Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Chris (France)

Letter 1
Oh Thank you for your good letter!Thank you for yout attention!!!
I seek a man with a good concept of family that values ??respect, honesty, trust, love me and be faithful, that is good in the house.
I like simple men, who likes and appreciates every minute of life, who is willing to share his life with me.
for me, my future man is not only my man, will also be a King and the mainstay in my life.
I had never until now! opportunity for a relationship, I have no children.
I am looking for a partner for my life.I am honorably, hard working, faithful, loyal, strong, loving children and God
I would like to say again how glad I am that you contacted me.
I believe in meeting I belive in strong relations
I need to feel love and wanted for me as me.
It is the child in me that is speaking now which just wants to feel loved and held by you.
The woman in me wants to make passionate love to you and start a new life with you and try to make you the happiest man alive.
I have graduated school of foreign languages and I speak myself English and French.
I needn't traslation company or someone who will help me with it, I do it myself
I'm a student of National University
I have no brothers or sisters
So I have no job I study much
I have no computer and internet at home I write you from Internet cafe
I have experienced disappointments and pain and also I have learned from those bad moments, but I know that true love is waiting for me somewhere and not afraid to deliver my feelings to that person, be faithful and take care, respect and love for all life.
I also imagine the man of my dreams every day and wonder where it is and just want to hug her and tell him how much I expected, if I find I want to marry him and raise a family.
where everything is based on true love.
For me it is also important that a person captures my attention by his inner beauty, I seek a wonderful person to love me and be my faithful companion in life. Love is important in my life.
He will be the part of me and we share with him all my successes and troubles, we visit different contries and cities and we'll enjoy the life in all bright colours.
I imagine my future love a strong, kind man with the eyes deep like the ocean, loving me and our life, giving me his feelings, attentive to me, dreaming about me every day, bringing his tenderness to me, giving me all the stars in the sky, walking with me along the streets, bathing with me in the sea.My dream is to have a nice family with whom to share every moment of life and professionally and I dream of having my own business. we believe in God, were baptized in the Catholic religion, but not participate in the ceremonies, we are very little to the church. religion in my country is not strict and people are more liberal and we are not very religious, we respect other faiths and other points of view.
I'm waiting for your reply. I'd like to know you better, tell me about yourself, about your life and interests, your hobbies. What feelings and qualities are you appreciate in woman?
Waiting for your letter
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