Scam letter(s) from Anna Razumova to Jeremy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jeremy! My name is Julia. I like to enjoy life and keep smiling despite any situations. We live only once, so I like risk. Changes are not a fear for me at all. A lot depends on us. Our fortune is in our hands and we can create our life as we wish. Do you agree? We can decide only by ourselves to be happy or sad. And, I am choosing to be happy :) Hope, to be happy with you :) A lot of people say that to find your "love" in the Internet is quite strange but any way many of us are here. I think that if we have such a chance, we should use it. I am here with a purpose to try to find my "love" or friendship at first which can grow into something more. I want to turn on a new leaf of my life-story. You can help me with this. I am sure. I only need from you a desire. :) I had lived 27 years and understood that it is time for something serious, not just love-games. We can try with you to create something and will see what can happen. So let's try and then tell each other what we reached. Hope that you read it with a smile on your face and have a thought to continue to be in touch with me! :)
I will be waiting for your next letter to me and I will tell you more about my life to you! Have a nice day and keep smiling! :) Julia
Letter 2
Hello,Jeremy! It is nice to see a letter from you again. I am smiling right now. :) Think that you are interested in my singing in the shower. :)
Am I right? I think, that our telepathic link began to work between us. :)
It was my mission to make you smile :) And, I am happy that I did it.
:) My mission is done for today :) :) As for my address it is not a problem to give it for you but I am not sure if the Ukrainian mail is working good, to be honest! :( I can receive anything. Are you sure about this? As for the phone number it is : +38066 247 84 30.But, if you call me I guarantee you a lot of laugh! As my English is nothing, that's why I use the translation company to write to you. I want to tell you why I decided to be a vet. Honestly, I didn't want to be a vet while being a child. My dream was to become an actress. As I am very artistic and a lot of people told that I am very photogenic. I decided to enter the department of veterinary when I saw on day an accident. The car crashed into my dog. He lived for a about 1 month and them died. It was sign, I thought in my had at that time. I cure animals, make different procedures, injections, even sometimes I do small operations. It makes my life to help our little friends. :) I have a little hobby. I do youga every day. Do you have a hobby or do you go in for sports? Youga helps me to feel good, keep my figure in a good shape and concentrate my emotions. With the help of it I can get rid of bad emotions. To be morally healthy is very important in our variable world. Do you agree? One more special thing about me I am fond of movies. Last time I went to Madagaskar 3. It was hilarious and I was full of happiness to see them. And, there were animals. :) **-**, I am sorry if I am talking like a child. :) It is just so sweet to watch such cartoons. Don't you find? Are you interesting in cinema? Films are like our reality but more breathtaking. I even can make a script about one my real day. If you don’t mind we could make it together? What we need just to switch on our fantasy and to start.. Do you have a dream? I have. I want to create my own little movie. A movie about two people who are in love.
To show how much they take care of each other, how much they dare.
Don’t you think it will be great? And this little movie could be the most precious thing in their live. We can start it from mobile phones...:) What do you appreciate most in women? As for me, I accept a man how he is. I am not going to change him. Some sacrifices will be without no doubts. To make sacrifices means to love. Man should act like a man.
But some changes are possible, because we are humans, have hearts and souls and always can find the solution if we do really want. I think, it’s time to finish my letter. I hope you read it with pleasure and didn’t get bored. I will be waiting for your letter very much ! Julia
Letter 3
Hello,Jeremy! I'm very glad to find out a letter from you again. Thank you for making me feel so great. You have made my day, really. Even if we have just written to each other a couple of letters, I am getting used to you, really! :)Jeremy, just try to call me one more time as I don't know why we cannot to have a talk. But, remember, I don't speak English, only Russian and Ukrainian..:( But, I still think that I must learn English..And, don't argue with me..:) This is very important, I think! And, I will collect money for the english courses!
I decided! I know that it is not easy to collect them but 200$ per month for them it is not such a big sum! :) Hope, that you will support this my decision! :) So how do you feel today? How is the weather today? How is your mood?
How did you spend your day? Hope only positive emotions were included in your day. Because mine was busy-busy and funny-funny. I even didn't have a chance to eat. Oh, no I ate a sandwich. But I need good food.
Where do you prefer to eat at home or restaurants? Do you like to cook? To be honest I like to cook, but always don't have much time.
Are you still interesting why my day was busy and funny? I will tell you one funny situation and you will see. Sorry, for so many questions but I am just curiois about you a lot..:) As usually morning started. I woke up, got ready to work but one call on my mobile phone turned my lovely lazy morning. One woman called.
She is the most important client of our vet-clinic. She was screaming in the phone that her cat couldn't breathe and she wanted me right now to come to the clinic and fix everything. I was shocked. Can you imagine how I felt to hear this pleading crying early in the morning?
I didn't tell I live not in the center of the town so it will take me to get there about 20 minutes by bus. She insisted that she would be there in 10 minutes. This woman trusts her dearest cat only to me.
It's so sweet but not was exactly in that moment for me. I don't even know how but in 5 min I was on the bus-station. So I came to clinic , I was late in 10 min. I took a cat and began to help the poor animal.
It was nothing serious, thanks God. A cat just ate a fish and a small fish **** got stuck in it's throat. I helped. A woman was happy, people in clinic were happy too. But then everybody began just not to smile they began to laugh very loudly. Are you interesting why? Have you have any ideas? Then I just looked in the mirror and I was wearing in jeans and pyjamas -blouse:))). It was looking very silly. But it was not important to me. I helped animal to survive. I am good-worker.They exactly should give me a bonus for this ( giggling quietly to myself. I should have a calm evening tonight, no doubts.
Maybe I will switch on a nice music and will spoil myself with a glass of wine.and fall asleep, holding my pillow tightly.. I do not smoke, don't take drugs. I think life is nice without these bad things. There are so many interesting people around us, so many beautiful places where we can have a good time. If you look up your eyes to the sky you will see that it is a happiness, a happiness just to breathe and live. Are you romantic person? I can be sometimes, it depends on my mood and what kind of life situations I have right now.
I can socially drink, but always control myself. What is your attitude to alcohol and smoking ? This is how passed my crazy day. Hope tomorrow will be nothing crazy.
Have you ever had some funny situations in life or at work? I'm sure you had. Write me, I will be waiting for you letter very much. Have a fabulous day !
Letter 4

Hello,Jeremy! I'm glad to hear from you again. Thank you wrote to me. You again made my day, really made. You are like the builder of my days:))
Thank you for having time to communicate with me. I liked the photos. Thank you very much! Oh, my life is full of surprises every day :) I know that it is good to learn English online, but I do not have my own computer, unfortunately. :( But, I want a lot to change this situation and try to collect money for it but it is not so easy, especially if you are a woman. :) I don't have an international passport to go abroad, as I have never travelled before.
:( But, I can make it. How do you feel today? How is your mood? Do you have any plans for today? What did you do yesterday? Hope you had a good time and your day was lucky. Actually, it is very important to make a plan for your day. You feel more confidence when you know what you suppose to do. Do you agree with me? Today, I had to work the half of the day. The rest of the day I didn't have any plans. It was a good chance to meet up with my friends. I didn't see them about 2 or more weeks. Work takes a lot of time. After work, I decided to go for a walk in the park. In the evening I planned to see my friends. I felt a little tired, but my inner voice told me that I'm strong woman and should take all my force and enjoy the half of the day. While walking in the park I noticed that my mood is getting worse. I decided to fix it. Ice-cream always helps me in these situations. Do you like ice-cream? My favorite is with nuts and strawberries.I was walking, looking at people and thinking how it is wonderful to have behind you a person whom you trust, respect and love, with whom you share your food, bed and some other stuff. To wake up in the morning, make coffee or tea for your sweetheart and feel this stream of positive energy flowing through your veins. Would you like to feel this energy? I would like with pleasure. Did you notice today I am very romantic. You know, sometimes it is very nice just to talk to a stranger in the street. Have you ever tried this? I've never tried. It was time to try. I saw one old lady, she tried to put some money on her mobile phone through the automatic machine. All her attempts were unsuccessful. I came up to her and offered my help. At first she was afraid of me. She began to talk about burglars, criminals and started to yell for help. I tried to persuade her that I wanted only to help her. She gave me a smile. :) She told that very seldom she heard from people about help. I was surprised. Her conversation was about how rude are people nowadays. I didn't agree.
Don't tell me that you think the same, please:). People are different, different characters, different outlooks in life. It's is very simple, just to find yourself in life. To find a balance between you and people, between you and world. I found this “golden middle” inside of me. Youga helped me very much. A lot depends on people who are surrounding you. Do you agree? The atmosphere where you live makes you and your inner state. For me it is very important. What about you? In the evening no one from my friends called me. I didn't either. I felt exhausted. One thought came to my head. I need something to change, something very simple but I have to. Do you have any ideas?
What are you doing when you feel that your life is going the same every day? I think it's time to finish my letter. There were too many serious thoughts in my blonde head:)I should leave some space in my head for tomorrow :) I hope you didn't fall asleep while reading my philosophical letter:).Oh, maybe to start reading philosophical books. Maybe inside of my crazy woman's world live a famous philosopher. What do you think? I will be waiting for you letter.
Have a good day! Julia
Letter 5
Hello,Jeremy! It's very nice to hear from you again. Thank you for your letter and for being corresponding with me. I am very glad that we are in touch with you. :) Jeremy, I understand you about what you feel after you communication with not good woman. But, it is bad to think that all the women are the same. All we are different. I will give you my address it is not a problem, I live in Lysichansk, Shkolnaya Street 6/9, my name is Julia Efremova. My city is located near the big city Lugansk. Mine city is very small and it is really nothing to see here,just typical small city. As for the flat, I think that I told you in muy first or second lettet that I rent a one room flat. I use the service of the translation company as I don't know English and I use their computer as I don't have mine:( But, I want a lot to have my own and collecting money for it, but it is not so easy as I am woman. :) But, I am trying. I would like to get a passport quicker but it is not so easy as seems. Plus, to make a passport costs money. And, now my financial situation doesn't let me to do it now, as to make it in 2 weeks costs 300$, in 1 month 200$, 1.5 months- 150$. So, I told you honestly that right now, I cannot do it, but hope later I will be able, as I have a big desire! So, I think that if we want to keep each other we will figure out how to be. Do you agree, Jeremy. As for the flowers I like them, of course. :) How are you today? How is your mood? I hope only positive, beautiful and pleasant thoughts are in your head and nothing will spoil your mood. My blonde head today is full of nice thoughts. I decided after work to visit a cinema. It will be great if you could make a company to me.
We could sit close to each other, just palm to palm, just chest to chest and eating pop-corn....or maybe something a little more :)
Unfortunately, it's impossible right now. I will keep you in my head during the movie, I promise if you don't mind, of course :)). The movie was called “ Just go with it”, starring Adam ******* and Jennifer Aniston. Did you watch this movie? It's funny. It worth to watch it, believe me a picture-goer:) But was one problem. A film was in English. One foreign delegation came to our small city and that's why a film was in English. What I understood only that it was a comedy. I laughed when other people laughed. Could you imagine how I was looking like? I looked like a typical blonde :))( joking) Don't believe in jokes about blondes. It's not the true. I liked the movie. It was full of humor. In that moment I understood how it would be great to know English. I mentioned that I don't know English. This is sad. I believe that it will not bother our communication. No? Am right? Because I got really used to you. I will not be able just to slip out you from my head. What about your sense of humor? I appreciate in men good sense of humor. A man who has a good sense of humor will always find a way how to understand his woman. He will always find a way how to unravel a woman nature. A recipe how to melt a woman's heart: a little chastity, a little tenderness, a little passion and everything cover with good humor. Believe me to a real woman it works. I will finish my letter. I hope I didn't make you feel bored and you are still interesting how to unravel a woman nature .I will be waiting for your reply.
Have a nice day! Julia
Letter 6
Hello,Jeremy! I'm very happy you wrote to me. Thank you for making me feeling good.
I think that you have magic in your words. Do you? If you can I will be glad if you keep it for me, really. I hope you are doing great. I want to be honest with you, I'm not very good. It seems to me like my romantic and beautiful days came to the end. To be exactly I'm terrible.I don't want make you feel sad but I can't keep my emotions inside of me. If I will not to share with you my head will explode or I will go crazy. I even don't know how to tell you what happened. My inner state scares me. I'm nervous, depressed and tears from my eyes are just falling down on my face.If you don't mind I will tell you. I trust you and feel that you are the person who can understand me. I don't want to tell anything to my parents and other friends. Parents are far from and I'm big girl and must solve my problems. I'm fired. I'm shocked. I'm in despair. I just came to work and the director told me that I'm fired. Yesterday I made a small operation on the ear to a spaniel and the dog is dead today. I insisted that it would not be good to make it. But the boss and the owner of the dog insisted to make it. The owner was in desperate and said to do it. I warned him many times. He didn't listen to me. The whole clinic workers tried to persuade him. He disagreed with us and even yelled at me. In the morning his owner called and reported this. He insisted that this is my fault. But it's not! I know! Everyone who were present there yesterday know it too.But the clinic is very famous and the clients are rich people and their words have greater significance that mine. In my country this is a bad tendency to listen to rich people because they give money. It was so difficult to apply for this place for vet in this clinic. And what right now? I'm fired. I'm fired because of nothing. It was not my fault. I warned the owner of the spaniel that the dog could die because he is old. But my words don't mean anything.I have no idea how to rent a flat, how to live.... As I mentioned that I had the correspondence according to the translation firm. As, I don't know English. I can't any more pay for this service. As I don't have a job any more. Why do everything bad happen just at once? It's not fare! The **** came to my life. Why when I just found a man who became so close to me I should leave? I even don't how my every day will be without our letters.. I got used to you a lot, even didn't how it could happen to me. But it is only the one pleasant fact for now. But...what could happened bad had already happened. I have no idea what to do and how live...It is a dead line.
I would like to continue our correspondence a lot. But how to cover all my bills and not to run out of money I have no idea... As I have to pay for flat, for food and so on..... Terrible, but I know that I have to survive somehow. It is like a life test, to realize I am strong or ready to give up... My apologies to you that I overloaded you with all this horrible information. I'm really sorry. I didn't is life and sometimes it gives us unpleasant surprises. Sorry one more time . I hope we didn't lose our contact. I do hope very much. I got used to you and don't want to lose you. I want as everything will be alright as soon as possible! It is bad that you are from me, really. It would be great to feel your support.
I know soon or late everything will be alright! I am eternal optimistic lady don't like to give up! But, to be honest to be alone at such moments is hard.... Sincerely,
Letter 7
Hello my love Jeremy!
I saw your letter, and I immediately felt nice and warm in my soul, beautiful. It's very nice that you want to buy even the tickets for me. It's very nice that you took care of me. But my dear, if we are to meet soon, I shall arrange all the documents, including a ticket through a travel agency. Otherwise, I have to wait for a visa about three months. And the travel agent will do for me, only one visa. It organizes trips and contracts only on the organization of trips, that is, the contract includes the cost of visas, passports, insurance, fees and taxes. This means that I can not enter into a contract with the tour company to book only one visa. I can not make out all of my documents are not a travel agency, it will require much time and effort. It will be necessary to get me to go to the embassy in Moscow and wait for three months. Of course, through a travel agency, a bit expensive, but it saves a lot of time and effort. After all, if I do all of the documents to travel on their own, all my weekends spent for this purpose. Of course, you can buy a ticket for me, but I can not come to you on your ticket. Thus, you will lose your money. My dear, you must understand, I do not want your money lost. Do you understand me? My love, the best option is a travel agency, I have considered all possible options, but it is most appropriate. I hope, my dear, that I was able to explain to you everything in detail. In fact, it is very inconvenient for me to ask for help, but I have no one to ask for more help. I am sure I will compensate you with money in the future, if you help me! I always return the debt. The agent told me that I can not break a contract with an agency now, otherwise I have to pay a fine, but the agent can not help me. And another important part that I want to tell you. Darling, do not doubt the severity of my intentions. I am a serious girl. And if I decided to come to you and get to know you, I shall meet you! Otherwise I would not ask you for help. This is really embarrassing to me to ask for help. I've always considered myself an independent woman, and it turned out that I was wrong. What do you think about what I wrote? I need to know your opinion. I love you and want you to love me!
A kiss for you! Your Alla. Kiss. I miss you and wait for our meeting.
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