Scam letter(s) from Janet Mark to Ed (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Baby Missing you here and cant wait to chat with you soon.
Letter 2
How are you doing today **** ..I slept good and you were on my mind ..I really missed you so much and i cant forget about you Ed..You Own my heart and i promise to make you Happy forever..Am glad your mom likes me too..Kisses and hugs and to hear from you soon. Yours Forever
Letter 3
How are you doing this Lovely Morning my darling.Sorry i lost my power and couldn't get on for you ****,I Hope you had a good sleep you dream of me as well..I really missed you so much and couldn't take you off my mind ..You really mean a lot to me and i do appreciate you very much Ed .I am doing good this Morning and i hope God guides you for me till you wake up from bed to chat with me soon..Kisses and Hugs to you baby. Yours Faithful ,
Letter 4

How are you doing Once again **** ..I am Sitting in my room thinking of how love and sweet you are to me my dear **** .You bring smile and happiness into my life..I am also a simple woman with good heart,honest and care for you ..You now a Vital part of my Body **** and you will not regret to have me in your Life Ed...Love you so much and cant wait to hear from you Once again **** ..Kisses and Hugs Your Love,
Letter 5
Hello **** how are you doing today..I really missed you so much and i am very much honored to hear from you **** ...I know you are doing good at Work **** and i have been thinking of you all day and night...I Love you and i truly know you want me for the best..Also thanks for your songs that you sent me..They make me feel so close to you my darling..Kisses and Hugs to you and cant wait to see your Mail again...Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Yours Lover,
Letter 6
Name.......... David Essah
Address....... 112 Street Accra Newtown
Country..... Ghana
Zip Code ..... 00233
Bank Type ....... Moneygram I Love you so much **** and that my Grand Dads Info to send me the money **** ..Kisses and Hugs to you and cant wait to be in your arms cuz you are so special to me Ed..God Bless you **** Yours Faithful ,
Letter 7
How are you doing this Morning **** ..I really hope you had a good time at work honey..I Slept good and you were on my mind in my sleep..I feel so close to you each and every time i chat with you or email you ****..You so caring and special man to me Ed...I cant wait to hear back from you soon.. All my Love to you ,
Sandra Johnson
Letter 8
How are you doing this morning sweetheart..I Hope you are still in bed and wish i was there with you baby..You are always on my mind and i really thank God for making us together **** .You are the Love of my Life and i want to do anything to make you happy all the time **** ..Love you more and more cant wait to hear from you again Ed Yours Faithful One,
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