Scam letter(s) from Cassandra Ramos to Niels (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hi Niels,
I was so excited when I received a text message from you today and reading your mail again now,it just feels so good.I am so humbled once more at the kind words you say about me.I have a good feeling about you,something in me tells me you are a good and honest man.It is good to know you are a faithful man also when it comes to a relationship.such men are hard to find this days.It is not possible for me to postpone my vacation because i need to begin another contract in October when am back from my vacation and will not be qualified for another month off duty till August next year.It will be hard to convince my employer to shift the date till another time because they also have their plans also especially during the end of the year.They work hard and also like to travel to relax at that time.I agree it would have been nice to travel and spend time together to see whether or not we can be together in future.What are you doing in September?Thanks for the photos you sent ,was able to see 3 only and they are cute.I attach a few of of my photos for you also too.
Letter 2
Hello my dear,
I am glad the visa will be ready tomorrow,it is just a couple of days away before we be together now.I have most of my things packed already and just waiting for Sunday to come.I have no doubt too that we will be a good match too.I eat all kind of food and open to try something new providing it is not too spicy.I do not like too much chilly pepper in my food.I love milk also and cannot do with yoghurt.Sea food is also not a problem for me because i enjoy them also.I eat about everything as long they are not too spicy.Good to know you did not leave out rice because filipinoscant do without rice,we eat rice morning,afternoon and evening.I have no doubt i will be happy with you and will like it in Denmark.I hope you are doing well ?see you soon.
Letter 3
Hello Niels,
Hope you are doing very good? i receive email from the travel agency a while ago and i sent to you now.I gave your email to the manger and told him he can contact you directly next time.take care .
Letter 4

Dear Sir,
Kindly see attached for a copy of Miss Kassandra'sitinerary,a confirmed ticket will be sent when her visa is ready.Please note that it is important that Miss Kassandra makes preparation for her 'show money'.This money is just for one to show to the immigration as proof that she can take care of herself during her stay in Denmark and will not be collected from her.The visa is a tourist visa and usually,there might be need to show proof of sufficient funds to cover her stay in Denmark. Should you have any further inquiry,please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than willing to provide you with the very best of our professional services. Sincerely Yours,
Lou Xiang. (Head of operations).
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Letter 5
Hello Niels,
How are you?I think everything okay now and Kassandra ready to go.I will give her the money Sunday morning before I leave for Shanghai.Thank you for the money you gave my secretary.Please take good care of Kassandra.Wish you both luck and happy together.
Letter 6
Dear Sir,
Kindly see attached for the confirmed ticket of Miss Kassandra.
Letter 7
Dear sir,
Please see the confirmed ticket for Miss Ramos,an earlier date could not be gotten.Thank you for your understanding.
Letter 8
Hi Neils,
I arrive here in beijing at about 10.10am this morning and wanted to see the custom officers as well as Kassandra before i send you the mail.I have spoken to the authorities here and they told me that Kassandra is being detained for drug related offence.According to them ******* was found in the possession of a Russian woman and video evidence show that Kassandra and the woman were together because they sat together talking to each other in the waiting lobby before the flight to Doha.So now they accuse her of being together with the Russian woman.Before detaining her all her personal belongings as well as the money with her have been documented and taken from her and now they advice me to get her a lawyer.Kassandra is a good girl and i know it is because she is ignorant that is why this this thing happen to her.she not know one need to be very careful when traveling in the airport and stay away from stranger and now she is in big problem now.I understand 10,000 dollars is too much for you and that is why i told you we can share 5000 dollars each because i cannot abandon Kassandra now at this difficult time.She has been a good,loyal,honest and dedicated girl and that is why my wife and my kids love her so much.Please get back to me as soon as possible so we can get her a good lawyer because this offence is a death penalty here in China.
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