Letter(s) from Svetlana to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear! How are you today? Thanks for your reply and nice pics.
I am very glad to continue our acquaintance. I am very interested in you. I have only positive feelings from getting to know you better and hopefully you feel the same pleased and positive about me. We have the time to learn each other much better, step by step in each letter.

It is nice you are an illusionist, it is very interesting of course i want to see your videos, you cat speaks??? Did you teach her?:)))
I am here because I want to build my own family and to find my love partner for all my life. Why I decided to find my love in Internet? I think it is possible to find a true love and to build up a true relationship through the Internet but it takes some time.

I had a bad experience of relationships with local men and don't want to make a terrible mistake and choose somebody who is not serious, not mature and doesn't know how to treat a girl. As you know I work at the gas station. It is a hard and not so womanlike job but it doesn't mean that I am not a tender and feminine person. The men in my country want the girls to be like Barby dolls who work in some beauty salon or in more prestige places. They don't understand me and they don't share my interests. I don't ask much and I also think that age, nationality and appearance are not important. I have the only one thing connected with appearance that I want to see in my man: he should be strong physically, I think a man should be strong to protect his woman, his family. Of course, we are not in Stone Age, but still I think that women are attracted to strong men. I think you are a strong man and you will be able to protect me. I'm so serious, that I am ready to relocate to my man and to learn his native language and to stay with him forever, you can see that I'm really serious.

I want to share with you something special about my life. When I was a little girl I wanted to become a gymnast and I exerted every effort to make my dream true. I even couldn't suppose that I will need another profession in my life and I didn't pay attention on other subjects.
Unfortunately I was injured during the training. I dislocated my knee((( In hospital doctor said that I must forget about sport because I could break my leg again and again.It was like a bombshell. I was crying for many days. My dream was broken. Now I do some exercise for me to keep my shape and I will send you some photos to show it you.
Hope you will like them)))

You see, I don't know English. But I think this wouldn't be a problem which we can decide. I want to learn the language in the nearest future and I think at first I must have a strong wish and stimulus to start it.

Tell me please about your likes and dislikes (concerning a man's character). As for me i like reading books, listening to good music (almost all styles have smth worth listening, don't you think so?!:), cooking, visiting theater and cinema, but sometimes I like just sitting on the sofa and watching TV at home.. So simple i am, I have similar needs like all human beings - to rest, to laugh or to love???
Do you agree??:) I don't like liars. Honest and trust are the first bricks to build good and strong relationship. I am a friendly and open lady. I love adventures. But only with a happy end! )) I hope our adventure will be breath-taking.

I have a strong desire you can be a man I'm looking for!

I'm waiting for your answer with a great impatience!

Have a good day