Scam letter(s) from Zlata Vignogo to Johny (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Johny! Thanks a lot for your reply! How are you doing? I wrote you I live in Ukraine. It's a very nice country :) I live in the city called Odessa. Could you tell me in which city you live? You didn't send me any of your pictures but I hope next time you will send some nice pics of you :) I will try to send you my photos in each my letter. I write again I am 29 years old, my height is 166 cm, wight is 57 kg. I am a nurse by profession and I work in the hospital of Odessa. I have been working here for 4 months. I work here not for long because I prefer to work abroad. I worked in the Great Britain, France, the USA. I worked as a carer for old people. I lived with them and I did everything they needed. I am a professional nurse and I graduated from medical college 7 years ago. I live here with my cousins. My parents don't work because they are retired and right now they are in Kazakhstan. I have 2 sisters. One of them is married and lives in Kazakhstan, they have a 2 months baby and my parents went there to help them with my little nephew :) My another sister is married an Australian. They don't have kids because they work too much :) I am a widow. My husband died in a car accident 3,5 years ago. I don't have kids. I am still single and I even don't have a boyfriend because I wasn't ready to meet some other man. Moreover I had been working for 2,5 years abroad as a carer, I din't have time for dating :) Within 3-4 weeks I will go to Australia to visit my sister and her husband. I am going to stay with them for 3 months while they have vacation. They live in Taree (NSW), that's between Sydney and Brisbane. That is why I am looking for a friend in Australia, I would like to have a friend when I come. I would like to visit some other places besides Taree and surely I will be very glad to meet you as friends. I am sorry, I have to finish my mail because I have to go to work. I will be waiting for your reply, Johny! Best regards,
Letter 2
Hello Johny!

Thanks for your reply and your photo! You are lovely! How are you? I hope everything is fine! I am doing fine, just a little bit tired after work. I am very sorry, I don't use any messenger or skype because I work a lot and I don't have much free time.

I am sorry, I didn't tell you but I am going to come within next 2 weeks for about 3 months. My sister invited me and she promised I would like Australia and she will take care of everything when I come.
My sister and her husband will be free for 3 months. But mostly they spend their time abroad because they work on the scientific ship. I mean they are Australian citizens and they have a house there but they live there when they are not at work in the ocean. Right now they are somewhere in the Atlantic ocean but in several days they will be back home to Australia. Of course, I would like to visit some other cities in Australia besides Taree which is not a big city!

Today I am at home. It's my day off. Sometimes I work even on Sundays :) I am going to wash clothes :) What are you going to do today, Johny?

I am glad we have an opportunity to meet soon. I am sure, we can be good friends. I am a nice person :) May be we have much in common! I like different things. For example, I listen to different music of different styles, mostly it depends on my mood. But mostly I listen to electro music. I like watching different interesting movies, even horror ones but not Japanese horror movies, that's too harsh for me :) I think I don't have any serious hobbies but I like home flowers and plants! I like reading. I like swimming and jogging. I love playing billiard :) I like a cup of coffee in the morning and watch TV before going to sleep :) Well, I am an ordinary person :) Johny, you can tell me the same things!

Ok, I need to stop now. I wish you to have a great day! I am waiting for your reply!

Best regards,
Letter 3
Hello Johny! Thank you very much for your reply! How are you? Fine? I hope so! I am fine too! I received a mail from my sister, she is waiting for our meeting and also she wrote me, she will be very glad if I meet you. She will help me with getting to the right place. I will come in 2 weeks, I can't say the exact date of my arrival, I haven't booked the tickets yet. I am sure, I will like to spend 3 months in Australia! I miss my sister... I can communicate only by internet with her because I don't have a phone at home, it's too expensive. I have mobile phone but it doesn't work in my country because I bought it in the USA. I can't buy a new mobile phone because I will go to Australia soon and may be there I will buy a new cell phone. To tell the truth, I have nobody to call because I work a lot and when I don't work, I sleep or do something around the home. I have 2 reasons to go out of my home: to go to work or to go to the shop to buy some food. It could look boring but I have enough communication at home :) I live with my cousins in the apartment of our deceased grandparents.
It's much of fun I should say :) We are almost of the same age. They are my friends. I have 2 cousins (girls) and 2 cousins (boys). I have a big family :) Today I have to go to work, I will work night shift, it's not too difficult because patients sleep and I am there only for urgent cases.
I work in marternity home, so, most of the urgent cases are when women are going to give birth to children :) Well, I am finishing my mail! As usual I wish you to have a great day! I will be waiting for your reply, Johny! Best regards,
Letter 4

Hello Johny! Thank you very much for your reply! How is your day today? As for me, I have just come home from work. I had to stay longer because they needed my help as one of my colleagues is ill and she couldn't come to work. I am very tired and sleepy :) I am going to go to sleep soon, after cooking something to eat :) Yes, We have any fast food shops here MacDonalds :) Today at work I had very difficult night. We had 4 women who began to give birth to their children. I helped them to go to the another level where they gave birth to children. Our old doctors say that a woman gives birth to her child at the same time of the day/night, as she was making that baby :) If it's true, then men and women have insomnia because very often women give birth to their kids at 5 am :) Well, that's my work! I like to see how a new life appears! It's better than to see people dying. Also I need to find some time to meet my travel agent, she must tell me when I receive my visa. I am glad I don't need to go to the embassy myself because I visited many countries and they have trust in me. I can book tickets only when I have my visa. Johny, may ask for your phone number? I can call you and talk to you. I have some calling cards and I can call you from any phone booth. I am going to cook something to eat because we have nothing besides bread and butter. I am going to cook fried chicken with potato. I like it very much! And you, Johny, what is your favorite food? As for me, I am not picky. I eat everything. I like any soup :) I need to finish my mail because I very hungry and I need to have some rest :) That's all for today. I wish you to have a wonderful day! Don't make me wait for your reply too long :) Best regards,
Letter 5
Hello Johny! Thank you very much for your reply! How is your life? Is everything ok? I am fine as usual! I called you but it was your answering machine, I left you my voice message. I hope it was understandable :) I will call you very soon! Also I have news about my visa. I have received it!!! I am so happy! I will come to Australia very soon. I am going to meet my travel agent in a couple of days again. Don't worry, Johny, I will write you my flight details when I have them! So, very soon we will meet! I will be very glad to know you in real life! As I told you, I won't cause any inconveniences for you :) It will be the longest vacation I have had :) Johny, have you ever had a very long vacation? Could you be tired of vacation? :) I am very happy to tell my sister about my news because she wasn't sure if I would receive the visa. She thought it's very difficult.
Indeed it's very difficult but I have travelled enough to be trusted by the embassy :) I thought much about what I want to do when I come to Australia. I will have good rest for the first week. It means I will sleep long, walk and see beautiful places of your city :) Of course, I will be very glad if you join me when you have free time. Well, I think I have many things to do now! I need to find out about prices in hotels and I need to decide in which one I will stay. I will book a room in a nice hotel 3 days before my flight. Well, now I can tell you: I will come next weekend! I will buy tickets for next weekend (Saturday or Sunday). Of course, may be for earlier date if I am able to finish my work sooner. My sister will send me the money soon and then I will buy tickets and tell you everything :) Well, I am finishing my mail! I hope you are having good day!! I am waiting for your reply! Best regards and friendly kisses,
Letter 6
Hello Johny! Thank you very much for your reply! How is your day today? As for me, I am doing great!! I need to say I was very happy to have talked to you over the phone!!
I am very sorry, my calling card run out of funds and we were disconnected :( I need to work only 2 days and then I will be on vacation! My last 2 days at work!! Sounds wonderful for me :) I wrote my sister, I told her that I will be in Australia and I will be waiting for them because I hope they will come home in 2 months. My sister will send money to me and I even don't know how much money I will need for living there :) Today I have to work and I will come back home only tomorrow morning. You know, Johny, I thought a lot about our first meeting! Do you imagine it sometimes? :) Of course, if you can meet me in the airport, that will be fantastic!!! I would like you to be the first person I will see in Australia :) If you can't be there, that's ok. We can meet later! I need to say I am very emotional. I always express my emotions, especially good ones! May be I will embrace you and kiss your both cheecks when I see you for the first time. May be I will be wordless and I will be smiling trying to find words :) I even don't how it will be I hope for the first variant: with hugs and kisses :) Johny, if you don't like hugs and kisses, tell me :) I need to go to wrk very soon. I think I will miss this work :) I need to take shower now and I am finishing my mail! As usual I wish you to have a good day! I will be waiting for your reply! Best regards and friendly kisses,
Letter 7
Hello Johny! Thank you very much for your reply. I have some news which is not so good. I discused by mail with my sister about the way I can receive the money for my trip to Australia. And we have some problem with that.
The problem is that my sister and her husband are in the ocean abroad now, on their scientific ship and because of that we have problem with sending money. They don't have a phone there. My sister can't send me money by Western Union or by Money Gram because her bank account even doesn't have such function. She said she can transfer money only into the Australian banks. I mean only within Australia because my sister and her husband are citizens of Australia and they have their bank account in bank in Australia.
They can't transfer the money abroad. I need to ask you something... Can you receive the money from my sister? She can send money to you for me and then you can receive it and send it to me very fast by Western Union or Money Gram. I need this money very much! I can't find 4000 USD myself. If you agree, my sister will send money to you for me. But she need some information to make the transfer: Full name:
Bank name:
Account number:
Bsb number: She said she doesn't need any other information. I hope you understand everything, Johny. I can come into your country if you help me with receiving money from my sister. I don't ask your money, I ask for your help to receive money from my sister. My sister can send enough money to cover your expenses connected with the transfer. If you can't help, I will stay here and I won't come. My sister doesn't know when they are back. I am waiting for your reply and I hope you will help me. Please, write me back even if you can't help! Best regards and friendly kisses,
Letter 8
Hello! How are you? I haven't received your reply. I don't know why you don't write me. I resent you my previous mail but still no news from you. If you don't want to correspond with me, please, just write me and let me know. I hope you will write me soon! Best regards,
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