Letter(s) from Kemi Tau to Roy (Australia)

Letter 1

Thanks for the mail Roy,how are you doing over there?I hope that you are doing fine.
Yes I agree with you,everything that belongs to the past remains in the past and a new day have come.
I can see that you have done through a lot from your ex even if you didn't tell me,I can see your heart that you are ready for another relationship that would work out and would lead to a happy life together,is that true?please tell me who is Roy,what do you look for in a woman,you said you would do everything to make this work,what will you do?ask me any question too and I would be willing to answer,thanks and hoping to hear from you soonest.with love by for now.

Letter 2

Thanks for the pictures,I love that great art work of yours,it looks great and the picture of you too is lovely.
I am just an ordinary nanny here,I look after kids.and what about you?is it only art work you do?when you say been sure of each other,do you mean you are not yet sure of what you are doing here?I am very serious with you here and not into any form of games or the other.I am not looking for a rich or a young handsome man here,but a man that we would both be in love and be happy together.I would want to love you for who you are and not for what you have.I am very sure of what I want here and that's finding the man that I would spend the rest of my life with.Are you ready for this adventure...ask me any question.

Letter 3

Thanks for the message,I glad to know that I am the kind of woman you already dreamt of and you dream of settling down with a woman of my type.it makes my day happy and thanks for that,well did you say you would love to know my likes and dislikes.?I like a straight forward man,a man that is opened to any discussion.I like a man hat is truthful in what he says.I like a man that's faithful to one woman and no a player.I like a man that's understanding,sincere,loving and honest.I like a man that woman be proud of his woman and we can hold each other's hand and walk on the street.I dislike men that are not truthful,I hate argument ,I don't like men that beats up his woman.like is too short and why don't we enjoy it together.I would like to fill your heart with joy and laughter.I want to be happy all my life and to be with a happy man that want to be happy all his life would be a dream come true.I am not materialistic,I am just a woman that would want to be there for you in both good times and bad times.
Did you say that there is something you would like to discuss with me?I am very sorry to hear about your dirvorce process.I hope that you come out of it smiling again.
Yes I am in Malaysia,I left Thailand after the death of my father and that was why I was a little kid though.I would like to know your likes and dislikes too.common let's take this to another level.are you in communication with another girl on that dating site?I want to know what your heart is saying now....with lots of love from here.I remain Kemi.
I am expecting to hear from you.

Letter 4

Thanks for the effort you put in writing me and I hope that today marks a very good day for the two of us in finding the true love that we both seek for.
Like I said that I am new to this online dating and I am wishing to find a sincere man,a man that is faithful to one woman,a man that knows what it takes to treat a woman right and treat her rightly and not maltreat her or beat her.
I am a down to earth woman with true love flowing in my veins.I am respectful,compassionate and faithful to one man.Please tell me what you are looking for in a woman.are you ready to get settled down and do you think that distance is a problem? Please tell me everything about you and feel free to ask me any question.thanks and attached to this mail are some of my pictures,I would be expecting to hear from you.thanks and hoping to hear from you.

Letter 5

Thanks for your message again,I am feeling so happy that you are making me so important in your life and I would never disappoint you.my aim is to make you the happiest man in the world.I feel for you that you are going through a court process,why if I may ask,why did you have to sell your house,and if you have to share it,for how much will you be doing that?I feel for you here...you come over it and you would be happy for ever I promise you.yes life is not all about party,be with you in good times and bad times...
I have never seen anyone going to wedding on friday before.sounds so so funny.

Letter 6

Hi my love you sent me an empty mail,I hope you are okay there.

Letter 7

Good morning my sweet,I hope that you are doing good over there.how was your night?did you dream of me.I have been thinking a lot about you and I hope that you are thinking of me as I am thinking of you here.
Its such a big shame that your wife have been playing with your heart and I can see all the sleepless night that you have had in time past and maybe that is the reason why God sent me to you,to comfort you and make you the happiest man in the world.I was just wondering how we are going to do this because by right you are still married to her,but we would see when we get to the brige.my feelings for is strong and I hope that you do too.You problem is my problem and anything that bother's you bother me too.
Thanks for the picture you sent...you have got a great friend that I see.bye for now and have a great day there.God bless you.