Scam letter(s) from Gabriela Yavo to Uwe (Germany)

Letter 1
Sweet and tender kisses to my only heart; I come back at the time from my appointment to the travel agency as agreed so I hope you are in good shape but also the preparation of your stay in Dusseldorf and Warsaw takes place in the best conditions for you seen my baby you got me looking very stressed and worried these days probably because of your professional obligations that take you a lot of time; Nevertheless I pray with all my heart that everything goes best for you because I am aware that your work is very important to you and you take pleasure in the exercise after all these years. I miss you so much my beloved and precious heart than having to wait until at least September 24 before being with you hurts me a little bit but it is serious as you continue to show me as you know so well how you love me too and I'm mostly the only woman who shares your life and who you want to live the rest of your life because I'm so in love, blossomed and filled each passing moment why I ask all my heart so that it lasts as long as possible to enable us to form a wonderful and beautiful family over time my baby. I came back from the travel agency as I have explained and the agency manager informed me that she have sent an email yesterday afternoon to inform me that the embassy had given a favorable response to the visa application it filed in my favor for my touristic and business visa in Germany for the duration of 60 days and to report my departure I have to pay a penalty of about 60,000 F CFA approximately 91.47 ? for delaying my departure to September 24 as you asked me because the former has already been confirmed for August 27th so it causes me a little trouble anyway because I owed previously almost ? 295 for fees related to my visa formalities and health insurance and repatriation because I could just pay the sum of ? 1,146 for the flight ticket to sign documents authorizing the start the process of obtaining my visa for Germany to join you my love and after I could adjust the amount of ? 295 remaining from my travel documents once it's would be available, this is why I am annoyed and do not know what to do because i owe now ? 386,47 but I have not the means to deal with it in all sincerity and honesty why I can not get hold of my travel documents and my flight ticket my love. Anyway i asked that the ticket is changed to a starting on September 24 as as we agreed hoping that you can help me resolve this situation beyond my control very much. You know the relationship between us is based on feelings and love between us so I would not want to harm you my heart because I like a lot and truly what i am living since a moment but the truth is that I am well and truly stuck and your help would be for me great relief because everything is so complicated right now, but mostly because I have not the certainty and assurance to make my trip to you if I does not fall into possession of my travel documents and this flight ticket as you imagine because it would be a useless sacrifice if I am not able to be with you my baby. In fact I finished the preparations for my departure as I had spoken, I have with the help of my mother finalize the resolution of details such as the payment of rent during the month as well as September saw that I would be absent for a long time, but also for the electricity bill, provisions for food and the bill for my internet subscription that was cut last weekend. I also did some small purchases in anticipation of my departure as well as small gifts to make you happy when I arrived as I expected so it's hard for and i am really stuck as you doubt in my love. As you know so well, I do not force yourself out and do not want to do so on behalf of all the esteem, respect and especially for the love and the feelings I have and I live for you heart then it is good if you want me you're gonna bring this assistance I ask and I prefer to consider a loan I will pay as soon as the situation allows me s you do not mind because I love my have no one to turn to why I refer to you as I did what was in my ways and means to honor and hold our common desire so I expect a sequel from you as soon as you I receive this mail because quite frankly, I have absolutely no idea what I stand as I could not decide what you love because my travel agent told me that it would issue a new ticket aircraft for departure scheduled for September 24 as I would wish and send the details of my new departure.
However I have to make payment of the total amount of ? 386,47 no later than August 28th to confirm my next departure to the new date to withdraw my travel documents and my flight ticket then know that would allay much as well my mind that my heart is so confused now. I love you a lot Uwe and kiss you intensely with all the love and the feelings that I have for you all in my heart then know that whatever you decide, I'll be heading to your decision and accept it even if I can not join you as we both planned my baby. take great care of you and be wise especially during your stay as well as dusseldorf to warsaw because I would be with you both by heart and thoughts to keep you company simply because I miss you terribly my heart. Your beloved and faithful half, Gaia!
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