Romance scam letter(s) from Lilia Kravchenko to Rohan (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello Rohan!yes I interested in you!And I am very glad to receive your letter! as I promised you I send you my photos so if you like me,then I very much hope that our communication will be continued!
Letter 2
Hello Rohan!I am very glad to receive your letter and photo, you are very handsome man, and by the way have your dogs are very intelligent eyes, and what kind of breed? just that I also love dogs)) And I am very pleased that you decided to continue our communication!
Today I want to tell you way I am here, and what looking for! And so in real life I could not find a man who could love and appreciate me! In my life were all one serious relationship, I lived with a guy for two years, and we have already planned a wedding but one day I caught him with another girl, and of course I could not forgive him betraying! And after that I stopped believing men, but my friends persuaded me to try to find a husband on the Internet, as in our time, Electrical Technology and Internet many people find their soul mates on the Internet! I also decided to try, so I hope that you too are looking for serious relationship here! because I do not want that to me again broke heart ! Unfortunately to me it is time to work but I hope very soon to get your answer!
Letter 3
Hello Rohan!Thank you for your letter and photo you have a very nice boat! As concerns the fact that you now communicate with the eight women then of course I was not very nice to hear it, but I like what you honestly you wrote it, and on this I decided to continue our communication ! regard to your questions is of course if for you it is very important, I'll answer them! so here I do not appear fashionista, because I grew up in the village, I was accustomed to comfortable clothes every day, but for all that I really like beautiful clothes that I wear when I go into town or on holiday! so that your lifestyle is not very different from mine! and my friends and family know what I'm looking for a husband abroad and they are ready for that when I find the man of my dreams I will have to go to another country, and for them it's not because they problem important that I was happy! and as for the work for me it does not matter to me the main thing that my man was happy and if he wants no matter what I did not work then I'm not going to work and vice versa! children and I do not want to, now I want to find a man with whom I can spend all my lives together, I want to love and be loved, and give him a whole my love and care !and the fact that you're older than me is not a problem that occurs to me because age is just a number! campaigns as I really love and we often go with friends to the woods for a couple of days, so I'm happy to make out your company! like I said everything so I hope my answers you arranged! waiting for an answer
Letter 4

Hello Rohan!Thank you for your letter and I'm sorry that did not respond sooner, I was very busy at work, and I am pleased that our communication is going on! I am glad that you liked my answers, it suggests that we are very similar to you and it's great for family life! and I am sorry that I did not answer the question about the boat, I would like to ride with you on ,boat because I think it's very romantic especially in the evening, at sunset! regard to religion, for me it's not a problem because I did not go to church, I believe that the main thing that God was, in the heart! And of course I would love to meet you in Australia as we are going to live in your country after the wedding, and I would like to see on that I agree!)) I hope you understand me? while in bed, I think we can meet each other in full, the more that I love massage, and shall reveal to you a little secret after a good massage, I was ready for anything)) and I have an older brother, I will send you a photo where we are together I hope you enjoy it! and I work at this time secretary and my job was not very happy but the other time being, I did not find, and it has one, plus I can go online for free! and how did you realize I have no computer at home to yet (( I hope very soon to get your answer
Letter 5
Hello dear Rohan!Thank you for your letter and video, and I was able to open the video so you can send me more! And of course I would love to meet you in reality and I am very pleased that you want no matter what I come to you !I will be the happiest woman if I come to your country,see how you live,the way of life and culture.By the way,my vacations will be in a month and I can imagine how wonderful it will be if we can spend them together.since prior to January a very long wait, and I'd like to meet with you as soon as possible! and vacation I have a month! You know we have already told each other a lot and I can tell you that I think it is time for us to have the next stage in our relations.I believe you re right about my coming to you because this way we can try our relations and see how they will be in reality.To tell you the truth,I have never been abroad ad I don't know what documents I need to come to you.I will find out everything and let you know!
kiss Lilia
Letter 6
Hello my dear Rohan!You mean really a lot to me now and I do not wan to waste any minute that we can spend together with you. I am touched that you want to bring me there to you. This means a lot to me. You are my man, my gentleman and I want to try this life with you!
As I promised , I went and found out that I needed to come to you! so here I need a international passport, medical insurance, and visa!and all documents are made about a month ! but since I have never been abroad and I have nothing. It is not real for me to pay for this now.since I have a very low salary I need six months to gather the required amount! And my dear Rohan, I do not know what to do! (( I want to meet you soon but my situation here tells it is not real.I hope you will find the solution and we will be together soon as we both want this!And I live in village Kolomak ,Kharkiv region ,and the nearest international airport is located in Kharkov!
kiss Lilia
Letter 7
Hello my dear Rohan!Thank you for your letter my dear, and for a phone number to call you but I really expensive so it would be better if you call me, that's my number +380957395377!I will be very wait for your call !You can call me at any time, only I go to bed at 22.00! in my time! regard to price it costs 250$ international passport, medical insurance 130 $, and visa 70$!terms of airlines, I do not know which companies are flying from Kharkov, and I do not know where it is possible to find out! my dear, I look forward to your help, because I really want to meet you in real life! really looking forward to your answer and call!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 8
Hello my dear, I was very glad to hear your voice today! is so strange to hear a man who is at the other end of the world! and I can not believe that soon we'll be together! regards travel agency, today they are already closed, and tomorrow I am going with them and everything know, and I will write to you!
kiss Lilia
Letter 9
Hello my dear, as I promised you yesterday I was in a travel agency and took them bill,as for payment, then they told me that they do not work with foreign countries, and credit cards and they take only cash! so my dear, I do not know what we do now, as the credit card you can not pay! I hope you can come up with another option to help me! miss you so much and hope to soon get your answer!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 10
Hello my dear Rohan!Thank you for your letter my dear, and I'm sorry that yesterday was not sent to you, bill, I have forgotten ! respect to the options that you proposed, I too have thought about this yesterday and I have called all my friends but yet no one can take the required amount, since Ukraine is a lot of money !the more so now all on vacation! but my dear, I spoke yesterday with my girlfriend and she said that you can send me money through Western Union, and it does not need that I had a credit card or bank account, You will be enough of my personal information! and I think it is the best option that we can begin to make the documents!my dear what you think about it? I hope you like my variant because it is the only way for us to start to do documents, and meet in real life! miss you so much and I am waiting for your answer!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 11
Hello me dear Rohan !my dear, I am very glad to receive your letter! and I am very sorry that you had a bad past experience with the girls via the Internet, but as I already said I'm a real girl and I really want to meet you because I like you very much, and you exactly such a man that I was looking for, and I do not want to lose you my darling!and I am very pleased to hear that you believe me because for me it is very important, I believe that trust is the foundation of any serious relationship! and I also trust you and I am sure that you do not hurt me, and I'm ready to fly to you through the whole world, but for me this is the first time but I am confident that we will be have very good time together! I learned that for that to fly via Dubai or Moscow for additional documents I do not need, so do not worry about it! and of course I would be very happy to talk to you on the phone, because I really miss your voice in my dear Rohan !
kiss you Lilia
Letter 12
Hello my dear, I am very glad to receive your letter, and of course I am very excited and dreaming about our meeting and I am very pleased that after a month we will be together! regard to your questions, all documents will be ready in a month, as the international passport and medical insurance will be ready in a couple of weeks after the payment, and a visa is one week after receipt of international passport !
My vacation starts on September 1 and ends on October 3rd!
The sum of that I wrote you a $ 450 USD!
regard to Dubai and Moscow it does not affect my papers, and for me it does not matter how to fly!
and yes, I think if you want to pay the fees that I can to pay their myself do not worry on account of my dear!
Lilia Kravchenko
Shevchenko street 1/6
village Kolomak
Kharkiv region
regard to the city, for me it would be convenient if the flight was from Kharkov! I hope that I answered all your questions my dear and soon I can start making documents! miss you so much and I am waiting for your answer!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 13
Hello my dear, I am very glad that you responded so quickly, and thanks for the pictures I liked it! As far as my address, I live on the street Shevchenko, a house 1, flat 6!
and the address of Western Union in Kharkov, city of Kharkov, street Sovetskaya house 4! and I think that I will not be a problem to get to Kiev, so do not worry my dear! I hope now you got all the information you need to do the transfer! really looking forward to our meeting and I hope that soon I will be with you my dear!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 14
Hello my dear, I am very glad to receive your letter! and thanks for the transfer I got it and took the money and documents for registration of documents!so now we have to wait for my papers are ready! miss you so much and I am waiting for your answer!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 15
Hello my dear, I am very glad to receive your letter and thanks for the photo I liked it! regard to tickets that you sent me that these dates are suitable to me! and today I called the tourist agency and they told me that before September 1, my documents are ready, so I think that you can book tickets! and I can not wait for when we'll be together my dear!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 16
Hello my dear Rohan !
thanks for your letter, I am very miss you and wait for our meeting! regards your questions, I thought long and decided maybe we will not hurry with the tickets because I think that we need to wait when they are ready my documents that would be sure that everything is fine! the more you yourself said that the fact that to you have to book tickets need my international passport!the more so because they told me that the passport will be ready this week !
kiss Lilia
Letter 17
Hello my dear, I am very glad to receive your letter, and I miss you and I dream about our meeting, when I can hug and kiss you in real life, as it is the only thing what I was thinking all the time! and as I told you, today I took my international passport, and also asked them whether, if my tickets are bought in another country! and I really do not want you to write it, but they told me that it was not possible, because in order to get the visa I need tickets to be purchased in my country according of my residence!
and now I do not know what we do? because when you're asking me for tickets, I thought that you know exactly that that tickets can be bought in another country, but what was that now all our plans are under threat! and I do not I know what I do, because for a visa I need tickets! so now I'm very upset, especially since I remember what you told me that you did not go more than that! and now when they told me the tickets I am afraid that you leave me! so my dear, I hope soon to receive your letter and I hope that you have what is solutions to this problem!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 18
Hello my love! I am very glad to receive your letter and your letter I really reassured, as I am very worried that due to this problem, you will not want to talk more with me and even more to meet! but now I'm very glad that you still want to be with me, because I very much want to be with you! because you're my man and I do not want to lose you! and you're right that it's all of a small problem and we need to overcome what would be together because of our happiness must fight! With respect to those variants that you wrote to me and today I and my brother went to the travel agency what they explained to us all, and that's what they told us! that it is only concerned with only in that help make the international passport and medical insurance, as well as helping to collect and send all documents for the visa, but visa is already do in the embassy in Kiev! and my brother now talked to the embassy in Kiev, as I was very nervous and could not talk properly with them, and he really said that in order to get the visa, as I already said before, that will be purchased by me at my place of registration ! and the agency no longer has anything to do with where and for how much I will be buying tickets so you do not need to worry on account of what they want to get more money from me! because tickets require the embassy! As for the cost of tickets today, we just got a call to the airport in Kiev, and they told us that the tickets will cost 1700$, is one flight which you found! so my dear the only way to get a visa. is to provide the tickets bought by me in Ukraine! but since you wrote that you currently do not have such a sum, I do not know what to do, and I hope that we will find a way out of this problem! because I really want to be with you!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 19

Hello my love!Thank you my dear so quickly answered, as I very much waited for your answer, because I want to know what we do next! and you understand everything correctly on the embassy and tickets, and after I show embassy the tickets, then for two or three days my visa will be mine! so I think that if you have time to collect the required amount until August 27, we can be together in September,and I am very glad for this! and I think that if I need to book a ticket, what would be exactly know that the tickets will be!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 20
Hello my dear, I am very glad to come today in the Internet and see that your letter waiting for me and of course I am ready to wait for news from you as much as need be, because the only thing I want is to be with you! and you asked if I do sports, so for that the to keep myself in shape I am twice a week I go to the gym, well, I run every morning! my dear, and I am very glad to hear that you liked my figure))very much miss you and wait for news!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 21
Hi dear Rohan!
So nice to come to the Internet cafe and see your letter.It is so nice to understand that at least some person is thinking about me, carrying about and needs me!! I woke up this morning and I have understood it would be great if you were here by me!! I hope you too think about it? I want so much to care about my special one ))I dream get up in the morning and to prepare breakfast to show my love and care, and you do not need to worry, and I'd have time to run and cook breakfast ))) )) by the way cooking is another of my hobbies , would u like if I cook for you your favorite dish))) what do you prefer to eat? My favorite dish that I cook is baking, especially I love cakes! I love to pamper my dearand close people with the delicious food!!I know a lot of women who don't like cooking for their men, I do not understand them as it’s so nice to see happy eyes of you beloved man when he is trying your dishes, when he is smiling and he is pleased))))We say here that the road to the man's heart is through his stomach. so be sure I know how to reach your heart, just give me some hints, ok?:)Tell me more about what you like to eat, I really wonder? I want to learn what to cook for you and how to please you! )))))
wish you nice day, it is really a time for me to leave but I promise to write you soon as I miss you already my dear Rohan!and really looking forward to our meeting!
Kiss Lilia
Letter 22
hello my dear, I am very glad to receive your letter, and I am very pleased that you liked my picture, as far as my hair is naturally curly! and thanks to that reported on your favorite dishes, for me it is very valuable information, now I know how to win your heart)) As concerns my favorite dishes is the morning I love pancakes with coffee! but I very rarely eat such as it is very calorie food for me and my dear you are very interesting to me do you have news about the bank and that when we able to pay for the tickets! because I was very worried, and you're have nothing to written me about it !and more I very much miss you and wait for our meeting, I think every day about how we will be good together with you!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 23
Hello my dear thanks for your letter, I very much miss you and I am pleased to hear that next week we will be able to buy tickets! and of course on Tuesday, once again I will clarify how much are the tickets! As for coffee, I think you do not need for me to buy coffee, as I would like to choose the together with you coffee, which is in my country, no!as I'm sure in Australia a lot of tasty coffee, which is not in Ukraine! and in general I'm dreaming of a time when we'll be together and live like a real couple, go shopping and go to sleep and wake up together, I hope you also think about it! and thanks for the picture, she is very beautiful, but whose work it!?
I really miss you my dear, I hope very soon to receive your letter
kiss you Lilia
Letter 24
Hello my love!Thank you for your letter and photo my dear, I really miss you and can not wait when we can be together, and I agree with you that stay together in a house is very ramontichno, the more that fear brings people)) You wrote that on the weekend you were at a birthday party, I hope you're well rested? that you gave birthday man? if it's a secret you can not answer, I'm just curious as to choose a gift for me it is very difficult)) As for tickets is nothing has changed since I've already told you, I booked the tickets and the amount remains the same that I wrote to you and that is 1700 $ so do not worry about it, now the main thing for us to pay for the tickets and send them to the Kiev,they call me every day, with the embassy and ask them when I send the tickets, because without them they can not begin to do my visa! so my dear, I hope that this week, as promised you'll be able make a transfer and my visa will be made! yet to me it is time to work, but I will wait your letter tomorrow, miss you my love!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 25
My dear I am very worried about where you're lost, and why you do not answer my letter? I really hope thet whith you all well? Please answer me as soon as you can, I'll be waiting!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 26
Hello my dear I'm so sorry that you had so much time trying to do the transfer, but luckily you will do it, and very soon we'll be together, the way I got the money and bought a ticket, and sent to the embassy, so now we have to wait when I get a visa! my sweet, I miss you so much and I can not wait to be able to hug you!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 27
Hello my dear I'm sorry so long to reply, I was with my grandmother in the village and there is no internet!, and of course I really dream of our meeting, I am happy that very soon we will be able to meet you in reality! Well about a flight there are no changes, the same day and time!
And I have just received a call from the travel agency, and said that there we still need to include more documents in order to get the visa, it turned out that in order to get a visa I need to prove my good financial position and to show that I am a simple tourist but not an immigrant. I have a very low salary and I do not have any property registered on me here in Ukraine. so I can be considered like an immigrant who want to leave Ukraine searching for better life. This happens often now in Ukraine and our government takes care about this very carefully at the moment.And for this in order to get the visa I need to have a certain amount in cash that is minimum 3000$. Without this showing this funds they will not give me the visa. Of course my love, I understand that for you it is a very large amount but without this bill will not give me a visa and I can not come to you! and do not worry I will not spend them,this is just for having with me when appplying for visa and passing the customer control, but as soon as we meet I will return all the money to you! so I hope you can help me because you're my only hope, in Ukraine I do not have anyone to take the same amount! so I'm very upset now, but I hope that you will not leave me because you're my man and we have long aspired to our meeting! This is just a formality that we need to follow in order to get the visa.
really looking forward to your answers and look forward to your help!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 28
My dear, I am very glad to receive your letter, and thank you very much for the transfer, I just had in the bank and got the money so do not worry, all is well now, and we should not have not any prolblem! and tomorrow I'm going to Kiev embassy to get a visa, so my dear I'll write tomorrow since Kiev!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 29
Hello my darling , I've just been in for an interview!and I'm very upset because it appears that we have a problem that I could not even think, and the travel agency I also did not talk about it! so here my dear Rohan, now regarding my visa. I had an interview today at the embassy. I have been worrying a lot for the whole night, I didn't have any sleep at the train. I was the first for today, so I didn't have an opportunity even to have breakfast but I didn't care that. I was waiting for the time when everything will be over and I could tell you about everything. so I entered the room and had the conversation with the some people there, they were asking the quests regarding my trip, my tickets, my financial stability and my work. While checking the papers the saw that I am working as a secretary of the company . I have been working there for 3 years already. And according to the law after finishing my studies and I needed to work out for the government for 5 years. We have such a law here if you do not pay for your education then after graduation you need to work our for the government for 5 years in any state organization they sent you to.
I also have such agreement with the government. but I didn't carry out it. As I have worked out only for 3 years. I still have to do 2 years. I can't get the visa till I carry out the duties in front of the government.But there is also other variant, if I pay the government for that 2 years that I need to work everything will be solved and I will be able to travel and to do whatever I want as I won't have any depth to the government. the price for each year is 1500$ so for 2 that are left after me it makes 3000$. My lovely one I have nothing else to do that to pay for this depth with the means I had with me proving my financial stability.I am sorry that I made it without asking you the permission to do this. but I needed to do that urgently or they would put the refusal in visa for me. I was very afraid about this so I paid the traveling means for the education depth. Now my depth for education is closed so I I can continue with the visa. We were given the time till Friday so I find the new means for traveling 3000$ and then I will get my visa. This is the last step for us and then everything will be fine and we will be enjoying each other there in my dear, I'm looking forward to your reply and support in this difficult situation!!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 30
Hello my dear your letter I was surprised and disappointed, because I feel sorry that you did not understand correctly, it seems to me that you think that it is my fault that my country and your laws that require too much, for that would come to you! and believe me I know that you took the money, and that for you it is a very large sum now, darling, I understand all this but you must understand you and me, I'm in a different city all alone, and I do not know what to do now, and plus everything you do not believe me, and throw in the most difficult moment for me when we met almost a success! and I can not have you nothing more to ask for I know that all these problems do not like a lot and you may not want to meet me! and email, but now I want you to write everything as it is so here As you know today I was at the embassy and I was able to ugovoritchto they gave us time until next Thursday, so that the refusal to a visa I was, but I could to transfer tickets on September 9, so that all the money that you would send me is not lost and now we need to try to find the money by next week!Of course, if you still want to be with me and today I was at the bank and they told me that with my salary they can give me credit for the 500, and if you tell me that you still want to be with me that on Monday I will go and I will take out a bank loan, and maybe I'm so still be able to borrow money from friends, so my dear now everything depends on you my dear Rohan!
kiss you Lilia
Letter 31
My love, I understand your feelings, as I am also very upset, and I understand that you had a bad experience, but believe me I'm a real girl and I really want to be with you and I'm doing everything possible that would meet with you as soon as possible: and I do not fault that in my country are stupid laws ((( ,and I'll go on Monday to the bank and try to take as large a loan which to me can give and I will write to you on Monday about how much money they gave me! so I'll try to try to borrow from friends, but I'm not sure that they would give me money, but I will try! my mother, I already asked and because she is not working there is no money that would help us with the decision of our problems!
sweet as you asked, today, I spoke with the embassy and they said that the invitation will not help me now, because I'm going as a tourist visa! and if I was going not with a tourist visa then the invitation may have helped me,but now it does not work, and only add more problems! so they explained me , the only way to get a visa in time to pay again for traveler's checks! so my sweet, I hope I can find the money on Monday, but I'm not sure that with my salary to me will give such a large amount, but I will do what I can, because I really want to meet you my dear! the same as for international passport on Monday, I'll send you a copy of it, but here's a copy of the ticket, I can not send you as they now are located in the embassy, ??but if you want I can send you information about when I arrive?!
my dear now I have to go back to work, and I will write you all the information about the credit on Monday!
kiss Lilia
Letter 32
Hello my love as I promised you, and today I made ??copies of the documents that I now have, and that is a internesional passport, medical insurance and the contract with the university, that I have to pay for 2 years have not worked !!!
just today I was at the bank and took a loan of 500$ is the maximum amount on which I could rely on my small salary! so I asked my friends and family but yet not who I was not able to borrow money, because it is a very large amount for Ukraine! so now I'm desperate and I do not know what to do, I really want to meet you my dear!
but I also understand that if the rest of the week we do not find the desired amount of all the money that you send me to lost, and we can not meet, and I do not really want it! so I hope that maybe you have some good news!?
kiss you Marina
Letter 33
my dear, I do not know what to do and I'm sorry to hear that you do not have good news. I could not think what we can help to meet each other !
With regard to questions that you asked me then here are the answers! signed, I made ??a mistake and signed the name of the girl who helped me to make a loan, and of the fact that I was with her almost 2 hours, I probably automatically write her name, and did not notice ! ugovoritchto-it means that I was able to negotiate with them that the embassy gave us time until Friday!
tickets and I can not return because firstly they are now in the embassy and I can not pick them up, because if I do that then I was refused a visa, and I can not come to you for 2 years, since I forbidden to travel abroad! but even if I did what tickets are non-refundable, so I took them at a low cost, and they can not be returned, so they told me when buying tickets !
so I would love to help you but yet this is no longer possible! and now we need to think about how to find the right amount and pay for traveler's checks, as I have already written to you that if we do not do it then all the money that you sent me , will be lost! I think you just like I do not want that! and I'm sorry I was not able to find more money, but as I already wrote, I took the maximum credit, and give more opinions, and to take the money I also do not have anyone !!!!so I am now at a dead end with your hand, I feel nothing but the charges is that I do not do nothing! but it's not what I'm trying, but I'm not to blame that in my country, these laws! and the information about the credit I can send you only tomorrow, and tickets as I said at the embassy, and now I can not give you to send them a copy! And in general I do not understand where is the travel agency, the tickets I ordered myself, and agency helped me just make passport and insurance!
kiss Lilia
Letter 34

Hello my dear, I was very pleased today to hear your voice, you are very much to me and I really want to meet with you: and I hope that we will overcome all difficulties and to be together! As I promised you, and I am sending you a certificate stating that they gave me a bank loan of $ 500, and I hope that your parents will arrange this information, as the bank could give me only that! and the embassy refused to give me a copy of the ticket, but I was given a phone number secretary of the embassy, so here's her number +380958131486,(you can call her today till 17-00 in my time, as the embassy is only open until 17:00! )you can call and ask her what you want! By the way I fly to you on September 10 at 1-00 am, so I hope that you will meet me at the airport! my dear, I wrote to you all that you asked for, and I hope that we will overcome the last obstacle, and very soon we will be together!
miss you so much your Lilia
Letter 35
My dear, I just very busy this days, because I need to do all with my papers for trip to you.
I will write you on Monday
Kiss, Lilia
Letter 36
my dear. In my last email to you, I mean that I will see you on Monday. Because I was in a hurry for the train to get to Kiev on Saturday.
Train delayed and I missed the bus to the airport, I was in a hurry to take a taxi to catch the plane. Unfortunately I missed the plane, my dear, and now I do not know what to do. I lost my tickets and now I can not buy new ones, because I bought the cheapest without refund.
Battery on my phone was set down, and I had to go home by train. Just now I was able to write to you from Internet cafe, I sit and cry, I'm late for the plane. I was in a hurry to arrive to you, I want so much to be with you!!
I do not want to waste time now, I need to be with you now, but I need to buy plane tickets to you now.
Your Lilia
Letter 37
My dear, I understand your situation, but I signed contract in the bank, that I can withdraw money from Travelling checks only in your country, it is a condition for obtaining a visa, and I can not do anything. I tried to explain our situation, but it is impossible, I need to come to you and after I can give you all back. Please, you need to understand me, my love, this is not my fault. I hope you can find costs for your mother, now I'm worry so much(((
Your Lilia
Letter 38
My dear, I feel so stupid, I'm such a bad person, I let you down. I went back to the bank, I cried and begged him to give me back my money from a Travelling checks. They understand me, and they want to help me, but the laws in our country do not allow them to do so. I do not know what to do now, please forgive me, I feel guilty in front of you and in front of your mother. I'm the worst person in the world, I am so sorry for you. But what do I do now?
Letter 39
My dear, I worry so much. Where are you? Why you don't write me?
I miss you a lot, I feel so bad about this situation, I can't sleep and can't eat, I just waiting for your letter.
I want to come to you very much. This is all what I want now!!!
With love, Lilia
Letter 40
my dear, I'm so worried about you and your mom. I understand you and really want to do something all that I can, but I can not do anything with the money on travelling checks, until I come to you. My dear, as soon as I come to you I will be able to return the means to you even more. I really want to help you. But I can not stay here to earn costs for plane ticket, it is big money here, maybe you could borrow me the amount on tickets to get to you and I will find there to work and give you back all the costs that you spent on me. I am very worried about this situation, and I want to do for you all, my dear.
Your always Lilia
Letter 41
my dear, I understand how you feel now. I tried as best I could explain to you the whole situation now and it's a pity that you have now a problem with my mom. I was very uncomfortable, but I love you and my feelings for you are very sincere and strong. I really want come to you and show you my love. You are very important to me. But unfortunately I can not gather up here so much costs on plane tickets, as my salary 130 $ per month and I lack this money only for food and accommodation here. I can come to you and get you to work and to work out the money, I just need you to borrow me the money for the tickets to you.
I really want you to believe me, because you are very important to me and I never lied to you. I will take at home all the documents and send you tomorrow.
With love, Lilia
Letter 42
My love, I just now in internet cafe, because I made for you a copy of this documents what you asked me.
I send you copy of my visa and copy of travelling checks, because I never lied you and have nothing to hide from you.
I have no tickets now, because I lost them, I could not give them back, because they will be nonrefundable.
All what I want now to be with you, because I love you!
Your Lilia
Letter 43
My dear, I saw again my visa and called to embassy, you are right it was big mistake with computer there and they very sorry to me and promised to send to me right visa, thank you that you saw that big mistake. And other documents is right, I got this travelling check in the bank, so it is true. About tickets, I don't know why you said me this, maybe because I book tickets at the agency and you can't see my name on that tickets. All what I sent you it is true, I don't lie you never, when I can come to you you will see that I'm really love you, my darling.
Your Lilia
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