Letter(s) from Maria Koroleva to Craig (Canada)

Letter 1

Sorry, yesterday I wrote so little. Craig I could not answer anymore.
Colleague came to me yesterday and said that at school fire alarm. I at once run in there. Craig but all is well. It turns out it was just a failure in the fire system. It's just crazy. I am glad evreything has calmed down now, and I can safely write to you.
Craig here are some new pictres for you. On this photo, I walk in the park. Craig I hope that you like the way I look.
I told you I was a teacher? Craig I have teach two classes from 9 to 11 years. I graduated from Teachers College. I received the diploma and the state to give room. I thought I will give a normal apartment.
Craig but I live in a small village. And I have allocated only a room.
My village is in Nizhny Novgorod region, named Kadnitsy. I am 28. I have no family. Not even brothers and sisters. I do not know them.
Craig but I have a friends and aunt.My aunt lives in Croatia now. She met a man on the Intrnet and moved to him. They married and happy. So I decided to try to get acquainted on the Internet.
I have not used the Internet before. Sometimes came in the Internet cafe to write my aunt. But, now I'll comehere every day, and wait for your letters. With English, I dont have problems. And I think that with you I'll know it even better. Do you understand me well Craig?
And you tell me about you? Describe yourself. Tell us what you love and that love is not. What is importnt to you? Your dreams and plans?
Craig I want to know you better. I'm glad that we meet. And I'm sure it's not by accident. Do you think so, too Craig?
I have to go now. Now, go to bed early. Tomorrow back to work. And then I come, and will be waiting for your email. I hope you will answer.
I am waiting for your email, and maybe pictures.