Scam letter(s) from Norma Medford to Joe (Cayman Islands)

Letter 1
Hello sweetie How are you and how was your trip. Ireally hope it was wonderful. I am here waiting to talk woth you cuss i have really missed you big time. And also i would love to here any gists you might have for me. I hope you have some for me. What are you doing and how is life now. I am sorry things is taking much longer than we both expected, but i hope for the best. Please honey just try for me soon so that you can help me get some help and give me more hope. Thank you so much for all your confidence and believe in me since the start of our friendship. I will be waiting to read from you soon Tell me what you think of my pictures You can send me some too Write back asap Regards, Norma. x0x0x0x0x0x0x0
Letter 2
Hello there, I am doctor Mark Hudson. Yesterday at about 6:49PM, 3 patients were rushed to my hospital.
By Identity, We have the following names: Bolade Daniel, Muniru Jagunmolu and Norma Medford So I want you to write and let me know if you know any of these people because they are still all uncautious and can't tell us nothing at the moment. I got your email from one of the diaries they found at the accident spot. I will also try and send you and instant message urgent attention is required. Thank you Head Medical Department
Dr. Mark K. H.
Letter 3
Hello Mr. Joe, The name of our hospital is TRINITY HOSPITAL.
Our phone number is +2348023329278 You just call and ask of Doc. Mark.
I am the one in charge of this people with some specialists with me I'd like you to specify whom you know out of the 2 remaining people because the driver's family have been here.
We are yet to locate the family and friends of the 2 ladies. Get back in touch as soon as you can. Regards.
Dr. M. K. Hudson
Letter 4

Hello Mr. Joe, Here is the picture you requested.
We are not allowed to take pictures just anyhow in this hospital
And you know i don't know you
But i understand that this will help us to get someone that knows her. I want you to look at the pic and let me know if she is the person you know.
She is just responding to treatment gradually
She is suffering from internal injuries, internal bleeding and abnormal shock. So we have to take every treatment carefully on her and make sure she responds nicely to one treatment before we move to another.
We are not sure if she has memory loss, but we will know that once she is responding to treatments better We are doing everything to make sure she and her friend get well soon I will be waiting to read from you soon so that we can know what next. Regards,
Doc. M. K. Hudson
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