Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Skripnik to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear
I am happy to meet you.
I take my vacation in this month and i can visit you.
I went to the office of the travel agency and I knew about my trip to you.
I was told that i need to form the international passport and travel visa.
If i apply for the international passport and visa tomorrow then this passport and travel visa will be ready in 9-10 days. I should pay for the passport and visa 110 dollars. my payment is small I have no such sum and i have not ever been abroad and i will be appreciate if you help me so that tomorrow i would pay for these documents to travel.
Do you want to call me and we would talk about our meeting?
I wish you a nice day, and i will wait for your letter. i kiss you nadezhda
Letter 2
I got from you letter, but you did not answer to my question, will you help me with 150 dollars to form the travel visa and international passport?
I want to go tomorrow to the travel agency to start forming these visa and passport. I kiss you
Letter 3
Hi, dear I am glad to get the letter from you.
I try to find my soul mate, my life partner with the help of the Internet and I have never thought that it would be so tempting to get to know a person through these means of communication.
I live in a small town, which is in the eastern part of Ukraine.
I would like to tell you about my family.
I live with my mum. Unfortunately my parents are divorced.
My mother is very nice woman. She is a
pharmacist and works in some small chemist's shop.
Such job demands accuracy from the staff and wide specific knowledge.
I respect and love my mum for their kindness, honesty and friendliness.
I have many cousins who live in different towns of Ukraine, we meet each other often, communicate to each other.
What I expect from man? Well, I'd like to find a man who respects himself, and others, loves his wife, but is also her best friend; and would put his family first in any situation. Enjoys being around others and friends as much as at home by the fire with me. Then again, he wants to go out for a nice dinner in the city sometimes. He has a sense of humor and just wants to enjoy life, but also knows when to be serious. Someone who is self-confident and will stand up for what he believes in. He is thoughtful and caring of others. He values communication, compromise, honesty and trust, he will love me as much as I love him I will close my letter to you here, I send you my warmest regards and I wish you to have a good day!
I am impatient to receive your soonest reply! nadezhda
Letter 4

i live far from lugansk
can you help me with 40 dollars for the trip to lugansk?
dear call me today or now
dial the code of Ukraine-3,then dial the number which is 80999678572
We will talk about our meeting. kiss you
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