Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Mihajlovna Shuklin to Max (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Maybe you surprised that you got this letter, but let me introduce. My name Adelina I reside in the country Azerbaijan.
It is very difficult to find love here for me. So I like to find a man from another country.
I desire that you will answer me, if you look for a serious relationship.
For me this is very great. I will forward you my photos in my next letter. My appearance is very beautiful, when you see my phototures, then I am sure you will like it.
Because I believe that my appearance is similar to the appearance of models.
If you answer me I promise that I will write to you as genuinely and tell you yet about themselves.
I'll wait for your answer. Adelina
Letter 2
Hello. Today my mood is much better, after I saw your response to myfirst letter. And I hope you are interested in further relations and correspondence with me. I really hope that my picture is nice for you,which I send with this my letter. I think you're a serious man, andwill be serious about the correspondence with me! I do not want towaste time on a variety of games on the Internet with feelings. I never play such games. I'm serious, lonely girl, and I want to haveonly a serious relationship in the future. I live in a Muslim countryAzerbaijan, this country has borders with countries such as Armenia,Iran. Azerbaijan - it is an independent country. I received your e-mail address in Dating agency. For me the age difference does notmatter. I will write to you in my next letter more information aboutme. I will write to you about my life and inner world, and I am sureit will be more clear for you. I promise to write you long letters. I hope you will find free time to write me big letters as answer me. Inmy next letter, I expect that you will tell me more about you. NowI'll check my email more often, and when I see your answer, then I'll write you a response. Adelina!
Letter 3
Hello again. How are you today? Now I come again to our internet cafe,it is not far from my home. So after my work, I come here. I'm glad to see your new letter, thanks for that. I really hoped to see youranswer, and now I'm really happy because I can see that. I realize nowthat you and I, we can start to get to know each other better. Iunderstand that I make the right choice when I went to a wedding agency, and they gave me there's your email address. I do not reallyunderstand how it works, wedding agency. Wedding agency manager toldme that they have agreements with many dating sites, and those sitesprovide this agency with e-mail addresses of visitors and single men.
In any case, I'm glad that now I can communicate with you. I ask youto write me often, and I will do as well. I'll be glad to know aboutyou and your life, and talk about my life. I want our relationship is in constant development. Friendship must also evolve. Now I think wehave to take the first step, I have an interest in you, and you havean interest in me. I'm sure at least - we can become good friends. My hobby. I go to the gym, do jogging. Do you like sports? I lovephotography, and I will send you my pictures often. But, I would neversend ***** pictures! If you're asking for it, I will stop writing toyou all. I can speak English. But to write to you, I'll use a program interpreter. I would like to know, what are your favorite activities,hobbies? Tell me more about your work, do you like it? I love my job.I work as a salesman of shoes for women. I find my work interesting,as always communicate with people. Also, I should always have a good appearance. I always try to dress in quality items that customers cansee it. My height is 165 centimeters and weighs 54 kilograms. I am 28years now and my birthday is December 21, and I still live alone inthe city! My country called Azerbaijan. This is a Muslim country, with the religion of Islam. I hope you are not afraid of it? And myreligion is not a barrier to the development of our relationship?I am comfortable with the other religions, and I do not think thatreligion can be an obstacle for the development of a serious relationship. Because I do not put religion in first place in my life.For me, my target in life now is to find my only man. That's why Iwent to the wedding agency. My town is called Samkir. It is not very far from the capital, Baku. My city is small, quiet and calm. I do notlike the big, bustling city. In our country, all of the girls aremarried off to a man at a very young age, and my father always choosesa husband for his daughter. Since Islam is the main religion. Girls and women in our country have very few rights. I'm different . I wanta man to love him. And so I would not want to stay longer inAzerbaijan in the future. So I have a conflict with my parents. I'lltell you more about that in my next letters! I want you to write me big letters and send your pictures, please do not forget. While Iwant to use only the Internet mail. I think that this is the bestoption for correspondence with you. So I can write anything I think.Please, let's use e-mail for our communication? I do not know how to use other programs to communicate, and I just do not have time forthis. I can not use Skype or MSN, since it is very time-consuming, andthe Internet cafe manager told me that their internet speed is not thefastest for that. So I prefer to use only e-mail communication. I hope not too tired you my letter and questions? I hope you can findtime to write to me again soon. I want to receive from you a longletter. If I see that you answer my questions, I understand that yourintentions are serious. Please write to me as often as you can. Write about anything that you're interested. Ask me any questions. I try toanswer you directly. Looking forward to an early reply, now goodbye.Adelina!!
Letter 4

Hello. Today my mood very good again, I come to the internet cafe andsee your letter. I hope that we will continue to communicate and develop our relations. How is your mood today? How's the weathertoday? I have a very good weather, it's not too hot and not too cold.I am glad that you replied to my letter. I see your interest to me,and it's very nice for me. Therefore I tell you more about myself. I promised to tell you more about my family and life. As I told you,Azerbaijan is a Muslim country . And some laws may seem very cruel.Especially about women. Women in our country have very few rights, andis much lower than men. This was the main reason why I left my parents. All my life my father was always trying to look for husbandfor me. He did not ask me whether I want it or not? These traditionsin our country, father’s always chooses a husband for his daughter,and the daughter must obey and accept the choice of his father. I do not want that, I want myself to choose a man for love and family.Because only love and trust should be the basis of the family!Otherwise, family life is not to be happy! Do you agree with me?Because of this, I left my father and went to another city, so that my father could not find me. I have started a new life after this. I gota job, rent an apartment, and become an independent and sovereign. Forgirls in our country, it is very rare. Besides, I'm the only child in my family. I do not have brothers or sisters. So my leaving was aserious **** to my father. He said that one day will find me, andanyway give me in marriage. I do not want that. You can see that inour country, the religion of Islam makes many women unhappy. But, unfortunately, I do not have the ability to choose a religion. I grewup and raised in this religion. It also have its advantages. Maybe oneday I change religion. I'm not a little girl, and if I change myreligion, I will do it consciously. Most women and girls in our country are forced to wear «parcha». This dress is made of thick blackcloth that covers almost the all body. I do not wear it, and I lookdifferent, you can see it in my photos. But because of my appearance,some people look at me with conviction, when they see on the street.
But for me it does not matter their opinion. Perhaps you wonder why Iwrite to you, to another country. Instead of trying to find a manhere. But according to our religion. A man and a woman can not haveany relationship before wedding, sometimes even the future husband and wife do not know each other, and have not seen each other before thewedding. That is, they see each other for the first time only at thewedding. Therefore, men and women do not have time to know each otherbetter before you get married. I want to find a man at first, love it and then get married. I hope you understand me? So I did not even tryto look for a man here in Azerbaijan. I want to feel self-care, to seethe emotions that I'm calling. I want to be a real woman, allow myself a small female weakness whims. Be gentle, loving, and give your love aman who deserves it. I perfectly understand that you and I have someage difference. I want you never worry about it. I do not doubt thatyou have a rich life experience, you see different situations in life that I will never meet. And you can teach me a lot. For me, there willalways be important your opinion. From my side, I can give you a boostof energy, vitality and positive emotions. I have to tell you that my goal is a serious relationship, and that the age difference, I think,will help build a relationship. In general, I believe that thephysical age is not as important as the age of the soul. The mainthing to be young in the mental plane. Do you agree with me? I told you that I love my work, because it gives me the opportunity ofconstant communication with people, girls. And as my job allows me tohave a discount for buying things. So some things that I wear, I meanshoes, I bought at the store where I work. And it helps me to sell it, because I was able to self-assess the quality of these things. And youcan see it on many my pictures, I really like high heels, it makes mehigher (smile). In this letter, I also want to talk to you more aboutmy hobbies. I really love to cook different dishes. Most of these dishes, it oriental cuisine, that is the national cuisine ofAzerbaijan. Many of the dishes I cook contain meat. Do you love meat?I also make a range of light meals, salads and snacks. Maybe one dayyou'll be able to try what I make to you. I'm sure you like it very much. I also enjoy listening to music. I listen different styles ofmusic. It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I listen fun songs thatlift my spirits. Sometimes listening to sad songs, it is usually whenI think of something important, and I am filled with emotion. From the artists I love to listen artists of my country, which is not known tothe world as well as singing in the Azerbaijani language. Singers fromother countries: Beatles, Madonna, Julio Iglesias and Enrique Iglesias I'm sure you well know these artists. I like their voices very much.Besides, I have translations of songs. I also love to go watch amovie. The last movie that I see in the movies, it is «Step Up». Ilove to watch the dancing people, unfortunately I can not dance myself so well. Just my favorite movies is "Vanilla Sky," "Sweet November,""The Green Mile," "American Beauty» «Forest Gump». I love to watchromantic movies and movies that make us think about life and different
situations. The most romantic movie I remember it well «SCUSA MA TICHIAMO AMORE» or the English name of "Forgive for Love." Do you loveto watch movies, what are your favorite movies? I hope it’s not hard for you to write me letters often? I understand that you have enoughof its own affairs every day. I hope you find some free time and writeto me? I do not have my own phone. This is expensive in our town. Ascellular and home phone. But our city is very small, and people are able to continually meet and communicate. I think that personalencounter much better than communication over the phone. Do you agreewith me? We have very few cars in our city, and I also do not have myown car and do not know how to drive it. I never thought of my car, I love walking, as it is good for health. I think that later, when youand I know each other better, then I will be able to call you and hearyour voice. But this takes time. I hope you understand me correctlyand not rush into it? I also do not except possibility that in the future you and I can meet, and I will come to your country. But nowwhen our relationship only at the beginning, I believe, the realmeeting early to tell about. Do you agree with me? I would love tolearn more about life in your country, because I never left Azerbaijan, it will be very interesting for me. I hope you will beable to describe to me some features of your country, the climate, orsome very interesting places. Also I would be interested to know whatpeople live in your country? I really have serious intentions , I'm tired of being alone. Loneliness is the most terrible thing in theworld worse punishment than the loneliness impossible to come up with!When a person is alone, he can not be happy, and get the most positiveemotions of life. Loneliness can ****, I think so .. A person can have a lot of friends, but still be lonely. You have a lot of friends?Every person in this world has to find a partner, someone to love withall my heart, to trust completely, to take care of this man, and ifnecessary, to exercise self-sacrifice. To make concessions to his loved one to be happy, and feel that all is well. Do you agree withme? I also have a close friend, her name Gizzel. All the photos aresent to you, she did. I trust her completely, we constantly discusswith her a variety of topics. This women's talk, for men are not so interesting. And they may even seem silly. But after theseconversations my mood is getting much better, I have peace of mind andease. We can even cry together when we hard or sad. Tears alsofacilitate emergency. I understand that you are a man, and men do not cry. I'm going to meet with my girlfriend in the near future. I reallywant to talk to her about what to start correspondence with you. Ihope you do not mind? I hope that not much bother you when you read my letter? And you still have the strength to respond to me. I try to putin one letter a lot of information about me, so that you canunderstand me better. I write letters only to you, and I do my maximumeffort to get my writing is interesting. I really want to know your
opinion about the fact that I write to you in this letter? It is veryimportant that you understand me. I look forward to your reply. Alsotell me how pass your day? What's new in your life? I'll wait on you a new message, and if possible get your new pictures, I'm always happyto get it from you, even if it's just one picture, I'm always happy tosee it. I wish you good luck in all your affairs.
Letter 5
Hi again. Today I finish work later, and my today letter is not verylarge. I try to write as many as have time before the cafe close . I realize that between your and my country there is a difference intime. Usually I write and send you my letter when here is evening. Iwant to tell you that I'm starting to get used to your letters. I'm getting used to come to the cafe and see your answer. I always readyour letter carefully, and sometimes even imagine as if you told meall this looking into the eyes. I have a very good imagination. Howyour day passed today? What kind of weather you have today? Are you okay? You must not be afraid to tell me all that you care about orworrying. I always try to understand, and if you are interested, speakmy mind. I have one question, I forget to ask about this in theprevious message. Did you get my pictures? I try to send it to you with every letter. Tell me honestly, do you like me as a girl? Tell mewhat you think. For me this is very important, I'm sure youunderstand. I get a lot of emotions from our correspondence, as I seeyour interest. I see that you understand me. And I write in response my thoughts. I appreciate that. Thank you. I want to pursue it furtherdevelop our relationship, get to know each other better. So we cantalk to each other more personal things. I understand that we are notvery well know each other, and we still can not talk about everything.
But I am confident that one day it will change! I really do not knowwhat made me choose you to communicate when I go to a wedding agency.But I am happy that now you and me, we can talk and get to know eachother better. I just think that it's fate to acquaint us. I want to tell you also that I like animals very much. Especially dogs. BecauseI think that this it’s the most faithful animals, they will neverbetray the hosts. Unfortunately this quality – faith - lot of peopledoesn’t have . But I'm sure that if I love someone, then I will be faithful to him always, and never betray. I think faith - this is oneof the main pillars in the ideal family relations. Such a relationshipcan be built on understanding, trust, love and faith . I think youwill agree with me. these notions about the ideal relationship I have.
Every weekend I try to spend different. For example, one weekend, Istay at home, doing household chores, or just lie back and watch TV. Ilike to watch different programs about travel, nature and animals.Sometimes I watch sporting events. Unfortunately, athletes from Azerbaijan have no great achievements in the world. Even at the lastOlympic Games in London, our athletes won just two gold medals, twosilver and six bronze medals. I think it was not good performance forour team. In other weekend I'm meeting with a friend and we were sitting in a cafe and talk. Sometimes make field trips, but this israre. I have not thought about what I would do with next weekend. Inever know. And now I want to talk to you about very important thingsfor me. You're the only one man with whom I communicate on the Internet. And only for you I send my photos. I beg you very much, keepmy photos safe, and do not show it to anyone. I greatly fear that myphotos may be the Internet, and one of my family to see it. Then Ihave a very big problem. You already know that I'm running away from my father, because he want to marry me by force. And I do not want myfather to find me, and try to look for husband for me again. I want tobuild my personal life and my destiny. I send my pictures for youbecause I believe you have a better idea of ??me when reading my letter. While I’m here in Azerbaijan, I'm afraid a lot. But one day,I'm sure I'll be able to leave my country. And then I forget abouteverything bad that was before. I will be finally able to breathe the air of freedom. And not think about what people think of me. And mostimportantly, if I decide to leave my country, I do it only when I fallin love a man and decide to build their own life with him. Because for me right now is the main goal of my life. I think that such a man canbe you. But it is too early to talk about it, we have to get to knoweach other better. To understand how can you and I to be together. Tounderstand what we feel and what we want and what kind of force it is.
I understand that we need more time. Do you agree with me?Unfortunately, I have to finish my letter. As the internet cafe toshut down, and I have to go home. I want to write you a lot more, butmy time is running out. I think that now, when I come home, I turn on the music and a bit of a dream. And I would hope that my dreams cometrue. I hope to get an early reply from you, I wish you a nice day andgood mood. A friendly hugs. Adelina!!!
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