. And you helped me with this.
Thanks for your pics. I like your pictures. I will print them and store house. I'll be glad if you could send me anything else?
I am glad that you fully understand me becuse for me it's important.
Andrew I wish that we could know each other, and for this we need a good understanding of each other.
I like what you're talking about my photos. Andrew thank you for your words and compliments. I am very pleased to read it.
I have no family. I do not have a brther and sister. I do not know where they are. I only have an aunt who lives far away now. She did not tell my parents about.
I like what you tell me about your family. Andrew I am glad that you have a relationship with them. And I like that you have a cat who was homeless. Andrew I am cofident that he is very grateful to you for what you have to take it to you.
I am intersted to learn more you. I like to read what you say. So, I know you better.
No, I have never been married, and I also do not have children because I did not find the man from whom I would like children.
What I do for fun? I love to meet with friends. Walk in the park and eat ice cream. I like camping and fishing. I love spending time at home. I listen to music and watch TV.
Here are some new pictures for you. These photos are made in a nearby town, when I was there with friends! I like to send you my pictures.
And I hope that you like to receive them.
How do you spend your free time? What do you do for fun Andrew? And with whom? What do you like? May have a hobby? Andrew, or wanted to trysomethng new? What are you doing after work? Meet with friends? Or stay at home?
Andrew I am almost always home. But, meeting with friends on weekends.
Andrew we do a lot of funny things. Sometimes we go to movies and dances. It is a pity that need to go to a nearby town. And like to spend time in the park and just walkng in the countryside. In winter, go skiing and go to the rink. In the summer we like camping. Andrew have a small lake nearby. It is beautiful and good beach. Sometimes watching TV and listning to the radio after work. I like the program oftravelers on Discovery. It's very interesting.
Andrew I have always wanted to be in the mountains. Probably, it is difficult to describe the feeling when you see the world in front of him. And you were in the mountains Andrew? I never. I have never travled to other countries. But, I was at sea. One time. They gave me a voucher from the school. I was in Sochi. It is a city resort on the Black Sea. I will not forget it.
And you want to be somewhere togther? Where Andrew? And what would we do? Tell me.
I'm grateful that you came into my life. You are like a breath of freedom.
Do not forget about me and answer soon.
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