Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Mcaffery to James (USA)

Letter 1
James, Thanks for the mail..It would be really nice talking to you..Little about me, am 25yrs no kids..5'7" tall blond hair with blue eyes, am kind god fearing and
honest girl. I think that honesty is the best policy. I value this quality in people. I am cheerful and I love to make people laugh. I think that laughter can prolong life. I am fond of dancing and sports.I like camping and sea.
I like active life style. I love to swim and cook.I love poetry. I am writing poems.Tell me about yourself if still interested.. What you do for fun?
What you like/dislike?
i will love to meet someone cool,caring person trustworthy..and honest that can take care of me and i will be with him till the rest of my life and i will be
caring and lovely to him if only he can promise not to cheat on me ok..
My favorite physical activities:
Basketball, Dancing,swimming,Tennis, Jogging/Running
My favorite food(s):
American, Chinese/Dim Sum, Fast Food/Pizza, Japanese/Sushi
My favorite music:
Blues, Disco, Gospel, Hard Rock & Metal, Jazz, Soul/R&B, Hip hop/Rap
My Favorite movie:
Action/Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Thriller
Favorite Color & Flower
Blue Color... Rose Flower
What do you do for living?
What do you seek for in a relationship?
What are the basic qualities you seek for in a lady?
What sort of relationship you seek for?
What interests you?
Do you like public intimacy?
i hate to be cheat and fighting and disobey .I love to meet good person and trustworthy honest ,caring and i will care for him too..
I'm a business woman
I seek trust,honesty,understanding,sincerity,love and sharing,sharing the good times and bad times together with no fear of what the world might put upon us.
Well,well, the relationship I want is one to be build on the solid foundation which is love and trust,I do believe with this 2 ingredients of relationship,so
many relationships has come to success unlike ones built on false and pretences.
The basic qualities i need from a guy are Honesty,Love,Trust.
What interests me?
Wow,God interest me,all the things he has created interest me,the nature really do.
Tell me about yourself and remember to answer questions as in above...Here some pictures of me attached and i hope you like them, please send me some of yours too... Till i hear from you again.. Jen.
Letter 2
Hello There, Thanks for writing me.... I received your message earlier..
but wanted to take a "moment" because i was pretty bust at work to reply and think about my words Well am the only child of my parents and i lost my dad in the same year which was 2004..I have never had the chance to live with my mom, cos she died many years ago when I was 7 yrs old. My dad is an american while my mom is of a bulgarian origin.They met in Ada, OH Got married and gave birth to me, I was a widower and i dont have kids. I need a special man who will love me and always be there for me and someone who will love me for the rest of my life.
I am a visual artist and I also purchase steel and iron products and sell to companies in europe and some peculiar countries in Africa and Asia to be precise and am self employed...I'm trying to make my way to the USA market now.
I was introduced into the business by my dad !It often involves travelling and extraction in order to get the mineral resources out. I love the job because of the travelling and it might interest you to know that travelling is one of my hobby.
Am a women with a joyfull character, independent, optimistic, respectfull, sensual and attractive. I like going to beaches, camping, watching movies, dinners, going to the cinemas and listening to all kind of good music, like classic, rock, country, jazz,soul, R&B and a little bit of rap. My favourite sports are Football, basketball, soccer, tennis and golf.
My last relationship was really horrible after the death of my husband......My last ex was a Drug addict and cheated on me and since i caught him and also ran away with my hard earned money, i have vowed not to be with him..
Cos he really hurt my feelings and heart because i was really honest and faithful to him.
Now so much cautious looking for My soulmate. Someone to love that his going to love me back same way without any hinderance of any kind..I like kids and kids are special from God!..I live alone right now..Thats just brief about me....I will really like to know you better, if you respond back to my message.
I do love to see more pics of you lol...Interesting to know who you are very well.I hope to hear back from you soonest
I have a very warm heart and am interested in a quality relationship.
I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and smile. I like going to nice restaurants or just staying at home for a romantic candle light dinner.
I'm looking forward to spending time with someone special. I am a spiritual person and believe all things happen for a reason. I love the outdoors and I love to travel and visit different locations. Like the Carribean and Las Vegas.
I am a very affectionate person and my perfect match would also have to be affectionate. I'm a romantic at heart and would love to express that to someone
special. I'm an honest, caring and thoughtful person, who likes to have fun and enjoy what life has to offer.
My ideal match is an attractive man who takes care of himself physically, spiritually and emotionally. One who has a good sense of humor and likes to laugh and have fun and would be there for me both in good and bad times.
he is comfortable going out or staying at home. he is a man who is affectionate, caring, romantic and sensetive. A man who enjoys life and realizes that life has so much to offer. I also like a man who is motivated and has future goals for himself. I'm in search of a man who is not into head games and who is looking for a serious committed relationship, who believes honesty and communication are important in a relationship. My perfect match should love life as much as I do.
I will really love to know more about you my dear..can you tell me more about yourself?
Letter 3
How was your day?well i guess it was cool,for me i think my today was just like yesterday.i also wanna inform you that in 30 mins time,i will be on my way to Malaysia(South of Asia) on the business i told you about.I will love to hear from you today so as to know how are doing alright.I guess i should go further by telling you more about for me,i am a confident, articulate, educated, successful professional that is seeking the exceptional partner.
Athletic, Adventurous, and Romantic individual that enjoys: working out, music, movies, laughter, dining out, clubbing(occasionally) and spontaneous travel.
Or, join me in the kitchen and have a glass of wine while I prepare dinner and we'll share deep stimulating conversation. Further exploring the mental Chemistry between us.Am a woman of substance and quality. I have a zest for living and strong sense of fun and adventure as well as a level of comfort of who I am and what I've become. I love this thing called wisdom...wish it came earlier in the game of life...but hey, it came, so I hold on tight! I have been through allot of hard times in life and learn allot really though with life but thank God for where I am in life today and I think there is still one thing missing and that is a loving good man to share my world with... I hope to hear from you soon. Kisses,
Jen. P.s....I will write you as soon as i land in Malaysia's a 22hrs Flight journey.
Letter 4

Dear James, How are you doing today?...I know you are fine in my the journey was great,i got here safely.there was a woman on board she is very funny..Well i do love to let you know my movement right here in Malaysia.First in the morning i have to go to Swimming.. My consignment will arrive tomorrow,so i will be
at the customs office on Friday so that my goods will be released and by next week the business will be completed.How are you spending your time?i will go to the cinema over here i wanna go see the movie*Curious case of Benjamin button*.Have you seen it?i saw the preview on a local TV over here so am trying to book a sit for myself and the hotel cashier(Bettina)so that we can go there together,she has been totally nice to me since i arrived,she always take me around when ever i wanna take a walk down the neighbor hood and also to nice restaurant when am hungry.I do come online in the night here that's about 11pm Or early in the morning by 9-10am before i leave the Hotel room.....So that's a simple clue of how you can get me online... I do like to tell you that there are big time difference between us right now since am in Asia which is about 12 hours time difference...Why not tell me some interesting things about yourself...Do you like roses?whats your favorite color?..I like pink roses ...Yeah i know some qualities of love are Honesty, Loyalty... Trustworthy.. and mostly when we are away from each other now ,what we need most is Communication... I hope i found a new love that will last forever since some miserable relationship passed away...I just cant wait to meet you in person now.How do you think we should meet in person?
I was at the Bar beach yesterday,though place is cool but looked so ***** and the waves are so high.You can not imagine what i wanna tell you,i have bee thinking of how wonderful it will be when we first meet in person and i believe that will happen soon as my deal here is heading to final conclusions.tell me what do you regard as a romantic mood?your turn on and offs?just feel i should know some more about you before we finally meet.Try and respond back ASAP,i really like it when i read from you even if it's short.
Stay blessed till then and remember to send me some pictures if have any. Kisses,
Letter 5
Dear James, It would be really nice getting to know you more by there are things i really need to express.this life is good and at the same time there are still some bad things happening in life too.But i believe the bad people have spoils the names of the good ones. so that in life now, we try to be sure of the person we are dating.whether he/she truly loves us or Just there to play us.I have gone through so much and all i need is a man that is trustworthy and reliable.All i need is true love because that is what i want to give.All i want is a man who will make my life complete. He must be honest and kind.A man that will always take good care of me and i just want to know you can take good care of me and love me as well,i dont cheat lie, and I promise i will never let him down.
I am very romantic girl and I am looking for a man with the same quality.I hope you possess the qualities i need from a man...
I believe that men needs to be treated with respect and as a equal partner in a relationship, but all I seem to find is the ones that does not know how to respond to that or is entrusting to it. I feel like u should treat somebody with respect and like they are a person not a piece of meat or whatever.
I am the type of person who wants somebody to feel wanted not just as a trophy.
I am a very affectionate person and I love to cuddle, I like to show somebody how I feel not just telling them. I love to be close to somebody whether it is in the bed on the couch or wherever. I want somebody to want me for me not something or somebody I am not. I guess my dreams would be is to be happy and have a family my goals in life I want to go into USA market someday but that will be a while from now. I guess I want to work on my love life and be happy first.
I have always wanted a child of my own and to have a family , but I guess when the time is right it will happen. I like to play sports just as much as I do watching them. Most of all i like to spend time with who I am with, and cuddle up and watch a movie.I like the outdoors, but I don’t care about hunting or fishing, well I will fish with an un-baited hook if it means I will get to spend some time with someone I care about. There are a lot of things I like doing as in boating, swimming, listening to music,dancing, running, riding motorcycles, camping, etc. My ultimate goal and what I think would make me happy is to have a man by my side that I love and loves me, and children that I can raise and have fun with. I guess it is the typical individual dream. OK, for my questions to you. What are some of your goals, hopes and dreams? How long have you been single? Tell me more about yourself..Write me back soon. Cheers,
Letter 6
Dear James, Thanks for writing back.I don’t really know what you are looking for.
As for me I simply want someone to share my life with. Like you know family is very important to me, it’s the idea of marriage. I am searching for someone who shares the following qualities with me. Thoughtful, loving, goal oriented, along with sense of humor love to laugh and smile. My interests are many, I also love to read, cook and travel. I am honest, intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and easy going, romantic, soft-spoken and sensual. I'm romantic, caring and much crazier" about pets especially dogs and cats''.I love nature and I like to travel. I like books and reading Bible. I’m looking for a partner for life...are you the one?? Appearance is important; if you are so similar wouldn't that be kind of boring? Everyone needs their own interests, likes/dislikes, hobbies, views etc because it’s these things that make us unique. It’s hard to put down in words what you think you may be looking for in someone because
sometimes you don't know what you're looking for until you stumble across it in the dark and stub your toes on it. Obviously you want to meet someone who has
similar interests, hobbies, views etc so there is some compatibility, yet on the other hand, i am looking for a man i can share my life with, the man who
is really himself and don't really make things hard, I will love to meet a honest, caring, loving and trustworthy man. The man i can share laughter, joke, fun, love and understanding with. I am also looking for a romantic man who can make me feel the taste, who is God fearing, open minded, straight forward and
down to earth....have a nice day Take care of yourself till I hear from you again. Cheers,
Letter 7
James, I really appreciate all your emails and i would really love to meet you when i get back...could you tell me more about yourself.. you never married before?.
Hmm... Do you love kids? How long have you been single? and all that...
well i love kids though.i would really appreciate getting to know you more and i hope we could be a good set for this relationship.I was deeply hurt in my former relationship and i guess i will not want that to happen again....that is why i need to hang my trust on a faithful guy this time....Have you ever
cheated on a girl?.....and how will you treat me if eventually you have me?... i love to ask much question and i hope you understand why......I really like to be treated like a queen by my partner and i treat him as my king too.....i have never cheated but i have been cheated on...i felt so bad so i have not
been into any relationship for 1year and some months....i will appreciate to hear from you as soon as possible. YOU look real good and i love your pictures.

Letter 8
Dear James, My days has been so great and am having a great time over here,you got a nice view of romantic moment.,am kinda happy today,i guess it's because am gonna get to meet you soon and we could have some nice time together.My day at work was a bit busy,i guess it's because it's my last day down here and i should be on my way home on tomorrow or next.I could not go to the cinema again yesterday because some impromptu arrangement came up.i had to dis-patch some goods to the designation,i thought i was gonna do all that today but the client came yesterday.How was your day?hope it was's nice to know that we are both looking for the same kind of relationship...?i would like to see you when i get back,what is the name of the airport close to you? or is Indianapolis airport okay?so i can book my flight to the airport and have you as my new and only friend(hunnie)..I will love to meet a man that i can learn more about in
person and see if there will be chemistry between us when we meet in person..I do read novel in my spare time here and what do u do at your spare time?,..Relationship is about affection and feeling the both parties have for each other because look or age is no barrier to me in a relationship.What do u consider been romantic?take good care of your self and i hope to hear from u soon.. God bless with Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 9
Hello sweetie Am really happy that you have me in mind, I will be coming back sooner as possible.since the very first time i talked to you i always believe that you're a nice person, I think it would be wise for me to give you a chance to prove and show me the kind of person you really are, dear i just want you to know that am really getting to like you more and more but the fact still remain that i don't know if you really like me but I hope so cause all I need is just a heart someone that i will spend the rest of my life with...I just want to let you know that am a straight forward person and i don't know how to hide my feeling I always let the cat out of the bag cause sometimes i don't think it's necessary hiding my feeling I always like to follow my heart but the simple truth is that I find it difficult to know when a man truly like me or not but to be honest i have never met someone nice and sweet like you on this site cause almost all the men i used to meet there always keep talk about *** none of them since to be serious about what they're looking for but since i have
been talking with you i found out that you seems to be different and more serious about what you want and what you are looking for so for that i don't need those men to keep writing me and be telling me about *** everyday after the other it makes me feel so embarrassed so i think i have to give you a chance to see if we can work out this friendship for better and i hope you will not try to take advantage of it and i will be very happy if you still remain the person i know not after sometime now you will automatically change to something else but i never wish for that to happen and i hope we will still have to hook up someday as soon as i get back to the states.I just have to drop here and say good bye for now till i hear from you again Take care of yourself Kisses,
Letter 10
Dear James, Thanks for being honest..Well to be sincere am not happy today, let me start by saying that I thank God every day and night since I found you.i have always been thinking of how romantic our first night together is going to be,i cant wait to wake up in your arms honey.You came into my life when everything
seemed so dark but you provided the light to find my way. I've never been so certain of anything in my life like I am of us. You have totally changed my outlook in life and I thank you for that. I never thought that someone could feel for me like you do, but guess what? The feelings i have for you is that much too...
I feel as if I'm walking over clouds just thinking about you.....I am thinking of you, In my sleepless solitude tonight. If it's wrong to love you, then my heart just won't let me be right. 'Cause I'm drowned in you, And I won't pull through, without you by my side.
About my business, I deals with Gold, Diamond, Art, Sculpture, Steel and Iron.
I like reading Poetry, Magazines like fashion, comic. My work here is done now and am expecting my payment hopefully tomorrow or next so i will book my flight as soon as i does.. How do you think we can meet? Can you send me some more pictures of yourself? I will love to see, It would be nice meeting you on
person. You are just the man i wanted in life. Write me back soon. Hugs and Kisses,

Letter 11
It's nice to read from you well am not looking for a man who's materialistic,rich but one who seeks the Lord.My hopes and dreams are all centered around our Lord Jesus Christ.I'm just your everyday regular nice girl but i try to put the Lord first over everything else. One's belief in God is the Key essenssial to finding a good relationship with someone special.
I like your pictures, they are done very tastefully and you look very handsome. If you truly want a good girl you need to find someone who would love the Lord more than you. You need to find a woman who fears God for the fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom.
Ask yourself, "If i died tommorrow would i make it to heaven?"
Money and possessions have no value in heaven. The only thing that will matter is what you did with God's son Jesus Christ. Let's say you live 90 years.
What's 90 years compared to Eternity?
Matthew 6:33
Seek first the Kingdom of heaven and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you.
Everyday there is a war within us. The battle between the flesh and spirt.
The one that wins or is stronger is the one you feed the most. God bless with Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 12
Dear James, I am sorry this may sound like a disappointment but God has a reason for everything happening in life. Thanks for the trust, but i won't be able to make it on plane anymore today till Monday.Firstly i just got back from the airport and was told there is no flight anymore again till Monday due to bad weather, so i guess it would be very dangerous.Secondly the hotel manager agreed i can wait till Monday on their account since they know the reason why i didn't fly also Money Gram is not opening till that Monday too due to Malaysia Independence Day.I hope this finds you well, I want to be with you too badly..I have your home address and i remember am flying to Detroit Airport.I can have my way to your home or stay in a hotel then call you.I understand you might not be able to come pick me up at the airport because you will be working then.Well i will need your cell phone number so i can call you once i arrive at Detroit Airport.Write me back as soon as you get this message and i hope you are OK with this plan. Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 13
Sorry i just wake up...How is your day at work?
Letter 14
Are you there?i really have to talk to you because this may be a delay for me coming. and i want to be with you too so badly
Letter 15
Are you there? tell me about your day? what are your plans for today?
Letter 16
Do you get my message about the 550 i need?
Letter 17
Yes i will pay you back once i get to the states.. that will be 1450 total..
please help me send it asap
Letter 18
okay you can send it after 4.. can you send it western union or you want to send it like you did yesterday money gram. get back to me asap. hugs and kisses
Letter 19
Please dear, don't make a mistake. remember to send it western union
Letter 20
sorry for the confusion. are you okay now? write me as soon as you get the money sent and off from work. i want to get some sleep now my dear
Letter 21
Dear, i hope you are not mad at me? have you talk to you step dad about me coming and he is picking me up at the airport?i need to know plans you have for me
Letter 22
don't send the money to me.. send it to victor moses info. that will be very convenient for me. my full name is jennifer amy mcaffery. baby why are you asking me all this questions?is it that you don't trust me? you know what we need really is out relationship is trust and understanding
Letter 23
i trust you too .. can't wait to be with you
Letter 24
Oh that's cool.. i will call you when i get to detroit. dear how am i going to know your step dad? will you send me his photo or instead tell him to hold a paper writing my name jennifer mcaffery.. so i will be able to know that's him.and i hope you understand
Letter 25
you are stuck with me already and i hope am stuck with you too and have real feelings for me?you seems so nice and honest
Letter 26
Baby are you there? talk to me asap. what are you doing and what are your plans for today?i really can't wait to meet you finally and feel your touch
Letter 27
i feel bad right now. how i wish i can cash my check. but i can't cash it here. my dear, please help me with the money and you can send it to victor moses info via western union... send it 1800 in one transaction and another 1700 in another transaction.. and i will need 2 mtcn and the amount send as soon as you sent it.. i have less then 5 hrs to make it up on plane.. i can't wait to meet you too... hugs and kisses
Letter 28
Dear Scott, Hey, Sweetie, I know we haven't been dating that long, but I want you to know that I love you from the bottom of my heart. From the moment I first met you online dating, I knew that I wanted you in my life, whether as a friend of something a little more. Sweetie, I prayed for a long time to find someone like you. Someone willing to fight for me, someone to make me smile and someone who I know truly loves me. You're in my thoughts, my dreams, and every breath I take.
I know truly that this is love. I feel like I can tell you anything.
I may not always want to, but you know things about me that even my best friend doesn't know. You're always there to pick me up when I fall, and to dry my tears.
Thank you, James. I love you. Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 29
i hope you are not mad at me.. james... what are you doing now?
Letter 30
I will pay you back still when i arrive to the states. baby there are things you still don't know about me.. i hardly remember things. i don't have a good memory so don't mind me and love me for who i am
Letter 31
I know it will be hard for you to trust me back. but this makes me feel like **** now. and again you don't seem to trust me from the start that's why it's getting hard for you to. I am Jennifer Mcaffery and i live at Garrett, IN. am sorry for my dull memory. are you letting our love fade away just like that?
you can do the same mistake baby. we really need trust and please don't think am hugging and being on your neck over this. i swear will not fall in love again if you tell me good bye.
Letter 32
You making it worst. hu heart is burning. i guess your mind being made up already, you don't want me anymore
Letter 33
working on it.. i will send it to you soon. i have to scan first.
Letter 34
you are the one making fool of me. you don't have trust in me. well are you helping me still? what time will you be sending me the money?let me know how much you come up with asap.
Letter 35
You asked for ID, and i did sent to you. am sorry i can't give out my social security number. now i guess you have no true feelings of me. your feelings are
Letter 36
Okay.. email me as soon as you awake. i will be very glad if you can help me out. i promise won't let you down
Letter 37
I really appreciate your help and i will need you more to trust me.i won't let you down
Letter 38
Yes i am here.. what time will you be sending me the 2500?so i re schedule my flight and be on plane as fast as possible. the more days i stay here, the more
bills. hope you understand.. i hope you dream of us too.
Letter 39
Send the money to victor moses.. ..jalan 2/10, puchong, kuala lumpur, malaysia 47100. send it 1500 and another 1000.. i will need 2 codes and their amount as
soon as you sent it.. how long will it take? so i can go re schedule my flight
Letter 40
yes 2500 all i need.. you send it 1500 and another 1000 and send me the codes
Letter 41
Dear James, In life, we receive a wonderful opportunity, and that is to love.
Love comes in many forms. You love people in different ways and for different reasons, depending upon how they have touched your life. Love is a very powerful word and can describe a multitude of feelings, but its main context carries the same meaning. I need you to made up your mind now because the feelings i have for you is real. Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 42
what time are you sending it? do you understand you have to split the money into two then send me 2 codes.I have to go for re validation of ticket to re schedule my flight for tonight 7:25pm.. so kindly get me the money sent latest 4pm your time. hugs and kisses
Letter 43
i won't be able to fly again today if you send the money after work.
is there a way you can get off work 4pm your time so i can fly today still.. let me know what you think about this. write me back asap.. hugs and kisses
Letter 44
yes i want to be with you. if you send 6 then i wont be able to fly today till tomorrow thurday and i will arrive at detroit airport friday. is that okay with you?
Letter 45
thanks for the care and love. i promise will make you the greatest and happiest man.
Letter 46
yes i do but you don't believe my feelings for you and it hurts me. do you really love me? how much will you treat me when we finally be together
Letter 47
send me code as soon as you sent me the money. i have to get my stuff packed.
i will wait to hear from you
Letter 48
Yes am here. have you sent it yet? am waiting for the code and the amount sent
Letter 49
write me back soon. i really need to get some sleep
Letter 50
you are not talking to me. i guess you are making a fool of me
Letter 51
He had a hart attack . I am not making a fool out of sweet hart
Letter 52
I hope he is going to be fine. how old is he? when are you getting me on plane?please be honest with me my dear.hugs and kisses
Letter 53
my grandpa died age of 69yrs old. how much will you be sending to me tomorrow friday?
Letter 54
I have been trying to get more loan. Can you try send 1000 Friday? in case the loan work out. I will be able to make it on plane. Write me back asap
Letter 55
Okay i will be here waiting.. remember to split the money into two and send it 1500, 1000
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