Scam letter(s) from Anna Ashley to Dave (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi Dave,Thanks for the contact via email but i very sorry for my late response because i was out of town for sometime so therefore I would love to tell you more about myself right now ... I'm Elena Cohens from Martinsville Indiana Usa,I m 31 years old single never married and no kids. I describe myself with a lot of qualities. I am a little shy at first when I meet someone, I'm also sweet, Caring, Loyal,thoughtful, loving, and fun at times I can be charming. I am a pretty laid back Lady with a great sense of humor. (I believe a sense of humor is a necessity of life) I enjoy Sunsets, nature, long walks, Ocean breezes, Reading poetry and the way air smells after it rains.. I have brown hair and brown eyes - Sometime light brown depending on my mood - I’m 5'7. And currently weight about 125 pounds.... I have been single for almost 5 years now after breaking up with my Ex due to some misunderstanding but i planned moving on with my life thats why i decided to give this online dating a trial as its going to be my first time of doing this..I’m seeking for someone caring, Lovable, honestly, trustworthy and a man that i can be trust. I’m looking for a strong man with gentle heart that I can stand by in Good time and bad.A romantic and pasionable man with the fear of God...Looking forward to read from you soon and i will like to know if you have a yahoo SN for chat??? Elena
Letter 2
Thanks so much for your response and i appreciate your lovely comment about my picture..My yahoo SN is elena_cohens and i will be glad to have a good chat with you very soon...Please send me your picture and tell me more about yourself and what you do for a living Elena
Letter 3
Hi Dave.. How are you doing today Hope all is well with you. Thanks for getting back to me as well. You sound so amazing and look so handsome in the picture. I can’t just wait any longer to know you more and see what it takes... Well I have had two Rough relationship that doesn’t lead no where ... The first guy was an alcoholic, he kept beating me every night after he had ***** .. i couldn’t get along with him i had to drop out ... the second guy was a **** ... he Hurt me terrible ... he made a lot of Promises to me , and i trusted him ... I later found out he’s his after my late mom property because i told him everything about my late mom as an only child and the property she left for me. When i met him he showed me love and i love him too and that is why i introduce him to my late mom lawyer officiallly so that they can released the property for me and him since the security company said they will not released anything for me until am into a serious relationship with a strong and honest man who we can both handle the property together and take good care of each other forever because am a young lady with a tender heart but i am very happy that i didnt loose all my inheritance to the **** guy and everything is still keep safe with the lawyer/security company till now ...Though i am not bother about the property because all what i am looking for is true and real love from a man that will bring back joy and happiness into my life...I’m Just Looking for an intelligent, hardworking, loving, Honest and dependable man to trust and love for the rest of my life ..a man that is ready for lifetime love ...someone that will take very Good care of me and treat me like a Queen. I m happy to meet you because i have the feelings that you are going to be the kind of man of my choice whom we would get along fine together with time and hopefully someday start a family of our own together. I know the distance might be too much but I believe in trust and honest when there does two thing there would be every Good thing that comes out of a Good relationship, and seeing what comes out of it ...Hope to hear from you soon so you can also tell me alot more about yourself and also it will be my greatest pleasure chatting with you on yahoo.

Letter 4

Hi Dave
how are you doing today? Hope fine and cool? I would like us to be a good friend and see where it lead us to, I have been hurt a lot and i dont want to jump into any relationship that would leads to hurt at last , i would like us to keep the ball rolling, I would like us to take things slowly, I am a very sensitive Lady, a complete lady with strong "old fashioned" values. Tender of heart, emotionally secure, and always looking for the good and beauty around me. A hopeful romantic. An excellent communicator. I listen more than I speak. Absolutely loyal and committed to things that are truly important. Very well educated, both in school and in life...a perpetual student. Extremely diverse talents and abilities. I like to surround myself with good meaningful people, things, and experiences. I have been Single for some years now But Still Looking. I'm emotionally and physically in myself. Don't carry "How old baggage u Are ".just expect, and offer, loyalty, fidelity, and honesty. My personal habits are organized, neat, and clean. I'm comfortable in any situation. Socially, I present myself as warm, confident, and professional...a complete gentlewoman. At home I'm warm, confident, and comfortable. a complete gentlewoman. I'm more "domestic" than most women. I’m a great cook...I clean, do laundry, ironing, sewing, decorating/designing, name it. There is no "your job - my job”. if it needs to be don e, I just do it. I'm very much an "outdoors woman". Love to be in the mountains. Hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or just napping under a great shade tree. I work hard, always striving to be and do my best. I've been successful in most everything I've done. I am most satisfied and fulfilled when in service to humanity...always looking to do good, even if only a kind word or smile to someone who needs it. I'm serious about my future. I'd like to enjoy with a lovely man that i can trust But, my primary focus is on sharing every day of the rest of my life with the most wonderful and beautiful "love of my life. I am looking for someone who is sincere, honest, faithful and more than anything romantic. Age is not really important to me because age is only a number but I suspect that if I was to fall in love one never knows what tomorrow will bring. I wish to meet someone that enjoys getting out and doing things in nature like walking, hiking, canoeing, camping, skiing or even something new for me would be fun. I would like us to get to know each other better....... Please tell me more about yourself. I would be waiting to hear back from you soon.... Elena Sandy Cohens
Letter 5
Hello David, Thanks for getting back to me. It’s nice to come online now and saw your email awaiting me in my Inbox....It was so Nice of You to tell me a little about Yourself most especially your dream of putting your hands on my chest someday to feel my heart beat sounds..Thats going to be a great day to me as well.I must say i am really impressed and i would Like to Know what You Looking for in a woman or perhaps if You were to be In a relationship with someone what are the Things You would Look Out for ? And how do you feel about Long distance relationships? How would you treat a woman You Love so much? Do you believe in true Love? Are you the kind of man that easily gets angry or upset with your partner? Are you romantic? Do You Like kissing and Cuddling? Do you ever consider having more children or settling down later in a committed relationship with someone? Do you believe in commitment? If you found the right person for you what would you do? Have you ever hit a woman before? and I would also love to know What is your hobbies What music do you like, What makes you happPY, What bugs the **** out of you, I would like you to tell me more about yourself. My Ideal for first date... An intimate and cozy restaurant where they don't rush you good bottle of wine (of whatever), soft music either in the room or in an adjacent lounge, a wrap-around booth rather than sitting across the table. Good conversation and laughter and not being afraid to be yourself. Ideal first date, would be a romantic dinner where we can talk then perhaps go for a walk or drive near the beach What is important to me and what i want to achieve in life.... Maintaining one's principals and integrity is important to me; Emotional honesty is important. Doing the best I can do and being the best person I can be is important to me. Being the most loving significant other is my most important goal.. I would like to achieve personal satisfaction in a relationship and to enhance the loving feelings between myself and the other person. I want to achieve a friendship beyond any I have ever had and a romance that will bind us for ever. Is this possible in ones lifetime

What is are my hobbies and music i like I love swimming, going to the ocean and beach. Travelling, cruising, camping at times, computers, reading, music, movies and intelligent talk. My all time fav. is Simon and Garfunkel and my all time fav. movie is It's A Wonderful life. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy other movies and music. Hip Hop and Rap is something I am not that fond of. More music that has a tune and decent words I am also romantic and honest...very dedicated to my friendships and relationships and am the type that will never let you down! I like to have fun, whether it be going out to a local bar, dancing, movies, dinner, beach, or a weekend get away. Staying in is fun too! It doesn't take much to impress me, just as long as you are yourself! My friends say I am one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

What makes me the happiest, what bugs the **** out of me? Being in love...really, fully in love makes me the happiest I can be. I am focused, my emotions are channelled in a positive way and I am right with the world. Falling asleep and waking up with my lover in my arms makes me happy; that the face and the smile that I see when I awake and when I fall to sleep is the man that I cherish makes me happy. What bugs me? When a play starts at 2 and people have to be seated by 1:45 and my date is running late and does not call me; the same feelings if someone is meeting me for a movie and makes it at the last possible moment. My ultimate happiness would be finding a man I can truly love and take care of in all ways to keep him happy. I do enjoy the ocean and beach and swimming. The ocean draws me. What bug me are people that lie, use you and have very little intelligence when they talk, to just hear themselves

I'm looking forward to hear back from you, Email me back, take care and Have a nice day Thanks
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