Scam Letter(s) from Liluza Heydarova to Edward (Canada)

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Letter 1

Dear! Thanks for this e-mail from you. Your letters are very pleasant to me. This week there is a new theme for considerings, and these new ideas excite me. I do not know as you, but for me starts to have importance our exchange e-mail. These are new emotions in my quiet heart. For me it is not usual, to get acquainted with the man on e-mail, for many miles from me and it is possible to have relations. I don't have naked pictures. I cannot do it because my moral principles do not allow me to make it! I hope, that you will understand me. I did not inform you earlier the address because it is not enough knew you. I live in Ayzerbadzhan, in city Lankaran.. To regret it is far from you, differently it was not necessary for us much e-mail, to find out each other. We could meet, talk, to spend some time together and it is quite good to find out each other. But for us it will be not a fast way. But I hope, that it will not be problem for us if we shall decide to make it in the future. I already made some travel to other countries. I travelled, as the tourist, (it is Egypt). Therefore, you should not have excitements of that is present distance between us. I such woman, that if I shall like the person for a meeting with him, I shall reach even on the moon. In our days is not a problem to make such travel. I not I worry about it and even I have devoted feelings, having got acquainted with The person on the other hand. For me it is very interesting feelings- To find out the person with other culture, thinking, traditions. It One of things - which draws me to you. I hope, that for you it is interesting to find out and test love of such woman? I I think, dear that you cannot resist to mine for a long time female magic, If happen so, that we shall be the face to face. On it I finish my message to you Ed. I wait for your letters.
Yours Liluza.

Letter 2

Hi my darling. I am glad to see yours E-mail. It was pleasant to me to learn, that you support idea to meet and too some days wish me to see and be with me. I think, that in following messages we can discuss in more detail our meeting and establish convenient time and a place, to do it. My name is Heydarova I wish to tell you dear, that for me it is very pleasant to know, that there is a person who waits for me and wishes to hold in the hands. Ideas on it very much excite me.
Therefore, thanks you That you have allowed me to feel it. Tell to me Ed, what you have ideas and imaginations about that day when you will meet me? I have a plenty of ideas, how we can spend together these days. Also I shall prepare for you for some surprises and I think, that you will be very happy with me. I shall inform you Ed, about some ideas in following messages. But you should know, that when you will be in my hands you can not soon get out of my embraces. I now shall not write that I am measured to do with you, but believe, you will long remember it. Now I finish the letter. I wait for your messages. My gentle kisses. Yours Liluza.



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