Scam letter(s) from Victoria Floret to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
I am very happy that I can see your answer. I am very happy to see your photos - because you are cheerful and kind person. I am pleased to know that my feelings are mutual - it adds confidence to me! I will fight for my happiness, because I have a real interest in you! I know that love comes suddenly - my heart feels like it grows and becomes stronger! I am happy I can be your teacher that you learned Russian or Ukrainian language =). But I''ll be a strict teacher =) I also believe that our meeting will be held without fail! I told you that I''m using a company interpreters to communicate with you - I told them that I want to delete your profile. But perhaps the staff forgot about it? I will ask them again to follow the situation and take control! I know that my heart is already taken, so I do not want other men! I still can not believe I met you. This is a great joy for me! You are open and kind person, I am very glad that we understand each other. Reading your letters, I feel the warmth of your soul, it seems to me that we have long been familiar to you. I realize that my life takes on new meaning - I fall in love, so I am happy. I can hardly describe the feeling words - you need to feel! I believe in your soul is the same, so the thread that binds us together, gradually gaining strength, and brings us closer together. I really want to see you, take your hand and feel the warmth of your hands ... I want to make sure that you are a reality, not a wonderful and sweet dream! But even if it is a dream, I want it to last forever! I rejoice in every little thing that happens in my life and everything around me reminds me of you. I thank you for this overwhelming feeling that I feel now. Thank you, dear !
It seems to me that nobody in this world can not understand me the way you understand me! You''re like a storm, suddenly burst into my life and completely changed it. I know that now I''m not alone - in my life came a great man, whom I very much appreciate and respect. I do not want you to condemn me, but I told you that I am an ordinary girl from a no wealthy family. At the moment I do not have the opportunity to continue our relationship, so I''m very worry - I do not want to lose you! I told you that I use the services of translation companies to our conversation, and I very much hope that it will not be a problem for us. I send you my last letter with great pain and fear in my heart because my account is empty. I hope that we will not lose each other, because our familiarity and communication is very important to me. I trust our future to you - and I hope you can help our love grow ... I think of you always .... You''re in my heart forever! I wish you good day ..
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