Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Garaeva to John (Australia)

Letter 1
Good afternoon my love John!
My darling John on my eyes of tear because I could not take off to you today. Now I will explain my situation. When I began to pass the customs control to me have informed that I require to have at myself 70 dollar day, instead of 45 dollar in day!!! And consequently at me should be at itself 6500 dollar that me could let out from my country!!!! My love John I understand, that this news has very much upset and shocked you, but my favourite I also very much was upset, when to me have informed this awful news!!! I have been simply killed by these words! I do not understand anything! Why in embassy to me have not informed all in accuracy?! I do not understand, how in embassy could be mistaken!!! My dear I do not know that to me now to do. John I understood much on customs, but to me spoke that there is a law and it cannot be broken. I many times explained to them, that I have a big sum 4050 dollar with itself, but I was informed, that it is not enough of it for a presentation on customs and me will not let out from the country while I will not have all sum completely 6500 dollar USD!!! My heart is ready to be broken off on a part from a pain, I do not know for what to me all these tortures and sufferings. I to cry and I in confusion much. I am already very tired from all these problems and difficulties and I very much want, that this nightmare has more likely ended!!! It seems to me, that it is a little more, and I to go mad of all it! I have grown fond of you all heart my darling John and now I above all wish to see you more likely!!!! My darling John now I have postponed my air tickets and I need to be informed date of my start in the airport. I will not need to pay extra any additional money for my air tickets!!! I need to come and speak only when I precisely can to leave to you! I should know exact date my air ticket, my darling John tell to me when to me it to do now?
My darling John I very much love you and I know that you also love me and I hope, that you will do the utmost to solve this problem. I think only of you and I wish to arrive more likely to you my love. John I am much tired. It is very heavy to me to be one here. I did not think that there can be such problem with a trip to you my love John. I wish to forget more likely these all problems and let all will be faster behind, and at last we will be together happy!!!!! Forgive, that because of me it is so much problems, but I am not guilty! I did not know about it! All that I wish to be it with you!! I LOVE YOU, John!!! I pray about our meeting! My darling John now it is necessary for me 2500 dollar more and then I can take off to you without any problems!!! I have learnt all precisely concerning it and to me have informed, that with it there will be any more no problems and as soon as I will have all sum completely 6500 dollar, I can take off at once to you my darling!!!!!!! My love all my hope only on you!!! John I very much love You and I know that you will do the utmost to solve this problem. I wish our meeting with such force as I still never wished anything so strongly! Love, I do not wish to be one in Moscow!!! I absolutely alone in this big city and I here do not know anybody. I think only of you, and I wish to arrive more likely to you my love. Do not worry rather money, I SWEAR to you that I will bring to you back all money the same day!!! I ASK you to make my LOVE last effort!!! I understand, that I and so already delivered to you many difficulties and problems about my arrival, but I really did not want it. I wanted only one - to see you my darling John more likely! My Love John I believe, that at all of us it will be good, and I believe, that our meeting to be carried out!!! I will ask the God that he has helped us. I finish my letter and with huge impatience I will wait from you for your fast good news! With love for ever yours Nastya!!!
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