Letter(s) from Celestine Katako to Eric (USA)

Letter 1

Good day Mr Eric,
Sorry you did not hear from me because i was in the hospital, well we came up with an idea which will really help us and i would be glad if you can try as much as possible to co-operate with our idea, the idea is to place some of the Gold in a laptop which will be send to you,that will be the best and simple way, do you have a Laptop ..? If yes or no please do try to see if you can get old laptop

Letter 2

Hello my love how are you doing... Am solving some little problem over here that is why you couldn't heard from me and i can't want to inform you about it because you might feel like am worrying or disturbing you, am thinking alot about you and i can't wait to be with you my one and only love,,,, i wish you could try your best to get laptop to get things done

Letter 3

Miss celestine katako

Outbound - Sunday 08 July 2012 22:45
08 Jul 06:25
09 Jul Accra
Ghana Heathrow (London)
United Kingdom BA0078
British Airways World Traveller 11:15
09 Jul 15:20
09 Jul Heathrow (London)
United Kingdom Miami International (FL)
USA BA0207
British Airways World Traveller Plus 19:05
09 Jul 21:50
09 Jul Miami International (FL)
USA Indianapolis International (IN)
USA AA3561
American Eagle