Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Znatnova to Gregg (USA)
Letter 1
Hello My Dear Friend Gregg!!!!
Thank you very much for answering my email. I thought, that you will not write me because I live in other country. I'd like to say that you are an unordinary man and you worth all the best.
It is very pleasant to me to receive your photos in your letter. They have very much liked me. Thanks!
I do not have computer at home and I should communicate with you in the library in my city. I visit this library after my work and I cannot visit it often. Gregg I would like to tell about my family more. I do not have children and I never was married. I think, that the family is a serious act in a life and the big responsibility.
Family, in my opinion, is someone who loves you and whom you love either. It can be not only your parents but also people who are dear to you, who take care of you. If you have someone who can do everything for you and you can do the same - you are lucky you have a family. I think that the family in this point of view is one of the most important things in our life, and people who have no family are always lonely and moreover nobody takes care of them. Gregg do you agree with me? My family it's my mum, grandmothar and my grandfother.
I live with mum at apartment in our city. Her name is Elena. She is 51 years old. She work in the factory. She is a very nice, kind and clever woman. My grandmother and my grandfather live in the village, it name Znamenka. Her name is Marina and she 72 years old. She does not work now, she is a pensioner, but she has a lot of work to do about the house. My grandfather name is Sergei and he 74 years old. He is pensioner too. Sometimes we go on fishing with him. He always learns me respect other people and help them. I badly remember my father. He was the officer of the Soviet army and he died in Afghanistan in 1987 when I was 3 years old. My mother say that he was very courageous and very kind. She is very loved him and he very loved my mother. I am proud my father. He is my hero. Gregg tell me more about yourself, your family, your parents. What does your family mean to you? It's very interesting for me.
The life of a modern family is uneasy. In it there are many difficulties and problems, but nevertheless the main thing is love and respect, as two necessary bases for its life. Because having in a family arsenal so strong two weapons, people are capable to go through any household disorders. I hope that a photo which I send today, it is pleasant to you. On it I with my mum.
I wait your letter. Where it? You yet have not answered?
I will press it tomorrow.
With impatience I wait.......
Yours friend Ekaterina
Letter 2
Gregg you do not represent, with what impatience I waited your letter. I waited and thought that you will tell to me. I would dream of that what to receive more likely your letter. Also has received. I waited for it with impatience. I even have come today much earlier, than usually that to receive it.
I am glad, that your relatives as well as I understand us. I am madly glad to it, but most of all I am happy, that I am not mistaken in you.
In your sincerity, what you that with whom I should be for whom it is born.
I wish to learn from you something. How do you represent our meeting? I do not know, how it will occur. But I think, that it will be at the airport. Because I know that it will be necessary to fly by the plane. I never flied, but I think, that I can, and I shall not be afraid. I ready on all for the sake of you Gregg. And how it will be? How you represent our meeting at the airport? Here I have left the plane, have gone to an exit and on eyes have met....... I cannot present at all that happens. Likely I shall simply leave all things and to run to you towards, what to feel your kisses, your embraces, your tenderness and caress. Can so? I at all do not know...... At all I do not know as it will be. Gregg there we the first time shall kiss.
There first time we shall meet and we can feel one another. You represent? Gregg it will be our first meeting. How you think, what will be? Tell to me, I wish to know. Where we to go? What shall we make? We shall be one? Nobody to us will stir?
Gregg I know that it will be fine, but I do not know as it you imagine. Tell me. I wish to know it. I wish to be with you, only with you for ever and nothing is necessary for me except for your love.
I miss you, I wish to be with you. I hope, that you will write me soon how you imagine our meeting and will tell, that we shall make.
I wait your letter, with impatience and I am burnt with that I wish to be with you.
I send you my photo, on which I in summer cafe and I hope, that soon we with you shall have many photo on which we shall be together.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 3
Gregg I love, I love you and anybody another, only you are necessary for me and I am ready to make all for the sake of that we with you would be happy, happy for ever.
I do not know how to describe now words, on mine eyes of tear of happiness, I wish to cry, cry because now I am precisely assured, that you that the man with whom I wish to be for ever, Gregg only with you and with anybody another. I wish to be in your embraces in your embraces for ever. Only you and only with you. Without you I do not represent the life now.
Gregg I wish to be in your embraces, I wish to feel your tenderness and caress, love, passion and sweet of your kisses. I do not know, how you to describe everything, that in my heart now occurs. It is inexplicable. I love you, I love all heart and I wish to be with you for ever. I LOVE AND I WISH TO BE WITH YOU AND ONLY WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I only your, your and nobody's other, my life belong to you, and I shall make all what to be with you. I wish to be with you.
With you for ever. You my life.
Gregg I tomorrow shall go in the morning and I shall learn all that it is possible to make and as to us you will meet more likely. And as soon as I learn all I shall inform you when I can arrive. I shall be with you. We shall be together. WE SHALL BE TOGETHER, AND I SHALL ARRIVE TO YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall be with you!!!!!!
Our first meeting which we recently represented, becomes a reality, we can embody it. I shall make it. I shall be with you. I shall be in your embraces!!! Gregg do you have prepared for hands that to catch me? I soon shall arrive to you, and we shall embody, and a reality all dreams of which dreamed.
My heart is overflown by love and passion and is fast when I shall with you we can enjoy that could meet.
I shall be with you it's truth . I swear, I ask you do not search for anybody, I shall arrive also we shall be happy. Anybody and will be nothing a barrier to us I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and adoring all heart Ekaterina
Letter 4

.. I do not know.... I do not know how to begin this letter...
Forgive.... Forgive me.... Forgive the silly girl who swore that will be fast with you. I do not know, I cannot even tell or write to you. I so have badly arrived before you. I cannot arrive, Gregg I ask you forgive, Gregg on my eyes, as well as on yours likely now tears. Tears of that I cannot arrive to you. I did not think that it so is expensive. There was that it very expensively. And I cannot find such money. Why??? Gregg you can explain to me why???...... Why so????? Why so occurs? Why in this life all not as would be desirable. I lived, you lived, we did not know one another and were sad without true love.
But we have found one another, have got acquainted and are ready to a meeting and are assured already almost of our feelings one to another.
But now it appears, that we cannot meet. We can not meet only because it is cost very expensively.
Forgive Gregg.... If I knew that it so expensively I would not speak you it. I do not have such money and even if I shall sell ours with mum the house that I to not receive so much money. Because it already old. But I shall try to find a way. And if at me it will turn out, I shall necessarily make it. I shall be with you.
Gregg I do not know how to make it, I understand, that you likely are now offended on me and more likely do not wish to communicate with me because I have deceived you, have sworn to arrive soon, and itself I can not, Gregg but I ask you to not leave me. Because you the best, that I to have in the life, in it there is nothing more perfectly you.
And only for the sake of you I live, and I shall live, and I understand it. I hope, that it understand, both you and I shall receive your letter tomorrow.
Forgive, I the truth did not know, I am not guilty in it. I did not wish to deceive, if I knew, how many it is cost that I at once would tell to you. But I did not know.
I ask you Gregg, forgive me.
I love, I love and I wish to be only with you.
I hope, that tomorrow I to come back and receive your letter.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 5
Gregg I again write you the letter... But you know, this letter will differ from the previous letters. And the sense will be another. I write to you, I mean I think of you, about us...
It is said that people start to understand strongly their sincere feelings, only when these feelings test problems. Yesterday I have left library to my girlfriend, and I cried all the evening long.
Irina calmed me and said, that it is possible to find a way as we can meet. We tried to find such money today, but it turns out nothing.
Nobody can give them to me. I wish to tell that my full name: Ekaterina Kuzmina
I cannot inform you a phone number because I have no phone. If I would have phone I would call to you. But alas I have no phone and I can not call to you. I will try to search for a way to call to you and as soon as I will find such way I will inform you on it. Well? Yes, you are far from me, but it is not important. I will love you eternally, all my life because in the whole world for me there is nobody except you.
For love there are no barriers and you always in my heart, in my soul.
To me so it is lonely without you so it is cold as if the soul washing freezes in this cloudy silence. And only your letters restore me to life... Yes, I am ready to meet you at the airport and I with pleasure will make it. You understand favourite I wish and I wish to be with you. The darling, would be desirable to tell to you that it will not be a problem and you will live together with me and mum in apartment in which we now live. You understand me? You already a part of our family and you not should think that there will be problems. All is good!!!!
Yesterday to me have told, that it is necessary for me about 850 dollars that I could arrive to you if I do all. To me explained, that it is better to me to make out all by means of agency which is engaged in such trips. I descended there. To me have told, that any travel should begin with documents. They will prepare me for interview, will make all papers and will explain as how to do. Official registration of papers at them cost of 710 dollars. Gregg I need to make out the medical inquiry (20 dollars) because to the sick person do not allow to travel to other country. I am absolutely healthy also I can receive the inquiry from hospital. Then it is necessary to make out the inquiry from police (20 dollars) because to the criminal do not allow to travel to other country too. Gregg I not the criminal and consequently I will receive this inquiry without problems. At my musical school I need to issue the inquiry on incomes (15 dollars). It would be necessary that in embassy to your country in Moscow the inspector knew, that I have good and stable work. In my city I need to pay taxes (110 dollars) and then I can receive the passport in my city (60 dollars). With these documents I can go to Moscow what to receive the visa in embassy of your country. I learnt concerning my travel to Moscow. It is better to me to go by train because it is more favourable and it is economic. Travel cost by train - 150 dollars. And I need to live in hotel in Moscow 3 days, that I could receive the visa. Hotel cost - 155 dollars. I will address in embassy and I will pass interview. Visa cost makes - 150 dollars. The total cost of all my expenses will make - 710 dollars. I do not know, how papers in my country are long made, but I will try to receive more information on it. Well?
I love you and I wish to be with you, but it is very a shame to me.
Unfortunately I have no such means for travel to you. It is very a shame to me to write to you about my problems. Forgive...
Forgive me my love Gregg. To me I am heavy and sick also I do not know what to do further, but I suffer, because in heart still there lives hope, that soon it is all will end also we will be again happy!!!
For me the main thing what to be with you. In your embraces. Gregg it is all that is necessary for me. Not important where. The Most important thing - that we with you would be together. I know, that should not write my letters with grief, after all they are reflexion of soul, feelings. But now I cannot constrain my emotions.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 6
Hello My Love Gregg!!!
Gregg I write you my letter and with my letter I give you my heart and my love. Yes I love you and this feeling with me. Now on my soul rest and I want, that so was always. Certainly all of us want, that in our life there were only solar and fine days, but it cannot always be. In a life happens both a grief and sufferings. The main thing to understand, that all is temporary and it is necessary to suffer and do all for happiness. Gregg I am ready to make everything, only that we with you were happy. For me distance not a barrier. My love, is a lot of thoughts, but the essence one and it for me much means. I speak to you about our meetings, about ours with you the future. All depends on us and only from us. You agree with me? Gregg I wish to learn every day more and more and with you I as if in clouds.
Gregg I wish to be together with you. I only do not know as us to be with documents. If we could legalise papers, in 2-3 weeks we would be together. Together for ever. I will be only yours and only yours and I will never leave you one. You write that you wish to arrive to me. You have documents? You have a passport? You have the visa? Tell to me. In agency to me also explained that we can issue a number of documents in your country to be together together for ever.
Gregg I looked yesterday a film under the name "Patriot" in a leading role Mell Gibson plays. Probably you looked this film? This film about your country. Know I looked a film at one breath. Independence of your country, a merit of simple people. Not the soldier and not generals.
Inhabitants of your country have huge belief and fighting spirit. You could receive independence thanks to your love. I speak about love to the people and the earth. This just fine. Having looked a film I long thought that my love has also fighting spirit and love to the country.
I am proud, that you at me are. I am proud, that I love you. You the finest, that are in my life. Yes I also wish to be with you and to do with you a family. You my patriot and you my knight. Gregg we should think of the future and it is necessary to do it now because future sooner or later to turn to the present. I love you and I very much miss. I want, that you would transfer warm wishes for yours the relative and friends. Well? I need to go. But I already wait for your letter...
I love...
I miss...
Yours and only yours Ekaterina
Letter 7
Hello My Love Gregg!!!
How there has passed your day? How is the weather at you? Gregg yesterday there was a good working day and it has passed very quickly.
I took a shower in the evening and thought of you during that moment.
I closed the eyes standing under a shower and wished to feel you.
Having taken a shower and having washed some linen I went to bed. I long could not fall asleep thinking about you.
Gregg I can meet you in Moscow. For me it will not be a problem. I also wished to ask you what is the time will occupy visa registration?
Also what to do with documents that we could fly together. We could issue them before your arrival. And when you will fly back I could to fly together with you. What do you think of that? Tell to me. For me it is very important for knowing, because I do not wish to remain one.
I wish to be together with you and only with you. Gregg I very much like your plan. I also wish to inform you my home address:
city Velsk,
street Gagarin 10,
index 165150
Gregg I wish to warn you about that that mail in my country works badly and the parcel can sometimes not reach the addressee. It is a lot of such cases. At one of my acquaintances the son is in army and she wrote to it each two days. But the son did not answer its letters and it became worries and has gone to it to army. It has appeared that it simply did not receive from it letters. You understand me? Be very cautious. I do not want that you loss for me phone. Gregg I trust that soon we will together together for ever. I will be only yours and only with you. I will never leave you one. Gregg I hope that you will answer what to do with documents which are necessary for me to fly together with you back. Without documents I cannot fly with you. You understand me?
Gregg my favourite I think every second only of you and to me that is difficult to think of whom the friend. My thoughts only about us, about ours with you the fine future. I dream of that when you will come back home also I can make a supper for you. I think that the Russian cuisine is pleasant to you. Gregg what you would want food for a supper? We will extinguish light, we will light candles, we will include a quiet melody and we will enjoy to ours with you a supper then we will fall in our embraces and passion will absorb our hearts!
Gregg I am assured that very soon it happens. My darling I very much miss. I very much wait for ours with you of a meeting and I believe, that already very soon we will together, that we will enjoy together ours with you love. I send you the passionate kisses. I very much wait for your letter to me my darling Gregg. I love you. I with impatience will wait for your answer of your thoughts. To tomorrow...
Yours and only yours Ekaterina
Letter 8
Hello My Love Gregg!!!
Gregg the life gives us love, and I value in each afternoon. I sometimes think, how it would be good if we lived with you to one country. But now I understand, that it does not matter. Our love does not have borders and ocean not a hindrance to us with you. In ours the house always there will be a solar weather. In each person there should be a belief and hope. Without it it is difficult to think of the future. Everyone is born on our earth at will of the god and at everyone the destiny. All of us creators and everyone creates on the.
Who that does harm, who that kindly. All is a life. But an essence one and it will make the business and the way end depends on the person.
Not everyone can pass the way adequately. With you names will not remember ours from generation in generations. We not great people. But at us with you great and mighty love. You with me agree?
My love Gregg cost of all documents will make 710 dollars. Into this cost enters:
The visa - 150
The passport - 60
The inquiry from militia - 20
The inquiry on incomes - 15
The medical inquiry - 50
Payment of taxes - 110
Trip to Moscow - 150
Residing at Moscow - 155
To me explained, that it is necessary to go to Moscow for reception of the visa and residing at Moscow will make 3 days. To me also spoke that we can issue a number of documents in your country to be together for ever. Term of registration of all documents makes 2-3 weeks. And as soon as we can pay cost of official registration of papers that in 2-3 weeks we will be together. You understand me? Yes, we can visit my country next year. They will is very glad to see us. When we will be together I will be very glad to prepare for you. We could make a supper together. I would prepare some Russian dishes. And we would invite your family and friends to have acquaintance. What do you think about it? Tell to me.
Gregg as there passes your day? Today on my lessons parents of children came. We name it an open lesson. They looked at children.
Certainly children wished to show all skill. It was very pleasant to me to look at my pupils. They good fellows. Parents liked a lesson and they have told, that they would like to come still when there will be a possibility. Days do not stand on a place and it is our life. Gregg days without you are not lovely to me. When I work, when I at home or with my girlfriend I always think of you. My thoughts live with you. I think, that you should that I write all my letters to you from all my heart. I very much wait our meeting. I hope, that you also think of me. I miss on you.
I love you and only you.
Yours and only yours Ekaterina
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