Scam letter(s) from Mary Lucy Cole to Bo (USA)

Letter 1
How are you doing?
hope I met you in good health?
my name Mary Cole,am 29 years old,nice and friendly,you gave me your email address on aff,tell me more about yourself and send me some pictures too
Letter 2
i would love to get to know more about your family and also your love life too,and also want to know what U do look like....,,i see U as a nice and interesting man ,I will attach some more picture here for U now and i do hope to get more of your picture too,I will introduce myself to U Cos i think that it is important that i do this before we get along,my name is Mary Cole,I have never discussed this with anyone,i do not know why my heart feel at rest sharing this horrible and painful story with U,maybe i will say it is the wish of God .It is not easy for me to write about myself but I will try.I am single,29 years of age,Never married before but waiting for that right man to spend the rest of my life with and build a new life Cos I have passed through so many heart break in the hands of men,So right now i am careful and waiting for the right man,Most people see me as an easy,open minded,simple,honest,open,cheerful,romantic,and tender heated,down to earth and respectful.I value honesty in people and dislikes dishonesty,my hobbies are swimming. reading, singing,dancing outdoor activities,I also adore traveling,I like to meet nice and friendly people from different countries with different cultures, Red rose is my favorite,am a mixed race,My Dad is from the US while my mom is from the UK/England ,my Dad is a Business man and my mom once a teacher,my Dad and Mom lived in the US and that was where i was born but i did not spend much time there due to the death of Dad i left the states when i was 13 years old,My Dad died from cancer after the death of my Dad ,My uncles became so wicked to my mom which made things difficult for her to survive just Cos she was from the UK, it got to an extent that she could not bear it anymore so she relocated with me to the UK/England,for safety so that i will not be killed by my wicked uncles.Right in England i completed my High school and university,i work with a store,People here Love me so so much and the Kids also Love me That is why I Love Kids so much and I also wish to have my own Kids someday. But am down for what ever that comes my way.......presently i live in Manchester here in England,i don't stay with my mom,mom stays far from where i work so i moved out from moms home....I hope that the distance wont be a problem to us ,because i am willing to relocate and build a future when i meet the right man.I will stop here for now and i hope to hear from U soon. Mary lucy cole
Letter 3
hello dear
how are you doing today?hope i met you in good health?how was work yesterday?hope great?am really sorry for replying this late,i was really busy with work yesterday and didn't have spare time,thank you so much for your compliments and also your warm words it means a lot to me,you seem like a really nice guy and am liking you already,i will love to know your more better and i want you to know that distance is not a problem as am willing to come over for a visit so that we can get to know ourselves more in person,like you said you saw a necklace with the letter H,it means Hope to me,no matter what i have gone through there is Hope some where for me,that's what i believe and wear the necklace,i really would love to know all about you and all so see you in person as you seem really sweet and loving,there is something on my inside that tells me to do what ever possible to get to meet you in person and know all about you,give me your mobile number so that i can give you a call and hear your lovely voice ok,waiting to read from you soonest.
Letter 4

how are you doing today?hope i met you in good health?its really nice reading from you once again,my dear i dont have a skype the only thing i have is a yahoo messenger and a Google talk,i work with a store and we sell female clothes so that was what kept me busy,i was attending to costumer,we hd so many costumers that day,my dear feel free to ask me any question you would want to know ok,look forward to reading from you soonest.
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