Scam letter(s) from Natalia to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
How are You? I hope You have a good mood. I wish You a wonderful day! Thank you for sending your photos. I am very pleased to see it.
Write to me at this address. I received a lot of spam at my previous email address. I received the news about healthy eating. But other than that I received spam and even offer to buy ****. My mailbox has become a place for spam. I'm tired of it.
I don't have an account on skype. Often I haven't time to sit in social networks or in chats. I have a lot of time dedicate to my work and to my hobby, hope it will be my future main income.
I would like to tell You a little about myself. I live in Russia, in Pavlovo. This is a pretty old town, which has its own charm. This is a wonderful place to live. River Oka runs through.
Personally I am a very hardworking and determined girl. i work as a shop assistant in a small clothes shop for women.
It's a small store, but this clothes are for women who have good taste and like to look perfect.
For me, it is important thing to do what I love. I love to create something new. I always try to look prospects for the future. I have a dream to create my own design of women's lingerie.
I have higher education. I graduated from the University of Art and Design. These were unforgettable students years for me. Even in university I did the first and important step for my design of the future.
I live in Pavlovo in a fairly comfortable home. After my grandmother passed away, her house belongs to me. My mother and her younger sister live in a village a few kilometres away from Pavlovo. I like to embody my ideas into reality. I have an idea, and moreover, it is my dream. I want to work remotely for large corporations who make clothing as a designer. I see in this a lot of pluses, It's the dream of my life.
I love to learn new people and I love good and interesting people. I like to spend time outdoors, like leisure, travel and camping. I love the sun and the beach too! I love fruits. It's my small weakness:) At night I prefer veal and red wine.
It would be interested to know more about You. What do You do in life? Where do You work? Maybe You like to travel? Do You love to know new people? Do You like to spend time in a women's company? I look forward to more detailed tale about You. I hope to hear Your reply soon. I wish You good mood! Write to me.
Sincerely, Natalya
Letter 2
Hello my dear! How was Your day? I want open to You a little secret. I always speak with my guardian angel in my prayers and ask him to say Your guardian angel to care about You! Yesterday my family received sad news. The elder brother of my mother died recently. Many years ago he married Turkish woman and lived in Turkey.
He was 74 years old. He never complained to health. But suffered a heart attack and doctors were powerless.
I ask myself now. Why is the God takes good and honest people first of all and greedy people and bandits live happily and long? Why...? But I never get answer to this question. Life is very unfair...
Death of my mother's brother made me think about my mom not eternal too and someday she will die. I don't want to think about it... I want to see my family and friends always happy and healthy! And while they live, we must often visit them and show attention. Please tell me more about the relationships inside Your family. I am very interested to hear about it.
Are there any traditions in Your family? Do You like get together with Your family? I think family is strong and happy when family is united!
How do You treat a family holiday? I would be interested to know You from this side.
You can ask me any questions too. I will always answer You honestly and deployed. By the way what do You think about the idea of my coming to You as a guest? I just want to say I'm not asking You about something what can be hard for You. I don't want to bring You any discomfort. What do You think, if it happens in about a month? We could meet and have fun together. You could show me a place where You live. Maybe we could visit some beautiful and interesting places, if it is comfortable for You. Do You like this idea? I want to say I don't want to strain You or bring any discomfort. I can stay at a hotel and we could meet, when you have free time. I want to hear Your thoughts about this, ok?
We have known each other for a long time already, but we haven't heard each other's voices yet. I think we have to improve it and I want to know your phone number. Give me your phone number in your next letter and tell me what time is more convenient for you to talk to me. I will call you in my free time. I will finish my letter now. Promise me to respond soon, ok?
Sweet kisses for YOU! Your Natalya.
Letter 3
Hello my dear, I hope You feel great! I asked for your phone number but you did not give it to me. Why not? You do not want me to call you?
This year the weather is not typical. Probably all the events happening in the world are interconnected. I bet that the sun is reason of this. I would like to see everything fall into place with the weather and with Japan. But I fear that it manages something big and powerful than humanity. I began to notice that I became a little scattered and inattentive in recent days. Maybe I'm missing vitamins. Or maybe it's due to the fact that I was more thinking about my upcoming trip to You. I am a little worried about it. That excitement intensified when I think specifically about our meeting with You. But frankly, it's pleasant excitement. I would like to see all my hopes come true. And in turn, I will justify Your expectations. And what do You feel honey when You think about our meeting? Do You feel the excitement? Is it pleasant? Yesterday I spoke with my mom and she said she is praying for me and for my future. Maybe it really helps!? Who knows?! Maybe I also need pray and ask God that our way was bright and happy. My dear I think we are deserving happiness because we are good, kind and not silly people. Maybe it will be a little surprise for You, but in recent days I've thought a lot and I really want to meet You in real life. In Your letters I see you as a very interesting, honest and decent man. I'm interested in getting to know You in real life. I also think that it would be great if one day You could come to Pavlovo. I promise You would not be bored here! I would show You the most beautiful places in Pavlovo. We could visit Moscow. It's a very nice place with historic architecture. Russian people are very friendly and hospitable. And they always smile to people, who come from other countries. Think about it... Maybe You could come here for Christmas. Moscow is especially beautiful on Christmas! Now I'll wait for letters from You my dear.
Please take care. For me, it is important to know that You are fine! Write to me.
Kiss and warm hugs! Yours, Natalya. P.S. I'm sending you some pictures taken in Moscow last year.
Letter 4

Hello my dear!
How are You? Sorry I answer You so late. Today I was busy in store.
Store manager started an audit, so all the store employees have worked very hard all day long! Revision is very important as it allows to monitor the whole production and does not incur losses.
And how was Your day dear? By the way I have a dress for our first meeting and I think I can make a big impression on You. Our meeting will be very special for me. I feel very happy now and a little rough. But please don't pay any attention to my emotion. My heart starts to beat faster when I imagine our first meeting. And this excitement makes me smile... It's a very pleasant excitement... You know, I often think about all... I don't believe in accidents in life. I think life has a plan. I think that our communication is also not an accident. Of corse in this there is something. I believe in fate and I believe that our acquaintance is the work of fate:) I hope You agree with me. I feel my guardian angel is smiling to me now and proud of me! My fate is smiling to me too! I have big change in my life now. And I am very happy that this time You walk next to me! Thank You for Your support. You really become my closest and dearest special man. I want to share with You all my victories and happy moments in life. And I hope You will be always happy for me and will be always able to help me with Your advice or support. For me it is very important to know that there is a man on whom I can count and trust. My dear I want to ask You about a small request. Could You choose some cozy cafe for our first meeting? I would like to celebrate our first meeting in some good and cozy place and raise a glass of red wine for our meeting, that fate has given a chance for us to know each other! Ok? Just think about it. And if You have any thoughts, please, tell me about it in the next letter.
By the way I almost forgot. I would like to ask You to give me Your address in next letter. I trust You dear on 100. But You must understand me correctly. Suddenly, when I come to You for any reason we can not meet. In life happens different situations. But I will have Your address and I can easily find Your house. I hope You will agree with me. On that note I will finish my letter with and with great impatience I'll wait Your answer.
Please write me soon! Many kisses and warm hugs for You! I think about You all time!
With love, Your Natalya.
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