Scam letter(s) from Jane Scott to Joseph (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, I was caught coming across your profile and it got me looking into it and writing to you too. I am Adah by name and I am new on this dating. I will like to know you much more and I hope I have not disturbed you? My friend got married to someone on the site some months ago and she registered me believing I am going to meet a part of me on the site. I will wait for your words and I hope you don't mind my confidence in writing to you? It’s my first time on the site. I would like to share pictures with you and knowing you more privately. Write me on I will wait for your words. Hope you having a wonderful day out there? Adah.
Letter 2
Hello Joe, Thanks so much for your time and good to see I have e-mail address email from you. I believe our writing to each other here and meeting from the site will give us a room to getting to know each other more, what our reasons are in life and more that I believe with time we will get to know about each other much more. I'm Adah as I have told you before but my friends call me Bennie mostly in my work place which is my nick name, I live in the Republic of Benin, and I mixed the Beninese and French. My mother is a Beninese and my father is from France. I was born in France but have lived all my life here in Benin since I was a little girl. (I hope you do not have problem with our differences in culture and distance as well?) Do you support racism? Joe, I got to this dating site through my friend who got married at this site a few months ago and she is happy now with her husband. She signed up on the dating site because she thinks I want to meet a good man and loving to myself that she met her husband. Joe, I would think all of us here at the dating site for one reason or the other. To meet someone to share our experiences in life and some chemistry too. I'm here because I want to build a foundation with a man. A man I can share a lot with building the foundation for happiness Joe. What are you looking for? What are your intentions here on the dating site? Have you come to find love and happiness that you deserve, or to come here to have fun? I ask all this because I want to know you more. Tell me about your family, past and desires of the heart as well. I'd love to hear them. I will wait to hear from you, I send my pictures to you and I hope I'm not so ****? Thank you for the pictures you sent, I would like to see some more pictures of you too, it brings a better introduction of the picture of what we desire and helps our introduction in knowing each other at this point my dear. Will be more delighted to see Joe. It was nice to read from you. Take good care Joe and you know that your words are thought of as I am waiting patiently to hear from you. Regards. Adah Ameh
Letter 3
Hello Joe,

Good to reading from you and I am so pleased of this mail to getting to my box cause I am so impressed of your words and so much more that comes inside of you. Thank you for your mail! I’m very glad to get acquainted with you! I wish that our friendship will last and hopefully will turn into something good and nice to talk about. Joe, our correspondence will help us to find out if we are compatible and share the same values of life. I’m glad that you live a good and steady life. I am also happy to tell you some more and everything about myself as I hope to know everything about you. I think this is the best way to build a foundation for a great relationship in the nearest future if it be the will of God...You have written a lot and I say you write more of you and also what you really want too...As you read on Joe, you will get to know me more and more and see what I really do love to do for fun and also want in my man...I am not here for games or to break ones heart, its just to meet my right one to always share things and someone to talk too. My Friend has made a good explanation about this Internet dating; well I am giving this deep thought with you and having your words my dear. You know I was thinking about something so it brought to me wanting to ask you some questions that I’ll like to know your opinion on these issues as I hope you’ll write to me on this giving me your own thoughts and understanding too Joe. I will be pleased you take every word I write serious cause it means more writing this cause I have a good understanding and feelings about you and I.

Here are some questions that I’ll like to know your opinion on these issues as I hope you’ll reply me with answers to all my questions.

Which qualities do you value in a person most?

My answer to this is honesty, loyalty, respect, the will to keep promises, sense of responsibility, fairness, and –if it is a relationship- tenderness and faithfulness. I promise that I will be always honest to you, and I expect the same from you.

Will you?

Honesty is the best policy in life! We should tell each other the truth whether the other likes it to hear or not, of course not in a rude or impolite way. Life is too short to waste it on frivolities and worldly pleasures.

I must stress here that I’m very serious about relationship and that I’m indeed looking for my future husband, not for fun or part-time adventures Joe. I’m only looking for true human quality in my future husband. I want the true beauty that lasts forever and that only can come from inside. As you know the outside beauty will fade away as one gets old, however the inside beauty actually glows. Real beauty only comes from the good heart. Not all people are same though, and that’s why I’m determined to find the right one. Hopefully we can become such persons for each other, and I will be happy if we find our love and our happiness together.

Talking about my family to start with my father, My dad was a textile trade merchant here in Cotonou since I was born and has also worked for a mining company back then in South Africa for 12years before we work as a trade merchant but unfortunately he died three years ago of paralysis. I still miss him till today and this moment that I write of him. Dad is of French ancestry but a national of South Africa while mom is both French and Beninese. We have all lived our lives here in Benin. So this is home to us. My mother Vivian used to own a grocery shop but now she does petty trading...That is life how life has been for us. But we are a one happy family... I am sending a picture of me when I was a little girl and the picture of my parents too, you can find picture of me and my other sister, she was my little sister but we lost her also when she got sick... I miss her so much till today same with my father too... Did you see my picture on my second year birthday? I hope you did not laugh at my pictures? Smiles. As for what I do, I am a hairstylist and still under learning to become good in this, its something I have had passion for but would prefer going to a stylist school to make this become a true reality and something I will do to put me in a level in life. Since I was a small girl, I had a little teddy and have loved making the hair and dressing it up, I also love making someone up. Making them look beautiful but then this is just what I do even though I don’t earn money now, I know in the future to come, I will be placed somewhere, all I need is your encouragement Joe. Smiles.

About my outdoor activities, as much as the cosines of my apartment. I like sports in the fitness club, walking in nature with a good company, dancing, reading, going to the cinema (my favorite movies of those which I have seen recently are "Little Man" and "my super ex-girlfriend"), traveling, and meeting my friends. I like pets but I have no space for them in my apartment. I believe in harmony and love, and I am always responsible in my actions. I don’t look particularly for a husband from abroad, I keep my eyes open here as well, but it is really hard to find a man who doesn’t look only for fun and pleasure.

Already Joe, I was near to give up the idea of finding my soul mate by Internet because I didn’t make any good experiences. Many ads from men turned out to be unserious or coming from agencies, which also wanted me to send money. Well, I am so glad that you are different; I have a very, very good impression of you.... My Friend lives in Belgium now with her husband and they re doing just fine.... Before they met online she was here in Benin.

I don’t see a man as a ****** object. *** can be wonderful but without love it leaves us in the end empty and hurt. I’m not a woman for one night, and I hope that you are careful as well concerning ***.

Tell me, what is the meaning of marriage for you?

My parents were married for more than 30 years and they were happy together, and as they did, I want to marry only once in my life. I believe in happy contented family and in the sanctity of marriage, it should be respected as one of the most important Values of a human being, it should never be trampled down as useless. Divorces now are frequent all over the world, people plunge into marriage with a little Understanding of the real meaning of this agreement and when the going gets rough, because of the weak foundation, the marriage collapses, and the usual result is to finish someone else, well for me this is a senseless act. You cannot solve the problems by getting another partner; the change must start from the person itself. You have to look deeper into your own attitude and change for the better and only then you will find a better compromise with your partner.

I will wait for your reply. Please answer to all my questions!!!...I will have to take a shower now, was really a busy day in the salon for me, I am so tired and have to rest a little then make something to eat. Just wanted to write to you so as know me more too...Smiles.

I wish you a wonderful day!
With tenderness, Adah Ameh
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