Letter(s) from Vera to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1


You know, your letters have become my drug of choice whether they are short or long, I love reading them. I would love to print your photos so I can look upon you as I write to you and with each photo you send you become more and more closer to me. I can hardly believe my luck in finding you on the Internet, I'm so happy that I've found you. I can say that I want you in my life, I can't see my feelings changing for you when we meet, they will only become stronger.

I am sorry if I sound too open for you right now, but this is what I am, it is my nature not to hide anything and be honest:)

And again I have to tell you honestly, that I have problems with paying for the letters to you, my dear!

Missing you,

Letter 2


I am glad you decided to answer me.
I guess I have to tell you about myself now:)
I am almost 29 years old, my birthday is on the 4th of October.
I am single without children.
I am living in Ukraine, town of Akhtyrka (Sumy region) in a rented flat with my brother Kolya who is disabled from his birth. I send you a photo with him.
I take care of him. Our parents live in the village.
I am intern, working now at the local children hospital.
I will be a pediatrician.
I like helping children feel better.
I like movies, music all kinds, also going to gym.
I am serious, reasonable, kind, polite, tender.
My future dream is to live in love and harmony with person that I truly love.
I spend my free time with brother, reading books, going somewhere around etc!
I like movies very much especially, when the weather is bad, then I go to my friends and we enjoy some new movie, it is really something special.

My wish? Is to find a man I relate to on an intellectual and emotional level - my equal... someone clever, sensitive and wise... someone to whom it's important that I know him well and who can share everything of himself with me... a man who surrenders to me completely, knowing that I will keep him safe and happy and that we will fulfill each others needs.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Letter 3


I am very upset writing you that I am running out of money, you know, it might come several months till I have enough money to pay for the Internet cafe to continue our correspondence.
I wish we did not loose this time and wish it was possible to write you..
But this can happen only if you want to help me.
I need at least $150 to be able to pay for the correspondence with you.
I will take care of food and clothes for me, but the letters to you are very important for me..

Withe hope,