Scam letter(s) from Julia Lanina to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Jonathan. first of all I want to tell thank you for your email address and I hope that I write you this letter not for nothing. I don't want to bother with my long letter because I'm not sure that you remember me. I don't want to waste my and your time explaining you who I'm and where I have got your address. If you remember me and you are interested in me I would be very happy to get your answer and maybe some your photos. I would be very happy to read something about yourself, to know what are you looking for and what do you want to get from your life. I will happily tell you about myself too and share with you my photos. I think it is enough for beginning. I will be waiting for your answer. Kiss, Juliya
Letter 2
Hello, dear Jonathan!!! Thank you for your letter. But, dear why it is so short? I am so interested in you. What do you mean by your question?
You gave me your e-mail on a dating site. Don't you remember? Now let me tell you about myself. I live in Ukraine. To be more precise, in the East part of Ukraine. I live in a small town called Peredelsk. It is Lugansk region. I'm 25 years old. My birthday is on the 18th of November. I'm a Scorpio.
As I told you before I'm from the small town and it is very difficult or even not possible to get a good education and find a good job there. So I decided to move to the nearest big city, to Lugansk. I graduated from a college in Lugansk and now I work as a shop assistant in the music shop. Tell me about you, where do you live? Where do you work?
What hobbies do you have? I am waiting for your letter impatiently Kisses Juliya
Letter 3
Hello, dear Jonathan!! Thank you for your letter. You know first thing that comes to my mind when I pronounce your name is a tail called "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull". I read this book a couple of years ago, but it is still in my mind. Have you heard about this book? You have really wonderful occupation. I can not belive that I met a magician! Ok, can I call you magician? I am very interested in your work, and I want to see you on stage, so please, send me photos. I also like skating and skiing, but skydiving? Ok, I am not fond of such extreme things. So, music club in Prague? It is really wonderful! About me, you asked how my typical day look like? ok, I get up at 7, have a breakfast (usually something light, like porridge and apple). Then I go to work, it is 10 minutes from the place I am living, then I work till 18, and I have a short break from 12 till 12.30, I drink coffee and eat something during a break and write this letter to you. I also like animals, this is my dog, my friend presented it to me. Once I was walking with a dog (I do it usually in the evening), I met my friend, went to her place and as she has camera she took this photo of us:) I do not have camera of my own, that is why she gave me the photo, I can have it now. I do not have photos with friends with me now, I have them at my parents' place in Peredelsk, so when weekends come, I will go there and bring some photos for you, ok? Have a nice day Juliya
Letter 4

Hello, dear Jonathan!! Thank you for your letter, but most of all for your videos.
It is incredible! How do you do it? I know it is a secret, but I am shocked! I like your tricks with doves. And they have different colors all the time!!! I like your outfits very much, they are incredibly beautiful and the way you perform, you are really talented. And the snake!!!!!!! ***, I can not belive it!! It is so dangerous!!! You when I see magicians one movie comes to my mind always, "Prestige" I am sure you have seen it and there is another movie about magicians (some scenes form the movie were shot in Czech Republic), called "Illusionist". Have you watched these movies? Thank you for your compliments to my dog. Yes, I use a translator, maybe I forgot to tell you that I do not speak English, but anyway it was written in my profile on a dating site. Didn't you read it? I am sure you did. I also do not computer and I can not use it, so that is why I do not have access to Internet. I come to translation agency and they help me not with translations only, but with sending letters and pictures, they also helped me to watch your videos today. Unfortunately, I won't be able to record them and safe for me. Have a nice day Kisses Juliya
Letter 5
Dear Mr. Jonathan, welcome to the translation company "UTS Translation agency". Our translations company offers the services by translation from Russian into English and from English into Russian positions. We deal with translation of different documentation, work with organizations and with private persons the same as we translate as business correspondence as private one. We translate your correspondence with miss Juliya. The reason we contact you now is to inform you that we can't translate and send you miss Juliya's letter because she can't pay us for the translation cause of her financial problems. Miss Juliya knows that your correspondence is important for your common future and that is why she asked us to contact you behalf of her name. Miss Juliya would like to be in touch with you until you are together in real life and she is very upset that now your correspondence stops.
Contact us if you are interested to continue your correspondence with miss Juliya and we will be glad to send you our prices and conditions. We work in the close cooperation with all our clients. Our goal is provide professional translations with the minimal prices and time consumption. We emphasize on quality and reliability of our services and always consider all customers requests. In our translations, we always retain what author says and accurately keep author's style and privacy. Regards,
the staff of
"UTS Translation agency".
Letter 6
Dear Mr. Jonathan, welcome to the "UTS Translation agency". We will inform Juliya as for your wish to speak with her. We do not have web site because we are local agency and we do not need a page in Internet. If you would like to have a regular correspondence with miss Juliya, we propose you to use our following services and gladly provide you with our prices and conditions: Translation service:
- 1 translated letter from Russian into English 5 USD;
- 1 translated letter from English into Russian 5 USD; Interpreting service:
- phone conversation (per 10 minutes) 5 USD;
- during meeting per hour 20 USD;
per day 100 USD; Additional service:
- scanning one picture 3 USD;
- printing one picture 3 USD;
- communication via web-camera per 1 minute 5 USD; Unlimited service (all inclusive): - translation unlimited service per 2 weeks 130 USD;
- translation unlimited service per 1 month 240 USD;
- translation unlimited service per 2 month 380 USD; The way we work is prepayment. To make a payment for our services you may use the following ways: - Western Union,
- Unistream,
- Anelik,
- Bank Transfer (contact us if you are interested). The more fast way to renew your correspondence with miss Juliya is to make a payment via Western Union to your lady or on our manager's name (contact us if you are interested) directly. The information you need is: the receiver Juliya Lanina
the address Sosuri street 10a
the city Peredelskoe (Peredil's'ke, Luhans'ka 93615, Ukraine)
country Ukraine
zip code 93615
After making a payment you have to inform us the full information about your transfer for getting it: 1. your full name (first name and surname)
2. address (Country, Town/City)
3. 10-digits number (for Western Union transfer)
4. the sum of payment.
5. Phone number (not obligatory) Independently on your choice we ask you to inform us about your final decision to use our service. We must inform Juliya about it. Thank you for your choice beforehand.
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