Letter(s) from Veronica Mamaeva to Gilbert (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello my friend Gilbert! :)))
Gilbert, how your mood?
I hope that at you excellent mood. At me today good mood.)))
Thanks for your letter. I see that you are interested by acquaintance to me.
In the past, at me was a little serious the relation with Russian men. But I have not met the love.
Gilbert, I search for serious and long relations. I want to create pair with the beloved.
I think that foreigners more romantic men, and are able to appreciate relations.
To live with the man all life. I search for the clever, kind and cheerful man. Which will love and care about of me.
I want to tell to you about my family. I do not have brother and the sister. To my mum of 65 years. To the father of 67 years. Mum Olga. Father Sergey.
My parents on pension. My parents very kind and good people. Thanks to my parents I have graduated.
I work in firm OOO "ORGK Express" engaged in a cargo transportation across Russia.
I work on the computer all the working day long. I should work with a considerable quantity of papers, contracts and schedules.
I like my work. I work 8 hours per day. At me higher education.
I have graduated from the university by a trade the economist. Also I earn enough for life. Gilbert, you like your work?
I like to work in the big and amicable collectives. I like to communicate with different people.
My data: growth of 176 centimetres. Weight of 57 kg. Body volume: 96-62-98. I was born on June, 5th 1976. My zodiac sign Twins.
Thanks for your pictures. You are pleasant to me. You like to drink what beer?
It is really interesting to me to get acquainted with you. You can see that many my pictures are made at my place.
I was photographed by my friends. I hope that my pictures are pleasant to you.))))
Gilbert, I wish you good day and excellent mood.
Your friend Veronika.)

Letter 2

Hello my friend Gilbert!
I am glad to receive your letter.)))
Gilbert, how your mood? At me today excellent mood. Because today I have woken up very much early at 6 o'clock.
Has gone to a shower. Then, has drunk a cup of coffee. I love coffee milk. Without coffee I will not wake up.)))
By 8 o'clock I should go for work. At 13 o'clock I go for a dinner with fellow workers.
At 16 o'clock I finish work. Sometimes I work till 10 evenings as to have to work on days off. Thanks for your pictures. I love horses.
I have attached a picture with my friend Svetlana. I hope that you like to look at my pictures.
Than you are engaged after work? Gilbert, than you do in the evening? Usually in the evening, after work I make to myself a tasty supper.
I the good cook. I know how to cook many different dishes. Some years ago I went on lessons of the cook.
I know how to cook tasty and useful meal.
When I, have time I meet my friends. I cheerfully spend time with friends. We sometimes goes together to cafe.
Friends always should help each other. Each person should have friends. I hope that you have friends.)))
I want to become your friend!!! On the TV I like to look news, films. I am pleasant like sports tennis and football.
My favourite film Avatar. I think that you watched this film. Mine favourite actor Nicolas Cage.
I like to look in the evening films on the big TV which to me was presented by my parents on my birthday.
I hope that tomorrow I will see your answer. I will try to write to you every day, and I will wait for your letter every day.
Gilbert, I hope that you can find time, for this purpose what to write me the letter once a day.
I will be very grateful to you.
Your friend Veronika.

Letter 3

Hello, my dear Gilbert!)))
How are you? What weather?
Your letters give me warmth. Thanks.)))
I am ready to live and work in other country. Yes, I want in the life of changes. And you?
In summary time from work, I like to read books. Now I read Pushkin's verses. It is pleasant to me of the book of Russian writers.
Gilbert, I as like to read and foreign writers. You like to read books?
From music it is pleasant to me, DJ Tiesto. You can hear on YouTube. I can listen to any genres of music.
I as like classical music. Gilbert, you listen to what music?
I like to watch on TV football, hockey, tennis. I support Russian national team.
You heard about Russian football players Andrei Arshavin, Yuri Zhirkov.
I like to look game of a national team of Russia on hockey. My favourite hockey players: Alexander Ovechkin, Ilya Kovalchuk.
In tennis I like to look behind game Maria Sharapova. I was in Russian cities. Moscow and St.-Petersburg.
I like to go in for sports for this purpose, what my figure was in good shape. I want to be the young, harmonous and beautiful girl.
I hope that I am pleasant to you. I hope that you like to read my letters!)))
I try to tell about myself much. That you could understand me and see my life.
I think it important for you. It is interesting to me to read about your life and interests.
In a picture you can see as I eat a cherry in a garden. I like to work in a garden.
It is pleasant to me plants and flowers in a garden. My favourite flowers red roses.
Gilbert, I hope that today your day will be very successful.
Your girlfriend Veronika.

Letter 4

Good day, my nice Gilbert.
Gilbert, you not against if I so you name?
What the new? How is the weather? How yours health? How are you? all is interesting to me about you.)))
In the past I had unsuccessful experience with the Russian man. We have left for a long time. To me painfully to remember and speak about the past.
Because the man was very rough and the cruel man. Once my former guy has struck me. (((((
Many Russian men drink alcohol much and beat the women. Me Russian men do not interest any more.
Now I am afraid to get acquainted with Russian men. Now, I am familiar with you and very much to it is glad.
Under your letters I understand that you the clever and kind man. Gilbert, you are pleasant to me. With each letter I become closer to you.
I am assured that our dialogue will proceed. I hope that our dialogue, it is more than friendship.
Gilbert, you are nice to me. It is truth.))) I was tired to be disappointed in men.
It is pleasant to me in the man: mind, kindness, humour.
It is not pleasant to me in the man: roughness, lie, treachery.
Thanks for your pictures. I the same like to smoke a hookah. I am done not disturbed by your age. Yes, I would like to visit your country this year.
I can leave Russia at any time. I cannot communicate through Skype in working hours.
I have always got used to tell to people truth. I the fair girl! I always tell truth.
I like to laugh. I very cheerful person, with good sense of humour. Always the frank. I like to spend time cheerfully.)))
Today I will finish the letter. The picture with orange lenses, has been made in village, we had a masquerade.
I hope to you my pictures were pleasant.))))
Tomorrow I wait for your new letter with comments. Kisses.
Your beautiful Veronika.

Letter 5

Good day, my beautiful Gilbert. :)
As I to see glad again your letter.))))
Gilbert, at you all is good? I very much hope.
You know, I do not have not enough with you dialogue through letters. Simply I want to see your eyes and a smile. :)
It is a pity that I cannot write to you in day some times. I write to you every day and never about you I forget.
It is impossible to forget such man as you! :)
How your day? How you without me? What interesting at you today?
Yesterday, I have had a good time with the girl-friends on work. We went to cafe.
We drank all the evening long coffee with a pizza.
Gilbert, than you were engaged today? What news at you is?
I hope you you find free time for the rest. By the way, I spoke yesterday to the friends about you.
They are very glad for us. Have asked to tell to you greetings. Gilbert, you change my life. :)
I feel that I have become attached to you. To me it will be very sad if I do not find your mail in the mail box.
I trust and very much I hope that you will not leave me. Gilbert, you very much are pleasant to me. Thanks for your pictures.
I hope that my pictures continue to please you. I hope that you constantly look at my pictures and think of me.
In the summer I to go with friends on a city beach. I like to sunbathe on a beach and to bathe in the river.
Gilbert, I want to wish you successful day.
Tonight I want to go to cinema with friends. :)
I will miss you. My gentle a kiss for you...))))
Your girlfriend Veronika.

Letter 6

Good day, my angel Gilbert.
My real man Gilbert. =)))
How your day today? At you everything is all right? I hope that at you all is good.
You became for me the important person. What plans at you for tomorrow? Gilbert where you are going to go?
My character: I the gentle person, I when I do not participate in conflicts because any situation can be solved without shouts.
I very hardworking and accurate worker. I work some years in firm OOO "ORGK Express".
I have lived all life in the city. Tell to me where you had to work and live?
You like to travel on working affairs? How many you earn in a month?
Yesterday I could go to cinema. I went to the cinema with two friends. We have cheerfully spent time. We looked Russian comedy.
I want, in the future to go with you at cinema. To watch any romantic film on last number. Gilbert, you agree?
Gilbert, I talked to my parents. I think that have arrived correctly.
Parents were very happy, to learn that I had a friend on the Internet. They were very glad for us with you.
The father and mum are glad that I have found the decent, kind and good man.
I have told about your good lines. Gilbert, you the best for me!!!
My parents have sent you greetings and congratulations.
Parents think that we could become good pair. Gilbert, what you think of it?
I will wait for your answer. I hope that I will see your pictures in the following letter.
With the gentle we will kiss....
Your beautiful Veronika. =)))

Letter 7

Hello, my fine Gilbert!
I am glad to receive your letter. Thanks.
How your day? At you everything is all right? At me all is excellent.
During for I remembered you much. Thought of you. Constantly think were about you.
Today I have had time to make much. Day for me goes very quickly.
In the evening at me still affairs much. But I will try to finish all more likely. More likely to go home and to go to bed.
That to have a dream about you at night. That to wake up with thought on you in the morning. Gilbert tell to me, you love what underwear?
I like to dress beautiful and sexual underwear. I dress red linen, black, white, stockings, and another...
Gilbert it is pleasant to you, when the girl carries sexual underwear?
Today I am happy. You became for me very close and expensive person. I am completely assured of it.
I want, that our relations became real. I hope that you are ready to decisive steps.
I want to change ours with you life, to the best. It is assured that at us it will turn out will meet you in the near future.
Send to me your full home address. Gilbert, tell to me number your cellular and a home telephone number. I will try to call to you.
I hope that tomorrow we can speak by with you to phone. I will wait from you your phone numbers!!!
Write me a telephone code of your country. Thanks.
I wish you happy day and excellent mood for all day. Gilbert, I send you the gentle kisses and embraces.
Your girlfriend Veronika.

Letter 8

Hello my dear Gilbert!
I am very glad to see your letter!
I read with great attention! Every day in my new feelings to you.
Every day these feelings become stronger. You are in my heart!
Gilbert, today I thought of you much! We could go together to park! Imagine that we with you will go keeping for hands.
These are very beautiful and romantic thoughts on us! I hope, one fine day it becomes a reality!
I do not know that with me happen! But I can tell that I constantly think of you! I want to tell to you, my dream...
I dream that we become with you in pair!
I want to give all love and passion! I hope that soon my dream becomes a reality!
Of what you dream? Gilbert, tell to me about dream! It is very interesting to me to hear it! Because you became very important for me!
The destiny has given us chance. We have met you on the Internet.
Now we can pass from virtual dialogue, to dialogue in the real world. Gilbert, you want to meet me?
I will be assured that you are happy will meet me in the near future.
If you want, tomorrow I will talk to my heads about my holiday in the near future.
We should use this possibility and meet in the real world. I hope for your understanding.
I like to dress a mask, for this purpose what to visit what be a carnival or festival. You love a carnival?
I know that you understand me. I wish you remarkable day.
Gentle embraces and kisses.
Your love Veronika.

Letter 9

Hello my man Gilbert!
I am very happy to receive your letter now.
Gilbert, how are you? as your mood? At me everything is all right.
Today I talked to my heads on work. The chief has told to me that will give me the whole month of holiday. My holiday, will begin in a week.
I was very happy and grateful to my chief. It is excellent news.
I am very happy, possibilities to meet. I know that all at all of us it to turn out. I will plan my travel through tourist agency.
I need to renew my passport. I already travelled abroad through this agency.
I can receive without problems a tourist visa in your country. I will fly to your country as the tourist.
Tomorrow I to go to tourist agency for this purpose what to conclude with them the contract. I am assured that we can will meet you in the near future.
Gilbert where I will live in your country? Gilbert, you are ready to meet me me at the airport?
Tell, to me the information on the most nearest international airport to you?
Yesterday I dreamt of ours with you to a meeting. I represented as I have come to your country.
You have met me at the airport with a bouquet of red roses. I will make everything, for our meeting.
I very much would like to you. That you have shown to me where do you live.
That would acquaint me with the friends. I want to see your life. It is very interesting to me.
I promise that you we will not regret about ours with you to a meeting.
I am assured that we are pleasant to each other. Now, we have a real chance to meet!
Give we will make a maximum of efforts for our meeting. Gilbert, you agree with me?
Today there was a birthday of our company. On work distributed gifts to employees of firm. To me have presented a set of tea cups.
Now it is time to me to run. I wish you fine day.
I miss you. kiss, your Veronika.

Letter 10

Hello my man Gilbert.
How you today? I missed you. I hope that you are perfectly in order.
How at you life? How is the weather? How your health? All thoughts were only about you.)))
Gilbert, today I went to travel agency Travel Tur Region. I already used this company.
In agency to me have told that I can issue without problems the visa in Holland. I can visit Holland as the tourist.
I think that at me all will turn out. For travel in Holland, I need to legalise papers.
When all documents will be ready, I should go to embassy to Moscow, there I will fill the questionnaire and I will receive a tourist visa.
Registration of all documents and the visa will go from 4 till 6 days. My holiday will begin 30.08.
I will have time to legalise papers and the visa in this time. It is very healthy! This positive miracle! =)))
It is impossible to miss possibility to meet in 7 days!!!
Cost of registration of all documents and the visa, will be 18000 roubles (450 euros). The agency as accepts currency of EURO and dollars.
On work to me promised to give money for holiday. I very much hope that tomorrow I can receive money from my work for holiday.
Now our meeting dares, I do not want to postpone it!!! I want to arrive to you as soon as possible!!!! It is assured that at me all will turn out.
I will try very much. My feelings to you become stronger every day. I want to touch you more likely. To feel your love.
You the kindest and good man. Gilbert, you are necessary to me. You my unique man.
I want more likely to you. Gilbert, you trust in our meeting? You trust in our forces? In our success? I trust in our meeting. All will turn out.
It is necessary to make only for this effort. Now I should say goodbye to you. I kiss you gently.
My gentle embraces for you. I already miss you. You my tenderness. I want to you. I miss you.
Gilbert, tell to me please what souvenir or a gift to bring to you from Russia?
Today, I will wait for your answer.
Your love Veronika.