Name: Angel Smith
Age: 33
Name: Maria Domracheva
Age: 26
Name: Ioana-Mihaela Preda
Age: 23
Name: Tessy Diagne
Age: 23
Name: Yana
Age: 30
Name: Gabriela Murat
Age: 29
Name: Merry
Age: 28
Name: Katerina Konushenko
Age: 31
Name: Olivia
Age: 25
Name: Mary Derrik
Age: 35
Name: Tatyana
Age: 33
Name: Marina Lampova
Age: 25
Name: Anita
Age: 26
Name: Becky Emanual
Age: 32
Name: Tina Evans
Age: 33

Scam letter(s) from Natalia Bezdenezhnykh to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Howdy, my name is Kristina and i like to talk with you!
I found your mail-box thru a dating site so i thought, why don't i give it a try ;)
I want to to find a good friend, a man, maybe a lover.
Yes, i used to talk about love and *** straightly and i don't like any hidden catches, so if you like we could use a chance to talk a little and share a couple of photos with each other, perhaps some hot pics also?!
Anyway, if you are intrigued, please reply to my mail box:
I want to believe that you found my proposal intriguing and you'll reply soon!
numerous sweet kisses,
Letter 2
Hello Michael!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad, that you have answered my little letter.
I ask you to read it very attentively, it is important for me to know your opinion about what I wrote.
Because under your answers I shall look is there a sense to continue our dialogue farther or not.
Simply, I do not love to be ignored. I try to be sincere with the person i'm communicating with, try to open my soul and it's very insulting when i got ignorance after all, or suddenly receive callous letters or letter assigned to another girl with different name in it.
It is very obnoxiously and I was hurt many times, so i don't want it's happen again.
But, i ask you don't be frightened either, i'm not malicious person. Do not make any hasty conclusions, read my letter up to the end and then make your mind.
I'm actually good and tender on my nature, but life forces me (well, as the most peoples) to be cautious and rough, cause there is a lot Of deceit and evil around. I really like you very much, and as I understand by receiving your letter you liked me to.
Who knows where our correspondence will lead us to, but I hope at least we will be friends.
I am a student and I study economy at the university. I'll write more about that in my following letter.
Before the beginning of our conversation i want to tell you at once, that i get my money for a living by working a striptease dancer.
And im not thinking that it's something shameful to do. If it contradicts with your morality or ethical principles and your thinking, before our dialogue will go further, you can save your and my time and stop reading this letter. I love peoples who are not afraid to be what they are, peoples who are above the critical judgement of the masses, peoples who are not afraid to express their passion.
I am sorry for my english, it's not perfect but i try to make it better every day. I'm using google translator.
So, i hope you'll forgive me if i miss something you'll ask of me. I am very cheerful character, i like to have fun, i love jokes and peoples with sense of humor- this is the only way to live in modern russia, smile despite of what's happening around. There is no way you can feel bored with me.
I love peoples that close to me and try to be the best i can for them, so they can be the best they can for me. I hope we have a chance to become such close peoples, no doubt i have a sympathy toward you. It's a rare thing when i find myself feeling sympathy to other person. I am very legible in people. But in your case, i fell that something woke up in me. I can't specify it. Simply i liked you, maybe it's something about a subconscious level.
You know how it's happened- sympathy born somewhere deeper than our minds. I think i understand peoples very well, i do not want to brag of, but it's true. Though i'm still a young woman, but I had a difficult life that forces me become rational and adult-thinking person. So i stopped waiting for a help and become an independent girl. But i gained a lesion- to appraise every instant of a life, never despond or complain on your destiny.
In fact everything we have are made by our hands- our fate, peoples we have around us, being happy with your family or live alone forgotten.
Don't you agree with me?
Also I want to discuss one problem at once, there is a lot of cheaters at the internet, i already communicated with some of peoples and know what to expect. It's happened sometimes like you try to make a dialogue not with the man but a computer program, so i want to be convinced that you are real person, and call you by the telephone.
I want to hear your voice and to be convinced that you are real existing man. Write me your telephone number so i can call you.
I'd like to hear your voice very much, but now I have no own phone, it is broken. But as soon as I buy new one I'll call you at once. It'll not take too long.
There is something more i must tell you, if it's only my intimate photos you are interested in and not in my person- It is better for us all to stop our communications. Many mans tried to get this photos and it was their only goal.
They told me that they love me, did numerous compliments, promised a lot of money, but only way to get such a photos from me is thru having a real sympathy and mutual understanding.
And as soon as they understood that they disappeared. It was hurt and insulting for me. Actually I have nothing against such a photos, i even find it pretty cool! I like being admired by someone i feel sympathy to, it rises and inspires me. But I would not want to being forced to this. So, i will make this kind of photos for you, but only when i feel ready for this.By the way, i'm looking to get your photos too, im only asking you to reduce your photos size, so they have normal size, not like 3600*2400px.
Internet is a little slow here so it takes a time to download a big sized photo.
I hope to see your letter as soon as possible. I'm very interested to hear more about you!!!!!
Tell more about yourself, about the country, city you live in. It is very interesting to me.
Also, im asking you to comment general thoughts in my letter, what you think about all that? It is very important for me.
Do not forget me, write as soon as possible.
Best regards to you!!!!!
p.s. Thank you for the photo, you looks very nice )))
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