Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Evseeva to Carlos (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my prince Narlos!
How are you? How was your day?
I love you, I am happy that you are in my life, but deep down, I did not hurt much, because we're still not together. You're my best, I love you, I did and never been so loved as I love you. My heart belongs to you, it will always be yours, you stole it. I am happy to realize that you and I breathe the same air and walk on the same earth, and this I feel better! But you still are far from me, and forward to the day when we will still be together! How do I want to be with you every second! Every moment! Waking up next. And sleep with you in an embrace.
My prince Narlos. Yes, I would like you to come to me, and so you can get to know me and my parents. But there is one problem. I can not take you because Russia has a tradition that she should not let the man in your house if it is not familiar with the parents of her husband. I submit to this tradition, and in order that we may contact you to create a happy family I have come to you and get to know your parents or relatives. We have a small town and all the residents of our city to know each other in person, and if you come to me, all will despise me and speak badly of me. It is a shame for my parents, that is, for my mother and grandmother. And they object to you came to me. They agree to take you, if I get acquainted with your parents or relatives. I really want you to come to me, but I can not go against the wishes of their parents. I would be happy to meet you in Moscow, but my parents were against it.
My prince Narlos, I hope you understand my words correctly. Understand that this tradition is really important for our country and for my family! And we can not break it! Our first meeting is to be in your house. I have to get to know you, see your friends, your family, your relatives. To see how you live. And when we decide that we do want to get married, I can invite you to my house. To you asked my mom to give a blessing. This is really very important tradition for Russia. And I hope you understand. If we want things to be fair. We should not violate.
Narlos, At times I have a good mood, and sometimes a bad mood. I am happy because I have you, because I am not alone, and you love me, we do. A bad mood, because of the distance between us is because of impotence, because I am or what I can do. But I know that it all goes when I'm in your arms and I will be happy, I'll forget all the sadness that you feel now! I love you and now I am very much looking forward to the day when we will be together! I end up writing a letter, and I will wait for the letter, which will be expressed in your love, support, and your gentle and sweet words! I love you!
Your Katy!
Letter 2
Hello my prince Narlos!
I just came to the Internet cafe. I had a very good mood in the morning. All morning, my mother and I talked about my journey. We hope that very soon I will be able to fly to you. I've been thinking about what kind of things I will need to collect.
But now, when I read your letter, I was insanely sad, I feel like crying. And on my cheek flowing tears.
I do not understand you! What happened to you? It was all so good, but why did you change your attitude towards me? I do not understand you! You say that I'm 20 years old! But it is not so! I'm 30 years old! And so it is! I do not understand why you do not believe me!
You say you want to help me with the purchase of the ticket, but you're afraid to do it because they do not trust me? Why do not you believe in the sincerity of my words? Do you realize what you're doing in your own words hurt me very much!
My prince Narlos, you must understand that I do love you very much! you are the most precious thing in my life! I can not live without you! I want to be near you, to feel you, your touch, your breath. I want to wake up from your kisses. I want to marry you! I want to build with you a big and strong family!
For you, I am ready to fly to your country! I'm ready to leave your house, your friends. I retired from work, only to be with you!
And now, all we have quite a bit to be together! Very soon, my documents are ready. But we need to buy a ticket! Because without it, I can not fly to you. Do you understand me? Even if I have the documents ready, I can not fly to you without a ticket! I'm not going to walk! I need to buy a ticket! But I have no money to buy it. Understand that if we can not buy a ticket, I can refuse a visa.
My dear, my beloved! I beg you, please help me with the purchase of the ticket! I promise you that this is the last time I ask for your help! Because when I have prepared documents and air ticket, I can fly to you, we can be together! We can build a family. I want to marry you!
If you can help me, I will buy ticket. I immediately send you an electronic copy of the ticket, so you made sure that I really bought the ticket.
Please, help me. I need only 980 dollars, and nothing can stop you meet. I beg you, help me. I will not survive if our meeting with you will fail.
I end my letter. I look forward to wait for your answer.
Your Katy!
Letter 3
Hello my prince Narlos!
My love to you as I promised today I went to a travel agency and learned how to pass the paperwork.
The agency told me that the paperwork is going well. I was told that the documents have already started to design. And they will be ready on September 26. I was very glad to hear it, because there are very few times, and I can fly to you.
I found out about the ticket price. I chose the cheapest ticket, which costs 980 dollars. I can not find such a lot of money. That is a lot for me. When I found out about the cost of the ticket I felt very bad. The agency asked me, when I can pay for the ticket. I could not answer them anything because it's a lot of money.
I left the agency in tears, because if I can not pay for a ticket, I can not come to you. I am writing to you in tears, because I can not come to you if I have no money. Those damned paper called money can decide our fate. I do not want them to decide for us. I am very upset about this. I do not know what to do. My love for you will be able to help me with the purchase of a ticket? Forgive me for what I am again asking you for help ...
Also I was told that buying a ticket depending on my chances of getting a visa. I was told that if I do not have the ticket, I can refuse the visa. But if I have a purchased ticket, the chance to get a visa to USA almost 100%. Therefore, we must solve the problem with buying a ticket as soon as possible, because I always need a permit for a visa.
But I no longer have anyone to ask, you is my only hope. My love is the price of 980 dollars for two tickets, one ticket to your country USA and one ticket to my country back to Russia. The second ticket is only required so that I could return to his homeland, when suddenly happen to me that be in trouble if I was suddenly ripped off and I do not have any means to exist in another unfamiliar country. Although I know what happened to me can not happen anything wrong, because you'll be with me always. But the second ticket I will need to buy, because it is required by Russian law.
My love Narlos, I need to pay for two tickets. And second, respectively, will cost the same. But the money for the second ticket we can return. When I arrive to you, I will just have to pass the ticket back. And without a second ticket I just did not let out of the country.
I do not know what to do. I am very sad. My prince, I rely on your help. Because I really have no one to ask but you.
My heart belongs to you and you alone. I love you so much that even closing my eyes, I can feel that you are close, very close. I can hear you breathing, your heady smell, feel the heat of your skin, your hands tenderness and passion of your lips. I want to see you, I want to give you my affection and love every day. I want to take care of you and our future family. You are my prince on a white horse. I realized that I can not live without you. And I only need you. I love you.
Now I finish the letter. I look forward to wait for your answer, and I hope that it will be very soon.
Your Katy!
Letter 4

Hello my prince Narlos!
How are you? How are you there without me? I love you, I love you very much lacking. I spend so hunting with you all the time. You are my happiness. I want to you, and every day I become more and more difficult is far from you.
My prince Narlos, first I want to tell you that you misunderstood my last letter. I did not return to work. I wanted to tell you that I woke up and I had a lot of things that I needed to do. Yesterday my mother and I did clean the house, cook dinner, we took a lot of effort on this, and we were very tired.
Now as for your request. I made copies of the documents, which you asked me. And I send them to you in a letter.
Just this morning I went to the bank and learned about the money transfer agency, Money Gram. At the bank, I was told that there really is such an agency, and that the commission there is really less than WesternUnion. I learned what kind of data you need, so that you can send money through Money Gram and I give them to you:
Agency Remittances: MONEYGRAM.
Country: RUSSIA.
Postal Codes: 443099
House: 63.
Name: Ekaterina.
Surname: Evseeva.
My prince Narlos, I realize that now you have worked very hard to help me with the purchase of your ticket. But understand that I do not have anyone to ask for help but you. I love you madly badly. And I can not live without you! I want to be near you, to feel you, your touch, your kisses. I'm very bad without you. Now we have to take one small step, and we can be together.
When I buy a ticket, nothing can prevent our meeting with you. I hope that in the near future you will be able to help me with the money to buy a ticket, because in 6 days should be prepared my documents.
Fate introduced us, made it clear that we are made for each other, but when does it allow us to be together. Only with you I will be happy to know this all my close friends and relatives. They want us as soon as possible to reunite and live happily ever after.
Today, when I watched the movie, I imagine you, imagine that you're lying next to me, hugging me. I know that soon very soon all my dreams come true, and we'll be together.
You're the one who can make me very happy, one of your letter raises my spirits. I want to see you and I hope that soon we will still be together, I love you!
On it I finish my letter tomorrow looking'll wait for your letter.
Your Katy!
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