Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Veinbergh to Marinko (Croatia)
Letter 1
Good time of a day to you here!!! I see your letter and now from this second day is much better to me!!! :)) Thank you for your answering! I am glad you found time to reply! You are man who wins favour from first look at your photos! And the more I'm looking at you and your greatly kind smile I feel addicted to you more and more!;) Nice photos - very bright and positive;) Thank you for sending them! I love sea, water... That is very romantic! I am happy I wasn't too late! By the way - reading your wishes towards your future and your woman also I realized we have the same point and that seems to me we have nice chance to try... People with the same way of mind always going on well. I want to tell from a first lines one thing - I also heart here could happen bad things, there are dishonest people playing with feelings... I never understood that and will never! I am too serious now here for playing.
I seriously and clear wrote - I search for SERIOUS relationships! I am sorry if you faced sad story... I hope together we will make you forget that! I am happy you are telling me here more about you! I heart much about Croatia!
I know the most beautiful (I think) and famous place there - Plitvicka lakes. Hope I wrote correct.. I see water is not accidently at your photos! Your life, your job connected with sea! Sad your previous marriages didn't work, still that is life and maybe that women were not yours, no for you! In any case - main thing is that you are father - and children this is much important in this life! I love them and I do consider them as flowers of life! Even if you are not connected... I am sure they are happy with such a tender father like you! Maltese they are sweet!!! They are small and cute dogs, right?:) I love pets, cats are cool bit dogs are also very nice and that way dog love and miss you no one else will!:) I like one saying - God, let me be that person witch my dog see me:) you agree?:) I like much you in your character is that you are not hiding emotions but you telling about all. that is very correct and that deeply helps in relations! I too hate lies, dishonest and distrust!
I am sure in relations should be care and support! That is base for stable and long term relationships! I am too hyper active!)) We are going to explode when we will meet!:) I am happy now we are feeling more and more closer together! I am sure spending day,. evening together - that will never be stupid - when that is dear person near! I just want to love and to be loved! That is so easy and simple wish! I too like cooking, I see that we too like to make sweet surprised for that whom we like! Everything what I want this is to come home knowing there is a family who loves and waits for me! I want to live, breath, cook, clean for my family and dear man! I want to have family - that is simple and very strong wish! We are both so nice here till we are single now..
Maybe that is a fate?:) We will see - time will show us everything! You are perfect THE GUY!) In my previous letter I didn't tell you much about my life. Like you already know I am 29 years, I was born in a year of a Pig. My birthday is in April, 18 th. I am the only one child in my family. I had nice calm, full of care childhood. Everything went good till I was 15.... My father died that year... That was a huge, irreplaceable loss... But life is moving, I became stronger and me with mother survived!!! I hope father is watching us from skies!!! :) When I finished school I recollected my father was dreaming me to become a doctor so that I decided to enter medical University. To make real dream of my father!!! But for entering university that is needed to pay huge money witch my family simple doesn't have. I then decided to become a nurse so that I entered college and last year I finished that. Now I am nurse, working 6 day per week and sometimes with duty at 24 hours. This job is tiring, but I like to help people! My home town is Rubezhnoe and there I worked till this summer. In end of summer I found vacancy in emergency as a nurse. Despite that is taking time for me to get to job to Lugansk from my town I like my new place of work! I also still have a dream to become a doctor... That is my aim! :) I hope you were not tired with my story??!:))
I am too talkative sometimes, sorry! How is your day today?
What is your dream? Still I see you are already successful and ambitious man;) Despite my job takes a lot of forces coming come I feel emptiness in area of a heart... I do not want to sleep alone, I want to make the greatest dream real - to be loved woman and to create a family. I feel our wishes are agreeing..;) I start waiting for your answer! Your hospital nurse Katya!
Have a nice day full of smiles! P.S. My photos witch you can see today - were made last Fall, in last warm days;) I love this photos much and I hope they will also give you summer warm and positive, tell me, you liked them?
Letter 2
Thank you for your decision of collaborating with our translation company. For having regular correspondence with lady Katya we gladly provide you with prices and conditions we have: -1- SERVICE OF TRANSLATIONS -- Translation of one letter: Russian into English 5 USD; -- Translation of one letter: English into Russian 5 USD; -2- ADDITIONAL SERVICES -- One scanning 3 USD;
-- One printing 3 USD;
-- Web-cam (1 min) with our interpreter 5 USD; We can also offer you our most inexpensive proposition - UNLIMITED SERVICES-: - per 1 (one) month (all inclusive) 225 USD;
- per 2 (two) months (all inclusive) 350 USD;
- per 3 (three) months (all inclusive) 530 USD. Here are ways for you to make a transfer below: - Western Union,
- MoneyGram,
- Unistream,
- Anelik,
- COntact,
- Bank Transfer(contact us for getting more info) The most fast and safe way to have your correspondence with your lady Katya renewed this is to make a payment to your lady directly. The information you need for it is give below: the receiver Katya Veinbergh
the address Komarova block, 14
the city Lugansk
country Ukraine
zip code 91000 After you will make payment, please, make us inform about all needed information about transfer to make it possible to receive it as follows: - your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number. Please, inform us about your final decision for us to deliver it to your lady Katya. We are always open for your suggestions. Thank you for attention,
best wishes,
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