Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Dear Robert. Thank you for your letter. Thank you for your trouble.
I have all good. how are you?
Listen to me carefully ...
to get a tourist visa, you need to collect a lot of papers. physical examination, a letter from work, help from social agencies. It should be either in person or by mail send a request to the U.S. consulate for a tourist visa. will need to go after a job interview. in this case, you need to have reservation with a fixed date to get a tourist visa. Why should I spend a lot of time and effort to do it yourself? I do not have much time. I work. moreover, we do not have the U.S. Consulate. need to go to Moscow. could do everything through a travel agency. and I would do so. but there is one big obstacle. I do not have the required amount of money. or who is not expecting your appearance in my life. and that my plans can change dramatically ... I and so many of the risks, time and money. with my savings, I quietly go on holiday to the south. and I will enjoy it in what does not refusing. I think it is not fair deal to me. it amazes me ... you said that I was a special person in your life. or is it just words? I can not understand you!
thank you for listening to me. I hope you understand my position. I wish you a wonderful day and new discoveries.
Letter 2
Hi Dear Robert. thanks for the reply.
you understood me correctly.
I'm really ready to take a step to meet our common future. but only if you are ready to make the move you.
I will not send you the money that you buy the tickets. this will create a lot of problems for me to design the trip. I'm not going to jump through the additional barriers. just because you want to. in your place would have been correct to do so, as it is more convenient to me. I still have more costs. is the first.
second. I take the credit, I can not leave the airport. because with outstanding loans from the country not allowed. This rule has been around for a long time. so that it is pointless to expect it.
and last. if you really want to meet. you send me $ 420, so I made my trip. otherwise it's just not possible. and the only reason why our future is at stake. it is your lack of confidence. How can you not trust your potential partner and mate? I do not understand.
I hope that now you understand me correctly. I wait for your answer.
and your final decision. think over my words. suspension of all the arguments. and take a decision. I look for him.
I wish you a wonderful day. Kate
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