Scam letter(s) from Margarita Sorokina to Bertrand (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi Bertrand! how do you do?! It is so nice of you to write to me and to give your address where I'm writing now with a great pleasure;) I want to tell you a little about myself and i hope you will like me and we will continue our communication.
My name is Katya and I am here searching for love and serious relations.
I am romantic andsensual, easy going and optimistic woman. I love life and I try to enjoy it to the fullest, but to be completely happy I need to find my soul mate with whom we would enjoy our lives together and share all the ups and downs together.
I'm searching for a man who could be my soul mate and who also dreams about love and creation of relations, which would be based on love, respect, mutual understanding, honesty and deep feelings to each othger. My e-mail address is where you are welcome to write to me any time. I don't know where our communication will lead us, but I hope it will be a new and nice experience for both of us, as you are very interesting man and I feel so excited because of our meeting and starting communication with you.
I'll be waiting for a letter from you! Take care! Katya.
Letter 2
Hello dear Bertrand! I am very glad to get a letter from you. I am happy that we met each other on the website and we can start to get to know each other here.
Don't worry, I am very careful and I really hope that you are a good and honest man and you won't play games with me. I would like to share with you some information about my life and my personality. My name is Katya. I'm 27 years old and I was born on December, 8. I'm 170 cm (5,7) in height and 53 kg in weight (115). I have deep blue eyes and brown hair. I was born in Ukraine, Izyum town, near the Kharkiv city and I'm living here for present time. It's a small town but here we have a picturesque nature. I like nature very much, sometimes I go for a walk to the river which is situated not far from my house and see how the sun sits down. In my free time I like horse riding and I like horses very much. I also like swimming and bicycling. I live alone, but I have relatives; my father and an older brother, who is married and has his own family. My mom died when I was 5 years old and my father remarried and has his own family. I work as a doctor, pediatrician, and I like my job, except the very low salary.
I am not married and have never been, bur my heart is open for creation of serious and long term relations, for romance, love and I want to find my soul mate in all the senses. I want my man to be my best friend who would always understand and accept me as and who I am and I want him to be a passionate lover. I want him to be kind and honest, sincere and open, tender and passionate at the same time. I hope that you understand what I mean. That is just a brief story about me. I hope that you liked what I have written about me and if you have any questions to me, you are welcome to ask them. The distance relationships can be difficult. As they say, "a long road is filled with thorns" and only someone who has great faith could make that journey.
So, I am not afraid of any obstacles and think that they can't stop those who are truly in love. Moreover, nothing holds me here and I am ready to move abroad, to the country where I find my love and where my beloved man would be waiting for me and I am ready to overcome all the obstacles on my way! I must confess, my English is not very good. It’s a big omission in my education. For several times I started learning it, but then I gave it up, though I made some progress. May be I was lack of time, but now I have a big incentive for learning it and I believe that soon I will achieve progress in it.
And so far I have to use a help of a translator. I wish you a nice day and will be impatiently waiting for a letter from you and I want to learn about you as more as possible. Hugs and Kisses, Katya.
Letter 3
Dear Bertrand, I received your letter and your photos, and I am very interested in you and happy that we met as I believe we both are searching for the same things in life, and share the same values in life. I feel I have a lot to offer you and hope this new friendship will lead to something very special between us. I like sincerity and frank talks. So, I am very satisfied with your letters and glad that we are both so open while talking with each other. My favorite dish is salmon baked in creamy cause. I like seafood. And you? What is your favorite dish and cuisine? Have you tasted any Ukrainian dishes? I liked a lot your description of our time together. I know, there are many to enjoy in your country. I hope, we will enjoy them together very soon! I am here searching for love and serious relations. I am fragile, romantic, passionate and loving lady. And that’s why it’s hard for me to stay alone, without a man, who would love, protect and take care of me. Life is wonderful when you share it with someone you love and who loves you, the one to whom you can show affection in every possible way. I so much need love, romance and passion in my life! I need a man’s touch, I need care and protection, I need my second half to feel my life is happy and complete. It’s also important to make one another happy and to share the good sense of life and humor. My interests are various; I like flowers, domestic plants, to read, to sing, to go to the cinema, concerts and theatre. Also sport takes an important part in my life. I exercise regularly, visit gym, shaping classes and go jogging and swim in summer. I also want to add that I don’t smoke and don’t abuse alcohol as I want to live a long and healthy life. I like to watch interesting movies and most of all I like romantic movies, mystery films and thrillers. What are your favorite movies? Mine are "The original Sin", "Tourist", "Meet Joe Black", "The Others". I like cats a lot and little dogs, and I have a cat Mishka, whom I love very much. I like being among nature in warm and good weather, make picnics, walk, swim, tan and travelling. I have seen many beautiful places in my country, but unfortunately so far I have never had a chance to travel abroad. I believe that love has no religion, language or nationality. The only important thing is love. We are all people and it doesn’t matter in which country we live. We all have our souls mates in this world and nobody knows where our love is waiting for us. I think that we should not limit our search only in our own country when searching for love and serious relations. Also I am disappointed in our Ukrainian men because I have had many disappointing and hurtful relationships with women for my country. Of course, there are some good men in Ukraine, but unfortunately I was not lucky to find my love here. I am ready to follow my beloved man anywhere and any place can be a paradise when you are happy and loved. Be free to share with me everything you want, as I am waiting for your letters, photos and I hope to hear from you back soon. Sincerely, Katya.
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Bertrand! I was waiting for your letter with impatience. It is so interesting to share my thoughts with you and I feel very comfortable communicating with you. You sound so good to me! I also like Angelina Jollie very much. My favorite movies with her are "The Original Sin" and "mr and mrs Smith". The movie “2012” seems to be intersting and I'd like to watch it too!
Yes, I like entertainments and having fun. Bowling is one of my hobbies and if you like it too, we could often go and play it. After my first letters in which I told you all about me, my life, and my aspirations, I just wanted to share with you what everyday of life with me would be like for a man who loves me. Maybe you will decide to be him;))) I can be your friend when you need me, I can be your lover ready to burn with passion when you want me. Yes, sensual, passionate, unbridled *** is what I want and need - but only in a completely loving, devoted and harmonious relationship. I could never and would never have *** with anyone without 100 love and devotion to each other. Call me old fashioned, but I want to share my body only with the love of my life. I hope you understand. Bertrand, I feel I can trust you, what happens to me rarely. I see that you are serious about us like me. I am not the type of person that plays with relationships. I want to encourage you not to be suspicious or prejudiced but believe that honesty and sincerity still exist. I want you to believe in good things like integrity and that it still exists in people! I came to the dating site to find my destiny to be happy with. I believe in real love and feelings which never end. I don't believe in divorce! It is so sad when love dies and I never want to experience it in my life. I have never had someone who really loved me and was true to me. I've always wanted that. I've always wanted a man who would love only for me and only for my heart, not after my body. I long for a man who would hold my hand when I am feeling down and share my joy when I am happy. I just want to be happy with my man for the rest of my life; that we could go through life together, and have a great family life with our children. There is no decent man here. And Bertrand you seem like the man who can give me that. I don’t search for the perfect man, I only search for the perfect man for me!
This man could be you and I want that this man was you! You make me feel good inside. I don't know what to say, its like you read my mind and my heart. I wish I could hold you in my arms right now! It's amazing how you can make me feel this good from so far away. I kiss you and wait for your next letter! Katya. P.S. Yes, I dream about you! Do you dream of me too?
Letter 5
Hello again my dearest Bertrand! I feel so much happiness inside when I read your letters! Learning you better, you become more and more close to my heart and I feel sure that we are made for each other. Thank you for trusting me and telling me about your son and how he was conceived. Dear, nowadays is is very widespread and common and it doesn't affect me anyhow. So, do not worry about this. The most important is that you love children and want to have them in your next relations. I like children a lot and I would like to have at least one when I get married. I think, there is one positive side in this, I won't get pregnant with you without contraception and it will be easy to control birth. I will always support you in everything and will never reject you because of any reason. I hope, you will do the same for me too) Close your eyes for a moment and picture this image in your mind's eye. A man and a woman are deeply in love with each other. He enters the room and sees her...his eyes light up and a big smile is on his face...he is so happy to see her, even though he sees her often each day. This can be you and me, Bertrand!!! Would you like it? So, I imagine you coming home and me waiting for you in the door steps and jumping on you hugging and kissing you to welcome you back home. Then you enter the home, candles are lit all over and a wonderful table is set with nice decoration waiting for a wonderful dinner for two, you and me! Then I show you my cooking qualities, we enjoy a lovely food and have some drinks and talk about the day and everything in the world. Then instead of desert, I come close to you and start kissing and caressing you showing my affection and desire for a long and enjoyable night. I lead you along the candle chain to our bedroom, where I have set our bed with wonderful decorations and flowers, ready for a passionate night. I put you on the bed, undress you, then I disappear in the bathroom and come back in a wonderful **** lingerie..... You tell me ‘ohhhh how seductive you are baby!’ I come next to you on the bed, we continue to talk about everything in this world and at the same time we caress and kiss each other on all the places of our bodies until we feel so hot that we wish to take this to the next level.... I start ********** you totally while kissing you at various delicate spots to get you even hotter...until you cannot take it anymore and then you take my lovely lingerie off my hot body and we embrace into a wonderful, passionate and wild love making which only ends when we both are totally exhausted and fall asleep arm in arm and our bodies embraced for the wonderful night... That's my story honey... I hope, you want the same! Hugs and lots of tender kisses, Katya.
Letter 6
Hello Mr Bertrand, We represent the translation company ‘Astra’ and we are to inform You that your lady Ekaterina (Katya) is our client, we assist her in correspondence with You translating your letters. Unfortunately she has exhausted all her resources at our firm and cannot afford to continue using our services to keep on the correspondence with You.
Ekaterina is very upset about that and she has asked us to pass her apologies to You and let You know that she is very interested in You and she hopes very much for the continuation of contact with You . If You do not want to lose the contact with Ekaterina, since You developed Your relationships with her, we can advice You to help Ekaterina, become our client and open an account of correspondence for You and Ekaterina. Let us know, if You are interested, and we will inform miss Ekaterina about it and send You the information about our services and prices. Please contact us here Translation Company 'Astra' and the further information will be sent to you immediately. With best regards,
Translator and representative of translation company "Astra"
Kristina Kalinina.
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