Scam Letter(s) from Alena Sokolova to Gary (USA)

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Letter 1

I liked your profile and I think we have got much in comon, so I'd like to know you better if you don't mind. You can find me at since I am not often to the site.
I 'll be looking forward to your reply.

Letter 2

Hello!!! I cant belive that you wrote to me, and its very interesting. How are you? My name is Nellya. And I am very glad to see you in my mail box. I am so nervous to write you this letter cause its my first convirsation throw internet. Also i must say that i dont have my own computer, i use it in internet cafe. That is why it takes a lot of time to write you back.
Also i would like to explain you that i am from Russia,and i live in Norilsk.
Its very good city. With a good traditions and grate history.
Now some special information about me and what i like:
- i am Christian
- i like roses
- my favorite color is blue
- my favorite music is pop.
- i like animals
- i like cooking very much (my favorite dish is apple pie)
- also i like read books (Bulgakov, Nabokov.)
- i like cars but i dont have it.
- i like quiet places.
- i like go to the cinema.
- i dont smoke, and drink - socialy
- i dont have any tatoos or pircing.
It was what i like, there are some things a dont like:
- i dont like go to disco, cause there are a lot of people
- I dont like winter, cause its very cold in Russia.
- i have high grade education i finished The Medecal Academy, I am a Doctor,I am a Dentist.
Unfortunatly, i have never been in USA. But i hope in some days i will fly to your country.
I hope you are not very sad that i am from Russia. My profile shows that i am from USA cause Its my first time, i have never done it before and maybe did something wrong, but i want to be honest with you thats why i am telling you where i am realy from.
In this letter i would like to tell you about myself as much as i can and you can see who i am.
Sorry for long letter i hope you are not tired yet.!!!!
Today we have -20 (temperature) and its very good. What about in your place?
I desided to put my profile on And find someone from another country, because i am very lonely in Russia,
and i could not find someone who understand me and care about me. And i know that many russians girls found their love in your country and i am also decided to do it.
By the way my friend has found her husband on, he is from France, and now they are very happy together and they are living in Leon.
And i also want to be happy with someone special for me, and who will be next to me. And age doesnt matter for me at all, the main thing is to be happy and find love.
I ve told my friends about my desision to write to you and they are supporting me, cause they worry about me and wants to see me happy.
Some information about my family, my parents past away and i live alone now. And i dont want to be here alone. And i dont have any brothers or sisters. Thats why i want to try to find my love in other country.
That is all for today, now its your turn to ask me a questions.
Tell me what you like, and dont like, your favorite things,and evrething you want to tell me.
I hope my letter is not boring you, good buy for now i have to go home. If you write me back i will answer as soon as i can.
Your friend from Russia

Letter 3

Hello my dear Gary Its me again!!! How are you today?
I am very glad that you still write to me. And would like to see all of your pictures, cause its very intresting for me.
It makes my day. I am happy to read your emails. I see we have a lot of common thing and i like it very much. I think we are becoming more closer to each other. Ive choose your profile cause i like you very much, when i read your profile i think you are very interesting person. And i think i am always looking for you.
Some more information about me:
- i have a blue eyes
- i am 5'7 height
- i am 55 kg
- my size (88-63-92)in cm.
By the way i have something more to tell you about me. I didnt tell you that i like travel.I have been in Moscow,i ve been there some years ago with my friends.
Also I have been in St.Pitersburg. It was wonderful to see good places. But unfortunatly i had no chance to visit any foring country very often, i think its very intresting to know about culture of other countries. I ve been only in Turkey 2 years ago.
Also i would like to tell you that i work in a hospital in my town. I am a Dentist. I know that in your country i can earn a good money, but here its too small. Its about 300 Dollars per month. Can you belive it? Soory for this.
Dont listen.!!!
Lets talk about good things:
Now i would like to tell you about my last weekends.
It was -10 C digrees ( this is a teperature in Celcius), and i with my frends went to the forest for a camping. And it was very funy.Do you like camp?
By the way, I will be 35 years old soon.
My birthday is 10th of March.Can you belive it!!!.
But its nothing special for me in this day, cause i will stay at home this day.I am very lonely in my birthday cause i dont have a man who love me.
Now i am very sad that you are so far away from me.
Ok there are some more questions for you:
- what did you do on weekend
- what did you do for fun
I have a dream to have a family, to take care about my housband. Its all i want in my life, i just want to be happy.And its doesnt matter in what kind of country my future husband is living.
I will be next to him, and i will find any job i can to help have a good style of life.
But i think its only can be a dream. Its so sad.
I will be waiting for your replay very much. Goodbay for now i have go home.
P.S XOXOXO Sorry if iam not answer all of your questions cause my English is not very good Hello sweety!!! How are you today? I hope everething is ok.
I am very happy to read all your letters for me.
Your letters makes my day. And my friends are also happy to see that we have correspondence.
I have to tell you that you make my life full of happyness. And now i know there is somebody who are thinking about me and now i am not alone.
Thank you for that. And i dont want to put my profile on again cause i dont want to see other emails, just want to have corespondence only with you. I dont know why but i like your profile at the first sight, i cant explain it, its difficult to explane for me.

Letter 4

We have a good weather today its about -17.
Its time to go for a walk but you are so far away, and i dont like walk alone.
That is why i am in internet cafe now and writing this massage. I dont know what else i can tell you about me i fill that you have already know all things about me. I have fillings that i know you very long time.
By the way yesterday my girlfriend and i went to the cinema it was "Underworld Evolution". You should see it, cause its very good movie.
You know , when i stay alone evening i am thinking about our first meeting,
how it can be, i imagine when you see me in the airport and give me flowers take my hand and kiss me and we go to your home to celebrate my birthday.
It will be the best gift on my birthday in the world.Or you can visit me and we will celebrate it with you and your friends or family, only you and me.I am thinking about it all the time.
Did you imagine it or not?. What do think about it?
By the way what is the closest airport to your place? Mine is in Norilsk its about 20 km from my home.
As for me i want to hear your voice very much,but i dont have a phone at home and you cant call me but if you want you can give me your number and i will try to find a way to call you as soon as i can, it will be great, but i dont know how it will be cause i dont speak english very good .
Its very difficult to use messenger because of time diffrence, and i dont have computer at home.
I cant stop writing this letter cause i like it very much, but i have to do some housework and need to go. I hope you are thinking of me cause i am thinking of you and sending a pictures for you i hope if you see it you will think about me.
I hope you like them.
Ok i wish you good day!!!
Kisses for you!!!
From Nellya Sitnikova with love!!!
Russia,Norilsk,Lenina 23-13

Letter 5

Hello my sweetheart,
Today is cold and snowing but I am in a romantic mood. I wish I could share it with you but unfortunately you are far away from me now.
Last night I couldn't sleep. Iwas thinking about you and about me.
There were so many thoughts running through my head and you know what?
I think if two liking each other persons are kept apart by the distance their relationship can be compicated.
Compicated but not impossible.
We don't live in different planets and I think if we wish we can be together. I have never been in such situation before because this is an Internet we have never seen each other face to face,
but I hope we shll meet each other and probably very soon.
I hope you don't mind it because besides of the letters we write each other we need something more...
And this can be only our meeting. I contaced a travel agency and did the request about how I can come to you. Probably tomorrow I will have that information and I will let you know for sure.
You know, dear I was always hoping and dreaming to find "Mr.Right". And now I am not talking about his wallet or place of living or his job, I am talking about real love.
Though my parents are gone and I am an orphan now , my parents loved each other very much and my dad told me that their connection between mom and dad was so strong that they could understand each other with no words. They could tell each other so much just by one glance. Maybe I am hopeless Romantic but I believe and I know that I will find my love and I will not give up. Only we live our lifes and we all deserve to be happy and be loved. I know that it is easy to say : "I love you" bu tit is not easy to keep that love.
Love should be built and not destoyed and it is a very hard to build love but I repeat it is not impossible.
Darling, if you are ready to try and build this love I would be happy to know that I am honoured to be that one person for such a man like you.
I dream... And I think if we stop dreaming and believe in love and happiness we will die.
With all my affection,
From Nellya Sitnikova with love!!!
Lenina 23-13

Letter 6

Hello my love!!! How are you today? I am so happy to read your emails.
Sorry for late responding.
I think i love you and you are very handsome man and i always dream about you. I told all about our relationships to my friends and they are very happy to see how i becoming more happy then was before you.
I cant wait our meeting and think about you every day. What about you ???
You are the man i am looking for.
I was in travel agency to find out how i can get to fly to you. And be with you on my Birthday.
I hope we can make it, and i gave your email adress to travel agent and he promised me to send you all information about my trip. Its very good agency and its very popular here, and the main thing, its the cheapest.
I dont know what else i can tell you but my mind full of words of love and nothing else. Every day i hope that all its real and you are not just my imagination.
My friends say you hello. I have some present for you from them.
But there is one thing, if we want to celebrate my birthday in your place, you should tell me will you help me or not, cause now they can offer us a good deal about tickets and if we meet later it will cost much more for us because it will be more difficult to get visa which is valid during 1 month, this is some kind of marrige visa, i dont know exactly.
Think about it cause its very good chance to be tpgether.
Unfortunatly, i cant afford it,cause i earn only 300 USD here ,and it will be so nice if you help us, but you shouldnt worry i will give it back to you all money when we meet, cause i will work in some hospital and can earn some money for you.
I am sorry to tell that but iam realy want to be with you. I dont know what else i can tell, you know everithing about me. Of course if i could i will ask all my friends to lend me some but i dont have any friends who can do it for me , please understand it, soory if it make you sad.
I hope you will understand me in good way. I can speak with you all day and night but its better to speak face to face to know each other much better. Dont you think so.???
If you want i can fly to you only for a week and we will see how things goes on or i can stay with you forever, if you love me, all in your hands....
Ok now i give you a lot of kisses from me, and i gave you my heart, and i belive that my dreams will come true. And i will be with you soon!!!!
Love you so much. Want to touch you and kiss you.!!! bye for now.
PS I will be waiting for your replay .
From Nellya Sitnikova with love!!!
Russia,Norilsk,Lenina 23-13



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