Scam letter(s) from Larisa Yureva to Russ (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello! thanks for the interests. You know, while I am writing these lines, the sun is shining brightly and it seems that today is a first day of Indian summer. The weather is really good in spite even yesterday is was gloomy and cold, but today my mood is wonderful and I am very glad that our correspondence begins right today:-) Maybe it is very good sign? And what is your weather now? You see, it is very good that you paid your attention on me, because from the very beginning I promise that you won't regret about this. I am sure that Ukrainian men will regret about loosing such a girl as me:-)) And you are lucky, because I will show you that I am not a ****** Blondie Barbie-girl, I am well-bred and clever, but at the same time I am very open-minded, I am very **** and I am ready to share with you, my future man, everything I have inside. Still interested??? I hope I didn't scare you with my such a vigour. Take care and write me something interesting soon.
Letter 2
How are you there? Thanks for the reply, for photo of you you sent, I liked it, it is TOO ****! Now I see that you aren't afraid of my vigour and my energy. That's good, because I am really interested in you as in my other half and future husband. To be short, about myself I can tell you that I will be 25 on the 24.02. And I was born in Aleksandrovsk, in the east of Ukraine. By profession I am a hairdresser. I am not going to tell you about my family, my childhood or the place I live as I think it doesn't have any influence on our correspondence, but if you are really interested, just ask and I will tell you, OK? So, I see you prefer Blondies:-) Of course, I am only glad because of this as you mentioned and wrote me, but all my life I was wondering - why do men like blond girls more than others? Is there something special about them? Yeah, there is much special about ME (I will show it to you), but what about others??? I will be very glad if you give me a normal convince answer at last:-) What about my personality, I am ****, open-minded and I am not shy of my appeal and my body. I have "something" to show, something which is **** and pleasant and I also know "something" very important. For example, how to make my husband happy in all the ways - with cooking and cleaning, being a *****-friend and the most passionate lover, being a loving mother and the clever woman with whom my man won't even feel ashamed in any situation. But in spite I am so open-minded both sexually and casually, don't mix me with the "ready" girl or a **********. It is not so and the first rule I want my man to know is that I am sure that *** and MAKING LOVE are two different things and I want my man to understand this difference. Do you??? I hope I didn't shock you with my "writings", but I think such a discussion will be more useful than ****** letters "...about my hobby...". If you agree and I understand what I mean, I wait for your reply with the photos:-) I also hope you will like mine in spite they have "different nature". Have a nice day,
Letter 3
Thanks for answering me again. It is nice that you aren't tired to reply me:-)) It is a honor for you and your serious intentions! Your next portion of picture is really great! Today is a great day as it is not raining:-), you wrote me a letter and now I am reading it. So, I see your answers to my questions and your point of view is very interesting for me. By the way, you seem a very interesting person for me in all the ways. And as I promised, I will tell you my opinion about this. Well, in my own marriage "hierarchy" on the 1st place I will put mutual appeal (mental, physical, ****** etc), but it is only appeal when two people like to be with each other, when there is a "chemistry" or "sparkle" between them. On the 2nd I will put good ***, but no, not *** - passionate making love. 3rd - mutual respect. How do you like my thoughts? Do you agree with them or not? for me it might be a bit difficult to make the correct "hierarchy", because I have never been married and maybe my opinion is wrong, if so, correct me! I am ready for objective critic!!! I am going to stop here, because I must go back to my job - it seems that today almost the half of the city decided to cut the hair:-)), so I am rather busy now. Well, I will wait for your reply and hope that my other picture will bring you joy and happiness. Stay well. **** Blonde Olesya.
Letter 4

I need to inform you on behalf of our client Olesya that she is not able to pay for our service any more. From now you correspondence will probably come across difficulties. If you are interested in further communication with Olesya, you could cover expenses connected with translating her correspondence from your side. If no - wait until your lady is able to continue payment. This message has an informative character and we don't oblige you to do anything. "SUPREME" is a known and respected company, so we can ensure you in the quality of service you receive. If you have a wish to become our client contact us via e-mail address: for additional information and we will discuss the details. In the case you refuse the proposal, please, inform your correspondent Olesya. Hoping for successful collaboration
Sincerely yours,
financial manager of
"SUPREME" Translation
Larisa Yureva.
Letter 5
thank you that you have found time to write us. Unfortunately, our web-site is elaborating at the moment, so below you can find an extract from the whole list of our services concerning the translation service: High speed and the best quality of the translation, only the price is low!
If you join our service now, you will join the special proposal - "Everything for 2 dollars"! (all prices are in USD) translation of 100 words - $2 (includes printing/typing)
scanning/printing of one pictures - $2
phone call translation - $2 pro 5 minutes If you don't like to count and to multiply, our next proposals are especially for you! - ONE month "unlimited service" - 130 USD;
- TWO months "unlimited correspondence" - 210 USD;
- THREE months "unlimited correspondence" - 410 USD;
- SIX months "unlimited correspondence" - 510 USD; To make a payment, you can use Western Union or MoneyGram systems. Depending on the country you are from, you can make a payment online via the web-sites: or . If you don't have such an opportunity, you need to go to the nearest department of Western Union or MoneyGram and make a transfer fulfilling the following information about receiver: name: Larisa
surname: Yureva
address: Lenina Ploshad', 7
town: Lugans'k
country: Ukraine
zip code: 91014 As soon as you make a payment, you will be given Money Transfer Control Number (10 digits WU and 8 digits MoneyGram), so provide me with it plus full info about you - full name, country you are from, the sum which was sent and what package did you choose. Of course, we are registered by our government and we have all the necessary documents. To become sure in this, in the attachment to this letter you can find a license for our activity. We will be proud to have such a client as you. Sincerely yours,
financial manager of
"SUPREME" Translation
Larisa Yureva.
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