Romance scam letter(s) from Anna to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
My dear , hello) How are you today? You didn't answer my letter. I thought it's you who doesn't want to continue( I didn't know you wrote something to me. Honey, I want to discuss one thing with you today that I'm a little shy to talk feelings! May be it's to early but I don't want to keep it within myself and worry about it all the time. So, what I wanted to say...)) Dear,I feel our communication is going to become something more! I miss your letters all the time, I want to see you in person and to look into your eyes, I want to read from you again and again, more than once a day, I want to get warm words from you(you can't even imagine how happy I am seeing your kind words), I think about you all the time. I know how does it look like if you love a person who is near by, but I have never loved a person this way. I don't know yet how it will continue in details. But I wear a small compass on my neck(my mum's gift), that will not let us to loose our way) The only barrier for me here is English( If only I could write to you by myself( Not to pay for these translations( Though I think this work is worth such money as people study for so many years to be come professionals. There are not so many people in our country who know English and I appreciate their work!) I'm so sorry now that I didn't learn English well at school( But we can't change our past) Hope I will get an opportunity to learn it one day!) Darling, hope you don't mind me saying only truth all the time? I know sometimes people don't like to hear a straight truth) So, if you don't like this, just say) As I would like you to do the same) It's hard when someone keeps the truth and feelings inside of his/her soul and you should worry and only guess what does he/she think) Do you agree?
And sometimes it's difficult to say the truth( I know that such situations appear in everyone's life and we cannot avoid it( The main things then are our dear people and we should think about them in such moments! As for me, you're my dear person and I will try not to hurt you, but to make you happy) Ok, honey, I think that's enough for today) I hope you like my letter and will answer me very soon) I will wait for your reply impatiently!
With all my love I kiss you many many times) and wish you to have a wonderful day! As always yours Anna!))
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