Scam letter(s) from Evgenia to Fred (France)

Letter 1

Greetings my dear Fred.
It is very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter. I am really interested in you and would like to know about you more.
I want to talk to you more about me. I live with my brother and daddy in city Cheboksary. To me I 27 y.o. I to weigh 54-56 kg. My growth approximately 171 sm. now which I work at school as the teacher of the drawing. I gave the structure in internet with I not to want to concern with the man from Russia., which they not to respect the woman and not to know as let's him evade. I concerned with the person from Russia, then he has deceived me and I have heard, that he has other girl. I considerably suffering, but subsequently all ok. I very good and sympathetic. But not, to be loved when I, to deceive and not, to respect:) . Inform me that you think about which I has written down. I hope you will grow fond of the letter. I write you that I think, so I fair with you and frank. I like to do many things in the life. Life may not drill doing something. In letters which you may ask me about all which interests you about me. But if I on them I do not answer on you, I do not take infringement, I simply can not understand this it established to me slightly on the friend and I it was necessary on I eat should answer you. I love tennis, badminton and navigation. I like to go to pool. I weaken there and I get considerably energy when I swim. I like to dance too. It gives me considerably energy too. I receive pleasure and the dream who should dance with the person I loves slow dance. I should take pleasure in this moment and will not be forgotten. We should distribute all our dreams while we danced also conversation. Also I like to pass along streets and dream. I the proceeding, warm sensitive girl, which always open in new ideas. I also romantic and I like to travel, also I like to go at coast and to sunbathe there. I love sunsets and sunrises. I want to have serious relations and not to be played games. I not much well speak in English, but I learn it. I like to read and I love children very much and that is why I dreamed in the childhood to become the teacher. When I have free time I likes to read. I love other books: about love and about risk, sometimes I love detectives. My loved authors - generally from the Russian Literature as for example, Chehov, Turgenev and Tolstoy. I - the gentle and sociable girl. I want to grow fond and, to be loved. I want to receive care and attention from the person who I like. I shall give him all my tenderness and I am warm have. I shall admire him and our love. I want to distribute remarkable life with beloved and my only thing. I would like to distribute all my private secrets with him. I search for the fair and true person who will grow fond of me and estimate me. I shall be about him of each second when he needs I. And I would like to have deep fidelity to each other both the ready arrangement and the relation to each other I think with these conditions which we shall keep our relations and love. I want to have firm family and children. I shall be the good wife and I shall take care about my family. I think, that the family will be for me the most important thing on the Earth. I search for persons whom I might the lover, my friend, my husband, father of my children. I really dream of the future steady family. I shall be the happy woman with such family. But I should add here, that I examine, that children very important and they are very dear them scold but first of all my attention will be devoted to my husband as children becomes the adult and, they will work independently and the husband is the only thing of the person with whom I shall stay for whole my life. I would like to set to you some questions: what is - your dream, what to you to estimate most of all in your life? What to you to think the basic thing in your life? How your family and you care of your parents? And how to you to imagine your wife and your life of a marriage? To have you ever to be included in the serious relation? When you married with, you think the husband and the wife has specific roles in a marriage? What is some your loved activity? You love kinds of sports? You frequently go to cinema, or museums? What is your loved type of music? You like to dance? What is your loved holiday? I hope, that I did not do to place many questions, and you will write down me your answers. I hope, that I shall receive news from you soon. Please send to me more photo!
I examine, that we only still should hear each other, but becomes fast our relations more serious and warmer with you. You very good and good person and I want to try to concern with you.
To be cautious. Jenya.
Letter 2

Hi my good friend Fred.
Fred I hope that you is nothing I name you the good friend, is simple you to me very much to like and I is valid to want serious relations with you. I to think that in me there is a new feeling, I remember this feeling when to me was 12 years, I fell in love with one boy when studied in school, but now he to drink alcoholic drinks and very much perversity now. In general in the Russian spirits drink there is what very to involve people and to this. I to not understand it. I very big opponent of use of spirit, and in life I to not use it, just as not the supporter of smoking. I also the unique person who would be desirable to find sincere love, I believe, that in our big world to be the person for you and me, am simple we - to take chance from our destiny and begin to hear each other. Really it is very pleasant for me to have friendship with you, I begin to be pleased lifes and this pleasure is connected by that we found each other in all this mad world. Fred all that I to want to tell you now - you the remarkable person and I very much to want to have serious relations with you. I type of the person which makes a choice only once and very seriously. I think that you understand that I want to tell:). As you I should agree to conduct all life with such person, I know, that probably should be trusted on you, I completely believe you and I know, that such person as you Fred never to deceive me and to be able to appreciate and respect. The deceit is the most bad symbolical attribute of the person, he at all does not decorate the person! Today with the girlfriend on work I went home and have paid attention on pair, the guy and the girl were happy, they embraced each other and their persons were really happy. At this moment I have thought of you, about that as we should go together and we should be happy. That people, will look at us and everyone should admire with us. I want to talk to you, Fred, about it, that I that it is similar in music, what films I I like. From classical music, that it is similar Bethoven classical (I very similar "a lunar sonata"), From modern music I, that similarly to group Roxette (them song: "Failure, boom, impact" , "I think of you" and also a song from film "the beautiful woman" where sheets Richard Geer and Julia Roberts) also I that it is similar Celin Dion, Madonna. Group Scorpions to me also very similar. Their song of "the Wind of change" very beautiful also has deep value. I love romantic films and comedies. I so similarly to film of "Beautiful women" such remarkable history. From romantic film which I also love films where there is the present love m this love always wins. Soon small films (at least, once near to us in Russia of them considerably small display one of last times about residual love "the Siberian hairdresser" Nikita Mihalkov) I also love films about gallantry, about residual friendship ("we was the soldier" , "the Blade" , "the Brotherhood of the wolf " , "Gladiator") From a comedy I love comedies where sheets Jim Carry his irresistible "Mask" , "Silly and still Silly" also love film of "criminal literary dust" and film with Al Pachino "aroma of women", you looked these films. I also that it is similar Robert DE Niro. His films "the driver of a taxi" , "mad bulls" , "in America" once and is considerably others. My friendly record I too, that what films which you love. What song which you like to listen. I love life. I like to awake each morning to not know which day abstains for me. Regardless of the fact that the vicissitudes of life, clean excitation of facing of new day with all pleasures and difficulties do not do it difficultly to sleep in the evening. I like to laugh and have infectious value of humour. I like on training in a gym. In a gym in whereas I believe, that the sound body will advance healthy mind and strong value itself worth. I like to travel very much. I never was abroad before. I dream to find the love and to be happy together. It has no value for me where my love - from, the basic thing, should love, interest, meet each other and to be happy together. Not you think so? I real concrete about which I want on persons, but I have real strong belief about a marriage . Certainly I want beautiful, but, that - simply the answer to introduction intial to everyone. The first attraction is occurrence. But beauty fleeting and what really a material - in which person. I want, that the person was intellectual and strong with value of humour. I like to speak, it is a lot of and to want somebody, that I can lead intellectual conversation with at all o'clock.
Tell to me please more about your family, about your way of life, about work. I very much well want to learn you as if you and I shall be sure in feelings and we become enough close to each other, it will be very pleasant for us to meet and learn us in present time and to feel each other. I think that then our relations can become really serious and who knows probably for ever.
With impatience I wait your letter.
Tenderness Jenya.
Letter 3

My lovely friend Fred.
I to receive letters from you and I very much to be pleased to this a case! Fred I hope that my record is clear to you and you are good to understand me as well as I to you. You know, for the small period of the correspondence with you has already understood, that you began a part from my life. Without your letter in me there is no day of pleasure within day but as I to receive your letter, mine life is filled with pleasure. I think that at us with you is much in common. I to want to speak you about my family. My brother works in workshop of the joiner. him call Andrey. he 31 it collects a tree of processes of furniture. Near to this of "gold" hands. he may make of a tree which is pleased. I also to have the grandmother what is already significant ageing (her 84). When I was small I frequently have arrived on her in a village: in holiday, on an output. I so liked to be near to them with the GRANDFATHER. Mine the GRANDFATHER of 5 years moderate and after that health near to grandmothers were considerably worsened. All over again we arrived on her frequently and were caused her to ourselves, but she did not want to move on us, but subsequently she has coordinated all. All of us so love our good-natured pardon the grandmother.
Dear Fred, now my dream it to find persons with whom I shall live in the future and I shall create with him family. Therefore my life in 1 year I see myself as the wife. We fine family also should have children. It is my dream! Really, I very much want that my dreams were carried out and now that person with whom I could carry out it is necessary for me. But I already spoke you, that we should have fine relations, not simply a marriage, and love. I have written to you because you have interested me. For these which we with you spoke some days at me there was a sensation, that you the fine person with whom it is really possible to create family. It is not simple words, I really wish, that we could make that I want. Tell me the ideas in this occasion.
I sometimes do by such children's action, I am simple very trustful, I was easy to be deceived. For example I never go to buy things in the market one. As I always should sell things to value than she cost actually. Or will sell the spoiled things so I take with myself the girlfriend. In a free time which I like to pass on slightly to become to cool air or I sit, simply I sit and I think, I dream of the future (you probably to laugh when it is read), but very pensive person, I belief in well, I expect from life only well and nevertheless it not always may be so, but I should not cease to trust, that all in lifes will well. I want also, that you have written down me about yourselves where you lay, than anxiety in a free time. My friend what feelings and intentions at you to me? I to think, that Internet this big achievement as people from two other ends of a planet may communicate with each other freely, that I have got acquainted with such person as you already because of it only I should inform in Internet a lot of gratitude. Fred please tell to me all about you how you live? Than you are engaged within all day. I to have a significant regret as I to not have the phone of a house, in Russia it - the whole problem but if such opportunity will be for me, I necessarily should call to you Fred and communicate in understanding about your beautiful voice. I should tell you Fred that when I in work or rest, I always to think of you, I all time to expect the moment when I after work shall be to receive yours the lovely letter and to write to you.
It gives me huge pleasure.
Record it is necessary for me!
Yours faithfully, Jenya.
Letter 4

Hello my a kitten Fred:).
I as always expected your letter mine Fred and I am happy that you to write to me. I think that you not against in that that I to name you a kitten:)? Girlfriends on work speak mine to me that I became now absent-minded, speak that I have fallen in love, I to not know what to answer them as I to not understand what to occur to me and I all time to think of you. Fred you now began really a part my life and I only to think of you and I am valid to have to you only the tender feelings and I very much to want that ours with you relations became really very serious and strong and soon a meeting with you. My brother as to ask all time about you. he to understand that I to want to be together with you and he very much to want it as. Every time when I receive your letters, I feel small beaten more happily, than before. In your letters which I can find something I never met in other men. You - so kind, noble, romantic, intellectual, I can remain to describe to you with compliments, but in the letters all might not express a word I begin to be felt about you. Recently my brother asked me if I visit in agency of a marriage was useful to me and I have informed him about you.
As I have found out you in a network, that you informed me yours. he thinks, that you - the noble and reliable person and he has informed me, that sometime I might be happy with you. I already spoke that I have found out persons in which Internet searched, whether also this person you Fred. tell me please fairly, probably that our feelings are reciprocity? I very much to want that it was so because I very to want to have serious relations with you my lovely Fred and to hope for it. Now I to change not much and mine heart to beat not in regular intervals. Probably I to be mad, but I to want to tell you that you am a part mine life now and I to not represent me it without you. It is very important for me to learn your feelings to me and I am simple now in alarm for it!
With tenderres your Jenya.
Letter 5

Greetings, Fred I am very glad to see your letter and I think you will be glad to see the too. At me all is fine, though work takes almost all my time, but I even love it as differently I should feel boring. I was very glad to receive your letter and i want it i want to have all time contact with you and i want to tell you thank you for your relation to me, i like that you feel to me and i feel same to you too. I love record you and the visits to agency as each time, I check the letter box At me are your letter expecting for me. I had dreams of you Fred I really want to learn you to speak with you, to take your hand and to see your eyes. There may be it - very frankly now but it - true and I do not want to hide it. I like to dream very much. I do not know well if it - good or it is bad. But I am a dreamer. Since the childhood, I dreamed very much. I remember the teacher in a kindergarten informed us: " To be forgotten about your dreams! " She has told, that dreams do not bring happiness. She has told, that dreams bring only a pain and disappointment. There may be she there were rights. Actually dreams are not always carried out. It happens, which you have placed all forces and all aspiration to reach the purposes. But frequently it - is not enough. Not all in this life depend on us. There is still a Destiny! Strong and invisible hands easily reshuffle lifes and hearts of people. And then stop of dream to be a desirable star when it is failed long time. But anyway, I think, that it is necessary to live to have dream and hopes. When you have dream, life is filled with value. When there is a dream, life becomes more interesting and more various. You begin to think, analyze, choose and, to make a decision. And each small victory, each destroyed obstacle in certain respects in your dream, each following step in your dream brings to you the big pleasure. Your heart is filled with belief and hope. And you are inspired with the fact what waits for you in the end. You remember pleasure of victories and destroyed the purposes it is better than a pain of losses and disappointments. For this reason I like to dream, nevertheless the dreams are carried out very seldom. I am surprised, that I write all of you it. I never had persons with whom I might distribute ideas. But now I have found out you, Fred, and I am very glad. You - a part of my life now. And I appreciate it very much. Fred, you became very important for me. And it is frank, I am afraid to lose you. Forgive to me for my frankness. If I would offend you somehow or have caused inconveniences to forgive us please. Do not cease to enter the name to me. Record to me of each day. Even if I can not answer each day. Your letters are betraid on me of forces and my day is filled with pleasure. I hope, that you will not make to become angry. I shall wait your letter with impatience. I think about you every day. I want to meet you someday and I will find out how I can make my documents. My dearest Fred, I do not know that to answer you that we might meet in that time. May be will better if you decide when we might meet you. But I want to tell you, that I really want to see you to meet you and to spend with you fine time. I will wait yours answer. And now I want to set about you of some questions: you trust in love? Love at first sight?
With tenderness, yours Jenya.
P.S. I make a little video film for you. I hope you will like it.....
Letter 6

Greetings my dear and pleasant Fred, how affairs today? Thank you for wonderful letter to me, i was very glad read it. I consider, that all people in love are small lunatics. The love is such poisoning of a drug which does to do by lunatics, but sometimes strange actions. Only the person in love may fill in the whole bath champagne, only the person in love may present one million scarlet roses or establish whole night under a balcony of the loved woman to sing song. I would like to visit USA and to try to have really relation with you. Your letters became such relatives to my heart which I am glad it is similar baby. I think, that Russian men do not know such a word absolutely. Yours a word such pleasant, that I feel myself in the sky. Sometimes I feel very alone during week-end, one houses. I have some friends. But now I have found out you, Fred! I am very glad also I should consider you. For my life which I search for the person who may begin for me of the husband, the friend, the lover and protection. It is necessary for me on the person who will fill in emptiness in my soul, and I shall fill emptiness in his soul. I want, that he supported me in difficult minute and I can support him. To inform true, the person needs some things to become happy. It takes more time to find suitable person. Probably the basic thing, what not sufficient to me now - love. Without love of persons which it may not be happy. But when near there is a closed person who you like, life becomes the fine irrespective of where you live and, that you have. I try am not afflicted never. But the loneliness is frequently forced on sad. I have tried to find love and happiness here, but I have tested roughness of the person and disrespect. It has wounded me. I want to find the partner in life, together, to enjoy life and, to enter into the future. I want to find persons with whom we should create the world of love, kindness and honesty. On the guy whom I want to see honesty and kindness. This basic thing as the lie and fury spoil any relations. I like vigorous people. I do not love men who was not present have self-esteem. I want to find the guy who in reply to the love will present me his love. Heart of the person - the most important. I want to be fair and frank with you, that is why I ask, you not to deceive me. There is a proverb in Russia: Bitter true the best than pleasant lie. I am sure, that you are a fair person and you might not lay. - I am right? Eventually my stories which you may think, that all bed, but it not true. Also I want to ask, was you have relation with girl from other country earler? I want to tell you that I was speak with manager of my agency today and he has told me that agency my organise my travel to you and he has told me that tomorrow he will explain me everything about money for it.
It Is a lot of kisses and the relation.
Yours Jenya.
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