Scam letter(s) from Yana Koshkina to Holger (Germany)

Letter 1
Dear Holger, first of all I would like to express my thankfullness for you giving me your e-mail, giving us both a chance to get to know eachother. Who knows perhaps our meeting was created in heavens and our encounter will put a new begining to something wonderful. Who knows...?:))) Whatever it will lead us, I would like to tell you that I am really happy to have met you along my life path. It is quite hard for me to write this letter, because I really like you and that makes me a little shy, and I have no experience in meeting someone over the Internet. I am confused of what to write in my first letter to you therefor I totally rely on my heart. Dear Holger, you know, there is a saying in Russia: "You meet a person by the way he dressed, and farewell him by him mind!" Do you know what that saying mean? Than mean when you meet a person the first thing you look at is the apearence, the way he look. I do not know, how actual it is for the Internet, however, I am thinking of sending you some of my photos and if you think I am attractive enough for you, we can carry on our correspondence, to get to know our inner world. With the most warm wishes, Yana PS: please, send me some of your photos!
Letter 2
Hello Holger! I am very glad to receive your reply to my previous letter and also your nice photos. It's really great to meet you and have the opportunity to know you better. I hope that our communication will give us only a positive emotions and maybe will lead us to something more... Ok, now I want to tell you something more about myself. I was born on the 25th August of the 1984 year, and now I am 27 years old. I grew up in settlement Sernur in a very good family.
I love my parents and I am grateful to the God for giving such kind and wonderful parents to me. I am a younger child in my family, but unfortunately I am the only child in my family now, because when I was 5 years old my elder brother Anton died under the wheels of the car at the age of 10. I don't remember anything about it, but my mother crying every time when we visit him grave. After the ending of the school I left parent's home to continue my education in Yoshkar-Ola city. I entered to the Mari State University on the pedagogical faculty. After ending of the university I stayed to live in Yoshkar-Ola city and now I am working in the children's garden. I love my work very much, because every working day I am among a little children. It gives me a lot of positive emotions and I really enjoy my work. I also want to tell you about the city where I live. It's a very beautiful city with a lot of sights, where people like to spend their free time. And last five years the number of sights is only increases.
Right in the middle of the city flows the river Small Kokshaga with a lot of beaches. There are no any big factories, concerns or any other production here, and that's why here a very clear ecology. Holger, I am fully satisfied in everything I have, but I don't have only one thing to be a really happy person. It's the main feeling in every person's life - this feeling is LOVE. I think that any person is really happy only when there is love in him heart. I think that you are agree with my point of view? I heard a lot of happy stories about the people who have found their love in the Internet. That's why I solved to use this opportunity too, because I couldn't find my love here. In our days the Internet is become a widespread thing, and more and more people make the acquaintance there. And I sincerely hope to find my only love and build a happy family together with my loved man, who will love me as much as I will love him. Every day I pray to the God and ask him to help me to find my love. And I believe that the destiny will smile to me at this time and I will find what I am looking for. Ok, I will finish writing this letter to you now. I will look forward to your next letter. Your friend, Yana PS: I don't speak German language, but I hope that it's not a problem
for you?
Letter 3
Hi Holger, I want you to know that it's a very interesting for me to communicate with you, because I am a friendly person and it's really amazing for me to make the acquaintance with new people. I had never before a friend from another country, and it always fascinated me how people live in other countries, what culture and traditions do they have. And I feel that you become more interesting to me by every new letter. Holger, I already told you before that I don't speak German.
Please, read my letters paying attention. A word nastucheshka does not mean nothing, because it's just the name of my mailbox. Holger, I think that you want to hear something else about my life... Ok, I want to tell you that I live alone in my flat, and I don't have even some pet in my flat. And it's a very boring for me to come back from my work to an empty flat. Sometimes in my free time from work I like to go somewhere together with my friends. But I don't have a many friends, because I believe that real friend is the person who shares most of your thoughts and ideas, and puts friendship higher the material values. I also like to watch some movies and serials by TV.
Can you tell me what is your favourite genres of movies? Which movies do you like most of all? As for me I prefer such genres as melodrama or comedy. I know many good movies, but my most loved is Titanic, because every time when I watch it there are tears flow from my eyes.
I like to go to the cinema sometimes, to watch new movies in high quality and with good sound. From music I prefer to listen such types as pop, disco and some of the club music. And I also like romantic music, but I don't like to listen such music often. Because I think that only two persons should listen to this music together, keeping eachother's hands at romantic supper by candlelight. Holger, I love sport very much, because I am sure that woman have to be always in good physical shape. I am regularly visiting the fitness center and swimming pool. Well, I hope that my letter will reach to you in good mood and very soon I will receive your answer. Because it's really interesting for me to read your letters. From your friend, Yana
Letter 4

Dear Holger! I hope that you had a really great day today. I have just came back from the work and have found the letter from you in my mailbox. It's really wonderful when I check up my mailbox and see new letter from you there. I am very happy by so quickly progress in our communication. I even couldn't imagine that I will find some nice person with whom I can speak about anything. I want you to know that I am really glad that I have found you and I sincerely hope that our relationships will only grow. Holger, the salaries here in my country is very different. You know, some can have a very little salary of about 150 euro only. But in the same time some can have about 1000-1200 euro. As for me, my salary is 400 euro. By the measures of my city is a good amount. If I would live somewhere in Moscow, it would be very little. Because there is a big difference in salaries between small and big cities here in my country. Holger, I have the computer in my flat and I write you letters from my flat because I have the allocated line for the Internet. But I don't have facebook account to have a chat with you. Unfortunately I could not listen the music that you have sent to me, because the speed of the Internet in my flat is very low. Holger, today I want to tell you about my family more at greater length. As you remember I am the only child in my family, because when I was a little child I lost my brother. My father's name is Leonid, and he is 61 years old. He is already on the pension from the last year. He worked as welder in one private company.
My mother's name is Olga, and she is 53 years old. She works as a nurse in the hospital and already within two years she also will go on the pension. I love my parents very much, but unfortunately I live far away from them and haven't an opportunity to visit them as often as I want. My mother gave me many useful skills, which are very important to be a good wife. From an early years I helped to my mother in household, I helped her to clean up a home, to cook some dishes and sometimes even to wash clothes. And it very helps me now, when I live alone without my parents. I think that you know a phrase that way to a man's heart is through his stomach? My friends say that I cook very tasty and it's really so... I dream about the day when I will cook some of my favourite dishes for my loved one. It's very lonely without a loved man in my flat, who will hug and kiss me when I come back home... I miss breakfasts and dinners together, just the two of us!
Can you tell me which dishes do you like? Do you love to cook yourself? I heard that some men cook much more better than a women.
Ok, I will finish my letter now, and I will wait for your letter with great impatience. With best wishes, Yana PS: I don't know how much does it cost to travel to your country, because I have never been there
Letter 5
Dear Holger! I want you to know that I receive a lot of positive emotions reading every letter from you. I feel deep inside of my heart that you are such person that I was looked for all my life. Never before our meeting I had such feelings which I have now. I thought that I am just unfortunate person, because most of my old friends already married and some of them have children. And only me is still alone...Holger, it would be interesting for me to visit you and your country to know you better and especially your countrie's environment.
I think that you are very interesting and intelligent person. Your deep thoughts attract me, you being well mannered and educated, the way you treat a woman. I am sure that our meeting in person will give us more information and understanding of eachother. Holger, I highly appreciate you being sincere and honest. Like act and matter of your honest intentions and deep faith, I am also prepared to give you my details... My full name is Yana Koshkina. My address - Russia, Mari-El republic, Yoshkar-Ola city, Petrova street, house 18, apt. 168. My postal code is: 424033. Holger, I am a very honest person and I don't endure any lie in relationships. I want to tell you that I had relations with one man about two years ago. I thought that it's my pure love, and I loved him with all of my heart. But one day I disappointed in our relations, because this man have cheated me.
From one of my friends I have knew that this man have relations with another woman and she is expecting a baby from him. It was so hard for me to understand the truth that my loved one have betrayed me. After this happened to me I lost any faith in love and hope that there is someone whom I will love with all my heart again. And only now I have found a powers in myself to start relationships with a man. I just wanted to test the destiny once again. Holger, I think that you are my destiny! I don't afraid to make a declaration of love to you, because if I have a strong feelings in my heart I can't keep them in myself.
Never before I had such feelings to someone, and I am very happy that I have found you now. I really don't know how to express to you by words which feelings I have in my heart now. I am just sure that we can see our souls and feel the warmth feelings to eachother in our hearts. And I hope that you sure too? Ok, on such gentle lines I will finish this letter... I hope that my letter will give you a lot of joy. Kisses, Yana
Letter 6
Darling Holger! I have much more happiness in my life after I met you.
It amazes me how after a little time of our communication I have felt the love to you. Everyday I look at your photo to enjoy the beauty of your wonderful eyes and smile. You are look really nice! Holger, do you believe in love at first sight? My love to you is really like this!!! And I want you to know that my love to you grows by every letter. The first thing that I make when I come back to home is check up my mailbox in hope to see your letter there. It's really so nice to have such feelings to someone, they are warm me when I sleep alone in my bed. I dream to feel the tenderness of your hands and lips, feel your tender breath on my shoulder. I think that we have a lot of common, because it's really very easy for me to speak with you about anything. I feel like I know you for many years already. You are a wonderful person with a big and kind heart. I really love your honesty and the way you are look after me. And I sincerely hope that we will build our further life together. Holger, today after training in the fitness center I had a shower. And I wanted you to be next to me and wipe my wet body with a towel at this moment. It was very unusually to feel something like that. I know that you are sincere in your words and feelings. Some of your words touched my heart and kindle a fire of love in my heart! I hope that in the close future we will have a chance to see eachother and spend some time together. I really dream to meet you in person, look in your eyes, enjoy some romantic melodies with you! Maybe you will have some plans to visit me here in the future? It would be really great! Holger, it's not easy to express all these hot emotions by this letter, but my heart helps me to make it right. In this letter I opened my soul to you and showed what I feel now, because I fully trust you. And I am sure that you will love this letter, because all these words are coming from my heart. I hope to see your letter soon. Yours, Yana
Letter 7
Dear Holger, I am very happy after reading of new letter from you, which full of thoughts about love. I am romantic person and I love compliments, kind words, true and real emotions. And I really trust every single word, which you say to me in your letters. It's really so nice that we have found eachother in spite of the distance between us.
I am very happy that after long time of my loneliness I have found the main purpose of my life. This purpose is to be close to you and love you every day of our life together. Our love is really the best thing which happened to me during all my life. How great is to have such love to you in my heart! I even couldn't imagine that I will love somebody so much as I love you now! And I really hope that I will be able to spend all my future life living together with you, my love!
Holger, I am really happy to hear, that you are ready to organize our meeting. I can see that you are really serious in your aims and intentions. The closest international airport is located in Kazan city. Have you got any thoughts or ideas about our meeting? Holger, today I will go to one good cafe in my city together with my old friend, to meet her after long time and speak about something interesting. Her name is Elena and I know her from the years of studying in the university. She lives in the other city and that's why we meet eachother very rarely. I think that I will have a really good evening today. But I want you to know that even in the company of my friend I will think about you only. Because there is nothing more important than our love to eachother in my heart. Well, now I have to prepare for going in cafe. I hope to see the letter from you soon. Yours, Yana
Letter 8
My dear Holger! My love to you is so strong, that my heart and body are burn. I want to tell you that you became like a kind and nice prince from some romantic tale. You have changed the way I think about all my life. And it's really so hard for me to know that you are such far away from me now. I want to be with you and feel the warmth of your hot body, to feel how your fingers touch my back. My dream is just to feel that you are close to me and kiss me. And I want it all to become real soon and forever! Because it's a very difficult for me to explain to you all my thoughts and emotions in the letter. Holger, I want to tell you that I had really a very good time in the company of my old friend Elena. It was really so interesting to meet her once again and I knew a lot of new information about her life. She told me that she have found her only love and in two month they will marry, because she is already expecting a baby now. It was so wonderful to know such great news! I even begun to cry when I knew it, because I am really happy for her. But after that she asked me about my life, about my loved one. If honestly, I wanted to say her about our relationships myself, but she asked me earlier. And I told that I have found my love too, and I really hope that I will live with this man only. But unfortunately we are living far away from eachother, because we have found eachother through the Internet and my loved prince lives in the other country. She told me that I made the right decision, because she haves one friend who also have found the love from the other country.
And they are very happy now. She only hopes that my loved one is really a good man and will love me with all heart. Holger, it was so pleasant for me to hear such kind words from my old friend. I am sure that you are exactly such person and I sincerely hope that one day my dream about our meeting will come true!!! With love, Yana PS: I think that after you will arrive to Kazan, it's better to go by the bus to my city
Letter 9
My dear Holger, I have a good education and intention to always improve my knowledge and experience. My English is of a high level, because two years ago I had a 6 month courses of English language.
Holger, you can not even imagine how happy I am, when I read your magic words and thoughts. Every word from you, every thought fills my heart with happiness and love. My feelings are ****** that love, I feel the connection with your inner world, with your existence, with the inside of you. I think that relations based on emotional connection are the most sincere and strong. Exactly the kind of relations are the true love! And those relations can not be disconnected from the way you treat yourself. It is the love to another with the overwhelming amount of love in ones heart. The kind of love that can not fade away with years. The real happiness is when two people have the kind of feeling to each other. Do you agree with me? Holger, every morning I get up turning my PC on. I do it and watch your photo. The greatness of your wonderful, attractive sight, touches even angels and awakes the desire to conquer your heart. My honey, the luster of your eyes amazes, and lights a fire in my heart and all I dream of is to praise you and your type. I watch your beautiful face and smile. I smile imagining you will smile back at me. I imagine your eyes, such happy and joy. The calmness and happiness in your eyes, because you feel the magic presence of a woman, that really loves you and feel great responsibility for you, tenderness and respect. A woman like this is capable of loving and seducing you! Holger, I really want that my love and passionate desire to you, forever light your heart, soul and body. My honey, if you know the power of my love, the taste of my lips and sweetness of my caress and kisses, you will love only me. Are you ready for this kind of love? Romantic and tender, passionate and wild? Now when I finish writing, it is very late at night, and the only thing I need right now, is to have you in my bed!
To enjoy your gentle and deeply-emotional caresses! I am burning from the love to you! With sincere love, Yours Yana
Letter 10
My dear Holger, I would have been really happy if we are to meet soon.
It is not important for me at all what country our meeting will take place, your country or some place else...The only thing that is important for me is a possibility to meet you and enjoy your company.
I am absolutely sure, that our meeting will give us a lot more, that long months of correspondence. Do you agree with me? I can take few weeks of holidays for our meeting, if we decide to meet each other soon. We should decide, where and when our meeting will take place.
When do you wish to meet? I need to know the date, to plan my holidays. If you are really serious in your intentions to meet me soon, we can start planing and organizing our meeting. Holger, I am going crazy from the love to you. This feelings are uncomparable to anything. You may not imagine how I expect your new letter. Awaiting for your mail... Not any long awaited meeting, not even waiting for a most happy holiday can not be compared to it. Never I had my heart beating so fast, and my soul was breaking free. Your letter is like a magic cure, heals the exhausted of waiting soul, brings life to it, allots hope and faith. You can't even imagine how I want to be with you. Living my life together. Be always close to you. Every day.
Every minute. I think about you every second. My thoughts are all about you 24 hours a day. If you only knew how much I love you!!!
Nobody, I swear, nobody loves and will love you stronger than me!
Holger, I remember when I first time saw your profile at the dating site.
I liked your wonderful appearance at once. Yes, I thought you are a nice person and was glad to have met you. But few letters after I realized that you are an Angel. I was watching your photo and was drowning in the sky sight of the most amazing eyes in the world! Honey, every letter I felt my heart filled with happiness, and warmth flowing all over my body. A little later I realized I felt in love with you. In love with your wonderful eyes, your sight, smile - you as you are.
My heart is happy being in the cradle of your feelings, and it loves.
Loves with the clear, bright, undemanding love. It doesn't need nothing but opportunity to be close to you. And that is what I need too... be close to you, feel the warmth of your body, tenderness of your hands, smell your intoxicated sense, to melt in your embrace, to feel the taste of your kisses. I have the need of falling asleep and waking up next to you, caress you and understand that it is pleasant for you what I do. I want to relax in your arms and be blessed with the happiness, that you present me. Now I can not imagine how could I keep for so long without you?! Love is the most powerful and have no limits, it strength is not dependant on the time of the year, century, technical progress... Hearts meet and the feeling is born, beautiful, deep and all consuming, it had been and will always be like this.
I want you to know that my heart is now your heart. Your pretty girl, Yana PS: unfortunately I don't have an x-copy of my passport right now.
But tomorrow I will surely make it and send to you!

Letter 11
My dear Holger, I am honestly happy your invitation and gratefully accept it! I deeply appreciate your seriousness and sincere care about our relations. I hope that our meeting will light up the fire of our passion and love. I think we will have good time together and can really enjoy life and our company. Honey, I know the procedure of getting visa to Europe and think, that I will not have any obstacles in getting one! My prince, as you know I do not have a lot of spare time, and therefore I would suggest it to be better if I apply via travel company. I have used their facilities few times already. They can prepare my visa within 10-14 days. Holger, tomorrow I will visit the company, to learn the details of my trip. My honey, I will need your exact address, full name and the closest airport location (I mean it's name). I hope you can provide the necessary information. I also will speak with my director, to have 2 or 3 weeks off, for my travel to you. This is the most difficult part of organisation our meeting, because my director is very strict and responsible and there is a lot of work. It will be difficult, but I will do my best to have those 3 weeks holidays given to me! Ok, now that we have done a few steps towards meeting each other and I hope that very soon I will be able to hold your hands and kiss your sweet lips! My soul and heart will sing from enormous love to you. Hope we can meet soon, Yours Yana
Letter 12
My dear Holger, I got all the required information about traveling to your country. I deeply regret to say this. My love is very strong to you, I highly value your feelings and that you are very sincere to me, that is why I have to tell you straight away. I do not have an opportunity to visit you. Please understand me. I do not say - NO, I do not decline our meeting. I miss you so much and wish us to meet every second. But I really can not travel to you for several reasons.
I have international passport to travel and I think that visa will not be a problem. But the amount that we are talking about (the price of the trip to Germany is 680 euro) is really high at the moment for me.
I do not want you to think bad about me. It just the circumstances.
I will try to explain the situation, for you to understand my motives.
Two years ago I applied for a house loan at the state bank. I think you are familiar with it, and know what I am talking about. I signed it to buy flat. The government offered me about 32 thousand euro to buy a flat. I bought it, and now I have to repay around 200 euro a month, to cover the loan. My monthly salary is about 400 euro and most of it goes towards the loan repayments. My love, as you can see now financially wise I can not travel to you. I hope you will understand my situation and see that only financial difficulties prevent me from flying over to you, my love. My feelings are sincere, they are like water from the clear source. They are so clear and transparent. I really love you and do not want you to think that I played with your feelings. My soul is clear and opened to you, my dear Holger. With all my love, Yours Yana
Letter 13
My dear Holger, there are no such words discovered that are able to pass my gratitude to you for your understanding, words of support and hope, that you give me promising to help me in the name of our meeting. Holger, I do not have international bank account for foreign operations. Bank system and credit cards operations, despite the large growth figures but it is not so developed as in Europe and North America. I have 2 bank accounts, but they can not be used for international banks operations. I think that in our situation it would be better to use the international money transfers system. You are educated and smart man and I am sure, that you know about that.
I checked what companies could we use and I stopped on the "Western Union" company. It is the best company in this facilities industry at present, and is a leading company in business. It has branches in many parts of the world and your country and mine are no exceptions.
I never used their facilities before, but the office manager of this company in my town told me, that it is really easy and fast, secure and comfortable. The manager of company "Western Union" have told to me that we will need our both full names and addresses of eachother.
And I am sending you mine straight away: My full name is Yana Koshkina. My address - Russia, Mari-El republic,
Yoshkar-Ola city, Petrova street, house 18, apt. 168. My postal code
is: 424059. My love, I am truly happy that I have the love of such a wonderful man. You and only you are my love. The love that will always be in my heart. Every day I thank God and his angles for this precious gift that we have in our hearts. Holger, I have one thing, that nobody can ever take away from me. That is my love to you! Thankfully to you and our aquintance, I gained new meaning of my life and new aims. Love is the most powerful thing in the universe and when a man have the love in his heart, his inner world is reaching the height, no man can ever reach for, if love not visited his heart. Holger, angels in heavens will be glad when we meet eachother. They will rejoice and sing songs of love, because our feelings really clear and sincere, our love to eachother is like love that God loves everybody without exception.
Holger, you are always in my thoughts and desires. Sincerity and pureness of our love, the power that we love eachother with amazes my heart and immagination. My feelings to you have no boundaries and I will always love you, till my last breath! With all my love, Yours Yana
Letter 14
My dear Holger, I am really very glad that you will be able to help me for our meeting so soon. And of course 750 euro will be enough to make our dream about meeting to become true really soon. As for my holidays, today my director agreed to give a full month of holidays.
I will know the dates on Monday, when we will coordinate this. Holger, I love every letter from you. With great impatience I am waiting for your respond, to enjoy every word. My love to you is growing stronger and stronger. My heart and my soul want to be close to you. My body wishes your caresses and touches. My honey, I am not ashame to tell you this, because I trust you and the words you say. I love you and now you are my life. My love is so pure and sincere, my passion is so fiery and wild, my body wants your hot cuddles and kisses, that strong I even saw you in my dream. Yes, you were in my dream and we made love... We were in my room. Just you and me, my dear Holger! There were candles, we were drinking wine and looking at each other. You put down your glass and came close to me, touched my face softly with your fingers, and I wished it would have lasted forever... I closed my eyes, and appeared in blackness, so mysterious and excitingly magical, even though there were candles in the room, a lot of them, but I was alone in the dark... I did not want to see the light, I wanted you...and feel your hands... You tenderly touched my lips, I even suddenly flinched. Softly, but demandingly you touched my lips, dry of excitement, with your tongue, slowly turning to a kiss full of warmth...I suddenly felt in not enough. I put my hands up, moving along yours, on to your face, softly taking your head in them, returned the kiss back with the unspent passion... It all started to turning, began to whirl, like someone watches the film in frames, and there I was, closely snuggling to you with my body, taking clothes off you. Kisses rate's increased and the craziness too, I started to breath more hard and abruptly, my heart wanted to break free. And me, not being responsible for the actions, laying on my bed, bestrewed in roses. And you next to me. Then your lips left me alone, you froze, your tongue touched my neck, and your hands tenderly playing with my ******. Your kisses did not stop, just started to go lower and lower on my hot body. When your lips touched my belly, some force made my body to bend in ******, and I moaned passionately. It was becoming unbearably sweet, tender. It was... exotic. You... You did not stop.
You continued playing with me like a wind with a leaf. You took an armful of rose petals, scattering them over my body. And it was unexpectedly. Amazing plastic awaked in my body, it became extremely hot, like candles turned in to a burning south sun... your lips.. it's magic... your hands were all over, touching all my parts: my legs, my hands, my back and little lower still remembers your touches! It was so ******, wonderfully pleasant, unreally vivd dream. I remember like bright flowers something passed me by, I suddenly stoped breathing, my heart stoped at one beat with the overflow of emotions... Holger, you can not even imagine how cruelly it was to wake up alone! My body was hot and all I wished for in that morning was you to be close to me, in my bed! I know, I believe, that we will still have the same I had in my dream and my desires: see, sand, moon, stars and two ***** bodies cuddling each other... And one day, perhaps very soon, I will whisper in your ear, that I madly in love with you! Love is such an amazing thing: even it makes our eyes spark brighter that any diamonds, makes us smile and be happy with life. And this unpredictable love, you have to guard. Your pretty girl, Yana
Letter 15
My dear Holger, every day, I watch your photos. When I see your photos, I imagine you in that moment. I imagine your caresses and your kisses, and it helps me to overcome the hardship of us being apart.
When I think about you, my feelings overwhelmed with emotional desire, my body wants to enjoy the tenderness and fantasy of your caress.
Every moment of my life there is a desire - to be with you. The desire of my love is so huge and hot, that my body and heart will not handle the heath. It will just burn of my passion. Holger, it is hurting to feel the need of such love, emotional desires and to know, that my loved one is so far away from me. I would sacrifice all the treasures of the world, just to be with you in this evening. To drink wine with you, to kiss you in your sweet lips and feed you with grapes from my hands. We would enjoy each others company that evening. And the night would make our dreams and desires come true. It would have been the night of love and heaven's enjoyment. And from that same night, our hearts, our thoughts and our bodies would belong to each other. For the rest of our life we would enjoy our love. With every day it would grow stronger and stronger. Holger, we have the valuable gift in our hearts and the depth of our souls. We have the love, the sincere love, and most importantly passionate and mutual. It is very rare for the people to love each other like that. Love is great only when feelings are mutual. We have such love and have to be thankful for it. We should not miss the chance, given to us by the almighty. Our hearts, souls and bodies, should become one passionately with our love. We should not waste a minute, to acknowledge the happiness of our love, to enjoy our love. Tender hugs and a lot of kisses, Yours Yana
Letter 16
Dear Holger, I am very grateful to you that you helped me with this amount. But today when I went to the Western union there was a problem in receiving of your help. It was connected with my name, don't worry all other details was all right. My love, you have to know that Petrovna is not my second name, is just my middle name. When I spoke with the manager of the Western union, he told me that you need just to use: first name - Yana and last name - Koshkina, to send me your help. And I will be able to receive your help without any problems.
I hope that you will do as I told you now in the next time. Holger, you have to know that today I learned the dates of my holidays. They will start from the 25th of August and will end on the 30th of September.
You can't even imagine how happy I am to receive such long holidays.
And I am really happy that I will be able to spend my holidays together with you, my loved prince! Yours lovely Yana
Letter 17
Dear Holger, you just need to resend those money on such details: first name - Yana, and last name - Koshkina. I hope that everything will be all right. Just do as I told you. Yours Yana
Letter 18
Dear Holger, I could not receive your money, because of my name. You need to send me your help on Yana Koshkina!
Letter 19
Dear Holger, I want you to know that now I have received the help from you without any problems. I went there once again, right after you told me about calling to the Western union. I am really very glad that you helped me with this amount to organize our meeting. I will wait when you will send me the rest amount. Holger, I hope that you also happy that I get a holidays for our meeting. I think that it's not a problem if we will celebrate my Birthday some days later, when we will meet eachother. Because you know that my Birthday is on 25th of August. Yours lovely Yana
Letter 20
My dear Holger, I really enjoyed reading your letter. In it I see a great amount of love and thirst to slake our desires. My love, I can tell you I have such feelings to you. Just my love is stronger and my passion is really wild. I feel the undescribable desire. I want to be with you and enjoy your love. Only your love and caresses will calm my soul and my hot body. I really need you. Holger, you are my passion, my love, you are my man! You became the purpose of my life. You can not imagine what kind of emotions are going through me, you can not imagine my thirst for love and strength of desires. Never in my life I loved so strongly. Our love is heavens gift, because loving like this, as I love you, only angels can. I love every bit of you, I love your photos, because there is you in them, I love your letters, because it is your thoughts. I am ready to become your shadow, to be close to you forever. I love you, because you are my only and sincere love. I can not think of anything else but you, all my thoughts and desires about you! Since the day we have met, we will always be together... We will live a happy life and enjoy our love. I am sure, even after we die, our souls will be together. God saw us and gifted us with the love we have, true, sincere... Always yours, Yana
Letter 21
My dear Holger, I am writing you this letter to tell you that my love for you is so real that I can't find any words to describe my feelings for you. My love for you has grown so strong that I can never imagine a life without you now. You are the best man any woman could ever ask for. Holger, being away from you drives me crazy and makes me want to be with you right at this very instant. This feeling of love that I hold within my heart for you runs deeper than any ocean or sea. I just wish you could see how much you mean to me. If only you could hold me, then maybe you would feel my love for you that burns with a flame high enough to last. If only you could hear my heart beat, then maybe you would understand the language of love with which it speaks. If only you could kiss me then maybe you would ******** love for you that's so sweet. From the very first moment I saw you, I knew you were my destiny. No man had ever captured my attention and my heart so fully.
I had no doubt you were the man God made especially for me. You take my breath away with the feelings you have for me and I have for you.
I look forward to seeing you. I know that our feelings will only grow with each passing day. I know our life will only get better once we meet. I know, we are meant to be together for the rest of our lives.
When I think of you, my heart is so full of love and passion for you that I can hardly contain myself. I think of spending every minute of every day with you and holding you so close to me. Whenever you think of me, please know that no matter how many miles separate us or how much of our lives comes between us, you are and always will be the love of my life! I thank God everyday for letting me meet you and for you falling in love with me, because I know that it would never be as perfect any other way. Love always, Yana
Letter 22
Dear Holger, I am very glad that you helped me with the organization of our meeting. But unfortunately today I have not time to receive your help in the Western union, tomorrow morning I will go there to receive your help, and right after that I will go to the travel agency to pay money to them. Holger, please, send me the details once again. Yours Yana
Letter 23
My dear Holger, once again I want to thank you for your important help for our meeting. As I already told you before tomorrow I will receive your help and pay this to the travel agency. My love, I want to ask you to send me the control number of your transfer. And also what meant queried? The name of what it is? Yours Yana
Letter 24
My dear Holger, I want you to know that this morning I have received the help from you. And after that I went to the travel agency to pay them these money for organization of our meeting. The manager told me that they will let me learn all the details about my trip in the closest days. And when I will learn them, I will write it in my letter at once. Holger, days go by with thoughts of you in my mind. I know you are cute, but every time I would see you, you'd tend to look even cuter than ever. When I think of you and see your photo, I say to myself, God is really good, the greatest architect ever, to design and create such wonderful eyes as bright as the stars in the sky, on a dark and lonely night. A smile of exquisiteness brightens up my world.
If you are mine for real, I will put you on top of my most valuable goods, I will put you in a glass showcase by yourself, and polish you every day, keep you glittering and I will honor, cherish, squeeze and hold you tight. At night, I will let you carry me and place me on your pillow, right by your side, and afterwards, kiss you goodnight, and hold you all through the night, and do it right. Holger, I love you so much! I was thinking so much about that, when I will meet you at the airport. I am getting butterflies in my stomach just at the thought of seeing you. You make everything complete and I can't imagine spending time with someone else and having these feelings for anyone else. I am anxious to see you, my Holger! Time is ticking, and it is going by really slow. My days and especially my nights are so empty without you! I look forward to waking up to the softness of your skin against mine, your hair gently brushing my cheek. I can feel you breathing as if you were a part of my own body. Looking at you as you dream, gently "waking" you to the soft caresses of my hands and your body yielding to me. I miss you every single second. You have rekindled the flame called love in me. You have given one more reason to look forward to tomorrow. Now, you are a significant part of my life and I look forward to the day when we can make it permanent. I love you so much.
I love you for your kindness, for your caring and giving nature, for your beauty - both inner and outer, and most of all I love you because you are you. Eternally, Your Yana
Letter 25
My dear Holger, it don't characterizes your ex wife from good side, that she only want the money for this house. She even don't thinks about you. Holger, I miss you so much and I feel like I can't breathe.
I have never been so in love with a man the way I love you. I am so free when I read your letter. You let me be me and make me feel so special. I know God has something good in store for us. He is not an evil God but a loving God. And when we are in each other's arms, that love will be more amazing than what we have now. Holger, today I was thinking about you and suddenly felt how lonely I am without you.
I felt how much I need you. Because you and only you are the purpose of my life. I need you and your love. Holger, I thought about you and there were tears running down my cheeks. Those were the tears of happiness, because of us having our love. I am very emotional and touching woman. When there is a lot of love in my heart and unspent tenderness, emotions and feelings overwhelm myself. I become deeply susceptible to be hurt, capable of crying from anything. Holger, my eyes are full of tears, because my heart is overfilled with love to you. I know that you are perfect for me. We are perfect for each other, in every way. Love has no limit, no set comes when you decide to let it. You are like God's dove, so beautiful, so pretty, so loving, caring, and that's what I love, the fact that you love me for who I am. Thank you, God, for this special man, you gave me - I can't thank him enough for the love and beauty that I found.
The existence of our love is the best thing that ever happened to me.
I will always be the most tender, beautiful and **** woman for you.
I know one important thing... I know that I love you, and it will never change. Love always, Yana
Letter 26
My dear Holger, yesterday here was a Birthday of my city. And I went in the evening to the central part of my city to view very good salute. There was really many people on the street in that day.
Holger, today I have visited the travel agency and spoke with the manager about the progress of my visa and tickets. My love, the manager told me, that my visa will be ready on the 24th of August!
They have booked the tickets for me for the 28th of August. I will depart on the 28th of August from Vnukovo (Moscow) at 13:55, and arrive to Tegel (Berlin) on the 28th of August at 14:35. I will fly back to Russia on the 29th of September. The flight numbers: LH-3017 and LH-3016. Holger, when the manager of the travel agency told me these news, I was on the cloud nine of happiness. Just some days will pass and I will be together with the most dear and loved man to me!
Just some days separate us from the happiest moment of our meeting.
Holger, we have done a great work for our meeting, we were patient and our meeting will be a good gift for us, for our efforts and organizations. And the thoughts about our meeting make me really crazy! When I think that we will be together so soon, my heart begins to produce heat, that is spreading all over my chest. And by the time I feel hot in my chest, I realize that the flow of the energy reaching my stomach, increasing the excitement and gradually moving towards to the sacred part of me, that beautiful flower, which is filled with lifegiving moisture, my women naturality, that is burning with fire of passion, burning of anxiety to feel inside me the hard pulsating flesh... My eyes close and breath become slow and deep. I feel down my belly, become hot and warm, I feel the pulse down my stomach, pleasant pulse...The emptyness filles with nice warmth, feelings down my belly become stronger... My love, I want to feel your exciting touches along my hips. I want to be totally exposed to you, to give myself to you. I miss you very much, your tender touches and great caresses. And I am madly happy because already very soon we can really feel the power of our love and the heat of our passion!!! With all my love, Yours Yana
Letter 27
My dear Holger, unfortunately I know German language very bad. And I think it will be impossible for me to have a work in the time of our first meeting. Holger, I really want to write something warm and tender to you. For this letter to comfort you, your soul. I wish my words would make you pleased, well and happy. I forget about everything and write the letter to you... This time no one and nothing can distract me from thinking about you. There is nobody in the universe but stars, you and me. I know that we are separated by the thousand kilometers, but when I write to you, I feel that I whisper the words in your ear...And I know that you can hear me! You can not imagine how precious your feelings and your soul to me. How I wish to put a mysterious envelope with a gloss of miracle in your palm, with the smell of flowers. I will close my eyes, imagining how you anxiously open the envelope and there are butterflies streaming out of it, purple, lemon. You can not understand anything and there is a cloak of butterflies already behind your back, and a halo above your head from the pollen. And you couldn't even recover - the calm creatures carried your sorrow on their transparent wings. I want to meet you so much! Holger, my love, I am burning of anticipation, from the need to hug you and sweetly kiss you in your tender lips, and then touch your lips once again with mine and lightly nibble them, pulling them gently in my direction, smacking, getting deeper inside and touch you with a tongue. Kiss and go on until your head start to spin, until it feels light and warm and body will start falling somewhere deep down, into something pleasant... And then you will take me on your hands and carry me into your bedroom with a huge bed, covered in silk bed linen. I will sprinkle your neck with wonderful kisses, and then going down will slowly undress you, for you to feel every bit heading to me, and the soul fills with passion. My hands will cuddle you and lift you into the heaven of happiness. I will gently kiss your ****** and lightly, like a wing of a butterfly flapping on the top of a forest meadow, touch it's tip, lick around it and kiss many many times. And I will repeat it thousand times, and then I will touch with my lips the next ******, not repeating the moves, and will torture it with a great feel, but only the way not to hurt you. I will kiss all your body and will make all your sacred dreams come true, and let it last long enough as possible. Let it last hours, days, nights, weeks, months, years, decades. Let it last all life long and every time at the dawn, before the sun rises, you will slip between my legs and slowly come inside me, for I could remember every night of my life with you, and enjoy every second and every millimeter your wonderful and beautiful body, freedom and lightness, sweet pleasant feeling...And when the first ray of light will appear, I will drown in you to be with my Angel always! Your pretty girl, Yana
Letter 28
Dear Holger, my letter is a voice of a loving heart. Heart that loves you, my dear Holger! There are bells ringing in my soul and birds sing, when I think of you. Holger, you know, the world around me became different since we have met. It lost its melogical touch and I have stoped to differ the sounds of nature. It all mix in one melody - melody of your name. There is true flame of tender and passionate love in my chest. Life is full of surprises, we do not know what will happen tomorrow, but in one thing I am sure - I love you... . I can not explain it, in words at least. All that is going on in my heart is not connected to my mind. Life is full of events, thoughts junction, time and feelings, right now you are the important person, the aim of my life. You are part of me. You changed a lot of things in me, you have uncovered the unknown part of my soul, you are the person that could look inside of me, lightened with warmth and lit my heart, you will always live inside of it! Holger, now I live only for you. You have no idea, how great is my desire to be next to you, sleep with you, feel your hands caress me, feel your body next to mine hot body.
When I think about it, extraordinary-pleasant warmth flow down my belly. I know that it's very hard for both of us to maintain a long distance relationship, but I believe that we can achieve it. I know it's a bit hard for us to wait but it's worth waiting for, right?
I don't know if this can be counted as a love letter or not, I don't know how to use words to express my feelings to you because it's so hard to express, but remember that when you close your eyes, you can feel my love for you and I am always there in your heart. I love you, Holger, and I will always love you. My love, there's only you in my life. Always and forever, Yana PS: I have to set up a time on PC very often, because of some mistakes in the system. And most probably there is also mistake in the time of my letter
Letter 29
My dear Holger, two years ago I successfully passed the exams at the drivers school courses, and got the driving licence, giving me the right to drive a car. You know, I am a little scared of cars and therefore when I drive I am very serious, concentrate and attentive.
Perhaps, thankful to that, for 2 years, I never been into any car accident or some crash on the road. Unfortunately I have no car of my own. Sometimes I use car from work and rent car. I think a car is simply the transporting tool, but sometimes I dream of having my own car, little car. Holger, I am still alone in my flat and you again in my dreams, and I am writing a letter to you. And I am alone again with myself and my thoughts. And you again in them. And we are together and we are very well. I am hugging you very strongly and firmly. I believe that sincere hugs should be strong. Like my feelings. That bright feelings, that I experience to you. How pleasant it is to know that you are here with me in my dreams! We never separate in them, because we spend the most magical and unforgettable moments together. Holger, you are my prince and I wish to gift you all my love, gathered in my heart. I am all yours. And you are with me...In my dreams! We play on the seesaw near the huge remote from civilization castle with a view on a see, so free and vast. The sun at the set is laying down ruby path on the water, and the fiery edges of the dark clouds drawn on the sky like a snake. Many miles around the castle there are rose gardens of different colors. And we admire the beauty of this nature. Sit on a seesaw and watch the roses. And we are happy, because we love each other and we are together. Warm light sea breeze softly caresses our skin, touching our clothes and our hair. We hear the waves and trees whispering. And I am hugging you. Strongly and firmly! Amazingly: even when you far away from me, I feel that you are close by, so that I even feel your breath; touch of your lips. Your image does not leave me a second. And is here with me! I see your beautiful and emotional eyes. They are endless, unlimited, like a night, I am alone with at this moment. It burns me. But there is something that will rescue me, cover me from the horrible spells of this endless night.
It is you, my dear Holger. Perhaps we have met in a previous life.
In that life we must have loved each other passionately but somehow we had to be separated. But I am not going to repeat the mistakes of the past. I do not want to let you go. Especially now, when I found you again. I want to look after you, as a man that I love and am prepared to give my life for. I believe everything will work well for us.
Together on a ship of love that can not be sunk, we will swim on the ocean waves of undiscovered passion, open the doors to the dreams that yet not came true. Remember about me, my prince. Know that there is a person lives, for whom your name is not just a empty sound, and the one that will always treat you softly kindly and gently. Let the thoughts about me will always visit you, when you read this letter.
Already very soon we will meet each other and our love garden will blossom even brighter and more beautiful, the fire of our passion will become hotter and stronger. From all of my heart, Yana
Letter 30
My dear Holger, today I have visited the travel agency once again and spoke with the manager about my trip. My love, he told me that everything is good and they will do all in time. But the manager of the agency warned me, that for my travel to your country I need to have certain amount of cash money. That is necessary for several reasons. I do not have an official invitation from the citizen of your country, I do not have any property (I mean house or flat, where I could live), I also have not got a credit card with the required balance, suitable to make payments in your country. To prove my financial stability and independence and being able to pay I need to have the required amount of money. The manager of the agency told me that I need to have 60 euro to be available for me to spend for every day during my stay there. My trip will take 33 days and therefore I need to have 1980 euro. Holger, I understand that it's a big amount of money, but I need them just to prove that I am capable of paying and have the right of entering to your country. Without having them I will not even have the right to sit in the airplane. You can be calm and absolutely sure, that I will not spend not a single penny of those money and when you meet me at the airport, I will return the whole amount to you. Holger, I do not want our efforts to fail just because of some little thing. I know that you are the best man in the world and I can be calm and sure in your love to me! Yours lovely Yana
Letter 31
My dear Holger, thank you for sending such nice words from that song.
But unfortunately I did not heard this song, I think it will be the first song that we will hear together! My love, I am so grateful to you for all that you make for our love and our meeting. I started to worry about the destiny of our meeting after I knew that I need to have those money for entering to your country. But after I have read your last letter, I understood that you are really my guarding angel, who protects me in every moments of my life. I can't find words to thank you enough for such kind words and readiness to help me...
Holger, I send you this letter for many miles away, let it fly the bird of love to the best man in the world! I wish wind will carry my passion and tenderness to you, so that you, my loved Holger, can swim the sweet waves of my endless love. Days go by one after another, and my heart is torn of the fact that I miss you, my love! You are the only one who can make me happy. You are the sun of my life! I am waiting for your warm rays, as the first spring flower does. You're my sunshine on a cloudy day, my warmth in the cold. You turn my frown upside-down. I'm lost without you and I just want us to be together.
You're so special to me. I love you with all of my heart. Holger, my passion and my love to you are so strong, that I could feel you next to me, when I write my letter to you. But now, at this moment those things do not satisfy me anymore. Even though I try to hold myself.
Daytime I can sustain my feelings and emotions normal. But when the night comes, my thoughts, my wild dreams and passionate desires, literally jump on me. They tease me, my soul and my tender body.
Holger, only you, only your soft hands, your sweet lips and your extravagant caresses can calm me down and my body, that wants you badly! At night, when I am in bed all alone, my lips are with low, toned whisper care calling for you...Holger, can you hear this passionate whisper there, in your country, so far away from me?
Yesterday night, I saw you again in my dreams, I saw you at the pier.
Wind was blowing and you were watching the beautiful sunset. You could see the light going down in your eyes. I stood and silently watched you. I was watching you thinking: "How beautiful you are, my dear Holger"! I was watching you seing the features, I saw nobody on.
Slowly I approached you and when you turned around to me, I saw many pretty women at the pier. "Do you know this man?" they asked me with jealousy in their voice, and since you were smiling to me with a beautiful smile, I told them the truth - "I know him better than myself"! I walked towards you and you cuddled me strongly...You cuddled me so close to you, so I could hear your heartbeat. Our hug lasted very long. We just stood there so close to eachother, saying nothing. Then I raised my hand and touched your cheek. You leaned your head and closed your eyes. With great love and tenderness my fingers touched your skin, running down your lips...I can not describe that feeling, I felt when touching you in my dream. But now I know why I live, though. I live for our meeting together, for our love. Holger, impatiently I wait for the moment, when I touch your cheek with my fingers and when my lips will find yours... Love always, Yana
Letter 32
My dear Holger, I am so lucky, that I found you, man of my dreams. You are the person, I want to spend the rest of my life with. Holger, now I live only knowing that just little time will pass and we will be together. Every day without you, is a day spent uselessly. Only when we are together, I will be able to rejoice every new morning, because I will know, that the day we will spend together! I will enjoy every day, because I will be close to you! God really sent you to me and every day I thank him with all my heart! The day I saw your photo, you took my heart away. Yes, yes, exactly my heart the whole! Holger, I love you with every bit of my heart! Please never forget this. When I think and dream of you, I feel the need of flying, over the forests and lakes, fields and oceans to you, my love. I am sitting right here and now thinking about you and my heart beats like crazy, and I feel how I am in love with you. I do not remember the moment, when I became sure I love you. Now I feel, that this feeling to you was always in my heart, that I loved you all the time, since I was born. But I even do not care about trying to remember the day, when I became sure in my feelings to you. The only thing I sincerely care, I only want to love you forever and you love me forever! I will love you forever and will not leave you ever! I will always hold you in my hot arms of my love!
I want to tell you and the whole world, that you are the purpose of my life and every thought in my head. My love to you means more to me than the destiny of the world, than the big blue sky above our heads.
I love you so deep, that I have no words, to describe the great flowing wave of emotions, running through me just of a single thought about you. Today I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow, because my love grows with every hour. I love you more than "Love". Forever faithfully your woman, Yana
Letter 33
My dear Holger, I am so sorry for missing your question in my answer.
I just had so much feelings and emotions in my head when I wrote the last letter to you, that I even forgot about question. I think that it would be better if you will send me your help as usually in euro.
Holger, when we first met, I did not even consider you real. You were just a pixel on a screen. We talked more and I became so confused.
"How could I have real feelings for a person I've never met?" But I want you to know that I am very fortunate and very lucky to have you in my life. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. You made me very happy and you made my life complete. You are the one who taught me how to love again. You gave so much happiness and so much love to my heart ... keep in mind always that whatever happens, you are my one and only love. I love you with all my heart and soul. Thank you, my love, for loving me. I know we are a thousand miles apart right now, and I am waiting for the day of our meeting! Every day I miss you, dreaming about you. You and me are hundreds of miles apart.
Yet I feel as if you are here right beside me watching me as I write this letter. Your passion spans distances unforeseen by the ***** eye, reaching me in ways I never thought possible. Your spirit soars above me, watching over me like a protective angel. Your heart beats in unison with mine growing stronger and with fuller life with each passing moment. Holger, I know I have made the right choice in proclaiming my love for you. You have proven to me your love for me is stronger and greater than distances between us. Holger, I love you!!!
I am in love with you, and I give my heart to you. I ask that you take my heart and treat it as if it is your own. All my love, Yours Yana
Letter 34
My dear Holger, now I have understood what did you meant with this question. And I want to tell you that I will bring the money from you in euro. Because it will be necessary for me to have money in euro, as told me the manager of the travel agency. My love, it was interesting for me to read the story about Alisa. It seems to me that she simply wanted to find a better life in your country and nothing more. I am really happy that you told her about your love to me. Because not I can't imagine my life without you. Holger, I know that Germany is not some paradise, and you have to work for having a good life. And I want you to know that I am not going to sit on one place and make nothing when we will live together. I will also try to find some work, to make our life better together!!! Yours lovely Yana
Letter 35
My dear Holger, thank you for all that you make for our meeting. I am really so grateful to you so much, that I have not even words to express all my thankfulness to you...Tomorrow morning I will go to the office of the Western union right after I will wake up, to make everything in time. Holger, ever since you walked into my life, I have been smiling. There hasn't been a day when I have gone to sleep with a frown on my face, and it's all because of you. Honey, I am glad that you came into my life. I have always wanted the love of my life to be understanding, loving, caring, faithful and most of all someone who would accept me for who I am. Now I have found the person I was looking for. My heart told me that my Prince Charming was there when you first said hello to me in your first letter. I knew that you were Mr. Perfect. Holger, I love you with my whole heart! I have never trusted anyone the way I trust you. I know that I will never doubt you because you are my true love. I know deep down inside that you will never break my heart or never let me down in anyway. Thank you honey for everything. I pray to God everyday to bless you with everything you deserve. Always and Forever Yours, Yana
Letter 36
My dear Holger, I am very sorry for not writing to you till this time, because I had some problems with my mailbox and could not send the letter to you. In the first lines of my letter I want to thank you for your important help once again. I want you to know that yesterday I have received the money from you. And I am very happy now, because we solved this last problem on a way to our meeting. My love, I have also to tell you that already tomorrow I will go to Moscow, because the travel agency have booked the tickets for me on train. They also rent a room in the hotel for my living there till a day of my arrival on 28th of August. Holger, you can't even imagine how happy I am now, because only few days will pass and we will meet eachother. I am so happy!!! Yours lovely Yana PS: yes, your letter to Jean-Philippe was normal
Letter 37
My dear Holger, unfortunately I have not enough time for writing the big letter to you. Because within a half of a hour I will go on my train for going to Moscow. I will contact you right after I will find a place where to write the letter to you. I think there are many Internet cafes in Moscow for that. My love, now I stop this letter, because I have already to go. I will contact you soon! Yours Yana
Letter 38
My dear Holger, I want you to know that I am in Moscow now, I have found the Internet cafe near hotel to write the letter to you. A hotel name in "Astrus". Moscow is really a massive city, just like a great energetic tornado, that has taken away all my strength and energy.
Just endless love to you, Holger, gave me the powers I needed, to find the computer and write you this letter. My love, it is not quite clear to me, how people can live in a city with such a bad ecology. When I entered my room, at the hotel, I thought that I am all covered in dust. I am glad just because I will only have to spend here just few days and very soon I will be enjoying evening srolls with you. Holger, my thoughts and dreams are already with you and now in this very moment - you are the purpose of my life. I love you to bits and I am not very pleased to say what I am about to tell you, I just have to, because I simply do not have any options to deal with it on my own.
Today I went to an embassy of Germany for receiving of my visa. But they told me to show them permission from the Tax Revenue service. And only after I will show it, they will give me my visa. They ought to do it, because current actual law in Russia prohibits it's citizens to leave the country having an outstanding debts. That means that having any kind of a loan or credit agreements, you are not allowed to leave Russian territory, before covering and sorting out what you owe to the bank and paying the bills. Holger, some time ago I happen to get in a car crash and after the investigation, I was found guilty in the accident. As according to the contract that I signed with the travel agency, the amount of payments and compensations insurance wise can not be higher than 10000 euro. The damages cause by me to the owner of the other car was estimated at 13400 euro. That meant that I would have had to be facing the legal charges covering the costs of the damages in the range of the remaining amount. Followed by the court, where the claim was approved and I was forced to compensate the owner of the wrecked car the amount of 13400 euro. I have paid the most of the debt, but I still have to pay around 850 euro. Holger, I will be unable to leave Russian land, till the Tax Revenue service will not give me a permission. My love, I can not be in the center of everything at once, studying all the law documents, that are applied here and I have not said anything to you about the accident, just because I was feeling shy to speak about it and uncomfortable to confess to you. They say, that women are worse drivers than men, and I thought that you will laugh at me and I will look ****** in your eyes.
That is the reason why I have never mentioned anything. Also I could never have thought that it will actually cause us some difficulties.
However, I have to ask you to help me deal with this Tax Service problem, because I am not able to do it on my own. Holger, in the name of our love, I am begging you not to be angry at me for being a foolish lady. I hope you will try to understand me, my words and what I am asking you. If I could only be able to sort it out by myself, I would have done everything for our love and our meeting. Holger, I hope that feelings in your heart are similar if not the same as I have in mine and I am sure that you will understand and hear the voice of a person that really love you, person that value you more than life.
I need to have the money in the closest time, to be able for paying the fine at time and get the permission certificate to leave Russia from the Tax authorities. My love, you are my man, and only you can help me. I do not have any friends or relatives here, in this city, and you are the only one I can ask for help. Please take a look back on how much we have acieved for two loving hearts finally be together and meet, with greatest tenderness and love to be able to look in each other's eyes. I am scared to even think about the fact that everything can be ruined because of this little thing. I love you and I know that you love me and I hope that you will do your best possible to help me to sort this problem out. The destiny of our meeting and all our relationships is in your hands. Yours lovely Yana
Letter 39
My dear Holger, I really don't know why the manager of the hotel told you that I don't live there. Maybe you called to some other hotel? Or maybe there is some mistake in the name...Holger, thank you for giving your phone number to me, I will try to call you soon. You told me that you will help me on Monday. And I just hope that you will make all in time, because I will need the help from you in the early morning.
Holger, today is the day of my Birthday! And today I became 28 years.
But I am not going to celebrate this holiday without you. Because I know that already very soon I will be together with you! I hope you are having a good day, I miss you and wish you were here with me.
I was thinking about you and wanted you to know how much you are loved and missed. Holger, you are always my main thought and every other thought in my head revolves around you. I think of "our" new life together, every second of every day. I can not honestly tell you where I'd be right now if I did not have you. Since I have met you, I have been so happy. You are my world, you consume my every thought, word and whisper. You are there ... you are always there, and always will be. I will never let you go, I'd rather die first. You complete me, there is no longer an empty, meaningless space. I thank you for that, for you will never know how much you mean or how much you are needed.
Holger, you are the reason I have something to look forward to in my life. You are my every need and want. When I fantasize, I think of you, my every intimate thought consists of you. I hope you are as happy as I am. My honey, you make my life worthwhile and you do it effortlessly, I love you now and forever. Love always, Yours Yana
Letter 40
Dear Holger, I am not going to call some unknown phone numbers. This morning I went to the Internet cafe in hope that you made all that you promised. I thought that I will pay my debt and receive my visa. You know, in the last letters from you I see only some doubts about me.
You write some phone numbers to me. But I don't see the sense to call on those numbers. Because I speak the truth to you every time. Be sure I don't lie to you and want to meet you tomorrow. How don't you understand that we even don't have a time to spend vainly... Yours lovely Yana
Letter 41
My dear Holger, please, don't worry! I just had not an opportunity to write you because there was some problems in connection to my mailbox in the Internet cafe. Holger, I have been using Internet just recently to search for a soulmate, but I am already aware of people, that cheat in Internet. But I am a person with a kind heart and opened soul. I can not be suspicious to people and even when people offend me with any words or deed, I very soon forget that. There is no place for evil and hatred in my heart, so as in my head, there is no place for negative and evil thoughts. Maybe in our days money really takes the main place in the most people heads. But it does not mean that all people think about the money only. They don't think nothing to me, I just needed them for our meeting. Holger, yesterday I paid a loan from the money that I received from you already. Because I had no time to wait for your transfer. I saw the letter, that within 30 minutes you will help me. And I solved not to spend a time vainly, and went to pay a loan. And I received the permission from the Tax Revenue service.
After that I also had an interview in the embassy of Germany. They told me to show all the amount today, because I had no all the amount yesterday. I will search for the Western union to receive the help from you to have all the necessary amount. Because my visa is ready and I just need to sow the money to them. After I will do that, I will take a taxi to the airport and fly to you, my prince! With all my love, yours Yana
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